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Fabrice X


« You must leave the city of comfort to venture into the wilderness of your intuition.
You will discover something wonderful there: Yourself. »
Alan Alda


Who I am
My propaganda (I hope you understand that I do not take myself seriously)
« Sex is everywhere » Roger Dodger.
It is true that one can observe games of seduction in most movies, books, magazines, etc.
Seducing is a desire and an universal need. It is omnipresent. Yet nobody really understands
all the workings of seduction.
However, a man’s community (including me) decided to devote its life to this art. It is now
several generations we pass the torch. Modestly, we made good progress in our project. We
are now able to say that we have identified the main lines. We can « see the matrix » of
gender interactions. The land is cleared!
For what purposes do we do that? Curiosity. Vocation. To do not miss our chance with a
beautiful and brilliant unknown. To do not hesitate to approach. To do not live in self-doubt
or fear of women. In short, to find a meaning in life.
My policy : no regrets.
I am a former social and academic phobic. At the end of adolescence, it was going a bit better
but it was not crazy : I could have easily played the loser in American Pie. I missed a lot of
chicks it was so shameful. Moreover, approaching an unknown seemed impossible to me and
kissing a friend terrified me: it seemed a sacred act reserved for the elite. I undertook a big
work on me I began by asking lots of questions to my friends (girls)… but the answers did not
satisfy me so I came typing « seduction » on the Internet and joined the seduction community.
I was terrified by the number of commercial site on this subject but they only make you
VERY SLOWLY progress and ask you for A LOT of money for that. I vowed to change
things at that level ever if I could one day become a PUA. In short, even if I do not change the
world, at least I would have changed myself.


I devoured everything I could find on seduction: it is a subject that fascinates me. I found that
the results increase when you find out what works for YOURSELF. I greatly documented in
order to offer you the best of the web for free (this will save you a lot of time). I do not copy
anything as do most other sites (you do not ask me to reinvent everything every time, but
going further to bring a new stone to the seduction community founded in the 80s by Ross
Jeffries). This site is right on target: with my words I talk about what convinced me during my
training and I add my ideas, experiences and personal advice. So you will benefit from my
extensive research and my experience of PUA and coach on the field. I’m not an asshole nor a
manipulator: I use personal development as a cornerstone. It is thus a healthy and natural
seduction that I propose. With me, there’s no miracles (as in any field for that matter) but with
some work: be reassured, you will significantly improve. I see it in a rather Cartesian way.
With my outspokenness. And I don’t give a shit about politically correct. If I want to write
down « blowjob » or « doggy-style », I do it. Somebody has to do the education of those that
are shocked by that to take out that damn broom from their tight-ass.
I now have over 6 years of experience in the gender relations field. I became a kind of antihero (I can teach you how to create an aura of charm around you). But, I vowed to never get
big-headed : I am and remain an eternal student of seduction and know that it’s not a passing
fancy because I’m still passionate about my subject after 6 years. But I see most guys I talk to
are dropped or are veeeeeery late. It is time for me to share my skills while continuing to
Having kissed 27 girls in one night once, I think I have kissed over 1000 women (but I lost
count a long time ago – it would be unmanageable)!
I also slept with over 100 women and then I decided to stop counting because otherwise it
would never stop. An endless quest. I still won two times the pickup contest within the
community of Aix-Marseille. It is enough for me. Now I continue to be a hot womanizer but
less because I aim high. So when I see other « coaches » with fat chicks or stuff like that, it
makes me laugh in the inside… The number of conquests doesn’t make the seducer, there’s
also the quality that count. But it still takes a minimum (100 or 50 women fucked well I guess
to be taken seriously). The problem is that after it becomes a game and you play for chicks
like alcoholics at night that do not interest me but I still game. It’s silly but enjoyable to have
from time to time your adrenaline injection.


My ebooks have already helped hundreds of men to seduce/pickup /fuck. So I’m not a
beginner and I think I can understand and analyze most of your blockages.
Diary of a French PUA will help to approach and seduce women that you like in any
situations. In the street, on the Internet, in bars or clubs, at work … the « game » (the science
of dating) has common and some specific points (you will therefore have to learn how to
adapt a little to your target: must be a minimum flexible to pickup on any field) according to
your specialty (the context in which you a feel the most comfortable – you cannot have a
consistent level in all the pickup categories nor every day the same level).
I’ll introduce you to my philosophy in which the female rejection and the friendzone do not
exist. Everything is a matter of mindset.
I’m not an nth thief who wants your money and will do only small talk. I let you look a little
at my blog to get an idea of the character and outspoken (yes, I’ve just writen about myself in
the third person like Alain Delon).
If you like my blog please feel free to read my ebooks to « go farther » into the matter.
My goal now is to become a writer and, ultimately, to make a living off my art. My pen is
sometimes enraged sometimes discouraged, as you will see on the blog. So if you want to
help me instead of buying alcohol, buy my products… so you will progress with the girls and
I will make me want to continue to share my work on this blog. Win-win scenario. For now, I
have another job absolutely not related to seduction so this is just a hobby (like Bilbo) then
know that the money I will make here will be reinvested in advertising as part of a policy of
expansion of the distribution of my message. You do in some ways a good action.
As a summary
Julien Fabrice Fabrice X, Cyprineman, it’s all me. Before, I was known as the soft pseudonym
« pluiedecyprine (cumrain) » but I decided to become Diary of a French PUA to export my
I am scandalous writer, Game teacher and expert in gender relations (« Coach in seduction »,
it does not exist, big up to all the scams... Or show me a diploma).


Unlike the mass, I do not sell specific method, because it would amount to close the other
doors: I am interested in anything that works. I like to experiment, experience and get to the
I also enjoy to put my foot in it. Do not count on me to tell you what you want to hear: I
prefer to say things as they are (according to my experience) but I must warn you that
sometimes the truth is disturbing. In other words: I do not do « politically correct » stuff to
take you for idiots and to take your money at the same time. I hope you enjoy it!
My values are: honesty, respect and sincerity. My goal is to enjoy without headache.
My products are meant to be complete, exhaustive and effective immediately. If you want to
improve your understanding and your relationships with the other sex, I offer a range of
complementary various paying products and many free products : if you are interested, click
on « my work » in the left sidebar. With that, you will know everything about the Game!
To finish
An answer to those who would destroy or discredit me because this science scares them or
because I am a serious competitor: do not blame me if I do not answer you (other way it
would be unmanageable) but know that I have already destroyed all anti-PUA arguments in
good faith on this blog. Feel free to use the search bar if you are curious and are not just
looking to piss me off without even reading before. You claim that we are in the land of
human rights and you will surely claim you are politically correct people (or rather dictator)
but know that once upon a time were burned healers calling them witches. As soon as I hear
pick up artist in the media, it is associated with monster. Sorry but despite what you would
like to think: I am not a monster, and the girls are happy with me. In short, these amalgams
you condemn, you make many of them when it comes to seducers. Is it jealousy talking?
I do not even know why I’m asking.
PS: Do not hesitate to read:
– Answers to my detractors and why I’m right
– Comment of the article involved in controversy « Testimony: I infiltrated the community of
the PUA »
– Conclusion : I am finally happy in this crazy world


Why I am a PUA
According to wikipedia, a pick up artist, commonly abbreviated PUA is: a man skilled in
meeting, attracting and seducing women.
Why I am a PUA
First, the facts: I slept with more than 100 women and I have over 5 years experience in the
seduction community.
I mean, when you slept with 173 women, you cannot be bad nor having understood nothing in
the fair sex.
For information, I say and will always say « more than 100 » because if I have to update
every time the number, it would sucks! And « 100 », it is enough! Oh yes, and I specify for
the jokers : the more you have sex, the more you become so demanding … so no it is not 100
fat ugly girls! And I’m not a guy who have nothing else in his life, I’m working 45h per week
so I’m pretty busy and it’s just a hobby for me.
When we understood how to seduce and sleep with girls, everything is nothing more than a
question of proportions. I mean there that it is simply a question of repeating the same
operation. Then I’m not saying that having slept with 10 girls gives a sufficient control, but I
say that having slept with 100 or 1000 girls is practically similar and that there are more
interesting things to do.
I also have a good knowledge of the game, pragmatic enough, I will not let myself be
involved in fake « miracle methods » of any guru. And I want to avoid you being ripped off
(or at least warn you then you do what you want). The knowledge is there, I thoroughly read
and tried many things, but I’m an experimenter / adventurer so sometimes I deliberately do
not use this or that. Curiosity. To see what will happen precisely.


This is also what makes us different from « hot womanizers ». Like, a handsome server in
club can fuck a lot of babes without effort. Maybe even more than me that wet bikini but that
does not make him a PUA. Because he has no value because he does not understand women,
because we are doing this for fun (it is a sport) but we respect women we appreciate them,
they are not a piece of meat and… we are not hotties. We are normal guys who want to play
in the higher category. Thanks to our brains and personality rather than through our good
looks, our muscles, our bank account, our social status, nor need to go abroad because fucking
Eastern girls there is easier…
In my business, accounting (chartered accountant), one can be graduate only when he/she first
made a contribution to the profession through a memory. In seduction, I brought in the French
community my qualities translations of English ebooks, my ebooks in general and my wacky
In the approaches of a « PUA » I think there’s also the way. I mean : always stay a manly
alpha male who send some male energy without complexes nor apologizing for being a man
who wants to make women orgasm, make funny original approaches or at least, do not get
worked up and really see this as a game. You and I will never ever seduce all the chicks (but
you can seduce enough to no longer know where to turn). Results matter but there’s also the
process in which you must not lose your manhood just because a girl is testing you that is
important. And don’t let any girl break your confidence … the fact that she has a pussy does
not make her an intelligent person who is always right. The girls also have their problems like
fear of men or social pressure. Now when a girl tries to make me feel guilty or invent shitty
excuses when in fact that she just does not dare to come over to have orgasms knowing she
wants it in fact, I did not even take a headache anymore. I do not care. I say « too bad your
loss ». That’s all, she did not deserve me and I next her. I’m not saying that I never feel
anything for women, but I do not worry too soon, and I do not let myself be manipulated like
some people do…


For my part, I’m coming back from sooooo far away but I’m not afraid of women anymore. I
love them. Not only their bodies, their entirety, their feminine nature. I want to give them
pleasure, a lot. Indeed, the legend says that I have learned to make women come with just one
finger. I want to make them have fun too, I developed my nerve in an incredible way and it is
probably where the chance on the field comes from. All that to say that with time and
experience, my confidence when it comes to women has become invincible (I have a huge
rejection capital because I know they miss something when they reject me and it makes me
laugh to see them making so huge mistakes like that so I do not even consider it as a rejection
rather as just a light refusal to my alpha proposal). My mindset has completely changed, and it
is in my opinion, the state of mind that makes the PUA.
You can very well be a PUA in couple, for example.
I confirm my PUA degree in online dating because it is there that I’m the best (I am a sniper I
rarely moves without having sex) and thanks to various original experiments in night/street
pickup like a street- fucking or 3/4somes (all that happened without alcohol nor drugs of
course because a PUA do not need that to let it be). I also validate my rank by my style ie
disconcerting frankness (request a huge confidence). I finally valid because I am recognized
by some of my peers and mentors like Snipe who is in my opinion one of the best French
PUA right now.
I’m not a guy who is just happy when he found a routine that works and use it widely. It does
not interest me, it’s too repetitive! I want to grasp the profound nature of women. I want to
understand them completely. And it is on its good way if you want my opinion…
So, I am rejected often, I am not God the Father, but that’s normal: only victories count for a
PUA. This is a constructive belief.
In PUA, there is the word « artist. » For me it’s the humor: I absolutely do not take myself
seriously. A lot of second degree. And in my texts I call « a doggystyle » a doggystyle. I do
not especially take gloves and that’s probably why I bother. But it amuses me. And it is the
role of all artists precisely to make people react in one way or another. I know that my speech
will not please everyone, far from it (I bother some people yet and I assume), but it is for me a
sign that I am not far from the truth.


My goal is to make you become hunters who have a sense of the scoring. I want you to
understand when a woman is bullshitting or not you to save time. And change a little bit your
gender relations vision so you never suffer because of a woman who does not deserve you. I
want you to keep a cool head about it all.
In short, this was a summary of why I am a PUA. The outlines. You will understand the rest
while surfing the blog.


My ethics and my values
My conception of the PUA is not « an unscrupulous womanizer. » Rather: understanding
women and wanting to do them some good. Never hurting them (even the stupid and nasty but
they have a reason to be like that then we get some respect but do not hurt them). Even guys, I
want to help them, so actually my goals is to be better than what the society wants us to be
(quite individualistic people) and to do my best to do good (I’m just a man probably a little
crazy… or it’s the guys that never dare to take their heterosexuality responsibilities that are
crazy… depending on your point of view).
I advocate a « natural » game, I don’t want to create a method like a dictator « you MUST do
this or that, and if it does not work it is because you did not make it well. » Moreover, beware
of those who have blinders. You’ll understand: I am quite critical on profile coaches who are
into demagogy to do just commercial for the money… and not really to help you. What I
mean is that anything is possible with human so everything is possible in seduction. You can
make a fucked up pickup and meet the woman of your life, you can do an incredibly good
game and find yourself jerking off alone by thinking about a wrong number in the evening.
This is the game, that’s it, do not get a headache and keep your confidence capital. This is the
truth of the field : be humble because there are plenty of things we cannot control, all we can
do is try our luck by doing our best. Then it’s just like football teams, sometimes they are
good sometimes not, yet it is the same team. It depends on periods and many other factors too
… even the Barça (Barcelona football team) loses games sometimes!
My message is that you can seduce without headaches, without humiliation to achieve your
goals and without lies, just by playing on statistics. You are not getting rejected, women are
tested. And the fact is that when Fast Seduction works, one is never disappointed by the
openness of the chicks. This is good to don’t always be fighting against windmills like I did at
the beginning as a Don Quixote with my cock I was using a sword.
Most important: I do not think being an asshole.
Because I have an ethical.


I went through a depression and I questioned my lifestyle. Now I am a follower of Buddhist
values. So: no lies nor advanced manipulation techniques to rack chick’s brains. I put
everything on respect, sincerity, simplicity, nerve and humor. After, in my conception of the
art of seduction: it is up to them to see if they like it or if they prefer the guys who promise
them mountains and marvels just to fuck them, they will not even orgasm btw, and plus they
won’t call them back in fact. For me, hiding your intentions is treachery. And even though I
surely would have more results by doing that (not necessarily best ones but well) I will not
sell my soul to the devil.
With that said, I’m not an autistic because I am a PUA: I have a job in an office where I act
normally. My life is pretty compartmentalized actually. And that suits me like that. That is
why I am not doing this blog for money. And that is also why you can, I think, trust me rather
than those who really rely on their small online business to live and who will tell you more of
what you want to hear so you continue to buy their products rather than this hard-truth that
will make you think and move on.
But hey, go ahead, rock out on me and leave amalgam comments while pretending you are a
politically correct person. I cannot change you but I can change me. Remember we are in the
land of human rights (in theory).
I said that I did not use manipulation … but that’s not totally true. Because we manipulate and
are manipulated every day. Everywhere around us. Everytime : by the media, by our loved
ones, etc. But I personally put everything on natural techniques. And satisfaction of my
The goal is not to fuck all the chicks (besides it’s impossible), my goal is to find really cool
chicks who understand my humor and who share my state of mind or who want to try (have a
strong will) to free themselves from social pressure.


I am a follower of the Fast Seduction, this is my school, and I increase my success rate by
making personal development. Because yeah, most methods say that the physical appearance
does not count, but you still have more success when you’re muscular and a little thinner than
when you’re obese. When you dress correctly than when you look like a bag, etc. But hey,
what is true is that even without having an exceptional body, there’s other ways to generate
attraction in some women. A certain percentage of women among which there will be
beautiful and ugly, and stupid and intelligent, extroverted and tight-ass…
But again, these are only statistics… and by playing on the number everyone can do it.
With me, no lies or deceptions. The disconcerting frankness is my best weapon of mass
seduction. With you on my blog just like with women on the field. I stand out like that. It’s
my choice. Then, only smart chicks will appreciate that. For others it will sound like
originality so it will mean « rejection » in their head. Going out a little of their comfort zone
and really live off the beaten track it’s too much trouble for them. It is their choice. Anyway,
it is my belief constructive belief. The one that makes me so successful and that allows me to
do not be affected by failures.
Guys in France in general do not assume anything so the girls have strange reactions and
sometimes nasty (or very good reactions but it is quite rare and that’s why we play on the
numbers) when they receive male energy in the mouth like a fireball in Dragon Ball Z. But I
have my pride and I’m not willing to do anything for a pussy. I will not make things easy for
them by gnawing my brake. I’m a sexual man and I assume. Deal with it.
It is also up to them to show themselves worthy of the orgasms that I could give them. I want
to free the beast that sleeps in them but they must do their part a minimum anyway. And I
cannot take care of all the women, I have a choice so I am demanding.
In other terms, I test them. I have nothing to lose. It’s like betting €0 at the casino and being
able to win the jackpot.
I know some people think I’m a jerk sometimes but I do not often forget that I am their
superior in most areas. So when she is a bitch, I’m a bitch and a half. Another positive belief.
Everyone lives in his/her own reality and I created mine which helps me.


Do you understand ? Everything depends on the mindset … and with time, you either have
nothing more to prove to yourself nor to the others. In any case, that’s what I wish you. Do
not get lost on the way. And have fun above all! The game is not a burden. It’s a chance.
I even have a girlfriend now who is accepting who I am and what I do: she reads my blog and
she likes it. We are in an open relationship. And it goes well! And I find her awesome !!! By
the way I kiss her if she reads this text one day.
In short, this was a summary on my values. The outlines. You will understand the rest while
surfing the blog.
In the meantime: just think about it.


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Recording of a cunnilingus..............................................p282

How to make a threesome with two girls ?.....................p144
Robert Greene’s Rake......................................................p148
The Anti-Seducers by Robert Greene..............................p153


Seduction explained by The Mentalist in 10 steps
Who is Patrick Jane ?
Patrick Jane is fucking good at observation and deduction, where from his nickname « the
mentalist » (his help allows the CBI to find and stop killers). Very clever, he also practices
hypnosis, NLP, suggestion, manipulation and cold reading (among others). He has an
incredible memory too.
He has a cheerful, provocative nature, and has certain contempt for regulations. He has for
habit to always do it his way. He always seems to find the answers before everybody, and
finds some sort of sick pleasure in doubling people while repeating that mediums do not exist.
Therefore, people consider him as a boaster… He likes lying but his frankness often attracts
him the anger of his hierarchy during investigations involving important people. He
sometimes shows a certain detachment and kept his childish side: for example, when he builds
a sand castle on a crime scene.
He always wears an impeccable suit. On one hand because being trim is a trump card in
communication and persuasion… and on the other hand because as a « magician », he needs
many pockets to hide things.
What can he teach us in seduction ?
In the episode 14 of the season 1, Patrick Jane comments on the game. I advise you of course
to watch the episode (so you can also see his excellent body language although a bit
phonehead – but he is charming and alpha thanks to his mastery of human interactions).
Here are the 10 teachings of the mentalist about seduction. To seduce…
#1 : it is enough to understand the evolutionary psychology of women and to apply its
principles step by step. By knowing what buttons to press.
It is what we do on this blog, by being interested in the evolutionary psychology.
#2 : there are several methods of seduction that are equal, several ways to succeed.


We also speak about it on this blog : Mystery method, fast seduction, speed seduction, etc.
Have a look at my translation of Game Acceleration for more information. However, we
cannot really say that all the methods are equal.
#3 : women want independent guys who can live without them, they need to feel dominated
and they dream about action, adventure and surprises.
It is more or less the principle of the alpha male.
#4 : the purpose is to make women have a good time. And if we leave them, to leave on good
Actually, it is a good state of mind. We are not there to hurt women, neither to break their
heart, nor to be misogynous. However, we have to have fun too.
#5 : even for the professionals of the techniques of seduction, it is far from working every
time… but the secret is that you should never admit defeat. When you are good, an idea of
order of magnitude is 1/10.
When I write that there is no magic formula, some people are skeptical. Like “he says so
because he did not find it, this idiot” . Now that Mentalist told it to you, maybe will you
believe it ?
#6 : why a guy sound in mind wouldn’t try to pick up an attractive girl?
It is a question I often ask myself. And it is a helpful mindset.
#7 : never depend on the goodwill of a single woman because you would be too often
Not only the women can be broken-hearted or have their ego that suffers. Besides, with the
social pressure and everything, we note an outbreak of the number of flakes. Thus, it is the
principle of diversification that allows to don’t attach too much importance to the result. It is
not here a question neither of tyrannizing her nor of letting her fall in love without feeling
something for her… But rather to don’t have too much feelings for her before being sure that
she is really interested and that the relationship can work.


#8 : the women who want that a guy comes talking to them look furtively but rarely assume.
It’s true ! With experiment, we can easily learn how to recognize a eye contact that means « I
want to see you naked ».
#9 : the keys = alpha, strong, relaxed, confident face, the opener is finally not that important.
It is what I explain in my ebook about body language. But it was the very short version!
#10 : The principle: make them talk about themselves.
I speak about this technique in my other ebook. Indeed, people generally like talking about
themselves. To seduce, speak to people about what they are interested in and be genuinely
interested in them. Everybody has something to offer. It was the politically correct and
optimistic minute!


5 reasons why you should watch Masters of Sex
What is Masters of Sex ?
Masters of Sex is an American period drama television series. It is based on Thomas Maier’s
biography Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the
Couple Who Taught America How to Love. Set in the 1950s and 1960s, the series tells the true
story of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The series has received critical acclaim,
including a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Drama Series in 2013.
Set in the 1950s through the early 1960s, the series explores the research and the relationship
between two pioneering researchers of human sexuality at Washington University in St.
Louis, Missouri.
Why should you watch this show (and not only because the actresses are hot) ?
I find this show very relevant on the themes of the sexuality in itself, of gender relations and
of the way people react when one talks about sex.
Below, 5 reasons why you should watch this show and what you will learn about our
#1 : You will see that people generally knew nothing about sexuality, but did not want to
speak about it. It was nevertheless a taboo that wasn’t really taboo. Even today and for many
people, being interested in sex, in pick up or in gender relations… it’s a shame… but knowing
nothing about that, it’s a shame too. It is an enormous paradox that still exists today : people
would like to know without having learned anything. Often I enjoy pushing the average
women in their faults. When I speak about sex with them, often I hear that I am a monster.
Then I ask them if they have very few experiences to be so shocked, and they answer that it is
me who am a virgin and that they know everything about the subject. Hum hum, looks like
they’re hiding something !
#2 : The study of the doctor was censored and he was thought of as a pervert, just
because he wanted to show scientifically what happens in the human body during a
sexual intercourse.


Nevertheless his study was very interesting: how long is an average sexual intercourse? What
are the differences between the feminine orgasm and the male orgasm? Who has most
pleasure during love… the man or the woman ?
In spite of what the society tries to persuade us, we are still very puritanical. It is maybe
necessary to realize it right now. We are certainly less uptight compared with this period, but
it is still not awesome : I see in this show so many reactions that I meet every day on the field
or when I say something about my blog to people. It seems that I am a virgin, a jerk, a
monster, a pervert, a sociopath. And then I ask why, they can’t explain it to me. The theme of
my blog is apparently enough to raise their ire.
It is not because there is a little more sex suggested on TV than before that our society finally
took its broom out of its ass. Nor because people declare they know everything about the
subject: very often, when we dig a little, we notice that they know nothing. And that they feel
like they have to lie. That they have reactions dictated and formatted by social pressure.
#3 : Many men thought of being essential to the woman to have orgasms. Some did not
even suspect that women can feign. Oh fuck… it is still the case today. Often on the field,
when I speak about my blog, I fall on frustrated silly bitches. Often, it takes place like « I am
sure you have a small cock, you cannot make a girl come.
– Oh really ? You’re wrong, recently, on 10 girls I made 9 come… several times. The other
had personal problems.
– Ahahah I am going to teach you something! You don’t know that girls we feign!!!
– Yeah I know it, in order to make the guy come faster because they are fed up with sex.
– Exactly.
– But I know the other symptoms of the orgasm, those you cannot feign: the contractions of
the stomach, of the vagina, the breath that accelerates, etc..
– … (generally they shut up).
Wake up ! It means that most of the guys are worthless in the bed, they know nothing. But it
is not a shame, it is just necessary to have the humility to recognize it and to learn! I was
laughing out loud when I learnt that Freud considered the women who had no vaginal, but
only clitoral, orgasm as immature kids. It is really a shitty explanation. Very easy for the man!


#4 : At all time, there were women more freed than others, and they were pointed by
stupid people. We attend in this show at the beginning of the practice of the blowjob and we
see that the cunnilingus… was really degrading to men. Even today, a lot of women know
more about sex than men and it frightens men. They prefer staying in their zone of comfort…
very few know how to properly lick a pussy. Instead of trying to improve, they declare that
these girls (those who masturbate for example) are whores who do not deserve them. Problem
solved. Even the girls who have several « sex-friends » fall into this category today in the
eyes of many men… and women (who so hinder their own freedom)… it’s sad. But I think
that they scare people because they send people back to their own limits.
#5 : We notice the stinginess of people. They want at all costs keeping in mind the image of
the submitted woman… who has to be pure, innocent, weak, etc. So they get back at each
other, etc. What about people who know only one sexual position : the missionary? What
about the dean of the university, homosexual, who refuses to subsidize the sex study because
he finds it not moral… then who bangs a gigolo in a dirty hotel while he is married?
In brief, I could write a lot more about this (true) story but I prefer to let you discover it by
yourself. In any case, I always write the same conclusion : you should not listen to the
politically correct people (the same people who leaves resentful comments on my blog).
People like me have always been criticized, apparently. Maybe are we slightly too ahead of
our time. In any case I hope I have tempted you to read my book The (inconvenient) truth
about gender relations because I have not found yet anything to question it, even more than
one and a half year after having written it.
The bottom line is : the open-mindedness, although all people think of being endowed with it,
is really rare.


The movie Top Gun can teach you stuff about seduction
About the movie
Top Gun is a 1986 American action drama film directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don
Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, in association with Paramount Pictures. The screenplay was
written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps, Jr., and was inspired by the article « Top Guns » written
by Ehud Yonay for California magazine.
The film stars Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Tom Skerritt.
Cruise plays Lieutenant Pete « Maverick » Mitchell, a young Naval aviator aboard the aircraft
carrier USS Enterprise. He and his Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Nick « Goose » Bradshaw
(Edwards) are given the chance to train at the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School at Miramar in
San Diego. It lasts 110 minutes.
Top gun & séduction
Tom Cruise’s body language in this movie became cult within the community of the
seduction. It even became the prototype. In The Game, Neil Strauss tells that he watched this
movie again and again to adopt the body language of pure alpha of the actor. Btw, I talk about
it in my ebook « How to sublimate your body language » (like Tom Cruise).
In the literature of the seduction, another reference to Top Gun inspired me. It is about what
wrote David de Angelo in The attraction is not a choice :
We don’t realize how much we want the things we have… until we lose them, that is. How
about making someone want something new, by giving it to them and then taking it away?
Sometimes a woman will be open and warm and other times, she’ll be closed and cold. This
can be because of all kinds of different factors… how you’re acting, how she’s feeling, the
setting you’re in, what’s on her mind, or what kinds of hormones are running through her
I want to talk about a technique that I’ve found works in almost ALL of these situations. A
natural extension of my ideas about teasing and playing hard to get is what I call, « TAKING


Now, when most people hear this phrase, they think of problems arising that cause a loss of
ground that has to be reclaimed before moving on, or a setback that has to be overcome
before proceeding further. What I’m talking about is DELIBERATELY stopping when things
are WORKING in order to ACCELERATE the process.
What? Did I just say to stop something that’s working in order to be successful? I sure did.
And if you pay attention to what I’m about to share with you, you’ll learn one of the most
profound and important lessons about how to be more successful with women and dating.
Here it is in a nutshell:
If you’re doing something that you can tell she likes, stop doing it, then wait a while and start
doing it again. This on/off/on/off sequence is ULTRA powerful in creating a magnetic
ATTRACTION inside of her.
I personally believe that two factors that AMPLIFY a woman’s ATTRACTING to a man are
the concepts of TENSION and ANTICIPATION.
Tension is that feeling in your chest that you get when you know something exciting could
happen at any minute.
If you can learn how to take control of these feelings and help her experience them as a result
of being around you, then you will DRAMATICALLY improve your success with women. If
you want to see a great example of this principle at work, go rent the movie TOP GUN.
Watch how Tom Cruise handles the situations with Kelly McGillis… they’re PERFECT
examples of how to do what I’m teaching.
Here are two of my favorites:
1) They’ve just finished eating dinner, and they’re talking. She looks at him and says, « This is
going to be complicated », implying that she’s falling for him. What would most guys do if
they were getting a green light like this one? They’d probably make a pass at her and kiss her.
Not Tom. He looks at her, then gets up and says, « I’m going to take a shower. » At first, it
would seem that he was going to walk into HER shower and take it, but no… he walks out,
gets on his motorcycle and rides off.


2) In the elevator scene… Tom stops the elevator and leans in close to her. You can see that
she’s feeling shy and anxious… but does he kiss her? No. He leans back after that moment,
makes a cute remark and leaves. What’s going on here? The first time I saw these scenes
many years ago, I just thought that he was too shy to make a move.
Now I understand what’s going on here. He is VERY DELIBERATELY creating TENSION
and ANTICIPATION inside of her. He is, in effect, saying to her, « I know that I could make a
move right now, but I CHOOSE not. I’m going to keep you guessing… make no mistake about
it, I’M IN CONTROL OF MYSELF here. » By the way, when you watch these scenes, watch
his body language and facial expressions. Notice that he doesn’t smile too much, and he plays
the part perfectly. Watch and learn.
So how can you use this if you don’t happen to be one of the top movie stars of all time and
have a $40 million aircraft to enhance your image? Simple. Just notice when she likes
something that you’re doing, and then stop. Lean back. Tease a little bit.
If you’ve started holding her hand and you can tell that she likes it, STOP. Take your hand
away for a few minutes, then talk about something else. Just when she doesn’t know if you’re
going to do it again, take her hand again.
If you’ve started kissing, STOP. Lean back. Look at her with a « I know you want to kiss me »
look and give her a slight, sly smile. If you learn how to take two steps forward and one step
back, it will ACCELERATE your success with women.
Last but not least, I advise you to watch this movie for the cocky&funny lines that Tom
Cruise practises in this movie.
A lot of people criticizes Tom Cruise saying that he is short and has a big nose, but we have to
face the facts: He succeed in life and he slept with magnificent women (Penelope Cruz,
Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes…) Moreover, in the movie, he gang-bangs on his own a girl
older than him and far from being ugly (his instructor).
So, jealousy is useless, let’s be humble and let’s learn what we can learn from him.


