iNew Yor:k. State o,epa,li1mrsnt of Enlv~r,on,m'entaJI CO'f1lsEt!'rvation Divi.s;icm of 'F~sh; W'UdUfe'& M.

alll'~ne Rsaeurces

'!II"!l-~1J o\f Hi!Jbitil, Roc,m 516

'IioH Roaa, Pilllan!(, N~ 'tor}; 1.22:33-4756

I .dIA,e: (518)457-6178 '0 'FA.X: {SUn <1,8tid3424, Website: ~_dec.::;late< ny 1,..1'$


Eti i"I M. Crolly Cl!mm~$~rJer






h1":~!'1 ne I Fjl~ • W m·d B. Slone S(~"'f!:Tl J:Jy S:anr(Jrd

COMPLAINT fNV£'STJGA nON REi1..H .. 1.'S 2S M,ay 2001

On:23 May 20UI, the following message was sent tJQ Bureau ofW,iJrdUfe Unl,e[ John M:aja.r from. 'Bob M~i.~er, Jetl.rU"3 NOll-Mille Llmr Leader tn tile BW'N.l.I of Wildlife, na1.iO!'1ieQ:at DefIna.:

.. __ YOlii also nI.·,ec! to be 1I'oM:lI n;: tltM W 8H"d is ~ i vmg fl'1 11:J.ii:: bui Id mg [W Bd 11 Ie R Center j fu II ~ ime cor (0 e last se:'o"iC'iaJ.l. w·eck.:5., He L~ under IL court rt:S.1rn in ing order not tl) g'O lO his partner's home or '\I isi.t h [s kid~.

John fOJ"IWarded the me~s~ge tiC me th,e.!lame day. After ~1Js:s;m,g w~rr. Gerry .Bal'm,hrut arid An "N-!!!wdl, ~. !r[lvI!!5tiS~led this tempi rm <liS ro:iows:

J ,d,o ... e !Jut 1(1 Ddm3:r un Thursday (24 MB!.~ :2.001) mo.m;ng.'s offic..c WfI:!: vaeant (J later l~atJ:l,!!;d mal he bfld l!eft "for a ~kj'l1!g ~T1gagem~nt rn Syra~USI.'!: !i!!'Oli[ld ~ ;3D i\M.). I leil a rLOT-C as'i;1rig fhs! he call roe. B~ ~()or; n~ he could. I returned '1"0 ~O WcM Read ..

2, Al ::50 WoU,T ]lmd £I cOnflUe:tlhilf conver saucn WLtl1 Gorden BateheUer, 11 BoW member-stationed at Delmar, He had heard ncthing ,,001lt W~lfId ''i ~rv'~l1ga1. D~LmaJf out was aware of hi:1 legal llUubtes.

3- I had a I~~crh(lnl~ c."')r.vl";r~;:Ilion with Ward arlllmd 4.30 PM. I informed him ofthe eemplalrrtwrthout i,(knt if)' i J1 g. HIe source. H t'! acknow led.g,ecf that he: has stay~d at D~ I I'll 811" o\l'c"ll:1i :ght {]fI occas! on, bl!ll nO! 0:': 11.. conlimm~g b4:s:~. I ,eminded 1!l~:1.\ vf Swte pol~'Y regarding employee hOI.1:i]ll!g, and tflo,t DFWM}{ h:ld no Capiml District staffassigned to hOil sing. He assured me. !h.;u be was f:ar11.i~iar with lhepo ~ ~c: y an d f u rt ~t:r .~ s ~!.l red IT! ~ thaI ~ i: wO'u].d!j(ll! l'te Stllyll1 rg(l"v~nli ~b I' M .Dd mar I l.o~,d hIm milt, ss t::H 3 ~ I w:a~ ooncemed, I his III 8Jr:c """ u:.. t..1csc:J.




