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By: Nick Milas

Map of Georgetown


Founded January 23rd , 1789

Oldest Catholic and Jesuit Institution in the nation

Founded by John Carroll

Students selected their colors to be blue and gray represent the
Union and Confederate forces to celebrate the end of the Civil

About Georgetown

Private and Co-ed University

Located in Washington D.C.

Campus size is 104 acres, with an undergraduate enrollment of
7,595 students.

Georgetown celebrates a long tradition of faith by providing
pastoral care and opportunities for worship across a variety of

Application Materials

Application deadline is January 10th

Application fee is $75

There is no early decision deadline


Georgetown offers majors, double majors, majors with a minor,
and double majors with a minor

Minors are not required to be taken

Internships are available throughout many of its courses

Surrounding Area Activities

Georgetown is located near the middle of Washington D.C.

Historical Landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and the White
House are within walking distance of the school

Other popular museums include the National Gallery of Art and
the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Georgetown University offers a variety of Financial Aid and
Scholarship opportunities

The Office of Student Financial Services determines eligibility for
assistance from federal, state, and private financial aid programs

They also determine eligibility for Georgetown scholarships to
undergraduates and assist in the selection of graduate students
who receive university fellowships and scholarships.

Career Services

The Georgetown MBA Career Center helps you establish positive
relationships with other students, employers, faculty, and alumni

This leads to global network that will support your success
throughout your career

Georgetown’s business school, the McDonough School of
Business, is the most popular primary job source at the university

MBA student organizations host career days tat offer great
opportunity to explore career functions and paths.

Social Activites

Home to the Hoyas, Georgetown has almost all sports involved
with the school

Their mascot is both a costume and a real life dog, named Jack
the Bulldog.

The current Jack the Bulldog
was born in 2013.

Social Activities

Despite Georgetown being Jesuit, there is much other Greek Life
on the campus, although it is not officially approved by the

There are a total of four fraternities and two sororities on campus

Multiple opportunities for community service and volunteer work\

Service projects range from tutoring disadvantaged children in
math and reading, to offering legal services and health care to
the most underserved neighborhoods of Washington D.C.

On Campus Living

Students are guaranteed three years of housing and may request
housing for their senior year

Georgetown offers information and support for off campus
housing in comfortable neighborhoods

Incoming students take the Living Preference Questionnaire and
Campus Housing Roommate Matching System to determine
suitable roommates.

Specific roommate requests are allowed, and changing
roommates is permitted through the student housing committee

Georgetown Drug and Alcohol

The possession, use, manufacturing, and distribution of illegal
drugs are prohibited at all times on University property, in
University vehicles, or in connection with any University activity
or business

For alcohol, no person under the age of 21 shall possess, drink,
purchase, or attempt to purchase an alcoholic beverage. Persons
of age 21 or older may possess, serve, and consume alcohol only
in university facilities where primitted

Meal Plans

Georgetown’s dining hall is the Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall

There are three different types of meal plans; weekly, block, and
Carte Blance

Weekly offers a set amount of meals allowed per week

Block offers a certain number of meals per semester

Carte Blance allows unlimited visits to the Lee O’Donovan Dining


Courses of Interest





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