Seduction and sport-that-makes-you-deaf,
I still can remember the erotic movies I recorded discreetly, on Sundays evenings, on the
video recorder of my parents. Since the coming of Internet, pornography is so accessible that
this industry was engaged in a real overbid to conquer a public greedier for strong sensations.
Some practices formerly considered as scandalous before were trivialized but it is especially
the excesses of masturbation that worry the sex therapists : it is one of the big plagues of the
modern sexuality.
Pornography (often abbreviated as « porn » or « porno » in informal usage) is the
« accommodating representation – with sexual character – of subjects, obscene details, in an
artistic, literary or film work ». The term becomes confused with its perception through the
prism of the pornographic movies of today : a representation of sexual acts having for only
purpose to sexually turn on the spectator. So, the actress Tiffany Hopkins defines it as « an
object of entertainment which aims at masturbation ». An immense industry of pornography
consumption appeared thanks to the use of video cassettes, DVD, and Internet. The amateur
pornography also became very popular and distributes free of charge via internet.
Most of the guys are happy that their sexual life amounts to watch porn on the Internet. They
are maybe not really excited, but they are satisfied. It justifies the fact that most of the men do
not make the effort to go out to meet women in order to fuck them. Picking up women is very
time-consuming and dangerous while masturbation is easy and without risk. Their sexual
satisfaction is not any more their concern. But they miss something all the same… This
connection with a woman. This feeling of being loved… affection! And you (fortunately)
cannot download some feminine affection on the Internet. To get some affection, you have to
learn how to get in touch with your animal side, your sexual side. If you really appreciate this
feminine energy, you would do better to learn how to become a sexual threat.
But the « wankers » version 2.0 show a loss of appetite for real sex, insomnias, losses of
motivation, irritability, depression. Masturbation is thus a kind of drug. Then yes it is
something common (especially for young people), just like alcoholism, but it is not deprived
of any risk.


When the brain does not produce enough dopamine because of an excessive practice of this
sport that does not make people become deaf, we thus observe anxiety, a reduced sexual
drive, apathy… Furthermore, the excessive ejaculation acts as a brake in your enthusiasm:
body regulates otherwise you would never stop to eat, drink or sleep… and would die. Nature
being well made, when we do it too much, we lose the relaxing effects of sex and we find
ourselves with a kind of hangover.
Dopamine is nevertheless an essential element of human well-being, it plays a role in the
circuit of the reward, by encouraging:
– The risk-taking;
– The motivation;
– The concentration;
– The gaiety;
– The pleasure;
– The anticipation.
Stopping (and not just decreasing) sometimes would allow to observe if yes or not you are
addict. If withdrawal symptoms appeared, it would reveal the gravity of the problem and
should encourage you to stop it for good.
That was the theory, now: practice. The only rational way of getting out of the habit of
masturbation and of having quick results: it is fast seduction. As soon as you will understand
that it is possible to seduce a woman quickly and to sleep with her that same night/day,
masturbation will not be any more your only option to satisfy yourself immediately. You will
be excited at the idea of going out to meet women because you will know that it is possible to
get your pleasure quickly. Every day of the week, day and night.
Profits will be worth it : when they stop, subjects feel more energetic, sociable, joyful : it will
strongly contribute to boost your REAL sexual life. It is all the same better than a VIRTUAL
sexual life! Brain will relaunch little by little its normal production of dopamine but it will be
necessary to wait longer to get rid of the habit itself. If it can make you feel better, there will
be no effect on your production of testosterone. Slow down (not you girls :p) !
Physical masturbation, just like intellectual masturbation, thus leads straight ahead to
inactivity with the women. Fucking vicious circle!


What is a HB10 ?
According to Mystery, a girl :
– 6/10 = fuckable ;
– 7/10 = cute ;
– 8/10 = beautiful ;
– 9/10 = handsome ;
– 10/10 = perfect.
I don’t really like this rating system because it is more a statistical exercise than the
expression of a personal taste. Seduction being a subjective science, it’s a problem. I develop.
From a purely « artistic » point of view, there should be 1 girl on 200 who deserves her
mention 10/10 (skin, eyes, lips, eyebrows, beautiful face, tall, thin, with proportioned forms).
Most of the time, they are moreover very young. Why is it a problem in the daily life ?
When I go out, just like every realistic human being I suppose, I am interested in the kind of
girl that excites ME… or at least who charms me. Sarah Jessica Parker for example, has a big
nose, but I don’t really know why: I find it cute on her. I find her sexy while others would
certainly next her without noticing her or even would find her downright ugly. The personal
history enormously comes into play in the sexual tastes (just like in the gustative tastes).
What is necessary to understand, it is that the girls in the magazines (that our society set up us
as models) corresponds to an average of the individual preferences. The famous statistics. A
kind of compromise with the personal stories of everybody. Roughly, if more people find Bar
Refaeli more beautiful than my neighbor of landing (who is beautiful too): it doesn’t mean
that she is intrinsically more attractive than her. Especially that these images that society set
up to us in model are photoshoped : the models in magazines themselves do not look like their
own image. Then YES, I love girls with a perfect body&face. But it’s not a end in itself, and I
shall not be less demanding with a 10 than with a 7.


« The bottle does not matter as much as the drunkenness » some would say… I don’t really
agree, and I hate the girls who behave like if men owed them everything because they have a
vagina and a little bit of charm. Especially that most should learn modesty… because being a
mindless idiot spoils everything.
Conclusion : beauty does not place above the rest of Humanity – hotties do number two like
us. Furthermore, a model but who is a girl with problems should scare you off. That is not
worth complicating things. On the other hand, it is sure that a girl at ease with herself,
magnificent, intelligent, etc. it’s always better ;)
Well. On the other hand, a girl you find top : it does not mean that she is inaccessible. She can
even find some you charm if you remind her her grandfather she loves so much for example.
Lesson of life: always try your luck. No regrets. Furthermore, we are attracted by what looks
like us, thus chances are she is attracted by you too. And finally, more she is desired, more
guys don’t dare to try their luck, thus more you will stand out when doing it (and will score
The number after HB should thus serve to quantify the desire we feel for the target in term of
physical appearance… and not being significant of the « imagined » difficulty of the Game.
Every girl is different and an ugly one is not necessarily easier to pick up than a cute one.
Even rarely. Roughly, I remember some girls I banged at the beginning of my career who
were 8 to me and now I would give them no more than a 6 with hindsight. Nevertheless, when
I picked them up, they excited me like a 8, it was thus a game for HB8… for a guy full of
illusions but it is necessary to start somewhere then I do not want to kill your joy. She is a
HB8 if she attracts me like a 8/10 not if I think that she would attract all other guys. Let’s try
to pick up the girls we like, not those we are supposed to like because of the social pressure
(or because of the fact that they were preset by other guys). We would be happier even if she
does not seduce a lot of people. It is a world map that can make you happier (attention I am
not advising you to fuck a ugly girl and to convince yourself that she is beautiful but to be
happy with a cute girl even if she is not « perfect »). Period.


Last thing, seduction is a joke. You can be rejected by a 4 and go back home with a 8 just
after. « Taste and colours are not always the same… » I talk a lot about this dark side of
seduction in The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations. Ah yes, and do not listen to the
guys who are going to give a bad note to your conquest because she did not choose them. Nor
to the guys who give an extravagantly good note just because the girl chose them. These two
attitudes are commonplace. Listen to yourself…
HB = hot babe


The more beautiful she is,
the more it will be difficult to put her in my bed ?
Is a 9 / 10 more difficult to seduce than a 7 ? That would make sense : like in a video game,
the difficulty increases with the level. It is absolutely not applicable in seduction. Video
games are not real life, real life in which psychology plays a role.7 and 8 are approached
often, and often by big suckers, by the way. It is then necessary to fight against the
competition and try to stand out at all costs.
7 and 8 get big-headed, exactly because they feel more powerful than the 10. Indeed, because
they less intimidate guys, they can fuck quality guys more easily. But, they realize at the
bottom of themselves that they are not THAT HOT (I’m mean when I write such a thing) then
they do not really respect those guys. A little bit like if they had the impression that they came
towards them by ease.
When the girl embodies what turn us on in the magazines, it is easy to imagine a wild
competition with all other men of the city. Complexes and limiting faiths will appear and you
will be tempted to auto-refrain yourself from success. Weirdoes, perverts, shy persons… she
meets a lot of them. Including guys who are perfectly normal the rest of the time, but who
become a little stupid in front of her.
The average guy does not dare to approach a 9 or a 10… even less maintaining her eye
contact. Furthermore, the techniques of the Game are made to be applied to this kind of girls.
Beautiful women are thus more pleasant to try to pick up, but also easier to bang and in case
of failure it is less humiliating. Unfortunately, they are rare.
An important thing here : be convinced that, you too, you deserve to touch girls like that in
your life. It will help…
To conclude, seduction is not a competition nor a war against the other sex (it is not the
reason why Sun Tzu is quoted on the forums or in The Game). Considering women as
enemies is a mistake : it’s not surprising in such a case that guys develop some approach
anxiety (who would go gladly in the front line during a war?).


Moreover, when soldiers were sent to fight, they were supposed to drink some alcohol before,
and when I see guys getting drunk before finding the courage to try to pick up a girl, it
reminds me this fact. Such a state of mind would damage your capacity of empathy, your
nonverbal communication and your sensibility concerning the real needs of your darling. It is
so much easier to converse with someone when we adopt a cooperative mode… Last advice,
if you succeed in making out with the HB10 (I wish you to succeed) avoid falling into the trap
of jealousy. You would lose her…
In brief, I’m not saying that this reasoning is universally true. But it deserves that we think
about it during a few minutes. What do you think ?


Last night, it snowed on X-en-Provence
Last night, it snowed on Sex-en-Provence. Where I live, people stop everything as soon as it’s
snowing. But I don’t give a damn because it did not snow enough: I can’t even shoot Hafid
down with snowballs! Let’s be clear, I like this weather because it is original (and rare here)
but I don’t like sliding. Besides, it looks like some sperm that would have been forgotten too
long in the fridge. Especially that an awkwardly swallowed flake can in fact be a droppings of
pigeon. Think about it next time you’ll open your mouth to go into raptures in front of this
frozen water.
What makes me laugh too, it’s all the people who write on Facebook that it snowed on their
lost village because… It is a little bit funny all the same this craze for three flakes (not the
flakes with girls). Especially that one can find the same thing in his freezer.. I don’t like cold,
on the other hand, because it appreciably reduces the size of my penis and makes it become
blue like the one of Papa Smurf.
I went on Wikipedia to inquire on this phenomenon (seriousness girls if you want to see dicks,
go on Wiki, great photos there): « The size is often a social and even a psychological difficulty
for men who are below the average (13cm – 5 thumbs), in a manner which might sometimes
compromise their sexuality. On the other hand, if have a large-sized penis is psychologically
an advantageous, it is also a factor of difficulties for sexual relations. It can be the cause of
painful and difficult bedtimes with some partners, and almost makes sodomy impossible.
The size of the penis has often be object of fantasy. However, the contents of these fantasies
vary according to eras. Indeed, during the period of Antiquity, it was the small size of the
penis that was valued, while now it is rather the big size that is appreciated. For Greeks of
Antiquity, a virile man must be endowed with a small sex. Still today, in certain Amerindian
tribes, social status is dictated by the size of the male genital organ, only men with a short
phallus are able to occupy the highest places of the social order [they walk around happily
naked all the time]. »
Researchers explain that the size of the flaccid penis doesn’t help to predict the size of willy
in erection. On the other hand, they found out that more the index was short compared with
the ring finger, more the penis was big. (It’s not a legend).


« The record of the biggest penis of the world is Jonah Falcon. According to the magazine
Rolling Stone, this American native of New York would possess a penis of 9,5
thumbs (24,13 cm) when soft and 13,5 thumbs (34,29 cm) when hard. » Bigger than Rocco
(when we love, we do not measure)!
If, somewhere, some Schtroumpfettes made a snowman in my effigy… please, endow it with
an enormous carrot, then greedily eat it together!
PS = Make a payment on my Paypal account for more advice to live harmoniously with your


Going out alone or not, that is the question
The community of seduction develops in France, like almost everywhere in the world where
people have nothing else in mind than dressing well and having sex. If you can make the
difference between people who preach lousy advice and those who have a real knowledge to
communicate: you can take advantage of it. Indeed, you can easily find wingmen who are
going to help you to improve your Game : obviously, prefer motivated seducers instead of
your buddies who would quit Call Of for the first time of the year. But it does not have to be
the only factor… Even if they can teach you things, selfish wingmen tempt me to piss in their
There is however an alternative to wingmen: going out alone.
Going out alone is a major stage of your apprenticeship. Finally, it is an indicator of your true
level. If you are not able to approach without your buddies : It’s a sign of lack of selfconfidence. And it is not a good thing, of course !
Freedom of movement: alone, you are more opened, more reactive, more movable. It is also
necessary to learn how to evaluate your own energy level and to boost it if necessary. The
good side of the medal is you stop procrastinating … no choice, you’ve to go there. It also
avoids you missing women because your friends are not for the taste of the friends of your
target. One can actually be better alone than in bad company.
When you will cross the door of the bar, you will have to quickly socialize otherwise you will
be thought of as an autistic. And yeah, pouting at the bar like James or Chuck will not help
you to get laid : in real life, people go out to have a good time (and do some coke) not to
exchange confidential data.
When you go out alone, it is sign of an independent and nonconformist character. It
impresses, rightly, moreover. Do you imagine James going to the casino to kiss Eva Green
« A vodkatini, shaken not stirred… and two pastis for my not classy buddies but I had to go
out with them ».


When you go out alone, it’s better to go to a nice place where the music is good and loud…
and especially where people drink, dance and move : so, it will less be obvious that you are
alone. Be in movement (you will seem less needy) otherwise your level of energy risks to
decrease… and approach several groups without waiting even if the approach is fast (if you
have an Eye Contact or if it seems to you that they are talking about you to her friends… then
go without even thinking). If a girl touches you and that the movement seems to you lasting a
little longer than necessary, let’s go there too. Last advice, if you want to make her forget her
cockblock friend, approach her a little by the side so as to oblige her to turn to you.
Hot girls want cool guys, thus guys comfortable in any circumstances. Up to here, you maybe
closed physically to protect yourself emotionally. But this closed posture prevents you in a
sense from meeting new people. Stay open. And before analyzing the body language of other
people, work on yours. The more you will wait before interacting with people, the more you
will close yourself. It is a vicious circle and it will be harder and harder to go out of it as the
night moves forward. Morality: if you are not capable of approaching, at least, open
When you’re going out alone, you’re often asked the fateful question at one time or another
« where are your friends? » Then, is this case, it is necessary to answer something that puts
forward your independent character « I too much love going out to lose my Friday evening in
front of Loft Story with them ». Girls don’t want a lonely wolf nor one of these lost people
who will be glued on them all night long. Be funny, quick, and energetic: surf from group to
group and gather nectar. That will make your value rise. Go back then to the groups you had
the best interactions with.
A group that has adopted you :
– Offers you a drink ;
– Puts you in the confidences (why they laugh) ;
– Invites you to come with them when they go out to smoke (waaahh you’re lucky) ;
– Dance with you ;
– Suggests you taking pictures ;
– Invites you to come with them when they change bar…


Morality: going out alone is not a problem in itself and is often better than going out with
suckers but less cool than going out with some GOOD company. However, it increases your
chances to live unforeseen adventures. What do you think?


Social mask and Human value
Warning: I want to write a message of hope, for a change.
When I go out, I often hear guys just arrived in the bar saying « there is nothing to do here we
should leave » or « look at them, they’re all ugly », etc. One must be wary of hasty
generalizations (besides the fact that they are often only excuses because these guys are
scared to approach: their embarrassment and their internal contradiction between the desire of
making out and the fear of approaching are expressed like that). Hell yeah, A HB6 can finally
have more value than one 9. Hell no, by Toutatis, the sky didn’t fall over my head. I develop.
Goffman, American sociologist, wrote the following hypothesis « people try to show a
version of themselves that will be accepted by their immediate interlocutors». The social
relationships of the everyday life are thus biased. They are a permanent negotiation between a
« SOCIAL ME » (stable/codified) and a « I » (spontaneous/singular).
It is in this « I » that everybody has something to offer to the others, because the « SOCIAL
ME » is extremely conformist (responsible for social pressure). Everybody having his story, if
we activate the good levers, we can find some value in every human being (and even in every
It does not mean for all this that you should respect no social convention to be interesting. If
you want to surpass or to dispute them effectively, you have to know them and master them…
otherwise you would become an eccentric who criticizes everything to feel powerful but
proposes nothing better. By ease! I know a lot of people like that !
In brief, the world that surrounds us is a perpetual compromise between social rules on one
hand and authentic expression of our personality on the other one. It is thus necessary to learn
to see beyond the social mask of people, it is necessary to be able to make them comfortable,
to have access to their « I ». There is even a lot who need excuses, like « I’m drunk » to dare
to let their « I » expressing. To succeed durably in the Game, it is necessary to understand all


Some will fall on their ass (the others are already sit on a chair) but yeah, I dare to say it :
people, in society, wear masks. We do not always really talk to THEM.
Like in Parisian orgies at the theater, people are actors who make a point of embodying a role
(attitude, clothes, and decorations). They select also carefully their public according to their
mask (an individual can have several masks).
Example: an alcoholic teacher will not go to a bar where he could meet his pupils: he does not
want to mix his roles. On the other hand, at school, he wears a shirt, looks confident, uses
complicated Latin terms and put on his desk books that he had not really read in reality.
Because we speak about that, know that a simple suit or a uniform can be enough to establish
an illegitimate authority. Swindlers often do that, moreover. You should know that!
Fortunately, or unfortunately, certain barriers are about to break. I’m thinking in particular of
this President who says he is « normal ». What’s the point ? By definition we can hope that
our president is not an average guy. I also think of the clothing style cooler than before on the
workplace in most of the companies. Private character and professional character are thus less
and less different: for better or for worse?
To be noted, we all are more or less a character… if we always were our « deep and wild
self », it would be an huge mess out there! So when I read on blogs (officially serious and
well-thinking), that to seduce, it is enough to be « yourself », I am laughing out loud: you’ve
understood now that it strictly means nothing!
For those who know Eric Berne and his Transactional Analysis, I’m talking here about the
Free Child. This spontaneous, independent and original part of us… It is interesting to learn
how to reveal it to add some whim to your Game. To improve in this domain, it can be
interesting to practice automatic writing or theatrical improvisation…


Reconciling our « SOCIAL ME » and our « I » in a harmonious way is a delicate balance.
Too much of the first one and you would be really tight-ass, too much of the second and you
would be too eccentric. There is also the problem of jealous persons who do not dare to go out
of their comfort zone and who criticize those who try to improve. A lot of confidence is thus
needed to move forward in life. Courage !
A way to don’t get lost in an extreme would be to go over the concept of social value and to
discover the concept of human value. In a utopian world, self-fulfillment and concern of
Humanity would finally be reconciled.
Monsters have always existed and will always exist, it is a fact: but even them are necessary
for the world balance of power (some philosophies recognize it). We can also be a monster
without knowing it. Just by obeying orders or by turning a blind eye to certain behavior.
Between judge and executioner, the border is sometimes very thin. Edmund Burke moreover
wrote that « All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ».
Bad people benefit from the complicity of the sheeps who let people be manhandled by being
very satisfied because they are not the target. There are also those who do nothing. There are
finally those who dare to rebel. In brief, every human being has some value, has a utility, in
his way. Even if this utility is just to be workforce.
And then, we can be surprised, indeed you never can tell who will help you. Personally, I am
the altruistic kind, I have already helped people without reason just like that… And I noticed
that they did not really expect it. Thus I advise you to do not spit your poison at people just
because you underwent a contrariety during the day. That would be unfair ! Conversely, I was
betrayed numerous times by people who were important for me and for whom I had made
enormous efforts. I also had the bad role sometimes… The wheel turns!
Wonder about yourself, about the others, about your acts, about their acts, about the standard.
We will so maybe avoid the next Hitler. Sorry, but there will be no day off in your quest of a
better yourself. And if we want to make the world better, I know that it is sometimes
disheartening, but we are going to have to begin with improving ourselves.


Between what people are and what people appear, there is an abyss. Classifying a person in
the category of the « assholes », the « losers » or the « misfits » without knowing him/her can
really be an huge mistake (I nevertheless often hear that). What I write is not politically
correct stuff… but wisdom. We reject by ease sometimes.
If I declare that everyone has an intrinsic human value equal to mine. Then no more judgment
can affect me, I will be freed: I can indifferently hang out with the most powerful and the
most humble. It is an interesting concept, even if we talk about human value, it is necessary to
subtract other things (like being mean or stupid). But what I mean it’s that nobody is
fundamentally uninteresting for everybody in fact. So there is hope for all of us : we are so
numerous that everybody can match with people!
Let’s establish more authentic, warm and sincere relationships. Between two Free Children.
Let’s pay less attention to protection and let’s give way to intimacy. Everybody has his short
story to be told, his stone to be added to the building of our lives! Maybe it will help one
day… The most beautiful meetings can be the most unexpected, on the Internet thanks to a
poke or even in the street. Let’s be open-minded! We will this way more often cross the stage
of the « nice guy » (social mask often).
You can have a crush on the charm on this girl after speaking to her while you would not even
have noticed her if you had not forced to grant an equal importance to everybody (because she
was not in make-up/high heels mode today). Watch out, I am not suggesting you to have sex
with an ugly girl to see at the bottom of her vagina if you would not find her internal beauty…
I have already said it in another article but intellectual masturbation prevents you from
meeting new girls. Besides, your mind is probably conditioned to create a negative image of
people even before approaching them. We are quite negative in France, while to be happy, it
would be necessary on the contrary to make the effort to be positive.
Roughly, you cannot predict the character of a person in the twinkling of an eye. Then I agree
that there is a lot of idiots out there, but at least be sure before classifying people in such a
category otherwise you will finish alone & embittered. Also, before criticizing, look where
you are, you, in your life there.


Some criticize people who smoke, drink, take drugs, play no sport, go out or not in clubs, read
magazines celebrity or I don’t know what else… Fuck, we don’t care ! Everybody lives
his/her life and life is sometimes some shit then one needs « things » to move on. Let’s help
and love each other, it will maybe be easier for everybody rather than always criticizing and
telling lousy gossip.
This reflex of always criticizing and speaking ill to feel better (or for living by proxy) is
something rather common, in my family like in my social circle but that puts me ill-at-ease.
Why not accepting (or nexting) people as they are and be done with it? If they want to
improve : good for them, otherwise it doesn’t matter, but it does not belong to you to decide
on it for them.
Go out of the herd (and I even speak here about the herd of the amateur eccentrics of plot
theories)… Stop taking everybody for idiots. You would become crazy. The world is not that
ugly. Learn how to see farther than the end of your nose. If you never doubt anything, then
you must be really stupid (but at least I hope that it makes you happy: I would like to have
this luck).
All those words to say, when you go out, approach (especially if you went out on that
purpose)! Be coherent! Be sincere with yourself !


Jealousy : a good or a bad thing ?
Jealousy is a powerful emotion that crashes our most unhealthy open relations and establishes
a conflicting climate convenient to headaches. Well, let’s get serious: do not err on the side of
excess of certainty about jealousy and read this article if you want to better understand this
phenomenon …
Jealousy, what is it ? Why does it exist ?
The jealousy can be summarized in thoughts and negative feelings of insecurity, fear and
anxiety concerning an anticipated loss. It is a childish emotion, we can feel it since we’re 6
months old. Jealousy is a mixture of feelings as anger, sadness, frustration and disgust. This
jealousy can be caused by already lived experiences, thoughts, perceptions, memories, but
also by the imagination or by the fact of raising questions. The jealousy must not be confused
with the desire (envy).
The shape of jealousy that interests us on this blog is the emotion connected to reproduction:
the one that assures the sustainability and the stability of unions, but also protection and
subsistence to children. A « reasonable » jealousy (that’s the thing : you should not too
much piss off the other one with that) can be thus considered as the cement of a couple*…
* Let’s study now the results of a study led by Eugene Mathes from the University of Illinois.
A questionnaire was distributed to lovers and, seven years later, those same couples agreed to
answer other questions. The 25 % having decided to live together/to get married are the ones
whose initial score of jealousy was high. The 75 % having broken up meanwhile had initially
reported a lower score of jealousy.
Know that jealousy is universal: studies showed that it expresses all around the world (well
except maybe in partner-swapping clubs) with the same intensity (but not always for the same
reasons). Then, where is situated the healthy and acceptable border? What’s to be done when
it becomes a poison?


The fatal consequences of jealousy
Most of the guys have difficulty in being faithful but are jealous all the same… For proof, 68
% of the American students of first cycle have already cheated on their friend by kissing
another one, 49 % by fucking another one (Wiederman, Hurd, 1999). Let’s specify for
information that the girls are not exempt from jealousy nor always faithful either (blowing is
cheating?) The authors were also bewildered by the proportion of people who do not even
image the existence of an alternative to monogamy. Finally, concerning young students in
couple, 1/3 admit that jealousy is a problem. Whether it is: suffering from the jealousy of
somebody else or being jealous.
Overcoming jealousy
« You suffocate me, you are too jealous, I’m leaving you / If you do not show yourself
jealous, it is because you do not love me, I’m leaving you ». True story. It is a little a dead end
thus, this story of jealousy. But we can wonder: what is the really « natural » part, the cultural
part and the strategic part of jealousy?
A Hungarian can tolerate to see his partner flirting with another one whereas a Yugoslav just
can’t. Paradoxically, the latter will grant less importance for some extramarital kisses while
the Hungarian will see an unforgivable insult there (Buunk, Hupka, 1987). Similar facts thus
provoke different reactions depending on the countries: jealousy is thus more cultural than
biological. Don’t be sheeps: think for yourself. What is your real opinion on jealousy?
By the way, I have a question. If your girlfriend cheated you, who would you blame? The guy
who did nothing else than following his instinct or your girlfriend who knew perfectly what
she was doing? Your answer will say a lot about you : your level of confidence and your
objectivity. If you decide to smash the face to the other guy, I pity you because it is unfair
(unless the other one knew that she was your girlfriend and wanted to hurt you personally)…
Best is thus to stay away from the girls of others and to don’t share them too much with your
buddies (jealousy can also damage friendship).


Swingers, libertines, etc. knew how to overcome the stage of jealousy. Without falling in
these excesses, as for myself, I like very much the open relationships. At least, at the
beginning. Indeed, some people know each other for 10 days, kissed each other 3 times and
are jealous as if their life depended on it. It is here that there is a problem. I wonder where
does this need that one the 16-year-old young teenager has to be « in a relationship » at all
costs comes from. Certainly a need for validation, they too much saw it in TV shows, or need
to be reassured, or they don’t want to get tired then content themselves with easy sex (when
they do it). But it is another debate (it certainly has something to do+- with the vision of
happiness the society inculcates). I always advise to begin by hanging out together at least 3
months, by flirting of course, before declaring yourself in couple. I think that anybody
normally constituted then feels jealousy when he/she cares for somebody (even if exceptions
probably exist like for everything). It is thus understandable in the case of true love. But in
this case, it is not necessary even if it may be cute. From a point of view more down-to-earth,
it is understandable if we invested a lot in the other one (money or time or IDK what else).
The loving jealousy cannot be born if the partners have a relationship based on trust (but this
notion remains subjective depending on the jealous individuals, according to previous
traumas, etc.). Jealousy is all the more important as the jealous person has the feeling that
his/her psychological balance rests on the fact of being with the wished person : Jealousy is
thus a problem of attachment proper to the jealous person who needs to be reassured, or even
the feeling can be, rightly or wrongly, based on the imagination. It should be noted that the
jealous individual generally repeats the same patterns with all the partners. The jealous
individual can then be mousy in the couple: he tries to possess his/her partner at all costs and,
to avoid losing him/her, rarely puts itself in opposition by accepting compromises. But this
behavior can then strengthen the feeling of insecurity in particular when the partner keeps a
freedom outside of the couple, the jealous person not becoming any more the unique
beneficiary of a partner. The jealous individual feels freed from his jealousy only when he
spends time with his/her only partner, what eventually compromises the freedom of the
partner, who can feel frustration meanwhile.


Some people say that jealousy is related to the notion of self-confidence. The less you are
self-confident and the more you are easily jealous, because you think that your girl can leave
with the other one (that anyone can be better than you). If you want to play the role of the
alpha male, then silence your jealousy when it is disproportionate. Attention thus to don’t
annoy your partner with that if you are in an open-relationship. In this case, make her rather
addicted to you by fucking her a lot and well (her rate of ocytocin will rise and she will like
very much you all the more)
The complacency about the maintain of this feeling of jealousy comes from the fact that the
existence of the obstacle (the rival) strengthen the value of the object of the rivalry. Jealousy
can be a strategy so that a target realizes that she likes you. But it is an operation to be made
with precaution: to make a girl feel healthily jealous, it must be suggested and not ostentatious
(do not kiss girls in front of her at the risk of blocking her).
Jealousy, source of power
It is about a triangular relation like Foucault described, it brings in the jealous person, the
partner and a third:
– When we « make » someone jealous it is that we committed a fault. We are thus responsible
for repairing the insult. This is why some people oblige their partners to don’t see any more
their friends, or to show them their text messages, etc. Would you hire a detective to
investigate into the past of your best friend? It would be weird… Well, in a mono-normative
society and within the framework of a love relation, this behavior is tolerated. THE
– MECHANISM OF RESISTANCE: we can invert the relation of power by accusing the
jealous person of being excessive, extreme, unreasonable. We so fuck his/her arguments. To
be won : more freedom. For a good or a bad use.
necessarily committing any « fault » but just by sowing seeds « to see ». Preventive
Resistance. Who said that attack is the best form of defense? It is a little pervert all the same.


