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Brooke Carmazzi

Miss Skirtich
4 April 2016
English 10: Honors World Literature
Brooke’s Hell
In Dante’s Inferno, Dante takes a tour through the nine circles of Hell
where souls are punished for their sins on earth. Dante envisions Hell as a
funnel shaped pit within the earth, and he designed his own circles of Hell
that circle downward through the pit each with a specific type of sinner. With
the inspiration of Dante Alighieri, I created my own nine circles of Hell that
contain what I believe to be the worst types of sin.
Circle 1: The Liars
In the first circle, the liars are punished for the false testimony and
inaccurate words they spoke on earth. Because they lied all of their lives,
they now lie on the ground in filth just as their words stank on earth. All of
the false words they spoke during their lifetime lie beneath them in the form
of fiery trash because they spoke were garbage. The greater the fire beneath
them, the more they lied on earth. They also do not have the ability to know
any current events on earth. They are only capable of knowing the opposite
because that’s what they told others. Some people I would place in this circle
are Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong.
Circle 2: The Selfish
The selfish are placed in the second circle of Hell because they only thought
of themselves in their lives on earth and not others. Because they thought of
no one but themselves on earth, they are now not able to see anyone but
themselves. This includes the demons, who have the ability to fly over and
see all of the sinners. These demons perpetually rip apart their bodies.
Because they took everything for only themselves on earth, they are now
stripped of the only thing they possess, their bodies. Once the demons rip of
one of their body parts, the sinners are forced to retrieve their body parts in
order for them to be ripped of again. Celebrities placed in this circle would
include Kanye West and Ariana Grande.
Circle 3: The Drunk Drivers
Drunk drivers settle in circle three because of their mistake of driving while
afected by alcohol. They are penalized for this terrible action by being
chased by cars driven by the rulers of the circle. The sinners are unable to
run fast enough to out run the cars because of how fast the cars are moving,
so they get run over by the cars all of eternity. They are also perpetually

experience the side efects of being hung over, including nausea, dizziness,
headaches, and fatigue. Some famous drunk drivers include Paris Hilton and
Amanda Bynes.
Circle 4: The Lustful
The lustful are punished in circle four because of the sexual desires and
thoughts they had in their lifetime. Because they couldn’t control their
desires on earth, they cannot control any of their actions in Hell and are
unable to move. They are unable to move because their lust over people on
earth did not have a lasting efect, and they constantly moved on. Because
they had a large appetite for sexual activity, they now starve to death in Hell.
An example of someone who would be placed here is Mark King, a character
in the movie The Other Woman.
Circle 5: The Bullies (Verbal Bullies, Physical Bullies and Cyber Bullies)
The bullies are separated into three diferent bolgias, one for the verbal
bullies, one for the physical bullies, and one for the cyber bullies. These
sinners used strength or power to intimidate those who were weaker.
Because bullies used their size or great power to torment the small and
weak, all of the sinners in these circles are the size of ants.
The verbal bullies are punished for using their cruel words to hurt others.
Because they used their mouths to harm others, their tongues are tied in
knots so they are unable to speak. An example of a verbal bully who would
be placed in this circle would be Rachel McAdams, also known as Regina
George from Mean Girls.
The second circle of the bullies holds the physical bullies who used their
bodies to injure others. Because they used their bodies to commit this sin,
they are forever punching, kicking, and slapping themselves. Their bodies
are full of bruises and broken bones related to the number of people and
injuries they caused as a bully. The more injuries they caused, the more
injuries they have. Along with this punishment, large giants also roam this
circle perpetually stepping on and crushing the little sinners. Included in this
circle would be Bif Tannen, a bully in Back to the Future played by Thomas F.
Cyber bullies are placed in Hell because they caused others to be
embarrassed or feel badly about themselves through social media and
phones. Because they used their phones, they are forever blinded by the
brightness of their cell phone. Because they used their hands to type the
cruel messages, their fingers are perpetually ripped of by birds who have
the faces of the victims they bullied. There are as many birds in this circle as