4. I suhse1..] L1eJJtly ~Ilfllr.,~ed oot.h An and Go:iTY or my [mciillgs and. my .J;~s.Oh.:ruQru.. 11.1c:>·oom Q,Ueed ..

mcludmg my essurance :hu.t fWQl,lIci prepare thi~ memOj3~.idurn for Mr. Stone';; Personnel file,


Ch"f, 8"re'U~~r0?'

~; C L.3v~gne G Bernbart

,r... Ne: ..... ~!1

L Skmner



D:eliliU: 5lJbjod:

Stave S!,;Hl fum SLone, Ward

F ri. May 12' .2006. S- 48 AM

"Yau f'I'! U st stn ~ fv:111I gand '~Ioong pefWlll3[ bI:!1o ng!J1 g S at tl< e W~dr;fe 'ResCi u C$mt~

AS h as been 0011 veYijd to you n u me rou s t~ rnes eve f at,t ~ I.e past 6yf.i! EH'S, itl s u nla'Niful for 'fO;W :to tf\.ll e at 1he. Wt1dl!f,f Res{lUfc:eS. C enltH_ Simj llil rty. you cannot l.l\5e Sta Ie fa,ci!ir'es to sto re yau r perscmC) I belo r1gi Flg~

Begwlnwig ~'TImedl~I~I~i. you art d~r€~ted to 1) sleep elsewhe:r~ from tlOW onanc 2) r'l:'liiC\llE' aH persona! beiongir.g~ hum tJie Wildjjfe ReS{H,IrCeS Center



New York State Department of Envi renrnentel Cons9rvat.ion~

[livh~llorn of Fish! Wi IdUfe .& Marl n,e Rescurt;;es! 5111 Floor ~

625 8ro;advvOllY, A~bal"lY, New York 1 2233-4 750 Ale~ndeo B. GfOinnl$

Phone,: (5~ 8l 402-8924 • FAX: {5'l B) 402-.8'92:::i (;.a(nmis,sion81"

Webs Iit.a: 'VI/WW .dec, ny .go~


Ward .S. Stone



June 22, 2oo?

The purpose ef thrs memo is to infQITrl you ~hnt as ~ result of interviewsof :uaff at [he Wildlife Resources Cent e:r conducted by the Depart rnent of no virenmen tal Censerva! ion(,D E(.1 Affirmat we Action Officer and the DEC Office or Employee R(:lalio~. I have been informed of credible information th1:lt YUl! have acted ~!"! amanner that is iilB.pprOprl~le in months. You need to take immediate ana affirmative 'COTTot::;C\iVe: action, Ward, my uuent in rm;wid1ng yuu with lhls formal counselingmerno is lo bri n,i:l, about t}.a( immediate corrective action which may <'Ivo:" lb.~ne~cl 'for fMrnal discipline or legal action. Presentation of nus memo to you does DOl, in i~:!llelf. consuune offictll1 disciplinary action, but .i~ IS i'mpe'm~ive Ultlit youread and unders;land, tru~ memo 11M im.medi, comply with the direcucn I provide In ~b.e section below entitled N~SiLry CoIT~u"!(.'e Actlon. Failure to take the necessary

corrective adionmay result ~n iniuanon Qffcn:rn.aJ d]sciplin!l:ry scticn. .


y(~U have been mhsbiting the Wddhre: Resources Cenl.tJ (WRC) in Yi(al~tl(Ji(J on]:.c agency policy onprovidmg e.mplo)'e'e hou.! I ng md ,COn trary 00 e1i:.phc u Sl.lp~:i.roIY d,1 mullon

2 You have used D E.C resources ~f'Iduding S UI~ 'V(--ru,;:: I eli, $ ii1aff tune, and. S L3'te ~pment ~Q prepare for, deliver, and grn,de GOW"S(! work r"r OO'IJr5es ~O~ ti!u,ghtaL S~l:'Cobks.kl11 and me Co llege Cit SI. Rusl::. Thls ~..j.Qhdel:i the oondi~ ions (I r )"QUI .!lpp:r~;lVed requ~l for dual emplo1D1~ft"i. and may .... {]u:publll( omcer~ ta.wwhjch (Jould !i'lJbJ«:1 you to discipline andior prcseeution,

3 Y Q,U hav e UcSOO DEC resources fo! personal pu.rposd<mchlldi og uting Sl:alr: vchj·c]t:l; B1fId S!a[!r; HaJff~o transport }'our::ldfandio:r 'fanu]r¥ memben for per,$,OIn2l1 bn.r:s i ness, niLS rtl:!1)' violate lht: rn.lbI1'C office-IS law ead could subJoc( YOlllO dllS'Ciplifle M.i.d lor .prosecution.

