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Scheduled Review
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IT World Services Work Place

Violence Policy
November 27, 2015
November 27, 2017
Human Resource Department
IT World Services Board of Trustees

The purpose of this policy is to protect the employees of IT World
Services from workplace violence, threats and intimidation.
Violence in the workplace is not acceptable under any
circumstances and will not be tolerated by IT World Services.

This policy extends to all employees of IT World Services, the
building grounds, parking lot, smoking area, lounge room, lunch
room, and formal working spaces. This policy will also cover ALL
work related functions, regardless if they occur on IT World
Services property or at another location. This policy covers direct
physical violence as well as behavior that can lead to physical
violence. This policy also includes an emergency plan, in the
event, there is an external threat of violence, for example, a
person or persons entering the building with any weapons with
the intent to do harm.

Policy Statement
IT World Services is committed to protecting all of it's employees
from the threat of violence. IT World Services takes a zero
tolerance approach to work place violence. We believe that the
threat or action of violence may hinder productivity and cause
emotional and physical hardship.

Workplace Violence: The Canadian Centre for Occupational
Health and Safety defines workplace violence as the exercise of
physical force by a person against a worker, in a workplace that
causes or could cause physical injury to the worker. It is also a

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statement or behavior that a worker could reasonably interpret as

a threat to exercise physical force against the worker.
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S): OH&S is an area
concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people engaged
in work or employment.
Signs of Violent Behavior: Yelling, clenching of the jaw or fist,
swearing, verbal threats, destruction of property, pacing, temper,
and aggravated easily.
Threat: A statement or intention to inflict pain on another
Intimidation: To frighten someone into making them do
something one wants.
Zero Tolerance: Non acceptance of disruptive or harmful
Crisis Prevention Training: Training on diffusing a possible
violent situation.
Weapons: An object for inflicting bodily harm on a person.

report any suspicious behavior that could lead to violence or
a violent act to their direct supervisor or human resources
respect fellow employees
maintain a professional work environment, free of violence
and harassment
cooperate with any investigation that they are the subject of
or a witness
listen to any claims of violence, from employees, and take
them seriously
document any possible act of violence or violent behavior

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report violence or violent behavior to the human resources

maintain confidentiality when it comes to the claims process
make sure that the employees sign off and understand this
Human Resources Department
provide crisis prevention training to managers so they can
de-escalate any potential violent situation before it becomes
hold managers accountable for reporting any incidences of
violence or violent behavior
make sure the policy is current and up to date
listen to employee statements and take the appropriate
action to investigate the claim

How to file a claim:
make an immediate claim to your direct supervisor or the HR
the HR Department will select a manager to investigate the
the investigator will compile information, take statements,
and speak to witnesses. This process should take no longer
then 4 weeks
the investigator will then file a report with the HR Manager
the HR Manager will then decide on a course of action for the
guilty party which could include, relocation to another site or
department, suspension, or termination
complaints MUST be filed with the HR Department within
one year of the occurrence
if the employee does not agree with the HR Manager's
decision they can file a complaint with the Human Rights
Commission or the Police Department

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If a violent act is committed and it results in physical

harm, be advised, that the Police Department will be
contacted and it could lead to a criminal investigation.
There will also be an unpaid work suspension for the
duration of the investigation which could lead to
disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Protection from Workplace Violence

conflict resolution training will be provided to all managers
employees will need a key card to access the building

Prohibited Behavior
the possession of weapons, guns or knives on IT World
Services property
the use of threats

If anyone has any questions about this policy please contact your
immediate supervisor or the HR Department,
Ashley Howley
Human Resources Manager
IT World Services
(902) 577-7337

Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission
Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Division

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