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Collective Bargaining and Unions

Complete the following questions using the Collective Bargaining Agreement from the school
district you are observing. Please cite the page number you located each answer.
1. What school district did you research? Provide the exact web address or link to the
collective bargaining agreement.
The school district that I researched is School District 4. Website link to where I found
the collective bargaining agreement is
2. What is a collective bargaining agreement? What people/groups of people are involved in
the collective bargaining process?
A collective bargaining agreement is a contract in writing between an employer and a
specific trade union setting forth the terms and conditions of employment, also containing
provisions in regard to rates of pay, hours of work and any and all other working
conditions of employees. The Union represents the workers and the management
represents the employer in the collective bargaining process.
3. What are the teachers contracted hours and days (hours/days teachers have to be in the
school building)?
The teachers regularly scheduled work day shall be consecutive period of seven hours
for elementary, seven hours and twenty minutes for junior high, inclusive of a duty free
lunch period as required by law. (pg14) As for contracted days, I have search however id
not locate the answer. There are 168 attendance days on the school year calendar.
4. How much planning a preparation time do teachers in this district get each week (this
may be different at each grade level)? Is any of the time designated for certain activities
(i.e. common grade level plan time, data discussions, etc.)
All full time Pre-K5th grade teachers are provided no less than 195 minutes per week as
self-directed planning time within the student attendance times during a regular week.
Teachers in the junior high school will be provided with 30% of their total planning
periods for collaborative plan time. (pg15)
5. What is the current evaluation process for teachers?
The procedures of the Evaluation Plan for Licensed Staff, which is developed by the Joint
Evaluation Committee, will be followed during the term of this agreement.
Only an individuals rating that is Excellent or Proficient, based on the standards to which
the teacher is expected to conform, is included in the collective bargaining agreement.
The approved evaluation plan shall not be modified for the duration of the agreement
without mutual agreement of the Superintendent and the Addison Teachers Association
President(s). (pg. 20)
6. What does the document say about class size? Is there a limit? What happens if that limit
is exceeded?

This document states that at the primary level, Kindergarten through grade 2, classroom
size is not to exceed 22 pupils, Intermediate level, Grades 3-5, classroom size is not to
exceed 25 pupils, and junior high level, grades 6-8, classroom size is not to exceed 28
pupils. If the class size exceeds 20% of the classroom size guidelines, a full time
instructional aide shall be employed. Further, the administration will attempt to balance
classes and seek not to exceed classes of 32 pupils, however recognizes the need to
differentiate between class size for certain specific instructional purposes. (pg14)
7. What type of mentoring program or training do new teachers go through?
Teachers in their first year with District 4 shall be required to attend up to two-and-onehalf (2.5) additional days prior to the start of the school calendar year to be held during
non-school hours for the purpose of orientation, educational presentations, and
discussions related to District 4. Pre-tenured teachers in the Mentoring Program shall
also be required to attend all meetings as outlined in the Addison District 4 Mentor
Program Handbook. (pg15)
8. Are teachers allotted sick and personal days? If so, how many?
Teachers are allotted sick days and personal days based on the number of years they have
been in the district. One year provides 10 sick days and 1 personal day for the year. Two
years in the district provides 10 sick days and 2 personal days for the year. Three years in
the district provides 12 sick days and 2 personal days within the year. Four years and
more provides 13 sick days and 2 personal days within any given year. (pg. 22-23)
9. What is a grievance and how is the process carried out?
A grievance is defined as any claim by the association or a teacher that there has been a
violation, misinterpretation, or misapplication of the terms of the agreement. (pg35)
According to the agreement, first they would like for the teacher and his/her immediately
involved supervisor to resolve the problem through free and informal communication. If
this doesnt resolve the problem, then they would start with step A.
Step A: The grievance should be submitted in writing to the supervisor within 30 days of
the occurrence, then arrange a meeting with in 5 business days of receipt of the
grievance. Then the supervisor shall respond to the association within 5 business days
after said meeting.
Step B: If this first two steps do not resolve the issue, then the grievance will be presented
to the superintendent within 6 business days after the first step or after 8 business days
whichever is later. Then the superintendent will arrange a meeting to take place 5
business days of receipt of the appeal.
Step C: If there is no resolution by step B, or the time limits expire without written
response from the superintendent, the association can submit the grievance to final and
binding arbitration by an arbitrator. If a demand for arbitration is not filed within 30 days
of Step B then the grievance shall be deemed withdrawn. (pg. 35-36)

10. How are teachers compensated in this district? Please provide the salary of a first year
teacher that holds a Bachelors degree for the 2014-2015 school year? What is the salary
of a teacher with a Masters degree and 15 years experience for the 2014-2015 school
year? Based on the number of days per year required and hours per day required calculate
the hourly rate for both scenarios. Take the number of days multiplied by hours worked
(i.e. 180 days X 7 hours a day = 1,260 hours). Divide the salary by the total hours (i.e.
$48,000 / 1,260 = $38.10/hour).
Starting salaries for new members will be established off of an annual base salary of
$41,605.00 (2013/2014). Mathematically $41,605.00/(pg29) For 2014/2015 school year
there is a 2 % increase. Teachers at the graduate lever have a request approved for
eligibility of a $1,250.00 increase in salary for each 15 semester hours completed and
then $2,250.00 for achieving the masters degree. (pg. 29-30)
11. How are extra duties (coaching, clubs, lunch duty etc.) compensated?
Extra duties will be compensated based on the type of duty and the amount of time
completed. Bus duty is compensated $10.00 per hour. Lunchroom supervisor is
compensated 5%. Band, Orchestra, elementary school band is compensated at 5.63%.
Research/development/curriculum work/summer school is compensated at $28.00 per
hour. Mentors are compensated $750 per year per protg for the first year and $375 per
year per protg for the second year. Technology assistant is compensated at 2.5%.
Club/Activity sponsors are required to submit approval from the principal and board of
education, upon approval they will be compensated based on hours completed. For 9-17
hours % of base, 18-26 hours 1%, 27-35 hours 1 %, 36-44 hours 2%, 45-53 hours 2
%, and 54+ hours at 3%. (pg. 39)