According to Eric Berne, jealousy combines the conditions so that both partners are engaged
in small psychological games that always hurt at least one of the participants. He considers
them as toxins because damage the ambient well-being. True, sincere, authentic and
spontaneous contacts that the author calls « Intimacy » would obviously be preferable.
However, this intimacy as awesome as it can be, is perceived as difficult to create and
dangerous because put people in front-line without calculation nor protection there. It is the
big problem for people who « do not want » to fall in love: the emotional vulnerability can
cause big damages, especially in case of disappointment, like depressions.
The jealousy occurs within the framework of a triangular relation (what differentiates it from
desire or envy), when somebody considers that the second individual behaves for a third in a
way that threatens according to him the relation of the couple and more particularly his or her
place in the couple. The jealous person conceives from it resentment, reproaches, doubts, that
he sends to the face of the two others, with generally a focus on the second person. The
essence of the jealous behavior does not lie in this concern, sometimes imaginary, for the
couple, nor in the fact of acting, but in the excessive emotional intensity that accompanies it
and that compromises the success of this action. The consequences can damage the balance
and the communication in the couple, jealous persons sometimes expressing their ownership
in a permanent, excessive, exclusive or recurring way that often represents a sick jealousy. So,
jealousy is a shape of possessive paranoia. It is sometimes linked to violent behavior: jealousy
is evoked in more than 50 % of the cases of domestic violence. It is also at the origin of
diverse abuse: insults, harassments… without talking about crimes of passion. All this
sometimes coming from people who seemed totally « normal » and « well-adjusted ».
Roughly, this part of us is frightening… then let’s end on a positive note: some sex therapists
explain that jealousy, in a reasonable dimension, can have a positive impact on the sexual
function and the satisfaction. Studies demonstrate that jealousy can increase the passion of the
two partners as well as their sexual pleasure.


Not enough success VS too much success
This article will maybe seem paradoxical to you because the blogs of seduction usually teach
how to be successful with women. And that’s it. But Diary is different : here we talk about
gender relations as a whole.
Let’s say that there are two opposite: the guy who has NO success with the gentle sex (the
naïve and full of illusions beginner), and the one who has TOO MUCH success. It is against
this extreme that I am going to warn you today.
Some time ago, to compensate for studies that did not fascinate me much, I started to sleep
with more than a reasonable amount of women. On average, more than 2 new women / a
month… performance having risen several times until reaching 4 or 5, if you want to know
everything. But that’s not a glorious thing (I’m not a kid). And it is what I am going to explain
now. The act in itself interests me but has never been an end in itself for me. Especially that I
had ventured into the study of the seduction above all by passion for psychology (and to
become expert in gender relations).
Too many people believe that my purpose is just to screw girls as a manic (and to boast). No,
my purpose is to reconcile both sexes. I still read too many bullshit like « the guys don’t
understand us, they take us for bags of meat » or « I am going to teach you how to seduce
girls, but not the cheap girls, not the girls you can fuck in 5 minutes in the bathroom of a
restaurant ». These people there are or too feminist or too misogynous in their statements to
glimpse the beginning of a reality (the truth is situated between these two faiths, beyond the
prejudices of each sex). The first ones wants to look pure and innocent to make guys feel
guilty (while I saw a lot of girls loving sex more than me), and the second did not understand
that sometimes even the good girls practice quick sex, that does not mean they are whores nor
easy nymphomaniacs, just that they found an alpha who turned them on enough and who
tempted them to live something out of the ordinary (those who criticize this kind of girls are
often guys who do not manage to make them do that, then they point them because they
grumble as bastards). It is good sometimes… And no, that does not make of us nests for STD
(I have no STD then you do not risk much if you protect yourself).


Some people fall into the seduction community to cover an emotional deficit, others to
compensate for a complex or because they think that they will be one day able to seduce ALL
the girls, etc. No matter what led you here, know that by working hard you will have results
but you will sometimes feel a little bit tired. The girls will follow one another in your bed but
it will not satisfy you. There is, indeed, a distinction to be operated between the need for
conquest, for sexual diversity (the desire for sex) and the peace with yourself, with women
(the need for affection – cf. my book The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations). I
What you desired so ardently (becoming a Casanova) will not make you happy. You will kiss,
will penetrate, will enjoy, all this yes (and it is already good, at least, better than most of
guys). Reaching happiness, no. You will never be able to seduce ANY girl (or even a 80 %
quota sorry), but it is not a reason live as a couple with any girl. You would eventually go off
the rails, be disgusted by the « couple » and return to hunting with a multiplied tenfold
appetite. And with a bad energy.
If you belong to the class of the seducers-collectors, maybe you should think of seducing
BETTER. Of seducing only special girls, even if it means missing girls who would have
satisfied you only for night but that you didn’t like much. On the other hand, if you slept with
less than 15 women in your life, do not use as excuse « most of the girls are not hot enough
for me/they do not excite me » to justify your inactivity. A naked woman excites a man (and
vice versa): it is the law of nature. If you recognized yourself, it is necessary to put aside your
pride, to move your ass to integrate notions of the Game and cut you teeth with HB6/7 to be
capable of daring when a HB8/9 will cross your way (brainless silly bitches do not count).
However, if your reasoning is the following one « at first I want to sleep with a lot of women,
and then I shall stay with the one who will have caught my attention », be wary too. To keep
some value with the opposed sex, you have to be a minimum demanding. Otherwise, you will
not be credible any more… a girl wants to know that when she sleeps with a guy it is because
he really likes her, not because it is a mentally ill person who fucks everything that can get


Certain animals (like goldfish) do not know the sensation of satisfaction. They can thus stuff
until they burst. It is not a manufacturing defect it is just that, in their natural environment,
this situation of abundance of food never occurs. It was thus convenient to equip them with an
appetite ceaselessly alert so that they miss no opportunity to make reservations.
A few years ago, I had read the atypical story of a guinea pig, it had managed the exploit to
escape from its enclosure and to penetrate into the one of the females. It coupled with around
thirty females and returned so exhausted by its expedition that it slept during two days in a
row, touching the death of fatigue. It stuck with me.
Let’s return to human beings. The situation of sexual abundance can occur when you master
the Game. But the skillful natural, the celebrity, the porn actor, the guy who masturbates on
Daredorm all day long are also outside the norm. It is a relatively modern phenomenon: the
liberation of morals, the condoms, the contraceptive pills, the increase of urban populations,
the advent of Internet and sex on television are so many factors that confront us with
circumstances for which our brain is not prepared. We are not programmed to live in this
environment. Like goldfish in front of food, our instinct urges us to take advantage of a
maximum of opportunities of mating. We can then be tempted to go too far, at the expense of
our own physical and mental health.
This is the way we manage to fuck girls not hot nor interesting because « that should not be
wasted! » It can become compulsive. Then it is true that any relatively cute girl can provoke
drives. She makes guys fantasize in the subway, in the street, in clubs, etc. Some people
masturbate certainly by thinking of her right now or in any case would like to fuck her. As a
result, if you have the opportunity to fuck her, it would be disrespecting them to miss the
opportunity. It is a point of view that is understandable… It was mine for a long time. It is
shocking but it is the purest expression of our primitive instinct. As for me, when I was
younger and even now to a lesser extent, I believed for a long time that I would not last long.
Then I had decided to burn out my life. To enjoy. Carpe diem. It is an antique philosophy but
that has the merit to be rational when you seriously think about it.


In a situation of profusion and thus of stimulation, we also feel peaks of dopamine that can
engender a phenomenon of habituation (we shall thus ceaselessly need stronger and more
frequent doses). You thus have to cross this stage at the risk of becoming sex-addict.
If Mick Jagger (knighted by Prince Charles, rich, famous, wanted by thousands of groupies)
does not manage to feel satisfied, how the common run of people would ?
This chronic non-satisfaction is understandable by the phenomenon of habituation about
which we spoke just now (gradual decrease of the intensity and the frequency of appearance
of a hormonal answer further to the repeated or prolonged exposure to the stimulus having
activated it). Those who listened in economy class will recognize Ricardo’s law of
diminishing returns (from a certain threshold, every additional unit produces a yield (here a
marginal satisfaction) lower than the previous one).
If you lived his life for one night, or if you won at the bingo tomorrow, then there yeah you
would enjoy like crazy (especially if you are poor and asexual at the moment). Indeed, the felt
satisfaction is a function of our past experiences. But if you lived in the wealthiness during
three years: you would quickly return to your initial level of felt happiness (even if you had
fucked 100 girls or bought one Porsche and a villa in Saint-Tropez in the meantime). Worse,
if you then found yourself unexpectedly without girl or without money, you would go crazy.
It can seem depressing but needs to see the good side of the process: if you became suddenly
blind in one eye, well, you would learn how to live with and would return sooner or later to a
correct level of well-being.
We have all certain capacities to be happy. Some have a temperament of naysayers: they
grumble even when the weather is beautiful. Others see the charm of rainy day. I believe that
it is the way you perceive little gifts, small enjoyments of the everyday life and not the focus
on your big problems that will make you more certainly happy than millions on your bank
account (even if I would like to have this money for the safety and the comfort which it


The art of being positive is taught by the everyday life: the excesses will lead you inevitably
to the existential suffering. Do not thus always try to go « higher, stronger, faster ». This
Olympic slogan would make you pass next to the essential things of life and would make you
a sick person.
If we come back to seduction now : integrate the other one into his/her complexity. The
search for happiness is easier with someone else. When I reread this sentence, I am a little
whinger then I am going to compensate. It is my errors, my excesses and my wanderings that
taught me the virtues of balance. I would even say that they are a part of it, to a lesser extent. I
have the head full of memories and almost no regret. I even regret nothing linked to the Game
because it did not impact negatively on my private life (I did not take delay in my studies, did
not cut off from my childhood friends, etc.). You should all the same put things in perspective
and stand back on your life. Seduction is not an end in itself, very rare are the ones who
manage to make it become their job (most of the time, not the best, moreover). Seduction does
not thus have to impact negatively on the other aspects of your life, in particular your
professional life.
Being a man implies some responsibilities (it is enough to see how finishes Ashton Kutcher in
Spread to understand that being able to seduce is not enough to be happy nor to succeed). And
not only mastering the art of cunnilingus.
Keep all the same in mind that excesses (too much or not enough) are fatal for the human
being. The problem is that everybody has his/her own definition of these terms. Even more
when it comes to sex. We really have no reliable marks… I’d like to finish this article on an
existential question: are we really made to be happy?


What is love ? Is it dangerous ?
The human being is a social animal: OK, we know it since Aristote. To feel good, a man thus
needs to be surrounded and to satisfy his need for affection. Moreover, more than the number
of people who compose the circle of acquaintances, it is the quality of the moral support that
really matters: Most of people prefer to have some friends or intimate members of the family
rather than numerous superficial relations. What leads me to a thorny question: do we fall in
love with a girl then we become intimate or do we become intimate then we fall in love or
finally do we fall in love and immediately become intimate? What is the healthiest
sequencing ? What precautions to take in order to don’t finish broken-hearted?
Romantic love begins with the passionate love. It is an involuntary subjective experience,
difficult to control and passing. It is characterized by obsessive thoughts and intense attention
carried to another individual that we idealize. This idealized image, produced by what we
sometimes call the « pink glasses » effect of love is often accompanied by an intense
possessiveness. A corollary, which was able to be measured, is that the men less notice the
attractive women when they are in love. All this comes along obviously with a state of big
euphoria. The new couples are really into their new relation, asserting that it is special. An
emotional dependence and a constant search for the emotional merger with the other one then
develops. A phenomenon that often leads to an obsessional way of thinking. A temporary
separation will generate the anxiety of the new young turtledoves. But adversity often tends to
strengthen the passionate love, by a mechanism qualified as « frustration-attraction ».
That was Love, the true one. Now, there is what I call false-love: between lost people, we can
stick excessively to another one like an oyster with its rock. That is to say we so much want to
be in couple, that we are persuaded that we are in love. Or then, we do not think we couldn’t
find as well as this person if we lost her/him, then we convince ourselves that it is passion
(except that if we hang out with a creepy girl it is a way to justify the phlegm we have to go
back on the field to pick up to find a person who really corresponds to us). So, these people
who get so excited for somebody whom they have just met make me laugh. That can be love
at first sight as they claim it, but the probability is low. How can you know? Standing back
and being honest with yourself.


Other example: a friend of mine was with a guy for 2 years. She adored him. She spoke all the
time about how much they were in love. They saw each other every day and regularly went on
a journey together. She was 27 years old and wanted to get married but was not infinitely
going to wait for him. Then she gave him a hardly disguised ultimatum. « Where is our
relation going? » She did not appreciate his answer and broke up that very day. She packed
her bag and disappeared. Less than three months later, she is again in couple with another
dude. They are already betrothed, and a baby is on his way. Women do not laugh with their
internal clock. They know that they have a limited duration. No matter if you are the coolest
man of the world. Who your girlfriend would choose: her internal clock or you? This is the
real question… So, is it really something we can call « love » ?
Some people see each other twice five minutes then they decide to put themselves in couple.
Good for them, but if they do not unstuck one from the other one from this moment, this
merger will lose them. That bewilders me these people who, when circumstances force them
to find themselves separated by dozens of kilometers, stay in permanent contact by Skype or
by texts that they send all day and night long.
Love is maybe an experience in which we are only the willing victims of a biochemical
cocktail more powerful than GHB and from which we can wake up with a fucking hangover. I
remember a buddy who was very sociable, very cool, went out all the time, etc. Then, one day
a girl suggested him getting in a relationship (or rather she gave an ultimatum to be in
agreement with her biological clock). Suddenly, he stopped going out with his friends and
spent all his weekends with this girl. He stopped coming to the fitness gym and got fat
because he preferred to stay 2 hours on the phone with his other half than having a physical
activity. One day, she found another guy with whom she repeated the same pattern: they
broke up, he found himself fat and isolated, with just his eyes to cry. He has lost everything
because his whole life depended on his darling (who eventually cheated on him and moreover
had already cheated on him with her ex even before their separation) – act liberator because
transgressive and leading to this break up).


YES your girlfriend can miss you, and NO it is not a bad thing. The attraction, the desire…
grows during absence. Think again about it when you will want to see a girl all the time or to
saturate her voice mailbox suffocating so little by little the fire of her passion. In a
relationship, each one should keep a wide part of autonomy. Without counting the fact that
two people rarely love each other the same way, or for the same reasons. Even if the same
type of neurosis can gather two hearts.
Neither of them, fuck : a couple merges only when makes love. The interest of the relation is
in the complicity, the friendship, the desire and the complementarities… Not in a falsedilution of two protagonists leading to a loss of their peculiarity, of their personality. My
partner, I will love her because she is Other than me. Because she will fascinate me by
qualities I do not have. Because we will complement each other. If what you like with your
girl, it is your reflection in her eyes, then you fell in unhealthy narcissism, wake up !
It is necessary to distinguish what Helen Fisher calls romantic love and two other big systems:
the sexual desire and the attachment. While the second (the desire) would allow the
individuals to introduce the behavior of seduction with several partners, romantic love would
motivate to concentrate on a single partner, so allowing to save up time and energy for the
benefit of possible children. This offspring, ultimate purpose of the sexual desire and romantic
love, is then going to benefit from the third system, the attachment which builds up itself
between the parents, to grow up in an environment stable and provided with the resources
necessary for its good development.


A drift of this system: the desire of sexual property in the Othello’s way which can lead to the
madness is a matter for the psychiatrist in my opinion. For Platon, the desire that dominates
all the others is the desire of immortality. Love would thus aim to be eternal (even if the rate
of divorce disagrees with it) and complete in the way of Sternberg. Indeed, the triangular
theory of love of Sternberg puts three different entities which can, alone or combined, explain
seven big types of affairs. These three entities are:
– Passion (the physical attraction and the sexual desire);
– Intimacy (the feeling of closeness and link created by the exchange of trusts)
– Commitment (the intention shared to build and to maintain a long-term relation with the
other one). Sternberg asserts that a given love relation can be described by one of the seven
following categories, outcome of the possible combinations between these three entities,
which intensity can vary.
7 forms of love according to Sternberg are :
– With only the intimacy, Sternberg evokes a loving shape close to the true friendship, or to
the relation doctor / patient.
– If there is only some commitment, he speaks about partnership or about love empty as in the
arranged marriages.
– Love with only passion is similar to desire, infatuated or romantic, in brief it is fast love at
first sight which can disappear so quickly as it appeared.
– Real romantic love would be the one formed by passion and by intimacy (but without
guarantee of commitment).
– Complicity or love of trade guilds is made by intimacy and by commitment, occurs often
with people in couples for several years when the passion eased.
– Admiring or stupid love would arise when there is passion and a commitment, but without
having developed a real intimacy, when the commitment is only motivated by passion.
– Love said « consummated » includes three basic components and would constitute the ideal
love relationship, difficult to obtain and even more to maintain.


According to Sternberg, every individual can be defined by two triangles, the one who
characterizes his present love relation, and the one of his ideal love relation. The most longlasting couples are obviously the ones with compatible triangles. He insists as well on the fact
that every triangle is the resultant of our premature influences and of our individual story, and
that consequently, it is never definitively fixed and that each of its components is inevitably
going to vary with time. A desirable evolution being for him the one in which the missing or
too few basic components are developed. OK, isn’t it too hard to follow? Otherwise read
again ;)
Every day, thousands of people make the promise to love each other until death separates
them. Almost nobody will keep promises. Let’s be wary of absolute « always », « never »… it
does not exist in the human scale: the couple will have children who will succeed to them but
it is a fucking mediocre comfort. To what extent would I be my son? 50 %? 25 %? 0 %? No,
we have no other choice than showing humility and accepting the end of everything down
here. Including ours.
The difficulty, I understand it: dopamine damages your critical brain, you juggle between the
spontaneity of your drives and the cold blood necessary for the harmonious progress of the
relation on the length-term. Then yeah, you are maybe in love, but do not bombard her with
messages, do not see her every day, especially at the beginning, because it would not be any
more with her that you would be in love … rather with the illusion than you built up to calm
your existential anxiety and your very justifiable fear of the abandonment, of the solitude, of
the end …
Roughly, if I would be happy to have found the woman of my life, I would also love her
because she will have had the intelligence to don’t want to fall in extremes described below:
– Not seeing each other every day;
– Not living together too soon;
– Adduce going outs and journeys without the other one;
It will frighten some but the couple bases itself on the recognition of two liberties. Without
freedom, no real love. Rather a duty which one or the other one will eventually want to


NB. The distance I’m talking about is not a stratagem to see if the person really loves you. On
the contrary, it is called « respect ».
We say that romantic passion is stronger than sexual desire for the simple and good reason
that rare are people who sink into depression or even commit suicide or kill someone if
somebody refuses to sleep with them. Unfortunately, this behavior occurs with weak people
rejected by a love relation. What the hell can give to this behavior a so important character?.
The answer would have a lot to do with another very powerful experience that human beings
can feel : dependence with certain psychoactive substances.
Because, in many respects, romantic love looks like dependence. It shares with it numerous
characteristics like obsession, mental focus, emotional fluctuations, and distortion of reality,
personality’s changes, risk-taking or loss of self-control. Crossing a whole country on a whim
for some kisses from the loved one can certainly make you smile but it is reminiscent of the
psychological dependence of a person in lack of drugs and ready for anything to get his dose.
Does your other half love you for YOU or for the drugs you make her SECRETE?
About our first question concerning the sequencing, here is my advice: it is very difficult to
keep a cool head with a girl who upsets your chemistry (the less we have options less are
confident and the more we are in lack of sex and the more it is difficult). You do not really see
neither her defects nor anything. Thus wait at least 3 months before putting yourself in couple
for good with a woman. So, every girl is in probationary period during at least twelve weeks.
After she proved by her behavior that she is up to it, you can consider to accept her offer to be
your girlfriend. No crazy woman nor any sex friend full of STD can so cross your sentimental
barriers and reach your heart (it would then be much more difficult to leave her.) During this
trial period, the women who do not suit to you are naturally mercilessly dismissed (and
without advance notice).
Be stronger than your hormones ! And do not confuse love with One-itis (false-love, sick
obsession…) ! But this is another topic.


Can we have a girlfriend without fucking her?
There are guys out there who date for years girls wishing to remain virgins.
When you stay during 3 years with a girl without fucking her, sorry but I find it weird. I have
never understood that a guy persists in this kind of relation (and no it is not because I am a
nasty maniac who thinks that there is nothing else than sex in the life). Moreover, according
to me, a chick can become your girlfriend only after having slept with you. And still, it is not
the only condition, but it is a sine qua none one. A probationary period from the moment you
start sleeping together is also necessary before declaring OFFICIALLY IN COUPLE (AND
GETTING TOO EXCITED FOR NOTHING): it is necessary to see how that is going to
evolve between you two. 12 weeks, it is reasonable.
In fact, I believe that everything takes place at the beginning when the girl announces that she
is virgin/she does not fuck « like that »: you have to reframe her! Like if sex was a battle the
man had to win over the woman… fucking urban legend! In reality, there are two winners:
making love is a wonderful act. We always know better the other one and ourselves after than
before (and washed it can be reused). Then, yeah, I laugh when a girl treats me smooth talker
and accuses me of JUST wanting to fuck her. As if I could win something and not her. The
thing is that when a guy fucks a chick, well, she fucks him too (some think of depreciating
when they unlock their legs but well it is especially in the head because a tight-ass virgin it is
not good either). We both enjoy, she has not less value after than before for me and I am very
discreet on my relations (in spite of appearances: I change details and the first names in my
stories)… Then what the fuck? On the contrary, these lousy principles are pain in the ass: if
there is never action, that is going to piss me off and I will find another one with whom I
would be on the same wavelength. Here is how she is going to miss her chance in a stupid
way! Seriously: if you work hard to find a girl you like, to create some complicity with her,
you are not going to leave her after 5 minutes of penetration. This is nonsense to make efforts
to make a relation work if it is to break up just after. On the contrary, it is pleasant to enjoy
the vibe then created by the intimacy. They are the best, these relations where the passion
expresses itself freely. Well, at least that’s what I think…


Scenario 1: you play it gentleman
You apologize for wanting to venture into her string. You start a real plea and promise that
you will not hasten things. You try to prove (to yourself) that you are a GOOD GUY.
« Ohlala I am so lucky, you are a so respectful and thoughtful guy.
– We will do it when you will feel ready. » In the meantime…
She goes on holiday and loses her virginity on the beach with a brainless but with big muscles
Scenario 2: you try to force it
You insist, you squeeze dry her. She starts welling up with tears and sulks, you sulk. Here you
are officially attributed the label of « jerk ». A kind of malaise is appearing between you, you
leave. And as to punish you …
She goes on holiday and loses her virginity on the beach with a brainless but with big muscles
Scenario 3: you are level-headed
You take the drama out of the situation. You give her more and more envy during 2 or 3 dates
without ever putting too much the pressure on her with that (she already certainly does it
herself alone). If ever she raises the sensitive subject, you do not adopt virgin’s-attitude-whounderstands-nothing AKA « I am ready to wait during 6 months that you feel ready ». You
are rather confident, relaxed and seller of your body (not in the true sense of the word). The
temperature rises, the spontaneity is there, she IS ready, she wants you, but she is afraid (then
do not add stress – going out of her zone of comfort is rather difficult and even if often the
reward is worth it it’s very often easier and thus tempting to say « no »). In the bed, make so
that she enjoys. She will live an unforgettable moment full of impatience, excitement and
apprehension. She will remember you all her life long. When you will see again each other,
whether it is as couple or as improved friends (why always wanting to tidy up your relation in
a predefined compartment?), it will be every time better.
She will maybe go on holiday and will sleep maybe with this brainless dude but she will think
that you are a better lover than him and that she was lucky to meet you.


You are a man, she is a woman. There is thus sexual tension between you, it is natural and it
is what makes our world work. It is what explains that you will make love if you make none
of the errors which reduce this tension. Illustrations:
– In the scenario number 1, it is the fact that you agreed to be treated as an asexual little boy
who prevents you from making a success. If you do not want her, you will not fuck her. They
want men. A minimum of testosterone and ambition. QED.
– In the scenario number 2, it is the fact that you sulk which settles a malaise between you. A
woman needs to feel at ease to give way in the arms of a man. That can be understood : rare
are fucks with enemies (even if it can be fun). QED.
– For more examples of what can break (and often breaks) the sexual tension between two
human beings, you will find your answers in The inconvenient truth about gender relations.
On holidays on the beach, the princess feels less social pressure. And then, she doesn’t care
that this dude takes her for a « easy girl, a whore » because she won’t see him again. Then she
does what she really wants in fact. Certainly, you would have been both happier if she had
hold the same logic for you but needs to believe that everything must be always complicated
in life. Everybody would be happier if we less complicated things, if women learnt to have
fun without complex and guys to accept it without lousy judgments marked with
jealousy/frustration. Both protagonists are formated by the society, confined in stereotypical
roles, it is crazy. If there are two sexes and a so strong attraction between them, in your
opinion, why is it? So that we are damn bored or so that we enjoy together?
No sé, but I know the side I’ve chosen. Life is too short to be damn bored. And I am not
asexual (it is necessary to know that it exists even if it is rare).
What pisses me off the most it is that often women feel guilty of having sexual thoughts, as if
this fact made them dirty. Then they try to make so that the guys like me feel guilty of being
in contact with their instinct, their natural desires (even if we remain respectful, they are not
always respectful with us). Most of the guys thus adapt themselves and become docile
doggies but without balls totally sexually dependent on an army of susceptible hypocrites.
Bravo Ladies, you turn your men into very sexy alphas…


Fucking friendzone
The scenario of today is the following one: you like THIS girl you, you maintain more or
less cordial relations with her… but flirtless. Nevertheless, deep in your heart, you see
her as the ideal girlfriend, and all your thoughts are for her. You forbid for a long time
to reveal your interest to don’t risk to ruin THIS friendship you consider as « better
than nothing » or worst as « a passage obliged before dating her ». Then, one day, you
decide to admit her your love, to declare your flame, etc. It is the moment of truth:
double or quits. She wants or does not want. You do not really know what else to do to
find some peace of mind. Expressing your feeling relieves, certainly, but does not work
very often. This story is classic to a T, moreover, we almost all lived it someday.
Fuck. It is logical that it does not work. A little of common sense gad: I complete my
STATEMENT of taxes, I ADMIT that it is me who broke the vase of the lounge, I CONFESS
to the priest that I have already stolen doughnuts in a department store. But passion speaks
another language and refuses absolutely to be related to a guilty behavior (it is already too
In our crap cultures, we like confessing, whether it is in the church or at a shrink. Because we
cannot confess without a third party who is going to cut to punish or console, etc.. The one
with whom we confess thus has an enormous power over us and at the same time, we break
free of a weight, on one hand of a responsibility, of a secret. First step towards redemption.
Moreover, the more it is difficult to admit, the more confessions are sincere.
It is a little bit the same thing when we admit our impure desire to the person who wants only
cordial relationships or friendships. Although we say it, we always hope for a miracle in fact
« me too I love you. Let’s make love. » But it happens only very rarely:
1) Because somebody who does not feel at ease with his own desires and his sexuality to the
point to admit them as faults is not attractive.
2) Because the relation of judgment and the fact of putting the power in the hands of other one
is contrary to a fusional relation. Anything but attractive.


3) Because the girls want that a game is established, they want to be seduced before we
impose on them to answer by « yes » or « no » (I sometimes do it in clubs when I approach all
the cute girls in a raw by asking them if that would please them to kiss me but it is for fun and
I rarely sleep with them after). The confession is often a shout of the heart, an expression of
despair, a kind of ultimatum: we feel stuck, we don’t know what to do … It is not attractive.
The only bearable shout it is the one that a girl emits before coming ;)
Friendzone : In summary, it is the category in which the girls tidy up the men they consider as
good friends/confidants but they will never fuck. Sometimes it is even because they become
confidants that they do not anymore want to date them. Certainly, exceptions always exist, but
are not common. Then, you absolutely have to avoid falling in it because going out of it is
really very difficult and it is often maybe easier to start all over again with another one (but
often we are obsessed by this one thus we do not want and it is the beginning of the end of it
all). What shows obviously, moreover, that it is the women who have the power in seduction
it is that I know almost no girl in the friendzone whereas I know a lot of guys who are in it
and stay there.
If you enter the plan « suppressed wish/friendzone », start by accepting your feelings, your
NATURAL desire for the other sex. It is not a fault finding a friend sexy and there is nothing
shameful in the fact that she affects you in a certain way (it is even very normal). If you begin
to try to hide it or whatever, on the contrary, the relation will become unhealthy. Express
rather your attraction during a more playful, more serene, healthier, more pleasant dialogue…
I’m talking about the FLIRTATION.
If you think that this article concerns you, then it is necessary to change your whole mindset.
Read The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations.
Welcome into the world of the Game.


Before I get into the main topic, we have to agree on the vocabulary. Two terms in particular:
– Average Frustrated Chump (AFC) : a man who wants to use the politically correct
stereotypes taught by the media to seduce a woman. And failing most of the time. He thus has
few women around him, or then with a lot women but who have friendzoned him, etc. (I’ve
been this guy).
– Pick Up Artist, usually abbreviated PUA is a term, coming from American English : used to
describe a man (not necessarily a handsome one) skillful to meet, attract and seduce women.
He knows how to have women when he wants, he is not necessarily a sex maniac, a sexaddict, a misogynist nor a narcissistic pervert.
When we discover the Game and when we begin to have results, the most frequent/serious 2
errors are:
– being in couple with the first chick we met (statistically there are few chances that she suits
you well) and deny all that you have learnt by becoming again stupid as one pleases, etc. ;
– being full of resentment to the women, trying to take revenge on all those who did not want
of you in the past, picking up as a kind of crusade by refraining yourself from any feeling, etc.
It is not healthy.
We are going to be clear on one thing: it is not the methods which have to seduce the girls, it
is you. Being a PUA is a question of state of mind… The techniques like the routine of the
questions or the compliance test can help… But what is essential it is that it is necessary to
acquire social and sexual freedom: thus, a good state of mind and understanding how to put
things in perspective!


