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Lucas Madonna
Miss Skirtich
11 December 2015
English 10: Honors World Literature
The University of Virginia
The University of Virginia, or UVA, is often known for its academics, but the school
brings more to the table than just that. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 (,
UVA continues to rank as one of the best private or public colleges in the country. According to
US News, “It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 16,483, its setting is suburban, and the
campus size is 1,682 acres” (US News). Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, UVA participates
in the ACC conference for athletics. Also, “The University of Virginia offers the vast intellectual
resources of a major research university, but fosters the intimacy, sense of community, and
dedication to undergraduate life typically found at a small liberal arts college” (The University of
Virginia). The University of Virginia brings one future success in post-baccalaureate life because
of its rigorous academics, excellent job placement, and real-world diversity.
The University of Virginia’s rigorous and accredited academics are well-known by
educated men and women around the world. But, one must challenge and excel in school before
they even step onto campus. It is true, and one will have to get superior standardized test scores
to get accepted. For example, the average student scores between an 1870 and 2180 for a three
part SAT. Also, an average student scores a 28-33 for their ACT composite score (College
Board). And, only 30% of students that apply to the school get accepted. UVA, known for its
academics as previously stated is ranked #26 in the country for overall colleges, and #6 for
undergraduate business programs (US News). In fact, “Since U.S. News began a separate listing
of the top 50 public universities, UVA has never dropped out of the top three. And in the history
of the U.S. News Rankings, UVA has never dropped out of the top-30 listing of all national

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universities”( US News). This is how UVA is recognized all over the world for its rigorous
The University of Virginia often pays one back through its graduate’s excellent job
placement. The phrase “pays one back” in this context means even though it may be a little
pricey to attend (2nd largest for public colleges in the country behind University of Michigan),
one’s job in the future pays the expenses back. In fact, in the graduating class of 2015, 98%
received job offers, and 93% accepted the offers. In addition to the jobs, these graduates make
large sums of money. In the 2015 class, those that accepted jobs made an average of $69,184
(University of Virginia). UVA graduate’s signing bonus averages $9,062, and the average
estimated annual bonus is $23,306 (University of Virginia). When one adds all of these earning
together the number turns out to be $101,552. Just to put this into perspective, “Students who
graduated from college in the class of 2014 earned median starting salaries of $45,478, according
to a new report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers” ( This
statement shows how UVA pays one back through great jobs and placement.
Lastly, UVA offers real-world diversity. Along with academics and extra-curricular
activities, a top priority for Virginia includes race and ethnicity. This is because they want to
keep the real-world feel. The students that go there originate from a combined 120 countries.
When you think about it, there are only 196 countries in the whole world. So, over 60% of the
world’s countries are represented at the University of Virginia. At a glance, 12.5% Asians, and
African Americans and Hispanics represent 6% of the student body, each.
In conclusion, one should highly consider UVA. Mr. Jefferson’s College, in the past,
brought success to previous students. In the future, signs of success continue for this one-of-a-

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kind university. The University of Virginia brings one future success in post-baccalaureate life
because of its rigorous academics, excellent job placement, and real-world diversity.