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W640 AND W660 TEST PROGRAM T e mp e r a t u r e s t o p

The washing program has finished without heating.
To run a test program, press P1 five times then Check the fuses and the heating element.
press the button for the test program you wish to
run (as listed below). This must be done within 15 Thermistor
seconds. The washing program has finished without heating.
Press: To t e s t : The thermistor is faulty or short-circuited.
P1 Inlet valve 1 (prewash compartment) W a sh mo t or
P2 Inlet valve 2 (main wash compartment) Wiring open-circuit or motor fault has been
Menu Inlet valve 4 (softenercompartment) indicated and the washing program has been
Door pull magnet
Wa t e r i n l e t
Heater relay (separate or under Indicates a fault in the water supply.
control) 1. Make sure the water supply to the machine has
been turned on (cold fill only)
To advance to level 2, press Enter. You can then
run the test programs listed below: 2. Check that the filter in the machine water inlet
is not blocked.
Press: To t e s t :
Wa t e r o u t l e t
P2 Drain pump
Draining has taken too long. Check the drain hose
P3 Motor, normal operation and the drain pump as follows:
P4 Motor, delicate operation 1. Make sure an object is not stuck in the drain
Menu Long spin hose outlet. Clean out the hose.
Press Enter to return to level 1. 2. Make sure the drain pump isn’t blocked by
foreign objects. Clean out the pump.
Press Start/Stop to end the test program. 3. Make sure the drain hose isn’t kinked.
4. After solving the problem, run the Drain
W640 AND W660 FAUL
If a fault occurs during a program cycle, this is
indicated on the display after the program has Courtesy of
finished or been interrupted. Samurai Appliance Repair Man
Indicated after the program has finished. Via the
level sensor the machine has "felt" that there is a lot
of foam left after the main wash. Run the Rinse
program once.

Overf low
Too much water in the drum due to a fault in the
level sensing system or the inlet valve.

P r e s s ur e s e n s o r f a u l t
A drop in pressure has been detected in the first rinse.
This could be due to leakage in the level sensor or
in the hose leading to it. The washing program has
been interrupted.