I develop. A PUA and an AFC will not have the same faiths, will not interpret the reality in
the same way. And it is obviously the one who interprets the reality in the most constructive
way for him who will go the farthest. The PUA, him, will of course trendy to go out more of
his comfort zone! Let’s take the example of a girl who accepts the invitation of a guy to come
to his place. The AFC will tend to raise 36 000 questions, to wonder what he would have to
do or say to sleep with her, etc. This malaise can be felt by the girl and the capital attraction of
the AFC will suffer from it. The PUA will take more initiatives, will be more a player,
because he will know why the girl came in fact. Even if often the social pressure prevents him
from saying it. This thoughtlessness, this nonchalance, this implicit confidence… all this will
make him only more charming, more open-minded, more comprehensive, and he will thus
have more success.
The AFC who offers flowers and pays the restaurant can have results (fortune favours fools,
as it is said, but that does not seem to be true with women then let’s speak rather about the
beginner’s luck here). The player who follows carefully a plan will also have results. But the
tools of seduction serve only to highlight the best in you (empathy, fineness, intelligence) and
in freeing this personality, this energy that slumbers to attract the one or several woman(en) of
your life like a magnet. Having a narrow and mechanical vision of Game will lead to the
failure, I can certify it to you.
Thus needs to reach beyond the stage of the mechanical memorization, do not become a robot
to fuck 3 chicks, selling your soul to the devil like that is not worth it. And it is not being a
PUA. Yeah, you can embody a character at the beginning to get acquainted with the methods,
to see what works and what does not work for you, to get free from certain blockings but
quickly become again yourself (a better yourself) even if it means giving up on certain
categories of girls. You will just take more satisfaction on the long-term.
I am no guru but I think hard as rock that personal fulfillment is the purpose of the existence:
needs to keep the cape above. You won’t find it into the woman of your life as considers it the
AFC nor in a list of conquests very supplied as believes it the obsessional player. It is two
opposed philosophies of life that can bring you a certain dose of pleasure but happiness is in
theory IN YOURSELF (don’t we say that money can’t buy happiness?). A critical perspective
on the various methods and a widened culture of the gender relations can help you to
sublimate your love life thanks to greater maturity and lucidity. At least it is what I think.


Even if becoming lucid, it is not necessarily being happy because we open eyes on things we
would have preferred not to see.
A personal work will be necessary for the success of this project and few will be the ones who
will go ’till the end of the journey. Reading, understanding, practicing, internalizing and
personalizing the advice are keys: no author holds the inherent knowledge (not even me). The
magic will not in one night operate and taking the necessary stand back before finding the
happy medium and letting express your personal touch which will allow you to bloom in this
world that became all the same a fucking mess will take time.
When you will be ready, you will be able to be happy with a good girl and to manage the ups
and downs of your relation… If it is not your purpose at the moment, that will probably
become it (even me I eventually found a girl who tempted me of believing in love again). You
will also have the moral strength and the courage to break up if your relation becomes toxic.
When you will be ready, you will also be able to be honest with yourself: you totally can
decide to live as an eternal single nectar-gathering. Even if for it, after a certain age, it will be
necessary for you to take some viagra. In brief, in any case, your power of seduction will
exponentially have increased. And that’s not nothing!
Eventually, I think that one can be a PUA even by being in couple or by not picking up every
day. It is a question of state of mind, of vision of life/women, and of past experience. Just like
we can be a sucker and a submitted guy during a whole life. Let’s meditate on that together.


You have to defuse the not sex bombs
Who says girl with her friends, says complicated pick up, especially in the clubs/bars. I
exclude here voluntarily the case of the good friend of good will and of the open-minded
HB11 who wants to make a threesome with her best friend and you. I want to talk today about
cockblocks who are ugly and obstacles who are a pain in the ass because they are jealous.
HB11/10 : A so beautiful girl that we never planned to meet one like her one day.
War Pig : A very ugly girl. I am not a fan of this term.
Obstacles: the friends that a beautiful girl brings with her in the club/bar. Her purpose by
bringing them is among others to filter the boys who approach her. Sometimes these obstacles
are jealous because would want to fuck the girl but do not dare or are in the friendzone then
they are a pain in the ass.
Cockblock : Literally, the one that block your cock – friend of the target, her job is to take
away every intruder or to help the extraction of the target. Example: when a girl is bored with
a boy who does not stop talking too much, she is going to try to establish an eye contact with
her friends. They are then going to come to extract her, by saying that they need their friend.
So far, it’s all good. But some girls can also intervene because they are bored: no boy came
talking to them then they prevent their friend from having fuck or simply because they are
First of all, even if you have a preference in a group: it is absolutely necessary to make a good
impression on the friends of your target (being a flattering and entertaining presence)
otherwise « Mélanie, are you coming, we go to another party » (or variant that castrates you).
In the ideal, your wingman can try to pick up the friend of your target.
Target : According to the theories of the Game, it is important to choose a person when we
approach a group. In the practice, it is not necessarily true…
Even if you’re interested in ONE SINGLE GIRL IN THE GROUP, it is important that they
ALL feel quite involved. Even a minimum. However, your target must know that you prefer
her: thus maintain the eye contact a little longer, etc. It must be subtle to don’t create jealousy
nor offend the ego of her friends.


Still, if the ugly one feels, wrongly, if she has a ticket with you: because it is rare, her friend
could eject herself charitably. Thus keep a kind of safe distance, like on the road.
The ugly friend (translate: frustrated) is often the one who will fuck up everything. It’s no
legend. Every time she goes out with Mélanie HB11, Yvonne HB2 feels alone and lonely like
an idiot while her buddy is approached. She thus develops a whole arsenal to push away the
pretenders of her friend. Often maliciously « PLZ, don’t you see that we are talking ?
– Shut up, the truth is that you are ugly and fat, if in addition you behave as a silly bitch, it’s
not surprising that you are badly kissed. Don’t try to fool me, I know that you did not go out
to dance nor to have drinks but well and truly to be approached… And miracle, tonight, the
offer meets the request. Yeah yeah, even you, you would want you to have sex in fact, I know
it well, then one advice : try to be nice! ;) »
Certainly attractive answer but if the situation came to become inflamed you would lose your
target: she will 99 % take the side of her friend rather than the one of an unknown. It’s
logical! That’s why I advise you to defuse upstream this (not-)sex bomb: That will avoid that
she explodes in your face during a numclose or worse … during a kissclose. Not doing it is a
stupid error which can waste wonderful approaches.
Phone-close or num-close or n-close : Obtaining of a phone number. Not a fake one
Kiss-close or k-close : Obtaining of a kiss. I do not like too much this terminology because
that implies that we win something when the girl kisses us. While, on one hand it is a pleasure
for both of us and on the other hand, the work is far from being finished after a simple kiss.
In practice, it is much more frequently the not-beautiful chicks that piss me off. I have much
fewer problems with the cute friends than with the ugly friends on the field. Having said that,
I remember some unfuckables who have helped me to catch their friend. Thus, let’s not
accuse them as long as they were not obnoxious but let’s be wary.
The enemy can also be the social pressure exercised by her tight-ass friend: the interest of the
isolation is to release her from it. Except that she risks not to let her friend leave with a big
jerk. That’s the thing!


A future shrink expresses her opinion
on the Game and PUA
This article was written by Virginie.
Hello, or good evening, you choose,
Just to change a little, today it is a girl who will speak to you about the Game and the PUA. I
allow myself to do it because it has been now more than year and nine months since I know
this « world » and I sometimes have the impression that I know more about it than certain
fake-players… All right, I do not think I can give you routines or diverse techniques to
approach. Except that this is not my purpose. Mine, it is to deliver you my point of view and
to talk about certain preconceived ideas. I hope that this testimony will incite you to persevere
– or to introduce yourself – in the Game. I suspect that « politically correct people » will not
necessarily appreciate what follows but, as says Erica Jong (American writer), « if you don’t
risk anything you risk even more! » thus I am going to open my mouth. Then, to tell the truth,
I am indifferent that people approve or not what I am going to write. Because I am a little bit
kind all the same, I am going to try to be brief (but do not believe in it too much).
Let’s begin with the beginning (and it is already a good start): until last year I did not feel
good when I was in couple. What, needs to admit it, is frankly bundle. OK, I didn’t have 36
000 relations before, nevertheless every time I put an end to it because I felt locked – and
nevertheless they were far from being jealous nor sticky.
Then, the summer 2013, I discovered the world of the PUA thanks to the blog of your very
dear Cyprineman. And, contrary to what can say some girls or some boys, I did not absolutely
feel neither raped by their inhumanity nor soiled nor anything else. On the contrary, I find it
good that guys decide to take in hand their life to improve and take advantage completely of
the short passage that we make on Earth. Because it is exactly about it that we talk when it
comes to the PUA. Then, yes, they approach more girls than most of the average guys
(without being neither weird nor impolite) and thus fuck more. But everything is a question of
statistics. In what is it bad? I want to say, they don’t force the girl.


They are neither narcissistic perverts (moreover I advise you to look for what is really a
narcissistic pervert because this has nothing to do with what I have read on diverse forums,
and it is a future shrink who speaks to you, thus I know a minimum this subject), nor
psychopaths (no but how can some people make such a mixture?!). Then if some people are
crazy, it is not a consequence of the « status » of PUA. I could explain you perversion as one
of the three forms of structure of the psyche with the psychosis and the neurosis and what are
the ins and outs or the particular stuff that characterizes the psychopaths, but I said that I
would try to be brief thus I leave you the care of making yourself these researches – if
however you agree to question. In brief. What I wanted to say it is that narcissistic perverts : it
existed before the PUA and they will always exist, that’s the way it is. The same goes for the
To return to the fact there that they fuck more, I just want to say: as long as they protect
themselves, everything goes well. It is maybe stupid what I am going to say but love is
something that requires two people. Thus yes, his purpose is to enjoy a maximum (and
blaming somebody for that is just, in my opinion, a mixture of jealousy and frustration), but
don’t pretend to me that the girl just undergoes. Poor victim, it is frankly not nice to give her
orgasms, you should be ashamed! Pff, bullshit… Then there you will tell me that the PUA
manipulate, uses various verbal and non-verbal techniques of communication to get his own
way and so we can consider the girl as a victim. To what I would answer that, on one hand,
we are all manipulated in the everyday life (read « The sneaky influences » by Beauvois so
you come back on Earth a little). And that we also manipulate the others. Sometimes we do
not necessarily realize it. Let’s take a quite stupid example: a parent says to his child « I
would like you to tidy up your bedroom. You are not obliged, it’s up to you, but it would all
the same be a good thing… ». Well, there, there is manipulation inside. Thus the one who has
never used this kind of formulation can casts the first stone on me. Then, in what is it bad to
use techniques of communications? Thanks to them, the discussions are more fluid and more
pleasant. Then, all right, they allow establishing more or less artificially a comfortable climate
with the girl. But since when is it a problem to want that the person whom we address does
not see us as a threat? Then there is a brilliant guy that I respect enormously who had made of
these manipulations his job: Erickson (all those who want to continue in the Game should
read about it, at least the main lines).


To summarize, it is a psychologist who developed his own technique of hypnosis – or rather,
of auto-hypnosis – based on processes allowing to directly reach the unconscious. His patients
went out from it more alive than ever. Then so that’s it for you to be a swindler, I say fuck off.
I am willing to admit it, all the PUA do not necessarily make a great use of their « learning »,
but it’s just like everywhere. To make generalizations like crazy, it is dangerous and totally
stupid. The human being is too complex to be generalized. It is also for that reason that it is
necessary to be wary of people who promise you, thanks to an internship of 2-3 days, to
seduce any girl, including the HB10 (who are in fact easier to seduce than the others, but you
already know it and why). Do you know a miracle diet that allows to lose weight quickly,
without getting fat again and which requires only few efforts? Not me, in any case. Moreover,
in what is it useful to seduce « any girl »? Isn’t it better to manage to end up with a person
who corresponds to us a minimum? In any case, it is from this perspective that acts the PUA –
the real one. Besides, the internships are made by so-called coaches in seduction (no need to
make a lot of researches on the Internet to see that there is no corresponding diploma), not by
PUA. Let’s not mix everything, please ! Then, I am far from being an expert in seduction, but
there is no need to have gone out of Saint-Cyr(French military academy) to realize that the
coaches publish only videos of the moments when they succeeded – whether it is to get a
number, to kiss a girl, etc. Have you already seen an ad for a diet in which they showed us
people on whom it had not worked? No, nevertheless it happens often. Thus it is the same
thing for these coaches. They just show their success. Logic, they live on that. I do not say
that I am a fan of it, but I just find that understandable. And, once again, you should not make
generalizations: idiots and « kind persons » exist in every domains. As for myself, I saw a
video of Snipe – the one of his passage on France3 – and I find him realistic. Because he was
on TV, he maybe a little forced the line, to be sure « to buzz » – and apparently it worked,
no? Then, I know nothing about it, I am not in his head neither.
Another point mattering which I would like to develop it is the taking of step back towards the
methods very divided in X stages. I am not specially against the idea if you want to have a
« weft » to don’t feel lost during the interaction, but it is necessary to avoid falling in the
rigidity. As well you as the girl, you would feel ill at ease. As a result, you would not seduce,
what would frustrate you and you would not anymore be in good conditions to succeed.


Each of us is unique thus a method which works for one dude will not work necessarily for
another one. You have to take enough steps back to differentiate the good things and the shit
and to choose what corresponds to you.
I am anxious to make an analogy: becoming a PUA it is a little like becoming a dancer. When
we begin the dance we are incapable to make a jump, or a wide gap, or some other figure. But
due to repeating again and again, falling and getting up every time, gestures eventually
become more fluid, more precise, more harmonious. But it takes time. I practiced dance
during 10 years and I am far from being an exceptional dancer. Becoming a PUA, it is the
same thing, it takes time and involves necessarily ups and downs (not tights, eh, it would be
ridiculous). Well, here we are, I made my analogy, I am happy.
To finish, I know that the point of view I defend is rather surprising, especially for a girl. But
I am not one of those who dream about the prince charming on his beautiful white horse,
about the passionate relation in Roméo and Juliette and about romanticism with no end. And,
I am going to tell you a secret, it is more or less similar for ALL the girls. But schuuut, huh,
don’t spread this around ! I am even going to entrust you a second secret : I am in a
relationship with a PUA. Yes, yes, a couple – even me I have difficulty in believing in it. We
had started by having an open-relationship before wanting something more serious. I conceive
that this kind of relation is often badly seen – ah fucking social pressure – but, as for myself, I
think that it is the best way to avoid disappointments. I am anxious to specify that I am not an
ugly girl nor a nymphomaniac (moreover, to be nympho it is not just sleeping with a max of
people, it is a real psychological trouble that makes the person suffer a lot, there is a real illbeing) neither a whore nor I don’t know what else. I make a success of my studies, I have a
social life and I am almost never sick (and this has nothing to do with the rest) ! I just take
advantage of the short time that represents life by disregarding what will be said. What’s the
problem ?! Moreover, I have to admit you that I had never feel as good in couple as since I am
with this PUA (and it is not just because sexually it is awesome, even if that contributes to it).
The thing is that he understands me better than most of the guys and that I can be really
myself and express what I want or do not want without fear of being judged. Thanks to his
capacity to listen to me and to hear what women say, we never quarreled (even if I am far
from being the ideal girlfriend!). It is my first real long-term relationship and, if it works, it is
I think because he made an huge work upstream to become a PUA.


Well, I do not know if I really answered the original aim but I hope that this article will have
reassured you : being a PUA and finding a nice girl (even brilliant, like me (yes, modesty is
one of my main qualities)) it is totally compatible. I would even add : being a PUA is an
advantage to find a good girl (even brilliant, like me (long live the running gags)). So let’s go
to work !
P.S. : I guess I have failed to write a short text but, at the same time, I had said that I would
try, not that I would succeed.


Are men obsessed with sex ?
A friend woke me up at 2:30 pm (the day after a party) to ask me with a scandalized voice
« OH CYPRINEMAN, DO GUYS ONLY THINK ABOUT SEX ? » I answered « of course
not : We also think about the mouth, the breasts, the stomach, the legs and the ass. » This
answer having not satisfied her, I have to develop a reflection. I am going to try to don’t be
too macho.
It is about a recurring question, that quite a lot of princesses have already asked me. Indeed,
many girl friends have already announced me their disappointment to the stronger sex (fuck, I
said that I would not be macho) : saying that we would think only about sex and we would not
be interested in the personality, we would all be jerks, we would want just to fuck, and other
variants… The girls, if we listened to them, we would all write poems to be popular. Except
that in the reality, the poets practice the sport that makes deaf. It is even why they have time
to write in verse.
So what ? The man would only think about sex and the woman about love? Stop, it is more
than stupid even if it is what we would like to persuade us to make us feel guilty while our
elites make orgies. I had plenty of friends who admitted to me being attracted first and
foremost by the physical appearance of a guy, others to want only sexfriends until marriage. I
also have very romantic buddies who were ready to commit suicide stupidly for a girl who did
not answer them anymore on the phone after a first disastrous date (yes yes). The wrongs are
thus shared between both sides : each sex has the power to make the other unhappy. But it is
not a reason to generalize « they are all bitches/all jerks » or to decide to become a nun.
Having said that, if the men who read this text decide to make wish of chastity, so much the
better, that will make for me fewer competitors.
Then, who’s to blame? Sarko? Holland? Le Pen? It is the society that « prohibit » to the
woman to be teasing, it is what I call « social pressure » on this blog. She so risks to be
considered as a whore, whereas the attractive man would be considered as a Don Juan, that is
to say a model to be followed for the other men. Thus when they sleep together the man wins
and the woman loses? It is really some shit this reasoning. Why do some people think in a so
chicken way ? The instinct of the man is polygamous, he has to fertilize the maximum of
females to make sure a descent.


The woman, her, can be pregnant only of a single man: because of long period gestation, she
has to pay attention to choose minutely an alpha male. The guys thus do not want
unconsciously to raise the child of another one and the woman knows it this is why she wants
to be thought of as pure. But paradoxically, the girls want to be thought of as pure until you
call them tight ass and there they reveal you that not in fact and everything… With the advent
of the condom and the pill, it’s a mess in their head. Having said that, a girl who assumes a
little more than the average can game admirably well. Hell yeah, if a girl is a little bit smart
she will act less boring than the others with the guys she likes and can have the priority to
sexier but more boring girls than her. And then make the guys addicted.
On the content, both sexes are not that different, except sometimes in the way of
communicating their desires and of assuming them. Indeed, it is the feminine behavior that
influences of what an average man is going to think about a girl (if he is just going to fuck her
or if she has the potential to become the only woman for him, longer that all night long). What
are these elements that influence of what we think of them? I listed four, there are certainly
others, but I am still tired.
1) THE WAY OF GETTING DRESSED : The men are more turned on by the image, and the
woman by the feelings, that was proved. So, a beautiful barelegged or a beautiful low neck
can make us feel immediately sexual (that varies according to the physical shape, the concerns
of moment, etc.) Getting dressed like a big bitch and adopting a sexy and teasing behavior,
places rather the girl in the compartment « sex friend ». She has however to show herself sexy
a minimum and to reveal her interest a little so that the alpha male is interested in her even for
something more serious. It is necessary to keep our attraction on the alert. A confident man
would even be satisfied that his girl excites the other guys and to fuck her HIM at the end of
the day. And then, who said that beginning with a sex thing was a bad thing and prevented
from something serious after?
2) THE BEHAVIOR WITH THE OTHER GUYS : If she is tactile and teasing with the other
guys, and if the one with whom she wishes a serious relation sees her doing it, he will maybe
take her less seriously. Furthermore, the average man does not like competition and will say
to himself that she will easily find another guy taller, more beautiful, stronger, richer, more
interesting, etc. As for myself, that makes me laugh when a guy tries to pick up my girl,
especially if he is awkward. But it is something all the same something to watch because
jealousy is a dangerous feeling.


3) THE MEETING PLACE: In a club or on the beach, it is rather for a sex thing. On the
workplace, it is rather for something serious. On the Internet, it depends. Having said that, it’s
not something bad to look for sex, everything depends on the mindset. As for myself, if the
girl is nice, she will be entitled to a cuddle besides her orgasms. No, I’m kidding, my open
relation: I slept with her the first time I met her and I became attached to her. The sexual and
intellectual connection is not something you can buy. In my opinion, it is hidden in the
shadow there or it is not there and it is not the fact of sleeping directly or of waiting for 25
dates that will change something. So, sleeping quickly allows to avoid incompatibilities (like
after 5 days you discover that your guy has a very little penis or that your girl has hairs
everywhere on the ass it is a pain and can waste a relation that you thought nevertheless
« good started »). This is why I laugh when on Tinder a girl tells me directly « if you want sex
forget me »: what a conditioning and what a bad faith!!! Having sex with her would have
enable us to break the ice easier et to have a more honest relationship.
4) THE PAST: The girl should not talk about her « conquests ». It is better to keep her past
for herself. If she tells that she had a lot of adventure, the handsome guy is going to imagine
that she too much likes flickering to make a potential faithful girlfriend. Remember yourself
that a man does not want to raise the children of another one. Having said that, if a girl is
hopeless in the bed, or has no experience, that can scare him off too, that depends on his
personal situation and on his mindset. The guys want the butter and the money of the butter.
One of the things that nevertheless kink me it is when the girl seems reserved then shows
herself very naughty in the intimacy. I’m probably not the only one … There is a thing there
about which I would like to think also: will we have a future? The human life is by definition
uncertain, thus why frustrating with the aim of a hypothetical future? I agree that it is
necessary to stay careful because statistically we will live until 80 years but you never can tell
then why frustrating for the principle? There is quite a lot of girls there who make several
dates before « giving » themselves so that the guy becomes attached to her but in fact that is
just to fill a lack of self-confidence. Or then because her friends told her to do it to keep him
waiting for the principle: but they what do they do? And does it work better? Do not forget
that the girls are all the same in competition thus be careful towards the advice of your
friends. Same thing for the guys who in fact wants to fuck their friends. Think: why do gay
people act differently?


Other elements come to me confusedly:
– Is it necessary to sleep the first night? There is really no rule, that depends on the feeling,
but I rather think so… Finally that depends on whom you fall. I have already been in couple
with a girl whom I had undressed within 8 hours. Thus it is sure that a blood beef could shout
« I fucked her then now that I had sex I don’t care of her » needs to choose well. Do not
mistake it and one night stand : and even though isn’t it better than watching TV ?
– Is it necessary to practice blowjob during the first time you have sex? If it is done properly,
yes. There are girls out there who don’t at the beginning and say to themselves that it is
reserved for later: but then, the guy will maybe be pissed off, doesn’t feel desired, and will not
call them back. There are people who practice it at the beginning then do not make any more
the effort: that also it is a pain, fucking little narrow-minded calculations.
I’m fed up with writing and I am also sleepy so I am going to end. About the first question I
answer: we do not think ONLY about sex but we think about it. And you too!!! Then stop
acting like saintly hypocrites, it is a pain in the ass. You should a little more assume and
especially encourage the guys who assume instead of insulting/lecturing them. After you
complain that the guys do not have balls anymore or keep their cards hidden to sleep with
you, seriously… If you prefer the smooth talkers and not the true guys then do not be
surprised if you take it in the ass eventually. Only the intelligent girls who will know how to
put things in perspective between what we tell them to do and what is their real interest can
make a real capital gain and enjoy their life. The girls having the sexual power and most of
the guys being frustrated, they are naturally going to try to play a league over theirs, this is
why it is hard for us.
Let’s finish on something positive: think for yourself. I now address all those who are not
satisfied because they fuck but can’t be in couple or to those who are in couple but never have
orgasms. You do not have enough to complain, contrary to many women who are not
desirable. The fact that the guys want to doggystyle you proves that men like you. Then for
the orgasms, choose a lover or come to see me!!!
Go out and take advantage of your life intelligently! ;)


Should a girl sleep with a guy on the first date ?
This article was written by Virginie.
Should a girl sleep on the first date ? That is THE question. If you expect a definitive yes or
no, you can already turn back. And do not consider as gospel truth everything I am about to
write. What follows is my opinion, stemming from a personal reflection and from what I have
learned in my studies of Psychology. Work and question this opinion.
I would like to take the problem the other way: why couldn’t we sleep on the first date? What
are the risks ? To say it frankly, the girls would be thought of as unfaithful bitches with whom
it is impossible to have a serious relation, guys for Don Juan who are irresistible and
awesomely endowed. What a male chauvinist society ! And, exactly, here is the problem: the
Let’s develop just a little. A society it is, among others things, individuals who live in
common. Yet, to do it, there must be a cohesion between people. Thus a control of their
aggressiveness and their sexuality nature. This is where Culture comes in, sum of
achievements thanks to which our life is different from the ones of our ancestors. So, this
Culture uses all the possible means to federate the members by inhibiting their libido so that
this libido is in the service of activities said « superior » (the sciences and the arts, for
In summary, the Man of Culture submits himself to limitations to live more or less in security.
That is why hardly one century ago, only the sexual relations between married men and
women were authorized. Since then, the mentalities a little evolved and the sexuality released
itself. Thank you, May 68!
But, all the same, this disinhibition should not be too important. If each man could do
whatever he wants, it would be a total chaos out there. Where from this ambient social
pressure. It allows to keep the individuals under control & to manipulate them more easily.
So, the one who goes away from the standard (implicit or explicit) is immediately labeled as
deviant. This is why sleeping on the first date became a « not normal » behavior. Don’t you
find all this very shocking? No ? And what if I told you that, now, creativity is considered as a
mental illness? You write, play an instrument, draw or paint?


Then you have a problem, you need a doctor! In any case, it is what certain psychiatrists
would tell you. Another example : you eat healthily, by avoiding industrial products and by
favoring the most natural ones? Then you suffer of « orthorexie » (French word), a very grave
eating disorder because it makes the food-processing and the pharmaceutical industries lose
In brief, all this was to explain to you briefly where from comes this rule « not sleeping on the
first date ». Thus, after the theory, let’s practice.
Concretely, I would say that it is just necessary to follow your instinct. By disregarding of
« what people say ». The individuals tend to believe that all what they do is observed by the
other people around them. An example: you fall in the street. First reflex (after putting your
hands in front of you to don’t finish deformed): looking around to see the reaction of the
passers-by. Appearance took so much importance that we forget of, simply, being. We have to
respect rules, codes or bans on a daily basis. Then why not adducing a small bracket of
pleasure by sleeping with this beautiful unknown with the dark look (or this inflammatory
red-haired person with the sexy swayed hips) ? All right, we live more and more for a long
time, but it is no reason to don’t take advantage of every moment of the life. But you should
not either fall in the inverse excess, IE wanting at all costs to sleep at the first date and, as a
result, put on yourself a fucking huge pressure (pressure which would prevent you from
reaching your goal and would frustrate you).
Except social pressure, it is also necessary to take into account two other things: the religion
and the STD. For some people, having sex before being married is a sin. Even if you do not
share this point of view, respect it. And look for somebody else – unless you feel ready to
wait or to get married quickly. As regards STD, the number of preconceived ideas is
hallucinating all the same. What can be at the origin of certain reluctances. But it does not
necessarily mean that there are no risks. Thus wear a condom it is fashion! (it was the advice
of the day).
Roughly, indulge yourself and send the social pressure to hell (but not too much at the risk of
frightening people around you, among whom is, maybe, your one true love). I know that it is
easier to say than to do, that the fear of not being good enough is also part of the deal. If that
can reassure you, it is for both sexes. But the more you will be accustomed to go out of your
comfort zone, the less this anxiety will be strong and, even, will become a boost.


However, the positive visualization, the meditation, the qi-gong (the Chinese yoga, more
« active ») can be ways to help you to manage this fear. And no need to spend fortunes, you
will find videos and advices on the Internet.
Another point than I would like to approach: the difference man / woman. While for sir,
having sex during the first evening is not generally a problem, it is more often a problem for
madam. One of the explanations is to be found in the evolutionary psychology about which
Fabrice has already spoken to you. Roughly: the purpose of life is to reproduce. This is why,
before, the men made a maximum of women pregnant, because the infant mortality was
important. This behavior continued to a certain extent until today. The women, once pregnant,
were up to nine months of physical distortions, mood swings and abdominal pains. This is
why they did not have to fail as for the choice of the father of their child. What explains,
partially, the current attitude of the fair sex (even if we are not really conscious of it).
So, men and women do not approach sexuality in the same way – although things change and,
sometimes, are reversed. Then, please, do not judge. The girl sleeps on the first date ? Or not ?
Do not criticize her. On one hand, that would not change things and, on the other hand, that
even risks to worsen them. Do not forget, either, that everybody does not manage to overcome
his or her social pressure. Then if your target refuses to sleep that same night, do not delete
her from your list at once (Well, if after 3-4 dates she always keeps you waiting by using
phony excuses while using you to go to the restaurant or to the movies, next her, do not be
masochistic! Especially that the sexual compatibility plays an important role in the life of a
Little particular case: the first times (male or feminine). If the person you like never did it, it
is more understandable, I think, that he or she does not want to sleep at the first date. For
example, as for me, I felt ready only at the end of the third date. Nevertheless God knows that,
physically, I wanted it. But, psychologically, I was not in the same point there. And it is,
partially, because I did not feel judged nor oppressed that I was able to take the plunge. Thus,
at the risk of repeating myself, do not judge!
A last thing before leaving you alone: I do not think that sleeping the first evening could put a
stop to a more serious relation. Because you are not in the judgment (I hammer the nail again
a little, repetition is the key of memorization), you do not consider the girl who acts so as a
bitch but as somebody who enjoys life.


This nuance in your way of seeing things would change everything. Personally, it doesn’t
bother me to sleep at the first meeting. That makes save time (it would be a pity to realize
after three restaurants and two movies that, in the bed, that doesn’t match). Then it is a great
way to break the ice. Once the other one saw us naked, there is no reason anymore to hide
behind masks. Well, it is not a reason to tell your whole life, keep a little of mystery!
Ah and another last thing: as for the blowjob, my opinion is the same. In an ideal world,
practicing it the first night is not unhealthy or I-don’t-know-what-else. But we do not live in
such a world and the social pressure, the faiths or the values are so many obstacles to its
practice. It’s up to you to try to reduce the fears and the guilt your target could feel. Be
conscious that all the girls do not think like me. Thus be lenient on my congeners – but don’t
be a doormat either.
Well. If you want to know more about the « theoretical » part of it (or how the life in society
builds itself on sexual renunciation), I advise to you The Uneasiness in Culture, by Freud. He
said quite a lot of bullshit in his life but also, sometimes, intelligent things. This book is one
of his good works, in my opinion.
Also, if you have questions, suggestions or criticism, do not hesitate to leave a comment, I
would answer with pleasure.