4 You have stored personal firearms ~t lh~ \'VRC- This is in vio~atio.ll oithe DEC ]!JOb::.-

on firearms possessjon in tbe wvrk p lace, A cop)' of t he po I i cyi s attached for yoU! iniormatj,On.

These actions are s ene usviolations cd yQurresporu i b iii I)' as 3 !'i'tilU!: tm.p loyee, as. a pub lie o 11:1.cerJ and as a urn t supervisor.


I" You m~ irnm.edi.17I1eiy cease habm1:t.ion <'It the Wddlife Resources C~:rU:cr and remove all non wQrX-fe.l,ated pe:rs.arnil nrll~~e.5 from '~~ WRC

2: " You must ,e ease use tOlt 1ll1:.' ,[I E,Cresouroe:s w prepare :lor, denver Of grade C curse WOr k for any co urses ),o:u, teach,

A C:0p), of this memOFlll1dum IN It I be pi acedm your DEC pe:rSlJHlIl hi$t Qry me I wi Ilmeaitor yaw ~Qrrtp'lianu WJ~hIDe: fi,r::r:;'c!UilI'Y ecrrecuve actions d~[ajled above, r.r yOltlu.mrnediate1y l.XJ:mply with these nee essaJi)' correct ~ ve ac~ i" ns ol11d maintain compliance, [hi So mt'l1\!"J wi I i be resno ved from yoer pe~,on.aJf.:i:stOfJ rille::l.1Jt m;()'nrms frorn~t date of issuance. Ward, it is in yOU! I,n:unea,;ate and career best mteres.L, to u!l.Wlemaldy compJy w~t.h the nooe1lsary correct .• ve actions,


DlYlsion of Fi:sh, 'I;~h:ldlire: and Marmo: Resources.

New York State D epa rtment of E 11 vi ronmenta ~ Cons ervc.., ~~ on O,jvis~ofil of Fish, W~ id~ lte & Marine Resources

Bw.egLi Q.f Habit::i!t.5~'· Floor

.25 Brwdv<ray, AJbany. N~w "fork U2:.13·4156 -hene: (518) 402:·8:924 • FAX: (518) 402-~925

Webslle~ - dfK.nY_Qo'!il'

~I @.>;ano;:!er e Gr:'l"Il"ii.!l COJ1ifl1i!l~~er




W;;u-d B Stone of the Voh]diJ fit::"lolQB.>' Unu has rnamtamed far severs) y~r1ii a srllaH flt)Cx of c:hu:in:ns m.nd ~o,'er.a[ f BbbELIi on the srClunds mi In ol"H-bUlIJu1:gs of '[he Wddll f'e R~smITcl:$ C::'~_nter at Ddt! iar, I'f'{ .. These rabbits and cluckens .J.Ure;~edJy wer~ p!Jrn:nased for Ills chll.dren at ,faslc:r, hm ..... ~ ... lC7j ~~J:Jn.g a I ecanon to 11 (It! ~ I he~ii 01< lhe home (I ft.1 e du! dren I the jj] fll)'):'.a; s J'tll ve been hO'~IS ed In all d ~m

