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Lewis Dowling

Freelance Writer and Director Mobile: 07840 921413 E-mail: Nationality: British Drivers License: Provisional Date of Birth: 01/03/1989

Lewis Dowling - Freelance Writer and Director
An abstract view, eyes looking around corners. A careful ear, listening for the slightest change. A reaching touch, fingers feeling beyond the edges of the box. A cautious sniff, to catch the subtle scent of success. A taste of the absurd, of originality, of that special something. But mostly, a sense of what's important: The story. This is mine.

Key Skills
Optimism and imagination swirl together. They spiral upward, mixing and churning inside their catalyst. Motivated, the catalyst begins. It cannot stop the words, as they tumble out; spilling onto pages one after another. They fall from lips, directing others toward the same goal; they fall from fingers, typing fast and purposefully; they fall from imagination, unrelenting, unstopping, forevermore. The stories flow, into the avid temple. There they are cut, stretched, and finalised. Then the catalyst can settle, relaxing amid musical melodies, watching the finished media. But not for long, for imagination and optimism are a potent mix; a chain reaction, nuclear and critical. Soon, inevitably, it shall start again.

Pugwash Newspaper (Issue 31, 37 - 39, 41) Including - 'Invention Of Lying Review' 'Mass Effect 2 Review' '3D TV Pros and Cons' Pugwash Magazine (Issue 3, 2010) 'The Secrets of Gaming Culture Revealed' Cazart and other stories 2 (Pg 51 - 52) 'Blank'

Relevant Experience
Acted Me and My Friend The Frogs Beauty And The Beast Santa’s Worst Christmas Say Something The Maids Wrote/Directed Santa’s Worst Christmas Say Something

Short Stories White Noise When Nature Calls Sink The Legends of Kale Blank Novels Pain Has a Salty Taste Simon Said Phantom Memory Scripts Touché Cliché Sink Note to Self

Wrote/Directed The Caffinator Night Terrors Hallucinate

University of Portsmouth
Learning Technologist June 2008-2009 Creating Online Activities for students

07840 921413

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Lewis Dowling

Freelance Writer and Director

BSc (Hons) Entertainment Technology University of Portsmouth, Hampshire 2007 - Present Modules Include: Advanced Video Production and Editing Techniques:TBC Computer Games Development, Design, and Evaluation:73% TBC Documentary Film & Video 20:69% TBC 3D Digital Illustration 81% Student Enterprise (Planning and Delivery):76% Effective Animation & Scripting:75% Managing & Making Video:64%

Reading and Writing - I began writing as a child, and have continued ever since. I love stories, and the tiny details that can change someone's perception. Computer Games - Games, unlike movies, have a unique approach to storytelling. They immerse the player into the world, and allow them to escape to another reality. Music and Film - I love music, especially slow rock, ballads that tell a complete story in a few minutes. Films, who doesn't like them. Movies that make you think, like Twelve Monkeys, they're my kind of film. Creating Photoshop Wallpapers - Abstract and surreal images fascinate me, and I've recently taken to creating wallpapers, based on these themes, as a hobby. It helps improve my skills, and it's interesting to see what can be created. Parkour/Climbing/Rollerblading - Because we're all kids at heart.

Employer Diane L. Gal Lecturer in Health Services Research School of Health Sciences and Social Work University of Portsmouth Contact Details James Watson West Building 2 King Richard 1st Road Portsmouth PO2 1FR Email: Phone: +44 (0)2392 844428 Academic Charlie Watts Senior Lecturer Course Leader BSc Video and Broadcasting FdSc Creative Technologies and Enterprise Contact Details School of Creative Technologies Eldon Building Winston Churchill Ave Portsmouth PO1 2DJ Email: Phone: +44 (0)2392 845485

07840 921413

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