Bad boys’ power of attraction explained
Soft or biting? Angel or devil? Boor or totally in love? Is it necessary to choose a fucking
Category 1 : The AFC
There are guys out there for whom the ultimate strategy of seduction it is to compliment the
girls, to never tease them, to never rush them, to be twice as careful and to be soft all the time
with them. Needs to believe that they would like women to behave like that with them. In any
case, it is on this kind of men that the girls stick the label « he is nice ».
They so think of becoming the « Prince charming », the one every women say they want to
get married with. Ahlala this is sooo romantic to act this way just to have sex… But having
said that, I do not think that she realizes your honeyed efforts and I guess that she is rather
going to lose her respect for you because your behavior has an air of phoniness.
Always let her decide on where to go out, never let her pay the slightest drink nor any
restaurant and always call her the first one to be sure she is not sucking another one worried to
know that you still like her or if she had some salad between teeth during your last date. If
you so much want to mark your territory, why not raising the leg and pissing above her
I have a good joke for you: the hotties and normally constituted girls do not like doggies. At
least not to have sex with. If you like metaphors, say to yourself that they prefer cats to dogs.
More independent, wilder, more unpredictable… More selfish maybe…
Well I’m not saying that this category of men will never have sex, depending on who they
meet. Some are lucky. What I say it is that it is not virile and that it pays « few » in term of
« seduction » profitability. And also, I am not sure that by being a doormat like that, the
relation that would follow would be blossoming for the man. Should you sacrifice yourself
totally just because she has attractive tits ?


Category 2 : Those who are afraid of disturbing
There are also guys out there who know what is a behavior of AFC and who find it a little bit
ridiculous but who nevertheless do not dare to be sexual… then they do nothing. They do not
really have fun, they take on them and are often frustrated. They are almost transparent
sometimes. It is hardly more profitable than the AFC attitude even if they achieve a little more
often their goals and it is a little less ridiculous… but it is not awesome. Who said it is
necessary to be hypocritical to be socially adapted?
The girls know that you want to screw them, and they even expect that from you, unless you
are gay. Often, they do not understand why the guy who could please them takes no initiative
and so they next… often for a jerk who will do it.
Category 3 : The badboys
There are eventually those there who compliment very rarely even never the women, lie, are
not very affectionate… We really have the impression that they don’t give a damn about their
girl and that their relation is almost impersonal. It is what pays most and is the less a
headache, but it is a little bit unhealthy
As a result, both kinds of aforementioned guys wonder « but why does she like HIM ? She
would be happier with me, it is so obvious… is she stupid or what ? » And they are not
completely wrong. It is not logical at all… hell no, it is emotional.
Why do these individuals have such an attraction power??? A study of Bradley’s University
(Illinois) involving 35.000 people in 57 countries indicates us the three « not qualities » that
make badboys so sexy in the eyes of women (whatever they say, it is statistical). They are :
– The narcissistic obsession;
– The impulsiveness, the ongoing search of strong sensations and a psychopathological
– A tendency for the deceit and the Machiavellian manipulation.
It is bad will say some… It is natural then let’s accept it and adapt ourselves if we are smart, I
would answer.


The explosive cocktail
The nice guys are desperately lambdas. They bore. There is neither passion nor surprise with
them. They are reassuring but not exciting. Badboys are rarer, they engender doubt and
frustration. They are exciting but not reassuring. The thing is none of these two options (either
Nice guy nor the jerk) can drive both partners to happiness or at least to a high level of selffulfillment in their couple. The solution (for a woman) that would consist in having two lovers
each belonging to a different category neither (because they could kill each other).
In life, you know it, nothing is white or black. Then I would suggest to the ones and to the
others to steal one or two cards in the game of the other side. For example, the nice guys
should act in a little more detached way and should stop granting so much importance to
« what people say. » Indeed, if you want to negotiate something on leboncoin, you do not start
by saying « what a beautiful thing I absolutely need it so can you lower the price?! » It is
stupid. Well, it is the same thing with women. By sticking the women, by being needy and
everything, you make so that they do not any more need to make any efforts to get you. That
then interests them very fewer even not anymore. Don’t be so submitted, transparent nor
reconciling. Contradict her, tease her, and annoy her… she will like it in fact, even if she says
no. Do not mistaken, it is not a question of becoming cold nor elusive, but of being more
frank and of stopping thinking in term of « There is an attractive girl here in this party so I
absolutely have to behave well, to show that I am a nice boy, to keep a potential chance later,
etc. » Live a little more in your reality, in the contact with your instincts, rather than in the
frame imposed by the society (which is not really made for your personal good).
If you are a badboy, swear a little less, go from time to time as far as being soft with her,
make efforts in society. Feed some nice guy sides but do not euthanize your sexy qualities.
Also adapt yourself to the context and to whom you have in front of you because know that
even if you turn on certain women, you represent an emotional danger thus you also frighten
them. Try to be a little more reassuring, a little less imperceptible. But too many good
manners, diplomacy, it is a pain in the ass, I agree with you. Mix all the same a little water
with your wine (I have sometimes difficulties to do so because we become used to don’t give
a shit about all those people).


Avoid these caricatures that are most of the guys whom I meet and try to be the REAL
yourself. The one who is sexual. The one who does not fool himself. The one who does not
specially try to please people he doesn’t give a damn about. In other words, do not try to be a
gentleman, rather try to be a man. Stop thinking how to not shock nor disturb anybody
because so you would seduce few. Do what makes you have fun. Give way. Stand out. You
will meet more people like you. And if the others are not happy, too bad for them, Earth is
fortunately very populated. Moreover, these « other » moralizers in large numbers… Are they
models? Are they happier? Do they fuck more and better?
Yeah, courage is required to argue like that but it is also what makes the charm and the
strength of this lifestyle.
NB : Pay all the same attention on being « normal » at work if you have a serious job and
respect the laws. The purpose is to do well out of it not to become a marginal.


Jealousy: genetic and/or cultural?
I recently attended the conference of Yousri Marzouki on jealousy, organized by the student
association Psych’Aid at the Faculty of literature, languages, arts and human sciences of Aix.
Yousri Marzouki is Lecturer in cognitive psychology there and also CNRS Researcher. He
exports his works on jealousy in America. I sent him an e-mail to talk to him about the article
that I had written on jealousy and he answered « I have read with great interest your blog
that I find quite original for our French culture, what can totally explain its success with your
faithful readers ».
In « Jealousy, from genetics to culture », he made an overview on various aspects of jealousy
(biological, psychological, anthropological and cultural) by explaining well that all these
factors are linked and in a permanent interaction. The whole thing on a nice and funny tone.
What are we talking about ? « Loving » jealousy, of course.
In The Tragedy of Othello, Moor of Venice, William Shakespeare described jealousy as a “It
is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on; that cuckold lives in bliss”.
A « green-eyed monster », of course, but I’m not talking about Ian Somerhalder.
Loving jealousy is indeed sometimes a destructive emotion (eg. crimes of passion) which is
the consequence of the fear of losing the love of your life or the exclusivity of his/her love –
feeling that is more often established on your imagination than on real facts. From then on,
jealousy can self-feed in a irrational and uncontrollable way. Killing the love of your life so
he or she doesn’t leave you, it is a weird idea all the same!
When it is permanent or excessive, jealousy is a kind of paranoia linked to a « love »
relationship on a possessive or even castrating exclusive mode. Loving jealousy cannot exist
if the partners have a true relationship of trust, but this notion remains of course subjective
and the sickly jealous person just never can have enough.


Loving jealousy is often similar to possessiveness, sometimes hatred; this feeling exist for
men and for women. For example, a jealous woman hates seeing or imagining her partner
spending time with other people (imagining, of course, the worst). Not only because she is
deprived of his presence, but also because she considers herself as the only legal profitable of
the attention of her partner. That concerns us all, this is why it is interesting to talk one more
time about this subject, and this time with another angle of attack.
Jealousy is a feeling of exclusivity that can deprive the partner of freedom and put the couple
in danger. I have even already seen girls being jealous of the job or of the buddies of their
guy. The jealous person gives so much importance to the object of his/her jealousy that he/she
loses any notion of moderation. For example, jerks have already assaulted me just because I
spoke to their girl (this fear of losing their girlfriend makes some guys go paranoiac).
Infidelity and jealousy.
During his conference, Yousri Marzouki announced to a varied academic public that infidelity
and jealousy were an integral part of everybody. We all thus are poor beings under the
influence of our genetic programming and of our hormones (while having a certain capacity
to modulate all this in particular by our environment). Politically correct people left the room.
But the readers of this blog know it: men are genetically programmed to be polygamous and
to reproduce as much as possible. Where from infidelity. Women, them, are programmed to
try to reproduce with the best possible holders of genes (in reach) but, also, to make so that
they and their progeny benefit from the best possible resources. Sometimes it is not possible
with the same partner thus she makes a kid with her lover and manage to make him/her raise
by her husband. Unnoticed. Where from infidelity. But well, the politically correct tries to
persuade us that it is bad, that it is not natural, to make us feel guilty.
The faithful readers of this blog also know that jealousy involves a whole « emotional
episode » including a trouble of personality. This jealousy can be caused by already lived
experiences, thoughts, perceptions, memories, but also imagination or questions. The
education and the rational faith do not really matter. Jealousy is thus more spread among
people suffering from low self-esteem. And as most of people are in this case, jealousy is an
almost universal problem. Thus, if our partner does not show himself/herself jealous, should
we get worried?


Making close friends (or girlfriends) can thus be followed by an emotional insecurity or a
feeling of solitude for some people when these friends interact with others. Thus, to avoid
being too jealous, should we avoid being interested in one girl in particular? Where from the
image of the womanizer with a broken heart who protects himself from the power that women
have on him under his tough guy’s mask. And according to the same logic, should women
avoid becoming attached to one guy in particular to be happy and spread?
Infidelity and ejaculation.
Yousri Marzouki also spoke about the Coolidge effect which roughly is that the average time
of ejaculation is 5 times shorter during the first sexual intercourse with a new partner than
after having fucked her several times. An effect observed with all the male mammals, no
complexes to have.
I had already noticed this phenomenon but I thought that it was just because I was less
excited. That novelty boosted me. With that said, sometimes when I did not eat, for example, I
stay hard 2 hours or then sometimes it is because of the condom (poor girl bombarded). In
brief, there are lots of other factors (and I’m not talking about X-Factor).
I am not advising you to don’t eat or to buy bad condoms before visiting a new girl to enjoy
more. Anyway, lick her and that will get better then you will have time to reload like that. The
second time, once warm, it should come less fast all the same.
Jealousy and evolutionary psychology.
The purposes of jealousy would be to urge people to guarantee their reproduction and to
protect their progeny. We are thus really few things in front of our instinct. We already knew
it thanks to evolutionary psychology and to what we need to communicate to seduce. But this
behavior must be a fucking evolutionary advantage if it is still present in all of us.
The striking fact of the conference is that apparently women are more afraid that their spouse
has feelings for another one whereas men are more afraid that their partner sleeps with
another one. It came true with my girlfriend (open relationship): she doesn’t care if I sleep
with other girls as long as I do not become attached to them. It pisses me off a little more that
she sleeps or has slept with others. But well, I am fair play. Moreover it is interesting to
realize that we can be jealous of an ex.


The above figure illustrates « the universality » of both sexes reaction in front of sexual
infidelity. The below figure illustrates the explanation supplied by evolutionary psychology
for this « universal » reaction. (Slides gracefully given by Y. Marzouki)


It is, I think, again related to evolutionary psychology: men are programmed to don’t want to
waste their resources for raising the child of another one (except in the case of adoption –
being deceived it is to raise the child of another one by thinking that he/she is yours, it is not
just that your wife got fucked by another one). As for the women, they are programmed to try
to have access to the resources and to the protection of the man, for them and their children
(even if they are not HIS children).
Jealousy and ejaculation.
Men would be more unfaithful than women. We understand why, in theory. We understand
that the guys reproduce with their official partner and, if they also can, with a mistress. It’s
easy, it doesn’t last 9 months. But needs to know that about 10 % of the children have not for
biological father the one who raises them (source : Aux frontières de la vie: pour une éthique
à la française Documentation française 1991 p. 73.). And also, now, the law is really in favor
of the woman, thus financially it is hard to pay pensions and everything. I think that all in all,
men are not necessarily winning with this system. The morality is : it is a better idea to donate
some sperm! ;)
France would be the fifth most dangerous country in the world for married couples, with 43 %
of adulteries. It is maybe because of loose clubs, dating sites and social networks that make all
this easy and discreet. There is also the fact that girls want « to stand out well » (they want to
seem « purer » than they are in fact) with their husband and thus maybe let off steam out of
their house. We also wanted that the Woman is our equal thus she fucks, has fun and
sometimes cheats on us. It’s the game !
But as for myself, I do not really buy it when I see that for the guys, having sex is an assault
course and that for the women it is just a question of saying « yes » or « no ». I have already
fucked some girls in couple and they were not the most difficult women in my sexual career.
Except that they will probably not admit it during a statistical survey whereas the guys,
maybe, will even invent some conquests.
Jealousy and culture.
I remember the story of a prince who had 10 000 women in his harem. He kept them but
couldn’t fuck them all: the point was that other men cannot have them. Jealousy can thus
serve to spread our genes more and better than the other genetic competitors.


Yousri Marzouki also taught me that in other cultures far away from us: it is the women who
are polygamous. Polyandry is accepted there, it is the case of tribes Mosuo in China and
Yanomami in Amazonia. Jealousy is thus non-existent there (or then very badly seen because
it would mean criticizing their way of functioning: social pressure is inverted compared to our
area). As for myself, that would not probably have disturbed me to be Cleopatra’s sexual
Even more « improbable »: in some tribes, the father is absent in the life of his child. He just
gets the woman pregnant. It is the case with the Trobiandais (in Oceania) where, once been
born, the child is raised by his mother and his maternal uncle. All their sexual life is very
different from the one we know in West (if you want to know more about it, check
Malinowski’s works).
Attraction, culture and instinct.
Finally, he also speaks about other forms of attraction like those who are turned on by
intelligence (the sapio-sexuals) or those who are attracted by everybody (pan sexuals).There
are poly-lovers too, I’m not kidding, don’t be mad at them it’s just the way they are. Mystery
in The Game describes himself as a poly-lover, by the way. It is very interesting to know that
all this exists, that allows to step back, especially the real asexual (who are not necessarily
The attraction for the alpha male or for the not-too-stupid-hottie is the most general thing but
there are thus other logics of attraction, rarer. The thing is we cannot go into all these details
with the Game because it is statistical: we act on what will give us the greatest level of
success with the largest number of women.
To don’t be discouraged, let’s not forget that according to Helen Fisher’s works, love is not
the fruit of the feelings, but a simple physiological need, just like hunger or sleep…
Jealousy and literature.
In the literature, a study of jealousy is proposed in Un amour de Swann (Marcel Proust.)
Jealousy and threesome.
So, after the show, I asked all the couples if they were up for a threesome.


Are your beliefs helpful ?
What is a belief (or a faith) ? As its name indicates it, it is the fact of believing in something.
It is a kind of thought inked in us that has influence on all our other thoughts.
A belief has nothing to do with the fact of knowing. It is « to believe », as the name indicates
it (again). And often, without proof, besides. Then yeah, it is a little bit stupid! But we are all
treated similarly with this thing…
Everybody has his own faiths and sees the world through them. It is difficult to realize it
because the beliefs are a part of us, of our way of working. Just like a fish does not see the
water in which it swims.
But this « water » has a fundamental role. Indeed, the faiths influence our words, our actions,
our decisions… In brief, our behavior in the broad sense. Then, this behavior that will occur
and reproduce, is going to strengthen itself, until becoming a new habit resulting in new
faiths. Did you follow ?
It is thus fundamental, when we want to do some personal fulfillment, to discover what are
our faiths and to determine if they are constructive or limiting. For this purpose, we need to
auto-question methodically.
Watch out! I am not saying that you have to adopt MY faiths. After all, we are all different
and I do not want to make you a brainwashing. If it was the case, I would work for the CIA! I
just want to bring you to question your limiting faiths most solidly installed. You will see that
by getting rid of your limiting faiths, you widen your range of possibilities. I want you to
The limiting belief, what is it ? It is shit. OK. What else ? It is something we think right but
isn’t (or not always) and which prevents us from doing what we really want to do.
The faith that says that you should not kill or that stealing is bad, it is something true (even if
that was not true always for everybody). It is thus not a faith… It is a fact and you risk serious
troubles with the law if you think differently. On the other hand, the faith that says it is bad to
speak to people you don’t know and try to pick up attractive single women (in a polished and
respectful way)… this is shit!


Maybe you think you are not beautiful, or you have no charm. Wonder if you have already
made people laugh or if girls have already found you attractive (even ugly girls that’s not the
point). Yes ? So, you’re on your good way.
This kind of judgment can also apply to other people. Like when you say that girls who like
sex are easy whores. It is wrong: there are very good girls who like sex. Just like there are big
frustrated silly bitches.
Generalization is an enormous problem. « Girls do not like that we try to pick them up, they
find it weird » is what I heard the most. The truth is some do not like it, others appreciate. Just
like the pushy attitude. Extremes and intellectual absolutes are dangerous.
Ideally, it would be necessary to avoid thinking negatively. It would be necessary to speak to
yourself in a positive way. Easier to say than to do. Instead of wondering how you would
avoid being premature or how you could avoid seeming too shy during the date… Try to
wonder how you will succeed in making her enjoy like crazy or how you will make a success
of your date.
The faiths create: possibilities OR dead ends. Every time you say to yourself that you cannot,
while in fact technically you can, it is wrong. And that decreases your potential. There are
always more options than you think. Get rid of your psychological coal nuts.
In The Game, Neil Strauss wrote about the kiss “as soon as you ask yourself whether you
should or shouldn’t, that means you should”.
With that read, at the beginning of my Game, I began to approach and to kiss girls after just a
few minutes of discussion and I noticed that even if often they were surprised, they
appreciated. Then, I said to myself that I was going to take the matter farther. I tried to fuck
them in bathrooms during parties, in the street, in my car, etc. And if some were shocked by
my cavalier manners, others appreciated to live a passionate scene worthy of a porn movie.
Rare are the ones who regretted (not rares are the ones who regretted not having tried to go
out of their comfort zone).


Moreover, often, it was because they felt guilty after… That is because their feelings made
them act on the moment and then they found it against their plan of thought “a girl from a
good family does not do that even if it was funny”. From there, we realize that faiths
determine our degree of social and sexual freedom.
There is one last interesting thing there with the faiths, it is that they shrink our field of vision.
Like the blinders of horses. So, when a girl will be in attitude of seduction with you, you will
not notice it if you are persuaded that girls are not usually interested in you. We notice more
easily what belongs to our plan of thought. The rest, we hide it or often reject it.
Also, beliefs can show you things that do not exist, like a guy who would try to pick up your
girlfriend while he is in fact a gay-friend (and that he would prefer to pick YOU up).
Generally, we believe more easily: what we would really enjoy AND what we are very afraid
It is because of the faiths we have that we all live in our own reality (when for me it is
obvious that girls like sex and that I can fuck one in the crappers of a club after 10mn of
talking while respecting her ; others would see a conceited misogynous guy there and it is
hard to say who is wrong or right). Finally, to a certain extent all the same…
To note all the same that for some suggestible people, the faiths can have physical
consequences. Where from the psychosomatic illnesses. More generally, our faiths influence
our body language and thus the reactions of others. Good beliefs attracts good things.
Below some questions to help you to determine if your beliefs are limiting or helpful :
Question 1 : What the Hell could happen if you did it? What have you got to lose? What is
the potential gain?
Question 2 : What would you need more than what you have right now to do it? Is it possible
to do it right now anyway ? Why not ?
Question 3 : Why do you think this way ? Who or what put it in your mind ?
Question 4 : It is helpful and does it go in the sense of your objective of life?
Question 5 : Are there circumstances in which that does not apply? Which ones and why?
(back to question 1)
I wish you a good questioning of your faiths about yourself, girls and gender relations.


PS = The girls have to love you because you are an alpha and a good leg OR you have to go
into a great deal of trouble and pay them drinks ? As for myself, I’ve chosen my sexual
reality. And if that annoys you because you are frustrated, let me all the same be happy,
please. Be tolerant.


Beliefs and behavior part 2
This article has been written by Virginie.
It’s me again… again ! Admit that you missed me. You can’t deny, I study psychology thus I
know better than you what you think. Mouah ah ah ! Hum hum, well well…
In a previous article, Fabrice talked about the influence of beliefs on the behavior, how they
can be limiting or, on the contrary, source of opening. And he is right. But there is something
else. Let’s take an example: a smoker knows (he has the belief) that smoking is bad for his
health. However, his behavior stays the same, he smokes. What tends to show that this
reasoning has its limits. It is also valid in various other domains: sport, food, work… and
gender relations, of course !
In fact, what takes place most of the time is the opposite: our behavior influences our
thoughts. Simply put, we deduce information on ourselves from the way we acted – or from
the feedback we had from the others on our behavior. This is the way a teacher who tells to a
pupil that he is bad/will never have his degree/has no future/etc. is going « to condition » him
to continue in this way: the pupil interiorized the judgment of the teacher on his behavior (for
example, the result to a test) and will think then, that actually, he is bad/will never have his
degree/has no future. Then : early school leaving, deal of drug in front of the high school
followed by bad-trips, a murder committed under LCD and a life spent in jail (well, OK, I
slightly exaggerated but, needs to understand me, I lived not far from Marseille). Well, then
there are also those there who are going to want to prove to the teacher that he is wrong, will
work hard, will have a high school diploma, go to the ENA (NATIONAL
ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL), become a CEO of a big four quoted in stock exchange and
finish their life on a paradisiacal island (that they will have bought) surrounded with riders.
Well, that is not the point.
Another example, closer to the subject of this blog: a guy tries an approach on a young lady.
He is rejected/ignored/insulted like the 3 649 previous times. As a result, is created in his
mind an association between « way of approaching » and « self-esteem ». Thus, every time he
will try to pick up, this poor small chap will remember his previous fruitless attempts and will
have a loser mind. That reminds you something? (As for myself, I hope so, so that I’m not
writing this article for nothing – if not, good for you but what are you doing here then?!).


Naturally, the influence of the behavior on thoughts also works when in a positive way. The
parents very well understood it: by congratulating their child after he tidied up his room/hung
the washing up/ emptied the dishwasher /empty the garbage/etc. by saying that he is
helpful/thoughtful/autonomous /etc. It will incite the child has to act more often in this way in
the future. Yes, it is a kind of conditioning. But, anyway, the society tries to condition us thus
it is better if we are for something useful.
In the same way, when you find a routine that work, you feel powerful. And, naturally, you
will associate this routine with your success and with the image you have of yourself. So,
every time you will use it, your successful past will come back in your mind and you will feel
more confident. More confident, you will better communicate – on the verbal level as well as
on the nonverbal level. And, statistically, you will increase your chances to succeed again.
Admit that it is not bad, as virtuous circle!
All this to say that the behavior (ours or those of others) influences enormously the thoughts
(ours or those of others). Fighting against limiting thoughts is a thing, but it is too reducing.
There is a mutual interaction. Moreover, this one has three ways: behavior-thought-society.
In brief, after the theory, let’s practice. You certainly know that we judge from what is
observable thus from behaviors. Moreover, studies showed that when we have to interpret the
behavior of somebody else, we tend has to explain it by internal factors (“he is like that, it is
in his nature” , ie, his personality), by putting aside the external factors (the environment, the
situation, etc.) While when we have to explain our own behavior, we more take into account
external factors. Of course, all this depends on the kind of behavior (positive or negative), on
our relation with the other one (friend or enemy?), etc. All this to say that you fully agree with
me to say that an individual is not a sum of behavior. And that a same behavior can be the
object of multiple more or less right interpretations among which only the author of the
aforementioned behavior can be the « truest ».
Thus, when a girl tells you that you are just « a knackered big person, a pervert, a sex
maniac » because you dared to approach her, it is your behavior she judges. Not YOU. Then
why granting so much importance, why being affected by this judgment? We have just agreed
on the fact that an individual is not a sum of behavior and, besides, that we tend to minimize
the part of the environment when we judge somebody else.


Learn to get loose from hasty judgments like that, understand, please, that it is not you and
your personality that are questioned but your way of behaving. Take a step back. Then, you
should not fall in the inverse excess which would consist in considering as null and void any
judgment of your behavior coming from somebody else than you. It is not because you find
your routine really too classy that everybody has to think like you – or you should create a
dictatorship or a sect. Then, anyway, the purpose is not to please everybody, that would mean
pleasing whoever. And admit that you do not want that your future girlfriend is whoever. In
summary, do not too much take to heart remarks you could hear but question them. If they are
justified, work on it to make adjustment. If it is unfounded, move on.
An exercise that could be interesting would be to train to approach a friend (a girl). So, she
could tell you what she likes, the embarrassment, what puts her ill-at-ease, etc. Of course, all
the girls do not react in the same way and what your friend appreciates can be different from
what will seduce your future target. But having a feminine opinion is, I think, always good to
take. Of course, it is better to ask to a girl you know well, so that her opinion is as frank as
possible. Or then, call a gay buddy.
I hope that this article will have pleased you and will help you in your fight against the
stronger sex.


Let’s talk about sexualization
Today I want to talk to you about sexualization because many guys have difficulty with
sexualizing their conversations. Nevertheless, it is an important step of your learning if you
want to ejaculate with a lot of attractive girls. My purpose by writing this article is to tempt
you to add a little of sexual tension to your approaches and to your dates.
A conversation like « what’s your name? where do you come from ? what is your job/studies
? what do you want to do later (job) ? » has few chances to tempt a woman to jump on you
like a Moroccan jumps on a dromedaries (there is a big bump). Unless if she is really very
attracted from the beginning… but well, we will just handle the general case here.
Definition : sexualizing is not as we could think = « talking about sex ». You just have to
switch on Canal+ to hear impolite columnists making up a competition of lack of respect and
vulgarity. You just have to buy a women’s magazine to understand that talking about sex
between girls is not at all extraordinary (thus why would it be extraordinary to talk about sex
with a guy?) You just have to buy a GQ to read foolishness written by girls paid to explain to
you that realizing your fantasies is a bad thing. Thus, even if you want to be provocative,
know that asking her point-blank if she likes sodomy is not THAT original and is not
effective. Sexualizing, it’s introducing sex.
Thus: beginning the conversation by asking her « do you want to suck my dick ? » or « hello
can I take you doggystyle ? » won’t work (I do it sometimes when I am drunk but well it is
most of the time just for fun). The golden rule of sexualisation is : the more a conversation
is sex-based the less she has to take you for a dead man of hunger. You are a player,
teasing, you have naughty thoughts that you communicate but if something lets her think that
you did not touch a woman for a long time, she will lose attraction for you (cf. the principle of
preselection by other women).
What we want to do when we sexualize, it is to establish a sexual tension, a game, some
sensualism, to make her feel comfortable with the possible naughty thoughts (which she
certainly already had) by showing her THE FIRST ONE that we feel comfortable on this
ground, and also by suggesting her more or less subtly not you own really catholic ideas in a
more or less explicit way.


Just like in the bed, you have to take the initiative to bring the subject, to surprise her by your
nerve and your original ideas that make you stand out from the crowd (avoid all the same the
weird things like fetishism) and make her rates of hormones rise (= make her live feelings).
By talking to her about sex, if she is not too much ashamed (tight ass) she will imagine herself
doing dirty things with you. Or then she will think again about the act in itself (that she has
seemingly already made) and will be turned on then will associate you with this excitement.
In any case, she will a little lose control, but I have to warn you some do not like it : that puts
them under stress… those ones can react in an unpredictable way. That can go from the
blowjob to the slap right in the face including insults.
Why do accountants have a so bad reputation in seduction? They have the reputation to be
stuck to the facts. The facts, the facts and only the facts. A girl is thus very afraid of being
damn bored with a typical accountant. He has as many chances to kiss Alice David as Alice
Isaaz to slip on a banana skin and to fall naked on my sex nicknamed John-David.
Sexualisation is thus a kind of verbal preliminary that prepares the girl to welcome you into
her. It is necessary to prepare her mentally. Even for the dirtiest, a minimum is needed. It can
be done in face-to-face or on the Internet / by texts for those who like writing.
Especially, don’t be one of these boring and soporific guys. Do not join the gang of the
tiresomeness. It is what could happen when you tell her your day of WORK with a lot of
details that do not interest her… all this to brag and/or to be thought of as a « nice » guy.
According to me, it is better to go too far than not enough.
If I summarize: sexualisation is any conversation between a man and a woman who
would be inappropriate between two guys. Or at work. Or with your sister / mother.
– The shiest will sexualize with easy things that are indirectly sexual as « do you prefer eating
black chocolate or listening some music while running in the forest? »
With that, you sexualize because you remind her pleasant things that are associated to you by
your simple presence when she thinks of it. Capisch ? Otherwise, reread this rickety sentence.


In any case, you have to sexualize with your body language while you talk (as explained here
and there in details). Because obviously, if you say sexy things by looking at your feet and by
reaching for the high notes, that is going to waste all your effect: you would not assume and
she would feel it, and thus she would not respect you anymore. To be sexy, don’t be easy to
destabilize. I speak to you about something that is related to the domain of the emotion (and
of the balance of power sometimes) and not of the logic (which would be : you are not ugly,
you have a good job and you are nice then you have sex with hotties… but unfortunately that
does not work like that).
*A little more dared « where do like kisses the most ? »
*The level still above « what is the color of your underwear today ? »
*Then : allusions, plays on words, tell her that she has a dirty mind when she has the
misfortune chance of saying an ambiguous word… etc.
*The last level and the most difficult to master, it is the pushy attitude. It is the nuclear bomb
of seduction. I do it often but sometimes I still go too far: the euphoria of the moment
sometimes traps us by making us lose any sense of moderation. It is not a problem in itself but
well we shock some and we are sometimes thought of as a weirdo around politically correct
people, it is boring… I even have been punched once.
To inspire you, I give a lot of examples of field-tested lines that work well in this ebook.
The purpose is to connect with woman on an emotional level. If everything goes well, they
will find you original & funny (otherwise calibrate better that is to say adapt better to your
context / environment)…
With this attitude, we are very far from the « interview mode » they hear most of the time.
Having said that, the originality and all this stuff can destabilize the girls who are used to
losers. Then they will test you to see if you are really cool or if you play a role. There is also
the case of the silly bitches (often bimbos or virgins) who are afraid as soon as we get off the
beaten track « aaaaaah you talked to me about sex you are a pervert go away. » It speaks for
itself. It is often the ones who do not understand the second degree humor/irony or who dread
so much to fall on a weirdo that they see weirdos everywhere (they have been too much
warned by their mother who in fact fucked in the hay with the neighbor).