there were people who were cyber bullied by these sinners. The more people
the sinner bullied, the more their fingers are ripped of by the birds they
have in this circle. I would place someone I knew in this circle named Jack.
He bullied a friend of mine named Katherine through social media.
Circle 6: The Thieves
The thieves are punished for stealing property or money that did not belong
to them. In Hell, they are forced to carry boulders. The size of the boulder
relates to the weight of the items they possessed that did not rightfully
belong to them. Because they stole what didn’t belong to them, their souls
are separated from their bodies, so in Hell not even their bodies belong to
them. Their bodies are held by demons. Because they had more than what
was theirs, they now don’t even own what was theirs. Some thieves who
belong here are Lindsay Lohan and Jessie James.
Circle 7: The Traitors
In circle seven, the sinners of betrayal are punished for their disloyalty and
unfaithfulness towards people that had trust in them. They are eternally
stabbed in the back just as they stabbed others in the back. Peter Hayes,
from the Divergent series, would be placed here for betraying his friends in
all three of the movies.
Circle 8: The Abusers (Physical Abusers, Child Abusers, Sexual Abusers, and
Verbal Abusers)
The sinners who committed abuse are placed in this circle. They are placed
here because they used people and treated them horribly for their own
benefit. The abusive are separated into three diferent bolgias including a
circle for the physical abusers, the child abusers, the sexual abusers, and the
verbal abusers.
The physical abusers are punished because they intentionally hurt others
through bodily contact especially through domestic violence. Because they
continuously hurt others, they are forever pelted with rocks experiencing the
endless pain they caused others. If the sinner’s case was more serious, they
would be pelted with more rocks. When the rocks hit them, a bruise appears
immediately, causing their bodies to be swollen and purple. Charlie Sheen is
an example of someone who would reside here.
The child abusers are placed here because of the mistreatment they gave to
innocent children. Because they abused children, they are attacked by living
toys that constantly chase and attack them. Since they caused children to
cry, their eyes are filled with tears, so they are unable to see the toys coming
at them, allowing them to be attacked more. Jon Pomeroy and Rebecca Long

would be found here because in 2008, they caused one of the worst child
abuse cases a detective had ever seen according to The Seattle Times.
The sexual abusers are punished for molesting people and forcing sexual
behavior by one person upon another. Because they forced sexual activity on
others, they are crushed by boulders. The weight of the boulder relates to
the amount of force they put on their victims to commit sexual activity and
the amount of victims they had. A celebrity who would belong here is Bill
The verbal abusers are punished for degrading others with insulting words.
Because their words were heartless, they do not have a heart, which causes
every sinner to have a hatred of everything and everyone. As a result, this
circle is an endless war. This war is more brutal than most wars because
everyone is fighting for themselves. Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda would reside
in this circle.
Circle 9: The Violent (Murders and Suicidal)
The violent are punished in the last circle for causing an unnatural death.
They are separated into two bolgias, the ones who killed others and the ones
who killed themselves.
The murderers are punished for the violence they caused to someone other
than themselves. Because they killed others, they perpetually stab
themselves with knives. The rulers of the circle also walk around the circle
with guns, shooting anyone who takes a break from stabbing themselves.
The wounds heal over a short period of time so they are able to continue
forever. A celebrity that would be punished here is Charles Manson.
The suicidal sinners reside at the bottom hell for killing or harming
themselves. They are punished by having their soul is trapped inside of their
dead body. Because they destroyed a piece of God’s creation, they are now
not able to escape what they destroyed, causing their souls to never reach
heaven. The bodies lie in a pool of boiling blood that belonged to the suicidal.
Robin Williams would be included here.
I chose these types of sinners for their particular circles because I
believe they are the worst types of sin a person could commit. I placed them
in this order because the best of the worst types of sins are placed at the
top, and the worst of the worst in my opinion are placed at the bottom. I do
not understand why anyone would ever think of doing these actions, and I
believe they are the worst mistakes a person could make in their life.