:at W ~ id Ii te R ~ 'l'.mIicq C c.nh:,:r g:rOL.:nds and fal:1I! Ut':-S

Rrr:eri: Iy .. ~i r;:. .. m~ IQ my attention th<l~ food ((':If these <!mrnal£ ""<IS berng p-\I1fcha~d U!OmB~hl~c rlmtl~ ;~[ my ;~(jue!it • .(fuC1Jmf:f1lafIOIL (If <It le:~:Ol. a PGr~wn of ~ht,:;c: J)u!'c!1ast'.~ 'ha~ been Hllthili'rcd_ A sumruarv (If tJ~ m"·Ol'.;_e~ u_'!udl mdooe lQOdi'or th.t:["~I:>1JHS and cm;;:~,eru is appended, 1 am Inpot\se~5':ot: of lhej.lJ"i.'Olce_~ d!()CllmO'l[lJ1'11'!; tht'!s~ 'P1.1r.;i'l<lS~S. These UI\'m;;:~.~ have oeen paid by the :)lil[f! and lOU:! I

$2,4 '/9.98, fQir expenses If' the penod Mareh 14" 2D04 lh7011gh August 14, 2001_ There are 19'2 U1.~tam;~~ of (Ji1esc purchases documented. Adduwn~l pur~has~~ (.1ffQ~H:l forthe ammals f.ll S'tate 't:xpe1l5e areknown sinee ALlgt.m 14.200';

Each ~1I1~t<l.IW~ Qrlhc~ pu~r.ha:.c~r:l:!l~ be '::GI'H;rd~'I'l';d <l1"l ln~l'afJJct- G'] p~f1Ij' 1'3rcen~· and 0:1 mlSI)ppL:OP!1"W?r'- of ~rHle.· funds fnr pc:r!'=onidl gam E1l~~h day the r!!bblf~ and t;hid:~'~ have been .hou::;o;::d em :;;t:il ~i:' pm por.:!"'l_" ~ '! be C On:;l dt",;,r:dan m::.~anc 1:. 0 f 11il!lSU~ G [<;;~:al~ pmpr.Tty,

These alie~t.(;.'. acucns by M:;, !j1,(Jr.':' requjre HTLlW':dID~ .!f;ii~IllJCfi and <Ire S"J:p}JQI1I"t; U L ci~f,<:'rlv'l8ry a~~tlnn, ] """,) I, ,1~d e!fI.1r\s. lfl iilkmg appropr·ii~f;. setion [is deemed ne('.e~.1I0'

New York State Department of Envlronrnental Conservatlon Division of Fis hI W:ild life &M!ruine Resources

alJlrealJ of ,Hlaibitat:, 5~b flQar

':',25 Br(), A)h<3fly, N e« York 122~,3 ",H 56 Phon~: (518) 402~6924 '.' FAX_ {5iB) 4(JZ",B!~25 W~bsiIQ: ~_dec: ny_gfJ~'

S ubj ect.

February 19,2005

In r~!1!:ard eo lh~ ,malntlt;!UflCe of rabbll5' and :J~H:kms !)vmed by ',}'/~rd Stene, l bsve been jurib~r ad\l1sed Th,u [emporary smff JI WI! 'Wildhfc Patholo&)' tlnil have hl"CI"1 J&'WJj~':I·liied responstbilny 00 ,fe.ed and provide C~!,~ (or the 1I1'1'~'m~b over the d'JT0I1Wll of then prcs<~no: iM lh.: Wlh.i11 foe: Resnurces Cerner

-...J K1.1I1}e':"Qu~ ~'a.:Son~~ ~.m:p]()}"e~s 1~~ pa!~lC1P.ill~.:'I :aJI (l>1,,!~ nme or lmulhff durmgtherr normal o,;v\J] k i I mm:j , CW'1!'lUl~an,..dy. nurnereus hours of'tmlle: WIIU~rI h:av'!:: beendevoted W the C1J.T-e (Jf these arurnals, Th~ annnal.!> i:lr~ sull pre:s.t::nLill the r.:.,,:,i.I.it_y. A$ a.n ~s:tnn,:ueoniy, ;;l.$Sum1ng one; haLu of tirne c:.:iI[.·b! w(lrj(:(!,ay (excJude:1r,ollda)"s and we~k~nds; between }J HJl}'l and 2/ blUE; U cle\'O,~d 10 care of the cluckens ~fjd !"lCtblt~, a ~<Jl~1 ,ofaOOUl 9&'0 hours ( 1)0.67 day'!;) ¥>-ouhJ hll"'~ ht:t:'I1 expended The to~'-l~ ... alue orchis time !JloCiuld eaSily 1;.';0000~~ed$lO,(l(lf) in direct S<l,t,,!:f)' hut would need to he eomputed; the: value of',,; benefus mUiS( be acdl.;:d ~~,S well. This is mi~ •• :,:(' cf persennel rime !lnd fL.lnd~ Vlh{l pm,,".,..J'l:r:llhc da.~j! care !'ie(,I!~['Y M 'J,:e~kends ~d noht;blffl {<lbc:ml 244 (j,a~) 15 not :!Idrl.!CSl5td