Really needs to be confident to do that because floozies will try to make you feel guilty and to
put you back in the mold of the handleable guys (that arranges them). Don’t be a victime!
You will play with her. That will make her comfortable. She will maybe even play your game
and will feel freed by your casual side. Your interaction, under the cover of a small role play,
will so be less perturbed by social pressure. Maybe, she will answer your teasings by a pat on
the shoulder or an emotional insult « asshollllllllllle, I am not a stupid blonde who has a
goldfish memory! »
Alternate the warmth and the cold (compliments / teasings) to make the pleasure rise
according to the principle of « push and pull ».
Know that we can sexualize any conversation (even the really not sexy topics, just needs to
have good reflexes and to bounce on certain words that allow an easy sexualization) with a
girl we like outside the frames of work and family. Within 5 minutes, it is totally possible.
What quite a lot of guys find difficult to understand it is that it is necessary to ASSUME.
Whatever you do. Even if sex is underlying in any interaction man / woman : you are a man
who has some sexual desire and who does not plan to hide it because you are not a hypocrite
unlike most of the guys who are spongy but who only think about screwing her and leave her
just after. That is the big paradox of women, they push away the true guys and take the
smooth talkers then are disappointed and after are mad at the true guys and their final
conclusion is always « you are all jerks »…!
Morality : masturbation is not your thing. You are used to real women, to hot and wet real
vaginas. She has to respect you for that, it is logical. Except that if that does not arrange her,
you will come up against the famous bad feminine faith and take a tremendous amount of shit
« come on you are too confident/cocky you I will put you back in place !
– Oh really ? What’s your interest there ? Why don’t you rather take advantage of it to have
orgasms ? Go back with your bad legs if you are so afraid of great legs. »
Revelation : she has sexual desires too. Then, you can quench them together and nobody
loses there (if both are frank from the beginning about what they want) ! Everybody wins at it
in that case. It is a win-win scenario. It is all the same better than watching TV alone with
your wubby. This must be your underlying mindset.


In brief, talk to her imagination, to her instinct. Use the three channels of communication
(visual, hearing, kinesthetic), when you describe a scene. But this is another story.
The last word: talk to her like you would talk to an old & a little bit naughty friend.
With that, don’t forget to walk the talk: the kinos.
See you soon !
“The elevator indicates maximum load = 300kg are you sure that you can come in?”


One simple advice to improve your repartee
One of the most common mistakes in seduction, it is to think that you have to say at all costs
interesting things, to prove your value, even brag… Certain guys so become more talkative
than a teenager in back of the classroom because of the stress engendered by the date. Golden
rule: prefer showing her an a little bit low energy level that a too high one.
I am going to reveal you a secret: the human beings in general (and the girls in particular) like
talking about themselves. They are only interested in what concerns them (directly or
indirectly). To seduce more girls, I thus invite you to work on your ability of listening to make
them talk about what they are interested in.
The ability to listen, it is not only « to make your interlocutor talk randomly ». You have to
learn how to notice the verbal and nonverbal signals (implicit or explicit) that will allow you
to direct the conversation in an adequate way (on convenient subjects) to get your own way.
Live in the moment
For a good ability to listen, be totally focus on what you are doing. Dedicate your attention on
your date. But keep a casual face! You will have to ally logic / capacity of analysis and
creativity / spontaneity.
Forget the « too much prepared » techniques of seduction that look like programming
language of geek. You can study various methods to get a plan (and thus all the time check
more or less where you are situated in your way towards her bed) but step back on game plans
because every interaction is unique. To react in an optimal way, don’t be extremely focused
on your game. You will so maybe be focused between her legs one night or the other one.
The listening of the explicit and the listening of the implicit
The listening of the explicit, it is to listen to « the words » of your interlocutor. What she says,
to adapt yourself to her style of language. You can synchronize with her on this plan while
keeping your own personality.
Do not hesitate to use her first name when you talk to her: people like that you remember their
first name (but do not expect them to do the same thing for you). In an ideal frame, you can


chat and hear each other suitably. That it is a good thing: with any luck, you will turn your
tongue in the same direction when you will kiss.
The listening of the implicit, it is to listen to « the emotional state » of your interlocutor. All
the words, according to how they are said, can mean something or the opposite. Try to put her
in emotional conditions convenient to seduction by directing her on subjects that make her
have fun. When you try to pick up a girl, even if she is shy or does not know what to say (no
imagination, no skill of communication) you can notice that her voice itself gives you an idea
of her level of interest (if she is very enthusiastic, it is an indicator of interest, even if she does
not really know what to say). Learn how to read between the lines! For some, it is innate for
others we have to learn…
Thus you will increase your level of empathy. That is to say : you will learn how to perceive
better and to understand what feels the person in front of you. The empathy is a notion
indicating the « understanding » of the feelings of another individual, even, in a more general
sense, his/her non-emotional states, like the faiths or beliefs (it is then more precisely about
cognitive empathy). In ordinary language, this phenomenon is often designed by the
expression « being in the shoes of the other one ».
This understanding occurs by a not-focus of the person on himself and can lead to actions
related to the survival of the subject aimed by the empathy, independently, and sometimes
even to the detriment of the interests of the subject feeling empathy. In the study of the
interpersonal relations, the empathy is thus different from notions of sympathy, condolence,
altruism or emotional contagion that can ensue from it.
One of these days, will need that we also speak about the active listening and about the
passive listening. Well, OK, let’s do it right now : thus what is the active listening ? It is to be
interested in the other one, in what she says. Close look at what she tells, try to understand
and to help her to understand herself, to step back, in brief, to be in the empathy, exactly…
By opposition, there is a passive listening. It is what we all do at various moments of the day.
Do you remember the last ad you saw or heard? The listening is distracted, without particular
To do things properly, for an optimal listening, it would also be necessary to avoid throwing
our own filter on our perception of the conversation. Everyone acts in one’s own interest as


they say and thus we all interact with the world according to our world map, what can bias
slightly the interactions. To do things properly, would need to succeed in releasing ourselves
from all this but well… It is maybe not worth the effort to make some zeal either ! ;)
Listening actively is an art that requires a strong concentration and a focus on the other one.
The main reproach we can make to the community of the seduction
What I do not like in the community of the seduction (especially in English), it is the readyto-use routines or the « techniques » that leave no room for creativity. As soon as what you
say does not come from you and does not correspond to your personality (for example: magic
words that other people advised you to pronounce to seduce) it is some shit. Do not become a
robot. Be an artist, a real one. Get off the beaten track! Have fun while you try to pick up!!!
Do not have the impression to work or to walk on eggshells when you interact with chicks,
seriously, it would be a pain in the ass (for you and for her)!
Do not either always try to anticipate! Neither her reactions nor anything… nor thinking for
her. Provoke / try your luck and see what happens. The important, it is to have no regrets
when you go to bed even if you go there alone! You will sometimes be surprised by how can
a party turn when we just light the fuse of the bomb (this is a metaphor)! Some people think
that it is the people who are not confident in fact who try to always control everything…
so you know what you have to do now because sexy women do not want to see this part of
you (ie this lacks confidence – but I’m not saying that you cannot have some weaknesses it’s
not at all the same thing). Reading my blog, it’s good, but letting it go on the field is
awesome! However, for that purpose you have to overcome all these excuses your anxiety
urges you to imagine !!! Do not deny! Even me, I still find excuses sometimes… except that I
am conscious of it and so I act accordingly.
Know that quite a lot of girls want to get acquainted with you. But I’m talking about the « real
you », not the you submitted to the social pressure nor the you submitted to the mechanical
game that makes you say things which do not correspond to you (just because you’ve read
them in the FR of a mythomaniac asshole). Do not speak too fast either, it is stressful…
finally as for myself it pisses me off. I thus imagine that I am not the only one in this case.


Cooperation rather than opposition
I’m not trying to annoy you with theory but try to always adopt a guy a cooperative mode of
conversation rather than a defensive mode. So, your target will maybe do the same… In any
case, it is the purpose and that increases your chances of success! Cooperate in the
conversation to better cooperate in the bed!
If you have already practiced theatrical improvisation with other people, you know that you
should absolutely not block the ideas of your partner but rather instead develop them. And of
course, do not block the conversations by answering « in one word ». Seriously, when a girl
does that, I answers her « do you know that it is with this kind of answers that you could block
the conversation.
– of course no (that means go for it make all the efforts for me, I am a princess)
– OF COURSE YES, so bye bye. » I hate bootlicking the girls, I prefer licking them
somewhere else. Then for example on Tinder when I write 10 lines and they answer with 3
words I train them.
I invite you to go further than what she says and to go into her delirium rather than to block
her. I’m not saying that you have to agree with all her ideas but avoid the following words
« no », « but », etc. (everything that can block a conversation). Prefer the mindset « yes and
… » This simple thing will make you conversation richer and funkier!
It is also a good technique to manage the shit-tests (these questions supposed to destabilize
you to test your confidence) : « Do you say this kind of thing to every girl ?
– Yes to all the girls even my mum and she likes it. »
» You are you a hot womanizer you!
– Yes moreover I try to reach 750 girls fucked before 2016. »
« I am not a sex thing.
– Neither do I. But why do you speak to me about that? That makes you look a little insecure
all the same. » (It also works when you synchronize on negation)


It is all the same much funnier to show them how much their questions are absurd and to
avoid getting stuck in the embarrassment of shitty justifications to try to prove them your
value like a knight who would kill a dragon to be entitled to a kiss on the cheek on behalf of a
princess. And then it is better than answering « shut up biatch » as I’m used to do. Self control
Any woman is a discovery and can surprise you (for the better or for the worse). I always
have hoped to meet a girl who is going to make me have fun! Even if it is my tenth silly bitch
of the day… I continue for the eleventh who will (maybe) be an adorable small cocksucker,
funny, sexy, open-minded AND WHO KNOWS HOW TO CHOOSE BEAUTIFUL
UNDERWEAR. It’s important all the same. That’s it the point of the game according to me
and this is the way I advise you to live it!!! To thank her for being so cool and attractive, I
shall lick her during hmmm… 20 minutes ! ;)
See you soon on the field !
For more advice to don’t let women work you up, I suggest you to read this ebook.


The importance of the first name in communication
If you read my blog (or even my competitors), you must know that seduction is a kind of path
divided into several stages. The attraction, the comfort, the isolation, etc. And you must also
know that these stages are themselves divided into several sub-stages. One of them is very
important and nevertheless I did not find much in the literature of the community of the
seduction about the importance of the FIRST NAME.
I am not saying that you cannot screw a girl without knowing her first name (although I don’t
remember that it already happened to me but in theory it is possible). I am just saying that our
first name has a kind of power on us and that it would be stupid to don’t use it to distinguish
yourself from the crowd, in seduction.
I can explain.
The anchoring
How would you think if you did not know words? You could certainly go out buying
condoms but what would you say to yourself while going there?
It is very important to be able to name actions, things and people. A name on a face and hop it
is not any more the unknown. It is not anymore « the crowd ».
Besides, our first name is often the first word known and memorized by the baby. It thus
creates a particular connection with people who use our first name to talk to us.
Have you already heard anybody saying your first name without talking to you? Nevertheless
you certainly turned around or at least felt concerned at this moment. It was stronger than
you! Even if you are not the only one Julien or the only Estelle on Earth.
If, in a club, you go from group to group, do not forget to ask for the first name of the girls
(and even of the guys) after the first contact. It will then be easier for you to come back
talking to them. And they will feel very flattered that you remembered their first name. Don’t
give at once your first name, wait that they ask to you for it.


Because if « she » does so, especially spontaneously, it is an indicator of interest. Do not then
forget to give her your hand to add a kino to this interaction and make yourself much nicer to
her (the power of the touched). I develop the importance of the touch of the hand in my book
about Fast Seduction (the art of quick sex). Alpha handshake not like a great lump (a couch
By making the effort to ask for the first names and to give yours most of the time, you will so
create a particular link with the attractive waitresses, the bakers and the girls who often go out
at night. It is a good beginning! You will not anymore be the average customer in their eyes.
We name what we know ! And we know what we name ! (or almost)
And when you will see them again, you will be able to put them back very easily in a good
state of mind by using their first names. Furthermore, by knowing the first name of a girl, you
can talk to her friends « you too are a friend of Sophie? » They grant much more easily their
confidence (trust) to a « friend » of friend.
It will thus be necessary to remember a lot of first names. For example, at the party of the new
year of the last year, I learnt 32 first names. And I remembered them. Every single one. I’m
not telling it to brag, nor to persuade that I am a mentalist, it is to show you that it is possible
(and that it is not very difficult with a little of training and motivation). Know that it always
makes an effect on people! Besides, they often feel quite bad « and you btw what is your first
name again? »
How to remember first names?
First of all, do not think of what you’ll say after having asked for their identities. When you
ask for « her » first name, concentrate and memorize it. Be attentive and if you did not heard
well, do not hesitate to make her repeat! It is better than asking again one hour later!!! When
she said it, repeat it by looking at her in eyes, say something like « nice to meet you
Bérengère. »
You can also use mnemonics, like associating her with an animal which name begins with the
same letter as her first name either with a character (like Caroline the Tortoise). For example:
Lara the rabbit, Marie the marmot, Sarah the bitch (oops!) or with an adjective: Aurore the
horrible, Malika the malignant, etc…. Capisch?


Do not do it too often either but pronounce from time to time the first names. You will notice
that it has a positive effect on people. They will find you nicer and will thus reach more easily
your requests. And not only in seduction but at work and somewhere else also… especially if
other people do not do it! It is some basic psychology/communication tips!
And then
When you took her number, register with her first name to don’t forget it later when you will
want to write it to her in a text. Also note the name of her friends, why not, as well as some
information gleaned on people (in a pad or a memo pad). So, you can feed the conversation
with them easily later without being thought of as a weirdo « then, do you have your license
now? » Or « so, did your sister have her high school diploma)? » They will find you very
concerned and will like very much that you are interested in them!
Do not overestimate your memory: the first names of the New Year, I have already forgotten
half of them.
Conclusion: using the first name of the girls will allow you to establish a reliable link more
quickly and then to reactivate the anchoring of your first good impression on them. Especially
when you will have spoken to them, just briefly.
– Do not expect that they always remember your first name in return. Do not take offence in
this case and tease them!
– Pay attention on the blunders: an error would make you lose points (even if that can allow to
approach but well it is not very « ahhhh it is not you Marine, fuck, I took you for another one,
how are you btw? » that is weird.
Good luck on the field naughty boys !
PS = I never forget a thing, especially not a naked chick.


Seduction is child’s play (transactional analysis)
I begin this article with an enticing play on words: seduction, it’s child’s play. HAHAHA !
(you’ll understand)
Well, enough of provocation. I’m not saying that it is an easy discipline, especially after all
the efforts you certainly done to find an infallible method to seduce women. I’m just saying
that it helps to keep your child’s soul (or to reconnect with it) to get your own way.
The other morning, there was a kid at my office. The son of my boss. Well, the girls were
quite completely on him. I’m not saying that he would have been able to fuck them (too tiny
dick anyway) but at least he managed to draw their attention and to move them. Why a 6year-old kid would be able to do that and not us? What can we learn from children and
animals (because yeah… drum roll… it works also with a small cat or a small too cute dog) ?
The day lesson
When I observe my Argentine mastiff or my little cat, I notice that if I managed to have the
same manners, to be so uninhibited, I shall be the best womanizer of the world. When they
approach a woman: no disproportionate ego (even the cat) they go for it there, smell their ass,
casual, rub themselves, sociable, good-humored, no fear of rejection, no shame, spontaneous,
touching… In other words: they manage almost always to be caressed.
Aren’t we animals too? When a dog or a cat wants to couple it adopt an aggressive game. It is
thus the society that wants to make of us honeyed pussies. One more argument to support
that this game I practise and that I teach on this blog is the best: it is natural. Instinctive.
But we are not for all that dogs!!! You are not going to throw yourself on the girls by trying to
fornicate their legs. Sure. But it is not what I propose you! We are all the same civilized (for
some), it would be absurd to act as animals (regression) and we do not want to embarrass
them (that would waste everything). We thus need to find a compromise!


Transactional analysis
Let’s see more in detail how childish behavior can strengthen your game. For that purpose, we
are going to lean on the famous Transactional analysis of the American psychiatrist Eric
Berne (remember, we have already turned to it on this blog).
Transactional analysis (abbreviated to TA), is a theory in psychology that examines the
interactions, or ‘transactions’, between a person and other people. The underlying precept is
that humans are social creatures and that a person is a multi-faceted being that changes
when in contact with another person in their world. Canadian-born US psychiatrist Eric
Berne developed the concept and paradigm of TA in the late 1950s.
Transactional analysis integrates the theories of psychology and psychotherapy because it
has elements of psychoanalytic, humanist and cognitive ideas. TA was first developed in the
late 1950s by Canadian-born US psychiatrist Eric Berne.
According to the International Transactional Analysis Association, TA ‘is a theory of
personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change’.
As a theory of personality, TA describes how people are structured psychologically. It uses
what is perhaps its best known model, the ego-state (Parent-Adult-Child) model, to do this.
The same model helps explain how people function and express their personality in their
As Berne set his Psychology up, there are four life positions that a person can hold and
holding a particular psychological position has profound implications for how an individual
operationalizes his or her life. The positions are stated as:
1. I’m OK and you are OK. This is the healthiest position about life and it means that I feel
good about myself and that I feel good about others and their competence.
2. I’m OK and you are not OK. In this position I feel good about myself but I see others as
damaged or less than and it is usually not healthy,
3. I’m not OK and you are OK. In this position the person sees him/herself as the weak
partner in relationships as the others in life are definitely better than the self. The person who
holds this position will unconsciously accept abuse as OK.


4. I’m not OK and you are not OK. This is the worst position to be in as it means that I believe
that I am in a terrible state and the rest of the world is as bad. Consequently there is no hope
for any ultimate supports.
It is a theory of communication that can be extended to the analysis of systems and
It offers a theory for child development by explaining how our adult patterns of life originated
in childhood. This explanation is based on the idea of a « Life (or Childhood) Script »: the
assumption that we continue to re-play childhood strategies, even when this results in pain or
defeat. Thus it claims to offer a theory of psychopathology.
In practical application, it can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of many types of
psychological disorders and provides a method of therapy for individuals, couples, families
and groups.
Outside the therapeutic field, it has been used in education to help teachers remain in clear
communication at an appropriate level, in counseling and consultancy, in management and
communications training and by other bodies.
Philosophy :
People are OK; thus each person has validity, importance, equality of respect.
Positive reinforcement increases feelings of being OK.
All people have a basic lovable core and a desire for positive growth.
Everyone (with only few exceptions, such as the severely brain-damaged) has the capacity to
All of the many facets of an individual have a positive value for them in some way.
People decide their story and destiny, therefore these decisions can be changed.
All emotional difficulties are curable.
Freedom from historical maladaptations embedded in the childhood script is required in
order to become free of inappropriate, inauthentic and displaced emotions which are not a
fair and honest reflection of here-and-now life (such as echoes of childhood suffering, pity-me
and other mind games, compulsive behaviour and repetitive dysfunctional life patterns).


The aim of change under TA is to move toward autonomy (freedom from childhood script),
spontaneity, intimacy, problem solving as opposed to avoidance or passivity, cure as an ideal
rather than merely making progress and learning new choices.
TA is a neo-Freudian theory of personality. Berne’s ego states are heavily influenced by
Freud’s id, ego and super-ego, although they do not precisely correspond with them. A
primary difference between Berne and Freud is the former’s treatment of the observable
transactions known as « games ». A number of books popularized TA in the general public
but did little to gain acceptance in the conventional psychoanalytic community. TA is
considered by its adherents to be a more user-friendly and accessible model than the
conventional psychoanalytic model. A number of modern-day TA practitioners emphasize the
similarities with cognitive-behavioural models while others emphasize different models.
TA is not only post-Freudian but, according to its founder’s wishes, consciously extraFreudian. That is to say that, while it has its roots in psychoanalysis, since Berne was a
psychoanalytically-trained psychiatrist, it was designed as a dissenting branch of
psychoanalysis in that it put its emphasis on transactional rather than « psycho- » analysis.
With its focus on transactions, TA shifted the attention from internal psychological dynamics
to the dynamics contained in people’s interactions. Rather than believing that increasing
awareness of the contents of unconsciously held ideas was the therapeutic path, TA
concentrated on the content of people’s interactions with each other. Changing these
interactions was TA’s path to solving emotional problems.
TA also differs from Freudian analysis in explaining that an individual’s final emotional state
is the result of inner dialogue between different parts of the psyche, as opposed to the
Freudian hypothesis that imagery is the overriding determinant of inner emotional state. (For
example, depression may be due to ongoing critical verbal messages from the inner Parent to
the inner Child.) Berne believed that it is relatively easy to identify these inner dialogues and
that the ability to do so is parentally suppressed in early childhood.
In addition, Berne believed in making a commitment to « curing » his patients rather than just
understanding them. To that end he introduced one of the most important aspects of TA: the
contract—an agreement entered into by both client and therapist to pursue specific changes
that the client desires.


Revising Freud’s concept of the human psyche as composed of the id, ego, and super-ego,
Berne postulated in addition three « ego states »—the Parent, Adult, and Child states—which
were largely shaped through childhood experiences. These three are all part of Freud’s ego;
none represent the id or the superego.
Unhealthy childhood experiences can lead to these being pathologically fixated in the Child
and Parent ego states, bringing discomfort to an individual and/or others in a variety of
forms, including many types of mental illness.
Berne considered how individuals interact with one another, and how the ego states affect
each set of transactions. Unproductive or counterproductive transactions were considered to
be signs of ego state problems. Analyzing these transactions according to the person’s
individual developmental history would enable the person to « get better ». Berne thought that
virtually everyone has something problematic about their ego states and that negative
behaviour would not be addressed by « treating » only the problematic individual.
Berne identified a typology of common counterproductive social interactions, identifying
these as « games ».
Berne presented his theories in two popular books on transactional analysis: Games People
Play (1964) and What Do You Say After You Say Hello? (1975). I’m OK, You’re OK (1969),
written by Berne’s long-time friend Thomas Anthony Harris, is probably the most popular TA
By the 1970s, because of TA’s non-technical and non-threatening jargon and model of the
human psyche, many of its terms and concepts were adopted by eclectic therapists as part of
their individual approaches to psychotherapy. It also served well as a therapy model for
groups of patients, or marital/family counselees, where interpersonal (rather than
intrapersonal) disturbances were the focus of treatment. Critics have charged that TA—
especially as loosely interpreted by those outside the more formal TA community—is a
pseudoscience, when it is in fact better understood as a philosophy.
TA’s popularity in the U.S. waned in the 1970s, but it retains some popularity elsewhere in
the world. The more dedicated TA purists banded together in 1964 with Berne to form a
research and professional accrediting body, the International Transactional Analysis
Association, or ITAA.


Leaving psychoanalysis half a century ago, Eric Berne presented transactional analysis to the
world as a phenomenological approach supplementing Freud’s philosophical construct with
observable data. His theory built on the science of Wilder Penfield and René Spitz along with
the neo-psychoanalytic thought of people such as Paul Federn, Edoardo Weiss, and Erik
Erikson. By moving to an interpersonal motivational theory, he placed it both in opposition to
the psychoanalytic traditions of his day and within what would become the psychoanalytic
traditions of the future.
From Berne, transactional analysts have inherited a determination to create an accessible
and user-friendly system, an understanding of script or life-plan, ego states, transactions, and
a theory of groups.
Within the overarching framework of transactional analysis, more recent transactional
analysts have developed several different and overlapping theories of Transactional Analysis:
cognitive, behavioural, relational, redecision, integrative, constructivist, narrative, bodywork, positive psychological, personality adaptational, self-reparenting, psychodynamic, and
Some transactional analysts highlight the many things they have in common with Cognitive
behavioral therapy: the use of contracts with clear goals, the attention to cognitive distortions
(called « Adult decontamination » or « Child deconfusion »), the focus on the client’s
conscious attitudes and behaviours and the use of « strokes ».
Cognitive-based transactional analysts use ego state identification to identify communication
distortions and teach different functional options in the dynamics of communication. Some
make additional contracts for more profound work involving life plans or scripts or with
unconscious processes, including those which manifest in the client-therapist relationship as
transference and countertransference, and define themselves as psychodynamic or relational
transactional analysts. Some highlight the study and promotion of subjective well-being and
optimal human functioning rather than pathology and so identify with positive psychology.
Some are increasingly influenced by current research in attachment, mother-infant
interaction, and by the implications of interpersonal neurobiology and non-linear dynamic


Many of the core TA models and concepts can be categorised into :
– Structural analysis – analysis of the individual psyche
– Transactional analysis proper – analysis of interpersonal transactions based on structural
analysis of the individuals involved in the transaction
– Game analysis – repeating sequences of transactions that lead to a predetermined outcome
subconsciously agreed to by the parties involved in the game
– Script analysis – a life plan that may involve long-term involvement in particular games in
order to reach the life pay-off of the individual
These concepts can be understood as follows:
At any given time, a person experiences and manifests his or her personality through a
mixture of behaviours, thoughts, and feelings. Typically, according to TA, there are three egostates that people consistently use:
– ‘Parent (« exteropsyche »):’ a state in which people behave, feel, and think in response to
an unconscious mimicking of how their parents (or other parental figures) acted, or how they
interpreted their parent’s actions. For example, a person may shout at someone out of
frustration because they learned from an influential figure in childhood the lesson that this
seemed to be a way of relating that worked.
– ‘Adult (« neopsyche »):’ a state of the ego which is most like an artificially intelligent
system processing information and making predictions about major emotions that could affect
its operation. Learning to strengthen the Adult is a goal of TA. While a person is in the Adult
ego state, he/she is directed towards an objective appraisal of reality.
– ‘Child (« archaeopsyche »):’ a state in which people behave, feel, and think similarly to
how they did in childhood. For example, a person who receives a poor evaluation at work
may respond by looking at the floor and crying or pouting, as when scolded as a child.
Conversely, a person who receives a good evaluation may respond with a broad smile and a
joyful gesture of thanks. The Child is the source of emotions, creation, recreation,
spontaneity, and intimacy.
Berne differentiated his Parent, Adult, and Child ego states from actual adults, parents, and
children, by using capital letters when describing them. These ego states may or may not
represent the relationships that they act out.


For example, in the workplace, an adult supervisor may take on the Parent role, and scold an
adult employee as though he were a Child. Or a child, using the Parent ego-state, could scold
her actual parent as though the parent were a Child.
Within each of these ego states are subdivisions. Thus Parental figures are often either more
nurturing (permission-giving, security-giving) or more criticising (comparing to family
traditions and ideals in generally negative ways); Childhood behaviours are either more
natural (free) or more adapted to others. These subdivisions categorize individuals’ patterns
of behaviour, feelings, and ways of thinking, which can be functional (beneficial or positive)
or dysfunctional/counterproductive (negative).
Berne states that there are four types of diagnosis of ego states. They are: « behavioural »
diagnosis, « social » diagnosis, « historical » diagnosis, and « phenomenological » diagnosis.
A complete diagnosis would include all four types. It has subsequently been demonstrated that
there is a fifth type of diagnosis, namely « contextual », because the same behaviour will be
diagnosed differently according to the context of the behaviour.
Ego states do not correspond directly to Sigmund Freud’s Ego, Superego, and Id, although
there are obvious parallels: Superego/Parent; Ego/Adult; Id/Child. Ego states are consistent
for each person, and (argue TA practitioners) are more observable than the components of
Freud’s model. In other words, the ego state from which someone is communicating is evident
in his or her behaviour, manner. and expression.
There is no « universal » ego state. For example, each Child ego state is unique to the
childhood experiences, mentality, intellect, and family of each individual; it is not a
generalized childlike state.
One ego state can become contaminated from another ego state. For example, when a person
mistakes Parental rules and slogans for here-and-now Adult reality (the Adult ego state has
become contaminated with the Parent), and when beliefs are taken as facts (the Adult ego
state has become contaminated with the Child). Or when a person ‘knows’ that everyone is
laughing at him because ‘they always laughed’. This would be an example of a childhood
contamination (a Child contamination of the Adult), as here-and-now reality is being overlaid
with memories of historic incidents in childhood.


Ego-state symbiosis is also possible according to Berne. In a symbiotic relationship, one
participant borrows an ego state from the other participant and incorporates it into his or her
personality. For instance, soldiers may absolve themselves of the question of the morality of
their actions by deferring to their superiors. In this case, the soldier has incorporated the
superior’s Parent ego state into his own persona (e.g. Banality of evil).
Although TA theory claims that ego states do not correspond directly to thinking, feeling, and
judging, as these processes are present in every ego state, this claim appears to be selfcontradictory to the claim that the Adult is like a computer processing information, therefore
not feeling unless it is contaminated by the Child. A deeper understanding of TA is necessary
in order to resolve this paradox. For example, Berne discusses how each ego state (Parent,
Adult, and Child) can be perceived to be a further division of Parent-Adult-Child within the
ego state itself. ‘Born to Win’ discusses how one of the goals of TA is to achieve integration of
the other ego states into the Adult (an integrated Adult ego state) so that the awareness of the
entire persona is elevated to the level of the Adult’s perception of reality.
Berne suspected that Parent, Adult, and Child ego states might be tied to specific areas of the
human brain; an idea that has not been proven.
The three ego-state model has been questioned by a TA group in Australia, who have devised
a two ego-state model as a means of solving perceived theoretical problems:
« The two ego-state model says that there is a Child ego state and a Parent ego state, placing
the Adult ego state with the Parent ego state. […] How we learn to speak, add up and learn
how to think is all just copied from our teachers, just as our morals and values are copied
from our parents. There is no absolute truth where facts exist outside a person’s own belief
system. Berne mistakenly concluded that there was and thus mistakenly put the Adult ego state
as separate from the Parent ego state. » It is not clear, however, whether the concept of a
learned perception of reality is counter-indicative to Berne’s theory of identifiably separate
modes of rational and moral thought.
‘Transactions’ are the flow of communication, and more specifically the unspoken
psychological flow of communication that runs parallel to spoken communication.
Transactions occur simultaneously at both explicit and psychological levels.


