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Jessica Hernandez
LBS 400 Senior Seminar
February 24, 2016

Philosophy of Education
I believe the purpose of education is to educate children in multiple subjects that will
prepare them for their career and future life. It is very important that our children are educated
and taught early on. Studies have shown tat early childhood education can be very essential plus
a great steeping stone that will give that drive to children to have that positive mindset about
school and getting an education. That is why education is the greatest foundation that children
need in life in order to become productive citizens in our society. There are many components
that are important, which will definitely give students a great education. Elementary school
education; is very crucial for children to get concepts and really understand what they are
learning. Theorists Dewey and Piaget stated that students must learn material that relates to their
lives and experiences. This is exactly what educating is all about to make a difference in
students lives.
I truly believe that children learn best in an environment where they are understood, feel
safe, and given that opportunity to explore, ask questions, and be engaged with the subject being
taught. Researchers and theorists Slavin and Johnsons described that children need to interact
verbally with other peers in order to understand concepts being taught and retain the material.
This is a good way of children to really get involved, which is one main component that
Common Core has really placed an emphasis on. Teachers that really get involved and have the
passion to teach is what a real learning environment is all about. As a college student aide, I have

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seen how teachers have their classrooms set up so nicely, organized and many different things
displayed around the classroom. From classroom rules, new learning common core targets,
helpful tools, and students work displayed nicely around the classroom. This gives students an
enthusiastic look of school; feel welcomed, and appreciated as well.
As for the commitment to social justice among education, I believe all students should
have a fair equal opportunity when it comes to education. Theorist Abraham Maslow described
that students need a supportive and positive environment in the classroom and maintain it in
order for children to strive. This is most definitely happened through out education, many
children are now given that opportunity to learn and get an education without cost. For many
years our nation has been fighting to ensure that all children are given that equal right to learn.
Teachers need to put an effort into each of their students, not all students are the same when it
comes to learning subject material. I remember when I was in elementary school, I would be
pulled out from my classroom to go to reading. The teacher would work individually with me
and then have us to group work. This really helped me a lot when it came to reading, that extra
help really matters and made a difference. These types of help still continue in our education
system, it is a great way to also help English learners or children that have a very hard time
reading. Researchers and theorist Vygotsky and Mayer expressed that guided practices should
lead to independent practice in order to validate learning from students.
I believe all subjects are very important in education and the curriculum really has to be a
strong way to teach and have children learn. With the new nations education program the
Common Core Standards and the inquiry approach of teaching, a lot has changed. Students will
be learning in depth subjects, but some will be taught with more emphasis. Researcher Jerome
Bruner expressed that children need to be taught factual knowledge that should include context

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with big ideas, principles, and concepts. Which means that math, reading, and writing are
subjects teachers need to put more emphasis on to have children really understand what is being
taught. For example, I am working as a college aide and I have noticed that the teachers always
incorporate every subject into their lessons even if just a little bit. The Common Core Standards
demonstrate exactly what the curriculum is about in every grade level and teachers need to pay
very close attention to effectively teach students to the correct criteria.
As a future teacher I believe that you must to have passion for what you do. Knowing that
you are making a difference in children's lives and you are that main foundation to give them that
education. Strive to teach the best you can and never give up in what you do. Future educators
must know the knowledge within the learner, to understand the way their students learn/develop,
and to be knowledgeable in the subject matter you teach with strong set goals when it comes to
your own curriculum/lessons plans. Researcher J.R Anderson expressed the importance of
instruction, explanation, and demonstration of the content students learns. That is why I believe
that teachers never stop learning because there is always new content to be gained, which will
influence you as a teacher and your students.