l\h~,. 11'l)' FeOf1J,!ry 15. ::()n~ \l"lr:rnOl":dmll1T!l on ~tllS subject d.Q,e.~ !"lO~ cOn:;:ni~ one other i!'~l!'c:of the rn L,~ U_~(: u f ~ ~~ tc.t\mdl: fnr the ptHl;; hase u f fCuG. ;or Mr. Stone' S oom!e"5u 'Il,m ~~iiI.b. I. C ,e' ... as "Q]j' "r sa les Li:l1!,_ ,'\t re!~_fJt pr:r.:;-em ul &lc:S2..~'!II.18, lib.c<::s·w\' a ~ol~ed arj~ du~ rc ihe Sll~t'o:;" would ~lilv~tDt.Iil~~d

$19S "0 l\,!!tUl, ~.Kh instance ~f ~ P1Jf{d1,Hol'! of focd fQr pr. v <itely iJ· ... .one:d ch iekens ;!tJc f'o1.l)bus Wll.h state r1:l~.rI" Wf.H~~i! have an "~~QCla red II"l!-:lO'lnG~ or ~~t:':, e .... asum {1 92 ~mt<Lm.:~~),a]bt:!r, eacb m ~tQI':I';:(, of sales ~,a;,~ ,{Ifl1Hbncr:' wo~,!d have :iI cflmpi:jut]~'~ly ~maTl m{mtlal)" ""1I]'Je ]-IO!,IJ~!{I;:;~, H l:j the: pJmclplc 'Ihat 1~ j,}~fiUH.;;..unl

- .... ~ PJL----y

~ctjOJ) Tlead T - c.nnmllmOlI,a] Moml(l'l'"!7!f', S~t'110n

N'ew York State Oep,a rtment of Env i ronmental Co nservatlon alfie_eof Ilnlterna.1 Audlit and ~nJvestjgatio".~ 12111 IFloor

6:2 5 :S fIO<ldw ay, .I!IJ carr~. Ne\!\i Y wk. 12233·1 000

Pl1ane: ·:518.) .II1l2-91.t17 • f.AX.~ i!::'S) 402-9'i45

We bs It,e: W\II1W. d ec st.3·IIt! ny U 5

-...., ',._,..

AIIex.:!lnd'~ B Gran nl!9:




Thomas Kulzer Terrence Lantry ~


W&.m B. Stone

April il, :WQ8

P:(RSONN\EL rn.r RJ:";V["f.W --.- EMT'LOY"MENT TijAE. UNE

The pBrsor'mel fih: Clf Ward B. Stone W~1! re ... ,rewcd .!It 625 Bro.'lciw ... y, Albal'Jy, ?'fY. and ~h() results ate r~PQrt~d ~~ fr;:Jlh)ws,.