An example would be a sentence spoken in a sweet caring voice but with sarcastic intent. To
read the real communication requires both surface and non-verbal reading.
‘Strokes’ are the recognition, attention or responsiveness that one person gives another.
Strokes can be positive (nicknamed ‘warm fuzzies’) or negative (‘cold pricklies’). A key idea
is that people hunger for recognition, and that lacking positive strokes, will seek whatever
kind of recognition they can get, even if it is recognition of a negative kind. We test out as
children what strategies and behaviours seem to get us strokes, of whatever kind we can get.
People often create pressure in (or experience pressure from) others to communicate in a way
that matches their style, so that a boss who talks to his staff as a controlling parent will often
engender self-abasement or other childlike responses. Those employees who resist may be
removed or labelled as trouble-makers.
Transactions can be experienced as positive or negative, depending on the nature of the
strokes within them. However, a negative transaction is often preferred to no transaction at
all, because of a fundamental hunger for ‘strokes’.
The nature of transactions is important to understanding communication.
There are basically three kinds of transactions:
1. Reciprocal/Complementary (the simplest)
2. Crossed
3. Ulterior – Duplex/Angular (the most complex)
A simple reciprocal transaction occurs when both partners are addressing the ego state the
other is in. These are also called complementary transactions. Example 1
A: ‘Have you written the report?’ (Adult to Adult
B: ‘Yes – I’m about to email it to you.’ (Adult to Adult)
Example 2:
A: ‘Would you like to skip this meeting and go watch a film with me instead?’ (Child to Child
B: ‘I’d love to – I don’t want to work anymore. What should we go and see?’ (Child to Child)


Example 3:
A: ‘You should have your room tidy by now!’ (Parent to Child)
B: ‘Will you stop hassling me? I’ll do it eventually!’ (Child to Parent)
Communication like this can continue indefinitely. Clearly it will stop at some stage, but this
psychologically balanced exchange of strokes can continue for some time.
Communication failures are typically caused by a ‘crossed transaction’ where partners
address ego states other than the one their partner is in. Consider these examples.
Example 1a:
A: ‘Have you written that report?’ (Adult to Adult)
B: ‘Will you stop hassling me? I’ll do it eventually!’ (Child to Parent)
This is a crossed transaction likely to produce problems in the workplace. ‘A’ may respond
with a Parent-to-Child transaction; for instance:
A: ‘If you don’t change your attitude, you’ll get fired.’
Example 2a:
A: ‘ »Is your room tidy yet?’ (Parent to Child)
B: ‘I’m just going to do it, actually.’ (Adult to Adult)
This is a more positive crossed transaction. There is, however, the risk that ‘A’ will feel
aggrieved that ‘B’ is acting responsibly and not playing their expected role, and the
conversation will develop into:
A: ‘I can never trust you to do things!’ (Parent to Child)
B: ‘Why don’t you believe anything I say?’ (Child to Parent)
This can also continue indefinitely.
Another class of transaction is the ulterior transaction, where the explicit social conversation
occurs in parallel with an implicit psychological transaction; for instance
A: ‘I need you to stay late at the office with me.’ (Adult words), body language indicates
sexual intent (flirtatious Child)
B: ‘Of course.’ (Adult response to Adult statement), winking or grinning (Child accepts the
hidden motive).


In TA theory, ‘Life Position’ refers to the general attitude about life (specifically the
subconscious feeling as opposed to a conscious philosophical position) that colours every
dyadic (i.e., person-to-person) transaction. Initially four such Life Positions were proposed:
1. I’m not OK, You’re OK (I-U+)
2. I’m not OK, You’re not OK (I-U-)
3. « I’m OK, You’re not OK (I+U-)
4. I’m OK, You’re OK (I+U+)
Australian TA analyst Tony White claimed that in order to better represent the Life Position
behind disorders that were not allegedly as widespread and/or recognised at the time when
TA was conceptualised as they are now (such as borderline personality disorder and
narcissistic personality disorder), the above list requires alteration. Also, two additional Life
Positions are proposed:
1. I’m not OK, You’re OK (I-U+)
2. I’m not OK, You’re not OK » (I-U-), m,m,
3. I’m not OK, but You’re worse (I-U–)
4. I’m not-OK, You’re irrelevant (I-U?)
5. I’m a bit more OK than You are (I++U+)
6. I’m OK, You’re OK (I+U+)
7. I’m OK, You’re irrelevant (I+U?)
The difference between one’s own OK-ness and other’s OK-ness captured by the description
‘I’m OK, You’re not OK’ is substituted by a description that more accurately captures one’s
own feeling (not jumping to conclusions based only on one’s perceived behaviour), therefore
stating the difference in a new way: ‘I’m not OK, but you’re worse’ (I-U–).
Berne further developed life-position theory to include more complex three-cornered life
positions such as: I’m OK, You’re OK, They’re not OK
In children, responses such as ‘Let’s go and play and then we’ll deal with those not-OK
people later’ may be expected from this position, whereas in adults this position may lead to
gang criminality.
Life (or childhood) script :
– Script is a life plan, directed to a reward.


Script is decisional and responsive; i.e., decided upon in childhood in response to

perceptions of the world and as a means of living with and making sense of the world. It is not
just thrust upon a person by external forces.
– Script is reinforced by parents (or other influential figures and experiences).
– Script is for the most part outside awareness.
– Script is how we navigate and what we look for, the rest of reality is redefined (distorted) to
match our filters.
Each culture, country and people in the world has a Mythos, that is, a legend explaining its
origins, core beliefs and purpose. According to TA, so do individual people. A person begins
writing his/her own life story (script) at a young age, as he/she tries to make sense of the
world and his place within it. Although it is revised throughout life, the core story is selected
and decided upon typically by age 7. As adults it passes out of awareness. A life script might
be « to be hurt many times, and suffer and make others feel bad when I die », and could result
in a person indeed setting himself up for this, by adopting behaviours in childhood that
produce exactly this effect. Though Berne identified several dozen common scripts, there are
a practically infinite number of them. Scripts discussed in psychotherapy are mostly
destructive as the patient’s script is psychopathological, however scripts may just as easily be
mostly positive or beneficial.
Redefining and discounting :
– Redefining means the distortion of reality when we deliberately (but unconsciously) distort
things to match our preferred way of seeing the world. Thus a person whose script involves
« struggling alone against a cold hard world » may redefine others’ kindness, concluding that
others are trying to get something by manipulation.
– Discounting means, to take something as, worth less than it is. Thus to give a substitute
reaction which does not originate as a here-and-now Adult attempt to solve an actual
problem, or to choose not to see evidence that would contradict one’s script. Types of
discount can also include: passivity (doing nothing), over-adaptation, agitation,
incapacitation, anger and violence.
Injunctions and drivers : TA identifies twelve key injunctions which people commonly build
into their scripts. These are injunctions in the sense of being powerful « I can’t/mustn’t … »
messages that embed into a child’s belief and life-script:
– Don’t be (will not exist)


– Don’t be who you are (Don’t Be You)
– Don’t be a child
– Don’t grow u
– Don’t make it in your life (Don’t Succeed)
– Don’t do anything!
– Don’t be important
– Don’t belong
– Don’t be close
– Don’t be well (don’t be sane!)
– Don’t think
– Don’t feel.
In addition, there is the so-called episcript:
« You should (or deserve to) have this happen in your life, so it doesn’t have to happen to
me. » (Magical thinking on the part of the parent(s).)
Against these, a child is often told other things he or she must do. There is debate as to
whether there are five or six of these ‘drivers’:
– Please me/others!
– Be perfect!
– Be Strong!
– Try Hard
– Hurry Up!
– Be Careful! (is in dispute)
Thus in creating his script, a child will often attempt to juggle these, example: « It’s okay for
me to go on living (ignore don’t exist) so long as I try hard ».
This explains why some change is inordinately difficult. To continue the above example:
When a person stops trying hard and relaxes to be with his family, the injunction You don’t
have the right to exist which was being suppressed by their script now becomes exposed and a
vivid threat. Such an individual may feel a massive psychological pressure which he himself
doesn’t understand, to return to trying hard, in order to feel safe and justified (in a childlike
way) in existing.


Driver behaviour is also detectable at a very small scale, for instance in instinctive responses
to certain situations where driver behaviour is played out over five to twenty seconds.
Broadly speaking, scripts can fall into Tragic, Heroic or Banal (or Non-Winner) varieties,
depending on their rules.
There are six ways of structuring time by giving and receiving strokes:
1. Withdrawal
2. Ritual
3. Pastimes
4. Activity
5. Games
6. Intimacy
This is sorted in accordance with stroke strength; Intimacy and Games in general allow for
the most intensive strokes. Berne actually ordered them: Withdrawal, Ritual, Activity,
Pastimes, Games, Intimacy.
Withdrawal : This means no strokes are being exchanged
Rituals : A ritual is a series of transactions that are complementary (reciprocal), stereotyped
and based on social programming. Rituals usually comprise a series of strokes exchanged
between two parties.
For instance, two people may have a daily two stroke ritual, where, the first time they meet
each day, each one greets the other with a « Hi ». Others may have a four stroke ritual, such
A: Hi!
B: Hi! How are you?
A: Getting along. What about you?
B: Fine. See you around.
The next time they meet in the day, they may not exchange any strokes at all, or may just
acknowledge each other’s presence with a curt nod.


Some phenomena associated with daily rituals:
– If a person exchanges fewer strokes than expected, the other person may feel that he is
either preoccupied or acting high and mighty.
– If a person exchanges more strokes than expected, the other person might wonder whether
he is trying to butter him up or get on good terms for some vested interests.
– If two people do not meet for a long time, a backlog of strokes gets built up, so that the next
time they meet, they may exchange a large number of strokes to catch up.
A pastime is a series of transactions that is complementary (reciprocal), semi-ritualistic, and
is mainly intended as a time-structuring activity. Pastimes have no covert purpose and can
usually be carried out only between people on the same wavelength. They are usually shallow
and harmless. Pastimes are a type of smalltalk.
Individuals often partake in similar pastimes throughout their entire life, as pastimes are
generally very much linked to one’s life script and the games that one often plays. Some
pastimes can even be understood as a reward for playing a certain game. For example, Eric
Berne in Games People Play discusses how those who play the « Alcoholic » game (i.e.,
alcoholics, their Persecutors and their enablers) often enjoy the « Morning After » pastime in
which participants share their most amusing or harrowing hangover stories.
Activities in this context mean the individuals work together for a common goal. This may be
work, sports or something similar. In contrast to Pastimes, there is a meaningful purpose
guiding the interactions, while Pastimes are just about exchanging strokes. Strokes can then
be given in the context of the cooperation. Thus the strokes are generally not personal, but
related to the activity.
Intimacy as a way of structuring time allows one to exchange the strongest strokes without
playing a Game. Intimacy differs from Games as there is no covert purpose, and differs from
Activities as there is no other process going on which defines a context of cooperation.
Strokes are personal, relating to the other person, and often unconditional.


A game is a series of transactions that is complementary (reciprocal), ulterior, and proceeds
towards a predictable outcome. Games are always characterized by a switch in roles of
players towards the end. Games are always played by Parent and Child ego states, and
games can have any number of players; however, an individual’s role can shift, and people
within games can play multiple roles. If a person uses their Adult in a game then this would
be a manoeuvre and not a game on the part of the person using their Adult ego state. Adult
functioning is conscious. Game playing is out of awareness.
Berne identified dozens of games, noting that, regardless of when, where or by whom they
were played, each game tended towards very similar structures in how many players or roles
were involved, the rules of the game, and the game’s goals.
Each game has a payoff for those playing it, such as the aim of earning sympathy,
satisfaction, vindication, or some other emotion that usually reinforces the life script. The
antithesis of a game, that is, the way to break it, lies in discovering how to deprive the actors
of their payoff.
Students of transactional analysis have discovered that people who are accustomed to a game
are willing to play it even as a different « actor » from what they originally were.
One important aspect of a game is its number of players. Games may be two handed (that is,
played by two players), three handed (that is, played by three players), or many handed.
Three other quantitative variables are often useful to consider for games:
– Flexibility: The ability of the players to change the currency of the game (that is, the tools
they use to play it). In a flexible game, players may shift from words, to money, to parts of the
– Tenacity: The persistence with which people play and stick to their games and their
resistance to breaking it.
– Intensity: Easy games are games played in a relaxed way. Hard games are games played in
a tense and aggressive way.
Based on the degree of acceptability and potential harm, games are classified as:
– First Degree Games are socially acceptable in the players’ social circle.
– Second Degree Games are games that the players would like to conceal, though they may
not cause irreversible damage.


– Third Degree Games are games that could lead to drastic harm to one or more of the
parties concerned.
Games are also studied based on their:
– Aim
– Roles
– Social and Psychological Paradigms
– Dynamics
– Advantages to players (Payoffs)
Transactional game analysis is fundamentally different from rational or mathematical game
analysis in the following senses:
– The players do not always behave rationally in transactional analysis, but behave more like
real people.
– Their motives are often ulterior.
Here are some of the most commonly found themes of games described in Games People Play
by Eric Berne:
– YDYB: Why Don’t You, Yes But. Historically, the first game discovered.
– IFWY: If It Weren’t For You
– WAHM: Why does this Always Happen to Me? (setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy)
– SWYMD: See What You Made Me Do
– UGMIT: You Got Me Into This
– LHIT: Look How Hard I’ve Tried
– ITHY: I’m Only Trying to Help You (becoming a neglected martyr)
– LYAHF: Let’s You and Him Fight (staging a love triangle)
– NIGYYSOB / NIGYSOB: Now I’ve Got You, You Son Of a Bitch (escalating minor
disagreements or errors into major interpersonal conflicts)
– RAPO: A woman falsely cries ‘rape’ or threatens to; related to Buzz Off Buster, a milder
version in which a woman flirts with a man and then rejects his advances
Berne argued that the logic of games is wholly subjective; one person’s Parent state might
interact with another’s Child, rather than as Adult to Adult.


Games can also be analysed according to the Karpman drama triangle, that is, by the roles of
Persecutor, Victim and Rescuer. The ‘switch’ is then when one of these having allowed stable
roles to become established, suddenly switches role. The Victim becomes a Persecutor, and
throws the previous Persecutor into the Victim role, or the Rescuer suddenly switches to
become a Persecutor (« You never appreciate me helping you! »).
The first such game theorized was Why don’t you/Yes, but in which one player (White) would
pose a problem as if seeking help, and the other player(s) (Black) would offer solutions (the
« Why don’t you? » suggestion). This game was noticed as many patients played it in therapy
and psychiatry sessions, and inspired Berne to identify other interpersonal « games ».
White would point out a flaw in every Black player’s solution (the « Yes, but » response), until
they all gave up in frustration. For example, if someone’s life script was « to be hurt many
times, and suffer and make others feel bad when I die » a game of « Why Don’t You, Yes But »
might proceed as follows
– White: I wish I could lose some weight
– Black: Why don’t you join a gym
– White: Yes but, I can’t afford the payments for a gym
– Black: Why don’t you speed walk around your block after you get home from work
– White: Yes but, I don’t dare walk alone in my neighborhood after dark
– Black: Why don’t you take the stairs at work instead of the elevator?
« Why Don’t You, Yes But » can proceed indefinitely, with any number of players in the Black
role, until Black’s imagination is exhausted, and she can think of no other solutions. At this
point, White « wins » by having stumped Black. After a silent pause following Black’s final
suggestion, the game is often brought to a formal end by a third role, Green, who makes a
comment such as, « It just goes to show how difficult it is to lose weight. »
The secondary gain for White was that he could claim to have justified his problem as
insoluble and thus avoid the hard work of internal change; and for Black, to either feel the
frustrated martyr (« I was only trying to help ») or a superior being, disrespected (« the
patient was uncooperative »).


Superficially, this game can resemble Adult to Adult interaction (people seeking information
or advice), but more often, according to Berne, the game is played by White’s helpless Child,
and Black’s lecturing Parent ego states.
Another example of Berne’s approach was his identification of the game of « Drunk » or
« Alcoholic. » As he explained it, the transactional object of the drunk, aside from the
personal pleasure obtained by drinking, could be seen as being to set up a situation where the
Child can be severely scolded not only by the internal parent but by any parental figures in
the immediate environment who are interested enough to oblige. The pattern is shown to be
similar to that in the non-alcoholic game « Schlemiel, » in which mess-making attracts
attention and is a pleasure-giving way for White to lead up to the crux, which is obtaining
forgiveness by Black.
There are a variety of organizations involved in playing ‘Alcoholic’, some of them national or
even international in scope, others local. Many of them publish rules for the game. Nearly all
of them explain how to play the role of Alcoholic: take a drink before breakfast, spend money
allotted for other purposes, etc. They also explain the function of the Rescuer role in the
game. Alcoholics Anonymous, Berne said, continues playing the actual game but concentrates
on inducing the Alcoholic to take the role of Rescuer. Former Alcoholics are preferred
because they know how the game goes, and hence are better qualified to play the supporting
role of Rescuer than people who have never played before.
According to this type of analysis, with the rise of rescue organizations that publicize
alcoholism as a disease rather than a transactional game, alcoholics have been taught to play
« Wooden Leg », a different game in which an organic ailment absolves White of blame.
A racket is the dual strategy of getting « permitted feelings, » while covering up feelings
which we truly feel, but which we regard as being « not allowed ». More technically, a racket
feeling is « a familiar set of emotions, learned and enhanced during childhood, experienced in
many different stress situations, and maladaptive as an adult means of problem solving ».


A racket is then a set of behaviours which originate from the childhood script rather than in
here-and-now full Adult thinking, which (1) are employed as a way to manipulate the
environment to match the script rather than to actually solve the problem, and (2) whose
covert goal is not so much to solve the problem, as to experience these racket feelings and feel
internally justified in experiencing them.
Examples of racket and racket feelings: « Why do I meet good guys who turn out to be so
hurtful », or « He always takes advantage of my goodwill ». The racket is then a set of
behaviours and chosen strategies learned and practised in childhood which in fact help to
cause these feelings to be experienced. Typically this happens despite their own surface
protestations and hurt feelings, out of awareness and in a way that is perceived as someone
else’s fault. One covert pay-off for this racket and its feelings, might be to gain in a guilt free
way, continued evidence and reinforcement for a childhood script belief that « People will
always let you down ».
Eric Berne’s ability to express the ideas of TA in common language and his popularisation of
the concepts in mass-market books inspired a boom of popular TA texts.
Thomas Harris’s successful popular work from the late 1960s, I’m OK, You’re OK is largely
based on Transactional Analysis. A fundamental divergence, however, between Harris and
Berne is that Berne postulates that everyone starts life in the « I’m OK » position, whereas
Harris believes that life starts out « I’m not OK, you’re OK ».
New Age author James Redfield has acknowledged Harris and Berne as important influences
in his best-seller The Celestine Prophecy (1993). The protagonists in the novel survive by
striving (and succeeding) in escaping from « control dramas » that resemble the games of TA.
The 2nd episode of the 3rd season in the 4th generation of the « My Little Pony » series is
called « Games Ponies Play » as an homage to this work.
Singer/songwriter Warren Zevon mentions Transactional Analysis in his 1980 song « Gorilla,
You’re A Desperado. » « Then the ape grew very depressed. Went through Transactional
Analysis. »


The power of children
The Child in the sense of Bern represents your spontaneous, energetic, carefree, curious,
player side,. It is this light humor that tempts you to flirt with the attractive unknown that you
have just met in the street. The Child is also this small mischievous genius who dictates your
intuition, your creativity and your capacity to manipulate.
But he is often repressed by the authoritarian Normative Parent who slumbers in you. Exactly
like earlier when you said to yourself that “it is not polite/it is absurd/it will make her
uncomfortable”. It is also the Parent who judges (often in a negative way).
However, it is well your Adult state that takes the decisions. Thus, it’s up to you if you want
to reconcile yourself with the child who slumbers in you.
Conclusion : be Parent in the situations that deserve it. But, in seduction, be also a little bit a
child. Remember what said Neil Strauss in The Game about child’s soul: « I knew just what to
do: fake them out with a couple of the practical jokes and pseudomagic tricks I’d learned in
elementary school. In the field, one quickly learns that everything that was funny at age ten is
funny all over again. »
For a concrete example if you want to observe somebody who switch well between these two
states: Patrick Jane in Mentalist. His eyes, his naughty smile and his gift for magic tricks, the
whole coated by a suit of responsible adult, turn them on.
Next time, thus let the cherub who slumbers in you express!


Why she is not sleeping with you
This article has been written and translated by Virginie.
Hi everybody !
Today I’m going to speak to you – well, OK, it’s Fabrice who gave me the idea of the subject
– about girls who have a big mouth but who, when things become serious, reverse. Roughly,
they speak about sex (sometimes are even more trash than you) but when comes the moment
to take a « last drink » at your home or at her home, there is no longer anyone. Nor even to
agree on a second meeting. To place it chronologically, it would be later than a flake, you
have already begun to discuss, but before the last-minute resistance.
Do not expect that I give you the miracle solution so that this kind of situation doesn’t occur,
or to by-pass it. I would be very incapable of it. What I can try to do, on the other hand, it’s to
explain you why us, girls, we act so. Of course, there are heaps of reasons and, every person
being unique, they will not be the same from a girl to another one. However, it will help you,
maybe, to understand a little better the reaction – even to anticipate it, if you are really hardly
– and to accept it without feeling you too much affect in your ego of male.
Why a girl would agree to speak about sex, would show herself very open verbally speaking
for, in the end, prefer to sleep alone ? I’m going to draw up you a non-exhaustive list of
certain explanations.
– Fear of « what they will say ». In a general way, a girl who sleeps on the first date, it’s badly
seen. I don’t say that this point of view is justified. But it’s that the majority of people – as
well girls as guys – thinks. The guys maybe a little less, but, generally, the girl who sleeps
with them on the first evening will more be considered as a one-night stand than as a potential
girl friend. And, that, the girls know very well. And they don’t want this status. Being just
« one among so many others », it’s not really our drug. We like feeling unique – who does not
like it ? Thus, even if it can create some frustration at the time, many girls prefer to be held in
the word, it is less risked for their image.


– Fear of being « used ». Roughly, that the guy uses her for his own selfish pleasure and that
she takes none. I didn’t sleep with enough different guys to realize the average level in the
bed but, according to what I heard, those who are really good (and thus generous) in the bed
are rare. Thus, once more, even if it can create some frustration, be held in the word is a way
to avoid risking to feel it even more.
– Fear of going out of our zone of comfort. It’s true, the oral words are abstractions. Nothing
concrete or definitive. We can always return on what we said. While acts, them, are much
more captivating and it’s much more difficult to reverse. Thus agreeing to do something that
we are not used to do, it’s all the more difficult. The unknown frightens. At least, we learnt to
be afraid of the unknown – the parents repeat not to speak with the unknowns, among others.
– Because we are formatted since our earliest childhood. What type of story do we tell the
girls ? Fairy tales, where the poor princess (who is not there one yet), having undergone
numerous injustices, meets finally the charming prince. And it’s immediate love at first sight.
The prince does his best to conquer her and deserve her love – yes because it’s necessary to
deserve us, even if before we were just a poor girl who did the cleaning for our cruel mother
and our half-both unbearable sisters (I hope that everybody recognize that I hinted at
Cinderella otherwise, shame on you and immediately go to revise your classics !). And, may
we like or not this kind of stories, they influence us, more or less consciously. Then you
understand well that sleeping with a guy we met in nightclub, it is a little bit away from this
scenario. And by growing up, we continue to be formatted, by the media and the press. How
many girls’ stories raped by a guy met one night did we heard ? This fear is not unimportant,
but it depends partially on the city (for example, the distrust will be bigger in Marseille than
in Aix). Regarding formatting, there is also all the « gossip magazines ». Certainly, the
setbacks and the breaks sometimes hit the headlines but we can more see the « perfect »
couples. Like Brangelina or, still some times ago, Depp-Paradis. It’s influencing people, seem
to live the perfect life, professionally as personally. Then, except what magazines tell us about
the « stars », they are also filled with pages « love », « seduction », « couple », etc. I read
once in a blue moon but I have never seen the advice to sleep on the first evening. Rather, the
opposite. And because Closer or Biba know everything, we follow their advice. Especially
when they are accompanied with testimonies, thus, it strengthens their credibility.


– Because it’s not in accordance with our education. As I wrote earlier, we are conditioned to
be wary from each other – great atmosphere ! But there are also all the moral or religious
values our family passes on to us. Without going to the extreme of the ring of purity, certain
girls can feel really dirty or immoral if they give in first evening. The parental pressure can be
very heavy for some. The « friendly » pressure has some weight too. For example, I know a
girl who did not manage to keep for a long time her boyfriends. As a result, she asked one of
her friends – who is in couple for several months – how she did. Answer : waiting 3 months
before sleeping ! More than 90 days ! (hang me !). In the end, the girl says to herself: because
that worked for my friend, why not for me ? Certainly, the pressure is not the same that with
the parents. But, between girls, it is so much more beautiful to tell that our boyfriend courted
us (romantic restaurants, jewels, flowers and chocolates) to seduce us rather than to say that
we slept with him after having discussed 10 minutes in a nightclub.
Paragraph added by Fab: but how can they hope that a guy is going to wait 90 days before
sleeping with them? Or the guy is a desperate person so ready to anything for having sex or
he is going to sleep with another one (and lie) while waiting. In both cases it is the girl who
loses there. The girls would thus be attracted by badboys while saying they want (or by
forcing to have) a Nice guy for their image? Will they sleep with a PUA while making their
charming prince wait ? ;)
– Because it is an idiot who understood nothing in the life and who believes that everything is
due to her. Oops, I didn’t mean that…
Here we are, I more or less went through the reasons which can urge a girl to don’t want to go
farther with you. Generally, there is several at the time (hey yes, us, females, are complex and
mysterious beings – and especially headache, but it is what makes our charm). If ever you see
other reasons, don’t hesitate to indicate them to me in a comment.


How to handle jealousy ?
This article has been written and translated by Virginie.
Hi people !
Today I decided to tell you about an universal emotion: jealousy. Some say it is a proof of
love, others of a lack of confidence. Some assume it totally while others are ashamed of it.
Let me be very clear: if even today this feeling exists is that it is part of the genetic inheritance
of men. For evolutionists, emotions have allowed us to adapt to our environment when we
were just hunter-gatherers. So jealousy has enabled us to survive and it is thus quite natural to
feel it.
Let’s first see what’s the point of jealousy. An obvious answer would be « to keep an
exclusive relationship with our partner. » But what’s the point of it (again)? Little hint: I
spend my days crying, eating, sleeping and bedwetting. You guessed it, the solution is
« baby ». I develop a little… Humans are animals who need a long time to become an adult.
For many years, we depend on our parents. However, remember that one purpose of life is to
have descendants. It is therefore necessary to take care of these adorable babies to make sure
that our genetic heritage continues to be transmitted. You’ll ask me: and jealousy in all that?
And I would answer, but let me finish fuck! I will now develop the usefulness of jealousy by
– For the man, jealousy prevents him from expending energy and risking his life to feed
children who might not be made by him. Let’s remember that at the time developed when we
the emotion of jealousy, hunting and gathering were the only means of survival.
– For the woman, jealousy assures her children will have the entirety of their father’s hunting
product – will not have to share it with the children he would have had with other women. So
this increases the chances of survival of the children.
In summary, it is because are our most jealous ancestors passed on their genes more than the
others that this emotion is still here today.


Now that we agreed on the fact that it is normal to be jealous (to a certain extent, but I will
talk about it later), let’s see how it manifests itself. Often it starts with a « flash » when we
perceive a threat attacking the relationship. Most of the time, fear and anger mingle with this
flash. Then there are roughly four kinds of reactions :
– Anger: the individual feels frustrated (at some extend because his/her status is reached).
This can be characterized by thoughts like « who does he think he is » « He will see what I
will do so! »…
– Fear: there is the fear of loss that predominates. Often this means « and what if he (she)
leaves me? » « I do not control the situation! »…
– Sadness: characterized by a sense of abandonment and impairment of self-esteem, the
person said, « he (she) prefers another one, alas! » « I did not know how to keep him/her »…
– Shame: the person is, at once, ashamed to be jealous but also to be the loser. She thinks
« this is an unhealthy emotion », « I am a fool » …
Of course everyone is jealous in one way or another and it depends on lots of other criteria
such as the personality of the jealous person as well as that of the partner, the nature of the
rival, their education, parental models, first emotional experiences, values, commitment in the
relationship (in terms of emotional dependence and hopes for the future), insecurity (is the
other much more committed than me?), emotions (our ability to feel more or less strongly the
emotions) and attachment.
Brief aside for those who are interested: attachment is the way, child, we bind ourselves to our
parents – especially our mother. There are three main types: secure, insecure-avoidant and
insecure-ambivalent. The researchers noted that the attachment that we develop in childhood
continues throughout our lives in all our relationships. Of course, it is possible to remedy an
insecure attachment (whatever it is) by recognizing and working on what’s wrong. If you
want to know more, check out the works of Mary Ainsworth, Bowlby, Winnicott, Lorenz and
Harlow (I promise, even if they are psychologists, they are easily understandable).


Moreover, making the other jealous can be useful at two levels: first, it allows you to check
the price the other one pays to your relationship. But, also, remind him/her that you are
always desirable by others, he/she is lucky to have you and if he/she does not make you a
great present for your birthday, well it’s next! (Yes, well, OK, I’m exaggerating a little,
perhaps). This is also why a guy (or a girl) not at all jealous you do not like too much in
reality. The partner said that the other does not care about him (her). Because, admit that it is
difficult to feel jealous of someone who leaves us totally indifferent. So moral of the story: be
a little jealous sometimes, it will be good for your relationship. But be careful to don’t fall
into the other extreme and become needy, clingy, etc. First, as mentioned above, it shows a
lack of confidence and we cannot say that it is very appealing. And, secondly, I will discuss
below, this is the best way if you want your partner to cheat on you, because feeling too
As I said earlier, it is quite human to be jealous. However, from a certain threshold, this
behavior can become pathological. Here are the features:
– Monitoring: the jealous prevents the another one from going out without him. Spies his
emails and SMS …
– Restriction of contacts: prohibition on leaving, calling and veil must be worn in case of
going outside.
– Devaluation: the « victim » is held against her will in his/her role as a husband/wife and
constantly receives complaints, criticism, etc.
– Possible Sanction of adultery (or a suspicion of adultery): The jealous kills his (her) partner.
It is btw one of the most common male crimes. At first glance, this may seem illogical
because doing so prevents the jealous from having offspring. Except that, in fact, the jealous
shows to « competitors » he/she is a dominant male/female, and thus it discourages them from
attempting anything in the future. The real question is why, when there is adultery, the
husband kills the lover …? After all, there is nothing wrong with him. Maybe to eliminate all
« traces » of adultery… The question needs to be dug.
If you are a victim of jealousy or you know someone who is, be sure to talk to a professional
(psychiatrist or psychologist).


