Digital Interactive interface for Video and Audio

Present TV standards:± HDMI

± High Definiton Multimedia Interface. It is the prevalent TV standard for connecting various multimedia devices together.  Its 1.4 specification provides enhanced networking capabilities, smaller connectors, improving support for 4K2K, 3D imagery etc. ‡ Has been adopted by 850 firms. ‡ Several firms manufacturing compliant ICs.

HDMI Connector:-

USB:‡ Used to connect multiple devices.

Where does DIIVA come in?
1. Consumption of digital content is on the upswing. 2. Frustration is building due to lack of connectivity. 3. DIIVA integrates many devices & provides ease of use with simpler connectivity.

‡ New AV standard for all multimedia devices in the form of DIIVa. ‡ Combines reliable high-speed bidirectional channel that shall carry uncompressed video, and audio channel. ‡ It has NETWORK and TRANSPORT layers in addition to the PHYSICAL and LINK layers. This makes it capable for use in a personal domain.

Overview of DIIVA