He: lluC!ldcJ S)"TIEu~c 'tlni",'~rs]ry wbeye 'h-e Wi'!l.:> ,~dl:£a~cd """,i~!l fl Ba~:helor {}[ ArH clt:I;l'l"cr;: in ZOO~QID' m 1963 nnd .ill 'VI:Jis1er.'> of S,,;j,eliloe in ZooTogy If! I ~66

SIOnl: ~~ appumteiJ to the pcsuion oJ Senior Wlldhr~ P",,1hoiogjslll'1 JuI)' !969. In 1970 he hcesrnean ASSO>;.;Hltc Wildlife: Patil,(')it)gist ,arid has reJl1la~I1,C"d' W I~trwl th~s utle to (be rn::;ent ~lon~ hfl:;: been phy~ic!lUy 1I$s,itr1cd In the Wih:Hif~ Pal'horogy lJrHt ("NFl.!) ill Delmar, NY for th..: mUJlU!ty. t~r hi~ career ·,v.111l the I.)~pmrmct'll of Err ... ·Uni,me.ntai Ccnservauon {DEC).

in i\p'[~1 i':l76 JlOfl'e' 5 sent!~.a0' asked to be Te''ilssi!U'J~d due to a stressful work envsronmem tl.l.l[ she alirib!;.ll~d '10 her ~I)potr~ ~!'r!r, $tGTilie.

In .~"'T'~~I J 9? 7 Smno!; provided ~~W Yor~ 'PC>~I I !1~W~pllp'er) repuJiler Fred Djckera signed statercem allowH'lJ: Dlcl.;~r poe rrn 1 ssinn {Co review l1i~ pi!::r~Dl':lncl file nvc.1J.ment~~ mn contamed wunm the ,;:lcr:iormd m~ r-e'·'C31{;!C' ~.h.!ll SIQn~ W(!" up~1 :lIocm;[ hi~ un~,~U~ra~~0!)' pcrfo~~tl:: 1: ... .;'I!ua'riul'! ~lnd for taill1 reasen alkl1ihtd Dil;tc:.r 1!..;.c~'S 10 I'm mr:

If! April 1978 ~Erme rer.£, ... ed a !~tI!:'v of ft'rrnr'l..;un(i fill' peracna ~ U~~ fd'lne ~wte '>'1": h i.:: le and refusal to cOIT!P~Y wnb <J ~1Jp-cr ... j~f'r·'" on:;lerj wi~o hed gl"~n lhe same i,r"lOr w:H1:,~ngs,

- .. '1, .• \


10 1988 Stene's budget was reduced by $225,000. In response, Stone organized a rally in Washington Park, Albany, N. Y. identifiedast'Support Ward Stone" ..

S'tOli1e 's employee evaluation for] 9 8:8~·] 989 states th at S¢one is ne gligen t by not SUb:Wl ttjng time eards and regarded as an effective supervisor ,.

m Janu,ary .~ 990 Stone was issued 11· Notice of Dl.§cipJil'1e I Article 33 proceeding for f~iJun:' to follow departmentsl procedures. failure to comply with direct orders" failure to fulfill supervisory responsibilities, failure to cornplete performance eva] nation 5; and failure to submit a traineeship plan. The results of the Article 33 hearing were; Stone was tined $20('l,md his paywas held until Stone's lime card was submitted and curren 1.

In Augus.t 1991 Stone, appealed an unssnsfaetcey performance Foil bug 0 f Ap:ri I. 1990 - March '1991, His 1I.ppeal was successful :ilml his performance ewh,H!tk!l') was changed from unsatisfactory to "effective but needs substanrialimprovemen t '. Stone received the SUPPQrto f the ,news med t:8: when he appea~e;d his unsatisfactory performance evaluation. Theissue was reported on the radio and in the newspaper.

ln O.:ctober199 I. Stone was provided acounseling memorandum from DEC counsels office regarding

.consta.tlll'irades against the department and employees at the Wildlife. Resources Center. ..

In May 2001 initial repcns from staff that: Stone W<lS livin.g at the W;ildlife Pathology Unit on a fun lime basis.

ln June 200] Stone reeei ve d a counsel ing memorandam addressin g reports from staff that they fear for their personal s:aJety in his presence, Reports of persenalretnbuncn andverbal assaultsdirected at staff by Stone, Staff further reported that Stone uses loud voices, dcgradingremarkapostures, actions, and threats of firing. Abo, th~COL!n:;;ding mernorandurn reprimande d S tone fOT spen:din g aver his WPIJ budget by 42%.

Based or. if21enli'ewS' of employee» assigned to the WP U during {his period of time; . .May 1001. SI'OJUJ. 's belUTVifN' escalated from the prior years, Interviewees attributed the es:calmio"rl in

Stone 'shostile behavior to the loss of tJ.n ir[!Cml.child with his ff)r(friel1d, Ma:ry Bayham Caraco, with whom he has four cMldnm_Jj~ addition, Stone's res-idence l-1<"OS' in disrepair with no running w~'(;'r_ .!tW,ClS reported tha: Cameo left StO'n,8Qn.d moved into an apcFrtl'rUmt with their four children.

In April 200;2 ~ Stone received a counseling memorandum regarding his spending in ex cess of budget and the uin.<Iuttmrized use ofrwo laboratories fbr ch~mic~l analysis.

In August 2.005 Steven 1. Sanford. Chief Bureau of Habitat wrote a memorandum to DEC Labor Rd:acicos ~5lking for assistance in resolving issues of~abu.s.]ve treatment ofsti3Jff, lr .... -ing OI[ we wildljfe resource center-and delinquent lime cards, Identified as chronic problems that have been addressed both formally snd mformally over the years.without -any substantive progress,


In November 2005 letter from Karen Taylor, Laboratory Technician at the ,VPU fromApnl >- November 2.005 (attached) to Stone' ~ supervisor, CSEA representatives and the State Inspector Genera L The] etter contained a 11 egations of 11. hostil e work environment with personal attacks by Stone towards staf[Ule

Ie tter sta ted

that Stone "dispatched" 4 Of 5 deer with a rifle that hadbeen kept at the WPU for over ] year. Taylor elairned the deer were disposed ofthe day before am ,ilJigpec~jon of tbe wildlife ]:vrOgniffi was to be dope by ~he Environmental Conservation Officers, Ak50, allegations reported thar Stene isliving at the WPU,

In J une 20 07 ~ a formal COUll seling memorandumfrom G. Burnhart, Director, D i ViSlOJ:l. of Fish, Wildlife and Ma:dne Resources to Stone thatidentifies inappropriate actions to include; (I) inhabiting the \VR.C in violanon of agency policy (2) using DEC resources to include state vehicles, and WPU staff to prepare for ceurse work at Cobleskill and the College of St. Rose (.3) transpo:ntjng f8!mHy memoers in a State vehicle Cd,) storage of personal items at the WPU-


___ ~J

~,I I ')./v~t~JL!rJt\_,.j


ST,IlillE OF NE'!¥ YO~K:



61 eFIQ~O\!VAN; ~211-1 FLOOFI NEW yORK. MEw YO:FlI< roeee

oS5 COlLJ~T STAE Ell. 5T1-I FLOOR ElU'FA.~O', NE'W YORK 1 ~,2G2

May is. 20:08

Honoubj,e Alexander B. Grannis Commissioner

Department of Environmental Conservation ,625 Broadway

Albany, New York 12233~W 100'

KG: NYS IG#: 0204~OOl·~2008

Dear Commissioner Grannis:

As we discussed on May 6, this office conducted a proeJ uninary investigaticn into

.Iii allegations of misconduct by DEC Forensic Pathologist Ward Stone. Our inquiry found t hat Mr. Stolte: continued to reside at DEC's Wildlife Pathology Ce:nt~I; havin,g been. counseled to vacate, It was also alleged that Mr. Stone had ordering his staff to perform tasks cormected to his outside teaching positions, misstated his scientific,

findings, and was generally abusive towards his st~ff. '

Aller careful consideration, this office has determined that these matters are administrative in nature. Therefore, vee Me referring this matter to your agency for appropriate action. We are not conducting amy further investigation and. consider the case closed, Ifyouhave Siny questions or if we: may be of assistance, please centact Chief Investigatcr Wi.!liam Hebert at (518) 474~~.OlO,

I "ely, 7 •. · If] 11#. i .- ... '. r,~

Darren T. Miller , Chief of Investigations



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