To end on something more positive, here are some tips to manage your jealousy:
– Acknowledge your jealousy, rather than denying or feeling ashamed. It is only by
recognizing that you can get to manage it. Then, as explained above, it is in your genes! (But
this is not a reason for inaction against it).
– Express your jealousy instead of doing everything to hide it. Indeed, doing so helps to show
to the other that you care about him/her (which is a good thing when you know that some are
trying to provoke jealousy of their partner – in this case it’s useless to establish a balance of
power) to warn of what makes you suffer and better control yourself because in the making,
you step back on the situation.
– Think about your suspicion, and not accuse the other of being the cause of everything. Two
scenarios: if you are not usually but with that person you’ve become jealous, ask yourself if
that person is not consciously trying to make you jealous (and in this case, flee or talk about
it!). By cons, if it’s in your nature to be, ask yourself the following questions: Have I been
traumatized by a previous infidelity? (If yes, your current partner can do nothing for you but
you can ask yourself if you are not for something in this infidelity), do I have the feeling of
not being interesting enough to keep someone ? (Self-esteem plays an important role in
jealousy and if you have a sense of inferiority, talking to a therapist could help you), do I have
a bad opinion of the fidelity of the opposite sex (or the same), and if so, where does it come
– Let the other breathe and do not fall into systematic suspicion. Imagine yourself in the shoes
of the other one: how he (she) lives your suspicions, your supervision and your interdictions.
In addition, preventing the other from breathing is the best way for making happen what
you’re scared of!
Well, I am far from having talked about every aspect of this huge subject that is jealousy but I
hope this article will help you to better understand this complex emotion (and moreover if it
helps you in your daily life, it’s that a bonus!).


Is it a good idea to demonize the seducers
in the media?
« The pick-up? The sex? These are really humiliating practices!!! We must actively denounce
them! A man who assumes that he wants to fuck? This is unacceptable ! If you try to pick a
girl up = you are an asshole, I next you. » (and he probably has AIDS)
This is the kind of speech that some chicks have. And one cannot totally blame them,
unfortunately. The thing is, there’s « weirdo » and « player ». Avoid amalgams in seduction,
like in politics. And think on the false draconian solutions that are digging an even deeper gap
between men and women. (put a condom)
Abusive generalizations: fuck your mothers
Some days ago, I approached chicks with a flirty apprentice coming from Ivory Coast. This
yuppie, polite and respectful of women, absolutely not deserve to be associated to individuals
appearing in some videos that traumatized chicks make circulate on the net to make the
gender relations become even more difficult than they currently are. Again recently, a report
on channel 6 showed a lot of women complaining of being solicited on the street. They said
they would prefer that never anyone talk to them (= no guy is interested in them?) And there
was a PUA that I like in the video, Snipe, that the production had arranged to make him look
like a total sucker.
Because it is politically correct and easy to say that : flirty = shitty asshole. Until we come out
of this shitty scheme, we will not make a step forward. Think for yourself!
There is a real risk that this evidence stigmatizes us and releases a hate-speech based on
feminism & sexism. It is therefore necessary to avoid excessive generalization, in one way or
another. These girls may not all be frustrated badly fucked chicks, perhaps they’re just
traumatized chicks who push their self-protector delirium revenge-based a bit too far.


However, I do not deny that some guys are weird or worse, very aggressive: and that’s the
image that today has the PUA. This fact penalizes all straight guys. A man approaching a
woman with grace and courtesy should in no way be associated with the riffraff who whistle
and insult chicks. And yet, we only talk about them in the media. When we say PUA, we
think sucker, liar, sex-starved …
Should we draw a line under the beautiful meetings that can be done through pick-up? I think
the next generation of guys will suffer even more than us because of fear and guilt chicks
make us feel. Besides that, « you approach on the Internet? You have no balls because you do
not dare to approach in the street » (a girl told me that once I was laughing). It is the height of
the paradox.
This guy talks to me in everyday life? He is necessarily a fool
We cannot decently blame women for being suspicious if, sometimes, they are insulted and
jostled by muzzles. Well-behaved boys then become reluctant to take the plunge while the
worst representatives of the male sex occupy the land. It’s easier to whistle a girl or call her
« bitch » than to hook for real. That’s why we have a serious problem. That’s why so many
« good » guys are frustrated.
Legally, there are repressive measures against insults and sexual harassment. Why not
applying them? With the demagogic government that we currently have, we could easily. But
no, it is more important to allow people to drive without a license.
A friend told me the other day she sometimes feels schizophrenic, « Sometimes I say to
myself that I would like that this cute guy approaches me. But if he did I would tell to myself
that he is the ‘kind’ who approaches and it would afraid me. I think I would reject him. »
The problem seems to have no solution and it will be very difficult for chicks misinformed to
share things as long as a minority of cads continue to sow doubt and mistrust between the vast
majority of men and women. Some girls claiming « feminists » have a lot of hatred against
the guys and help to raise the pressure. Think for yourself! (I have the feeling I’m repeating


What are the solutions against harassment?
Until proven otherwise, we live in a free country. As long as we do not exceed certain limits.
So I can talk to whoever I want, and the girls can dress as they want and suck my dick if they
want. There’s also the problem of girls who criticize those who have fun. Damn but it’s not
because you got a broom in the ass that you have to piss off the entire world, bitch! And all
the guys are not bad in bed as you seem to imply « sex without being in love? It’s useless. »
Pff, go throwing your frustration on another blog. I’m not condescending here, just realistic: it
would be good for this kind of chicks to enjoy sex for good. They do not like players but not
the guys without experience either … (You see I am even able to do the questions / answers
on my own now)
Should the pick-up disappear?
It seems important to me to think to avoid draconian drift that not only would not solve the
problem, but would limit to the only private (AND PROFITABLE) space the possibility of
– Dating Sites;
– Bars and clubs;
– Private parties with friends;
– Love on the workplace …
There would therefore exist anymore only planned, paying dating promoting excessive
homogamy. Basically, when you’re a little bit original, people look at you like a crazy person
yet, soon it will no longer be allowed to be a man outside some places where it will be
allowed to « let it go » (and where chicks quite happy because we are interested in them will
still find a way to say it’s boring to be approached). Damn but let’s rebel before it’s too late!
Also to avoid this extreme, I am happy to carry my struggle by informing, giving examples
and many other things to fill a little that gap between men and women I mentioned earlier in
the article. I am perhaps not the most gallant, the most distinguished, nor the most modern but
I love women … I respect them and I am absolutely not a bad guy. They have their free will
so it’s up to them to see if they want to make « their men » (I speak here of average French
guy) become guys with no balls. If it’s their point they are on their good way! Let’s fight for
our dignity. I’m not a pet, fuck. OK we take into account the feminist struggles during
decades but let’s not deny our nature and the right of expression of guys.


All that just to try to look charming with beautiful babes… and for what? To try the fuck
them…………… we always come back here. But they will not respect you if you get into the
vicious circle of not assuming. Or they are very stupid, formatted and love bad faith.
And in practice?
The advice I give to my readers are clear:
– A ‘NO’ and the interaction is over. At least at the beginning of the interaction if she wants
to be prayed she will find another pigeon. Be fair-play. (LMR it’s a different problem)
– When you approach a girl, do not follow her : it’s creepy. Let’s stop if she wants it. Some
are afraid that a psychopath follows them at home, and then the sexual side of things is very
far at this point. This is not your objective!
– Contrary to what some people say: being polite does not make you a submitted dude … an
« excuse me » to stop her is not useless.
– Do not ask her 1001 questions before having interested her a minimum. You’re a stranger,
stressed probably because you’re approaching a stranger, so try to first and foremost create a
climate of confidence. Talk to her like if you already know her a little bit.
– Your normality is your first asset. Free yourself from the cartoon that says that the seducer
has be macho, arrogant and aggressive.
– The insults have no place in this type of interaction (but sometimes in the yes ;) ).
Let us turn to one another with respect and courtesy! Although some chicks speak badly too,
is not a reason to do the same. Sometimes, you do not even have time to get close to them,
they insult you. It is sad and disheartening. But hey, at least I know that these girls have a
problem. And that is not what will make me want to kill myself or will make myself believe
I’m the ugliest dude on Earth. As some like to pretend it.
Should some girls realize that by being nasty for no reason, they can hurt guys who take upon
themselves for the first time to give it a try. And traumatize them for life, breaking their selfdetermination, etc. Respect is good, but it is not one-sided.
Let’s all become Buddhists and it will get better! ;) we all too much live into anxiety


How to make a threesome with two girls ?
Many men are, like Barney, in search of Threeway Belt (belt awarded to the king of the
threesome). But in practice, very few men have already made it or will make it one day. This
article aims at making this statistics rise.
There are, according to me, 6 scenarios which can lead you to the 3some (or 4some, let’s be
crazy, it is the same principle):
With a girl you know, you meet another woman.
A minimum level of trust between both of you is needed (or she totally doesn’t give a damn
about you) because she can be afraid that you prefer sleeping with the other one. Jealousy
should not have its place in this kind of relation, but it’s always a little bit here, especially
with the beginners.
You can go hunting in a bar or on the Internet, so you can choose together and agree on your
That’s what happened to me in this adventure.
You meet two women independently and you bring them together for a threesome.
I advise you to have already slept with both girls separately before doing that (otherwise the
novelty would make you invest more in the new one and the other one would be
disappointed). Try to test the ground to see if they are bisexual or heterosexual-curious. Try to
test the ground also to see if they have already made some plans with more than two persons
and what they think of it. Roughly, try to see if they are opened to this kind of thing. And if
not? Certain blockings are just unfounded fears and you could convince them to have a
change of mind. Then (or before, to bring the subject), you can show to each girl some photos
of the other one.
That’s what I did in this adventure.


If they are both opened, the less tight-ass could become your accomplice to corrupt the other
one. Another strategy is to make the more tight-ass come at your home and to start by
warming her then you invite the accomplice to join you one hour later when you are hot. To
put her well in the mood, you can begin by licking the pussy of the girl who is really shy. So
presented a fait accompli, she will have less time to be anxious and your success rate will
increase. In a general way, do not too much let them think because when we think too much
in this kind of situation, we do panic! On the other hand, they will be satisfied to have made
the effort to go out of their comfort zone when it will be over. They will maybe even thank
you! Some people think that the fantasies are not made to be realized, but it is stupid, I think,
it is just the fear and the politically correct which is speaking there! Pay attention also on
those who rationalize the next day and who are mad at you for making it happen but who are
happy in fact (they just do not assume). Finally, another trap here: uncomfortable people can
make awkward remarks or moves in this kind of moment and that can ruin everything. Thus,
in the doubt, brief them and tell them to shut up.
With the same logic, you can make 4somes too, like in this story.
You meet two women who are friends and it turns into a threesome.
It is the most difficult. That happens most of the time with girls who like partying or with
partner-swappers. Very rarely, the women agree on fucking a guy together, because of their
respective inhibitions and of their fear of comparison. But they often speak about it « for
fun », don’t be naive, then it’s up to you to make it happen. One of the fears that I meet most
of the time in this kind of situation, it is the fear of spoiling her friendship with the other girl.
Many people would prefer to make it with an unknown. Why not?
You were ready to finish the night with a girl, then you pick up another one in fact.
The first one you have picked up has to be an adventuress, at ease with herself and open to
girls. By a fortunate coincidence, they also have to be both depilated tonight… ;)
You have to learn how feel the possibilities so you can seize them when they present. You
have to dare to ask the girls if they have already made with a girl and if they would be
interested. This subject does not have to put you uncomfortable, many guys are afraid of it,
but this is counterproductive. Open your range of possibilities!


If it happens, it will certainly be your responsibility to manage the logistics, to organize and to
orchestrate the thing. You can suggest them having a drink at your home (the oldest excuse of
the world) as a pretext to make the evening turn into what you expect. You can also propose a
alcohol game or a game like a strip-poker. Note that the nights like strip-game-with-cards
with just a little bit of alcohol so that they disinhibit and assume more easily to make what
they really want to make at the bottom of them led me far: a plan with 6 persons with a 50%
ratio M/W (not yet published on the blog this adventure)! There even was a couple which was
skeptical at the beginning but which finally joined us into the bedroom. The games « truth or
dare » or the massages can also make an evening go wild on the condition of daring, assuming
and showing the example.
You have to create a funny vibe and not be in the judgment. They shouldn’t feel dirty, feel
like whores neither garbage nor thinking for a single second you do not respect them. The
most feverish can spoil everything, thus take particularly care of her. And do not forget
A girl tries to pick up another girl for you or proposes you a 3some with one of her
Some people like making things themselves. Do not we say that you are never served as well
as by yourself? They will go in the front line to approach girls to make a 3some and that will
be much easier because a girl is less thought of as a sex-starved than a man. Watch out, your
interlocutors have to take you seriously.
This is obviously the most comfortable for a man but that will happen only if you succeed in
making your friends turn in mode inhibitions-free.
That also happens when you are in couple with a girl who wants to pepper things or who
wants to prove things to herself. It’s up to you to see if you are ready to give it a try because
you can lose her by clumsiness (sensitive ground)… indeed, how would you feel if your girl
wanted to make a threesome with another guy?
You can join a group of partner-swappers.
Many are those who like that, whether it is in a regular way or occasionally. They meet on the
Internet, in special clubs or in private parties.


If you want to become a partner-swappers you have to learn a little their philosophy of life
and especially the respect (the hygiene too). But anyway, if you want to become a PUA, it is
the same thing.
You must also and above all have something to offer. Even if you are very cute or if you are
the king of the pussy licking, that is not enough: thus it is necessary for you to bring a women.
One or several bisexual girls and you are king of the night. It is sad but it is like in clubs…
they have more sexual value than us… boo boo. « Fucking country! » As Zlatan would say.
In any situation, the thing it is to recognize the possibility of making a threesome a long time
before to be able to make germinate seeds in their head to develop subtly things in the right
direction. Especially, do not be mad at yourself if you are curious to make this kind of
experience (a lot of people will want to make you make feel guilty) but do not forget that
those who have a little power like DSK have a lot of fun making orgies, it is for a good
reason! It is fun, that’s it… maybe the Cro-Magnon man made some orgies in his cave with
his buddies.
The threesomes, it is not only WWM, that also can be MMW.
It can be a fantasy for girls to have sex with two guys at the same time. You can use this to
bang you girls who would not have slept with « just » you (the power of the fantasy of having
two guys for herself). You can exchange as well sex friends with buddies but pay attention
because sex can make things complicated with him after (jealousy and all this). It can change
a relationship.
That’s what we did in this adventure and this one with my wingman.
The morality : be open-minded and the women around you will easily dare to be more openminded.
Good luck in your quest for the Holy Grail!


Robert Greene’s Rake
Today, it is not me who will give you a course of seduction, it is Robert Greene. In The art of
seduction, he describes several profiles of seducers. Here is the one in which I recognized
myself the most. I suggest you to read his book, by the way.
A woman never quite feels desired and appreciated enough. She wants attention, but a man is
too often distracted and unresponsive. The Rake is a great female fantasy figure—when he
desires a woman, brief though that moment may be, he will go to the ends of the earth for her.
He may be disloyal, dishonest, and amoral, but that only adds to his appeal. Unlike the
normal, cautious male, the Rake is delightfully unrestrained, a slave to his love of women.
There is the added lure of his reputation: so many women have succumbed to him, there has
to be a reason. Words are a woman’s weakness, and the Rake is a master of seductive
language. Stir a woman’s repressed longings by adapting the Rake’s mix of danger and
Keys to the Character
At first it may seem strange that a man who is clearly dishonest, disloyal, and has no interest
in marriage would have any appeal to a woman. But throughout all of history, and in all
cultures, this type has had a fatal effect.
What the Rake offers is what society normally does not allow women: an affair of pure
pleasure, an exciting brush with danger. A woman is often deeply oppressed by the role she is
expected to play She is supposed to be the tender, civilizing force in society, and to want
commitment and lifelong loyalty. But often her marriages and relationships give her not
romance and devotion but routine and an endlessly distracted mate. It remains an abiding
female fantasy to meet a man who gives totally of himself, who lives for her, even if only for
a while.


This dark, repressed side of female desire found expression in the legend of Don Juan. At first
the legend was a male fantasy: the adventurous knight who could have any woman he wanted.
But in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Don Juan slowly evolved from the masculine
adventurer to a more feminized version: a man who lived only for women. This evolution
came from women’s interest in the story, and was a result of their frustrated desires. Marriage
for them was a form of indentured servitude; but Don Juan offered pleasure for its own sake,
desire with no strings attached. For the time he crossed your path, you were all he thought
about. His desire for you was so powerful that he gave you no time to think or to worry about
the consequences. He would come in the night, give you an unforgettable moment, and then
vanish. He might have conquered a thousand women before you, but that only made him more
interesting; better to be abandoned than undesired by such a man.
The great seducers do not offer the mild pleasures that society condones. They touch a
person’s unconscious, those repressed desires that cry out for liberation. Do not imagine that
women are the tender creatures that some people would like them to be. Like men, they are
deeply attracted to the forbidden, the dangerous, even the slightly evil. (Don Juan ends by
going to hell, and the word « rake » comes from « rakehell, » a man who rakes the coals of
hell; the devilish component, clearly, is an important part of the fantasy.) Always remember:
if you are to play the Rake, you must convey a sense of risk and darkness, suggesting to your
victim that she is participating in something rare and thrilling—a chance to play out her own
rakish desires.
To play the Rake, the most obvious requirement is the ability to let yourself go, to draw a
woman into the kind of purely sensual moment in which past and future lose meaning. You
must be able to abandon yourself to the moment. (When the Rake Valmont—a character
modeled after the Duke de Richelieu—in Laclos’ eighteenth-century novel Dangerous
Liaisons writes letters that are obviously calculated to have a certain effect on his chosen
victim, Madame de Tourvel, she sees right through them; but when his letters really do burn
with passion, she begins to relent.) An added benefit of this quality is that it makes you seem
unable to control yourself, a display of weakness that a woman enjoys. By abandoning
yourself to the seduced, you make them feel that you exist for them alone—a feeling
reflecting a truth, though a temporary one. Of the hundreds of women that Pablo Picasso,
consummate rake, seduced over the years, most of them had the feeling that they were the
only one he truly loved.


The Rake never worries about a woman’s resistance to him, or for that matter about any other
obstacle in his path—a husband, a physical barrier. Resistance is only the spur to his desire,
enflaming him all the more. When Picasso was seducing Françoise Gilot, in fact, he begged
her to resist; he needed resistance to add to the thrill. In any case, an obstacle in your way
gives you the opportunity to prove yourself, and the creativity you bring to matters of love. In
the eleventh-century Japanese novel The Tale of Genji, by the court lady Murasaki Shikibu,
the Rake Prince Niou is not disturbed by the sudden disappearance of Ukifune, the woman he
loves. She has fled because although she is interested in the prince, she is in love with another
man; but her absence allows the prince to go to extreme lengths to track her down. His sudden
appearance to whisk her away to a house deep in the woods, and the gallantry he displays in
doing so, overwhelm her. Remember: if no resistances or obstacles face you, you must create
them. No seduction can proceed without them.
The Rake is an extreme personality. Impudent, sarcastic, and bitingly witty, he cares nothing
for what anyone thinks. Paradoxically, this only makes him more seductive. In the courtlike
atmosphere of studio-era Hollywood, when most of the actors behaved like dutiful sheep, the
great Rake Errol Flynn stood out in his insolence. He defied the studio chiefs, engaged in the
most extreme pranks, reveled in his reputation as Hollywood’s supreme seducer—all of which
enhanced his popularity. The Rake needs a backdrop of convention—a stultified court, a
humdrum marriage, a conservative culture—to shine, to be appreciated for the breath of fresh
air he provides. Never worry about going too far: the Rake’s essence is that he goes further
than anyone else.
When the Earl of Rochester, seventeenth-century England’s most notorious Rake and poet,
abducted Elizabeth Malet, one of the most soughtafter young ladies of the court, he was duly
punished. But lo and behold, a few years later young Elizabeth, though wooed by the most
eligible bachelors in the country, chose Rochester to be her husband. In demonstrating his
audacious desire, he made himself stand out from the crowd.
Related to the Rake’s extremism is the sense of danger, taboo, perhaps even the hint of cruelty
about him. This was the appeal of another poet Rake, one of the greatest in history: Lord
Byron. Byron disliked any kind of convention, and happily played this up. When he had an
affair with his half sister, who bore a child by him, he made sure that all of England knew
about it. He could be uncommonly cruel, as he was to his wife. But all of this only made him
that much more desirable.


Danger and taboo appeal to a repressed side in women, who are supposed to represent a
civilizing, moralizing force in culture. Just as a man may fall victim to the Siren through his
desire to be free of his sense of masculine responsibility, a woman may succumb to the Rake
through her yearning to be free of the constraints of virtue and decency. Indeed it is often the
most virtuous woman who falls most deeply in love with the Rake.
Among the Rake’s most seductive qualities is his ability to make women want to reform him.
How many thought they would be the one to tame Lord Byron; how many of Picasso’s
women thought they would finally be the one with whom he would spend the rest of his life.
You must exploit this tendency to the fullest. When caught red-handed in rakishness, fall back
on your weakness—your desire to change, and your inability to do so. With so many women
at your feet, what can you do? You are the one who is the victim. You need help. Women will
jump at this opportunity; they are uncommonly indulgent of the Rake, for he is such a
pleasant, dashing figure. The desire to reform him disguises the true nature of their desire, the
secret thrill they get from him. When President Bill Clinton was clearly caught out as a Rake,
it was women who rushed to his defense, finding every possible excuse for him. The fact that
the Rake is so devoted to women, in his own strange way, makes him lovable and seductive to
Finally, a Rake’s greatest asset is his reputation. Never downplay your bad name, or seem to
apologize for it. Instead, embrace it, enhance it. It is what draws women to you. There are
several things you must be known for: your irresistible attractiveness to women; your
uncontrollable devotion to pleasure (this will make you seem weak, but also exciting to be
around); your disdain for convention; a rebellious streak that makes you seem dangerous. This
last element can be slightly hidden; on the surface, be polite and civil, while letting it be
known that behind the scenes you are incorrigible. Duke de Richelieu made his conquests as
public as possible, exciting other women’s competitive desire to join the club of the seduced.
It was by reputation that Lord Byron attracted his willing victims. A woman may feel
ambivalent about President Clinton’s reputation, but beneath that ambivalence is an
underlying interest. Do not leave your reputation to chance or gossip; it is your life’s artwork,
and you must craft it, hone it, and display it with the care of an artist.
Symbol: Fire.


The Rake burns with a desire that enflames the woman he is seducing. It is extreme,
uncontrollable, and dangerous. The Rake may end in hell, but the flames surrounding him
often make him seem that much more desirable to women.
Like the Siren, the Rake faces the most danger from members of his own sex, who are far less
indulgent than women are of his constant skirt chasing. In the old days, a Rake was often an
aristocrat, and no matter how many people he offended or even killed, in the end he would go
unpunished. Today, only stars and the very wealthy can play the Rake with impunity; the rest
of us need to be careful.
Elvis Presley had been a shy young man. Attaining early stardom, and seeing the power it
gave him over women, he went berserk, becoming a Rake almost overnight. Like many
Rakes, Elvis had a predilection for women who were already taken. He found himself
cornered by an angry husband or boyfriend on numerous occasions, and came away with a
few cuts and bruises. This might seem to suggest that you should step lightly around husbands
and boyfriends, especially early on in your career. But the charm of the Rake is that such
dangers don’t matter to them. You cannot be a Rake by being fearful and prudent; the
occasional pummeling is part of the game. Later on, in any case, at the height of Elvis’s fame,
no husband would dare touch him.
The greater danger for the Rake comes not from the violently offended husband but from
those insecure men who feel threatened by the Don Juan figure. Although they will not admit
it, they envy the Rake’s life of pleasure, and like everyone envious, they will attack in hidden
ways, often masking their persecutions as morality. The Rake may find his career endangered
by such men (or by the occasional woman who is equally insecure, and who feels hurt
because the Rake does not want her). There is little the Rake can do to avoid envy; if
everyone was as successful in seduction, society would not function. So accept envy as a
badge of honor. Don’t be naive, be aware. When attacked by a moralist persecutor, do not be
taken in by their crusade; it is motivated by envy, pure and simple. You can blunt it by being
less of a Rake, asking forgiveness, claiming to have reformed, but this will damage your
reputation, making you seem less lovably rakish. In the end, it is better to suffer attacks with
dignity and keep on seducing. Seduction is the source of your power; and you can always
count on the infinite indulgence of women.


The Anti-Seducers by Robert Greene
I continue with The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene but then I stop because otherwise he
could blame me for too much putting online excerpts of his book (even if it makes him some
publicity). In short, all that to say that I a little recognized myself in the « vulgarian » and that
it doesn’t suit me. I was not like that before but by losing a lot of social pressure, I became
TOO « I don’t give a shit of anything ». It’s funny but well. I must rectify. And you ?
Seducers draw you in by the focused, individualized attention they pay to you. Anti-Seducers
are the opposite: insecure, self-absorbed, and unable to grasp the psychology of another
person, they literally repel. Anti-Seducers have no self-awareness, and never realize when
they are pestering, imposing, talking too much. They lack the subtlety to create the promise of
pleasure that seduction requires. Root out anti-seductive qualities in yourself, and recognize
them in others—there is no pleasure or profit in dealing with the Anti-Seducer.
Typology of the Anti-Seducers
Anti-Seducers come in many shapes and kinds, but almost all of them share a single attribute,
the source of their repellence: insecurity. We are all insecure, and we suffer for it. Yet we are
able to surmount these feelings at times; a seductive engagement can bring us out of our usual
self-absorption, and to the degree that we seduce or are seduced, we feel charged and
confident. Anti-Seducers, however, are insecure to such a degree that they cannot be drawn
into the seductive process. Their needs, their anxieties, their self-consciousness close them
off. They interpret the slightest ambiguity on your part as a slight to their ego; they see the
merest hint of withdrawal as a betrayal, and are likely to complain bitterly about it.
It seems easy: Anti-Seducers repel, so be repelled—avoid them. Unfortunately, however,
many Anti-Seducers cannot be detected as such at first glance. They are more subtle, and
unless you are careful they will ensnare you in a most unsatisfying relationship. You must
look for clues to their self-involvement and insecurity: perhaps they are ungenerous, or they
argue with unusual tenacity, or are excessively judgmental. Perhaps they lavish you with
undeserved praise, declaring their love before knowing anything about you.


Or, most important, they pay no attention to details. Since they cannot see what makes you
different, they cannot surprise you with nuanced attention.
It is critical to recognize anti-seductive qualities not only in others but also in ourselves.
Almost all of us have one or two of the Anti-Seducer’s qualities latent in our character, and to
the extent that we can consciously root them out, we become more seductive. A lack of
generosity, for instance, need not signal an Anti-Seducer if it is a person’s only fault, but an
ungenerous person is seldom truly attractive. Seduction implies opening yourself up, even if
only for the purposes of deception; being unable to give by spending money usually means
being unable to give in general. Stamp ungenerosity out. It is an impediment to power and a
gross sin in seduction.
It is best to disengage from Anti-Seducers early on, before they sink their needy tentacles into
you, so learn to read the signs. These are the main types.
The Brute. If seduction is a kind of ceremony or ritual, part of the pleasure is its duration—the
time it takes, the waiting that increases anticipation. Brutes have no patience for such things;
they are concerned only with their own pleasure, never with yours. To be patient is to show
that you are thinking of the other person, which never fails to impress. Impatience has the
opposite effect: assuming you are so interested in them you have no reason to wait, Brutes
offend you with their egotism. Underneath that egotism, too, there is often a gnawing sense of
inferiority, and if you spurn them or make them wait, they overreact. If you suspect you are
dealing with a Brute, do a test—make that person wait. His or her response will tell you
everything you need to know.
The Suffocator. Suffocators fall in love with you before you are even halfaware of their
existence. The trait is deceptive—you might think they have found you overwhelming—but
the fact is they suffer from an inner void, a deep well of need that cannot be filled. Never get
involved with Suffocators; they are almost impossible to free yourself from without trauma.
They cling to you until you are forced to pull back, whereupon they smother you with guilt.
We tend to idealize a loved one, but love takes time to develop. Recognize Suffocators by
how quickly they adore you. To be so admired may give a momentary boost to your ego, but
deep inside you sense that their intense emotions are not related to anything you have done.
Trust these instincts.


A subvariant of the Suffocator is the Doormat, a person who slavishly imitates you. Spot these
types early on by seeing whether they are capable of having an idea of their own. An inability
to disagree with you is a bad sign.
The Moralizer. Seduction is a game, and should be undertaken with a light heart. All is fair in
love and seduction; morality never enters the picture. The character of the Moralizer,
however, is rigid. These are people who follow fixed ideas and try to make you bend to their
standards. They want to change you, to make you a better person, so they endlessly criticize
and judge—that is their pleasure in life. In truth, their moral ideas stem from their own
unhappiness, and mask their desire to dominate those around them. Their inability to adapt
and to enjoy makes them easy to recognize; their mental rigidity may also be accompanied by
a physical stiffness. It is hard not to take their criticisms personally so it is better to avoid their
presence and their poisoned comments.
The Tightwad. Cheapness signals more than a problem with money. It is a sign of something
constricted in a person’s character—something that keeps them from letting go or taking a
risk. It is the most anti-seductive trait of all, and you cannot allow yourself to give in to it.
Most tightwads do not realize they have a problem; they actually imagine that when they give
someone some paltry crumb, they are being generous. Take a hard look at yourself—you are
probably cheaper than you think. Try giving more freely of both your money and yourself and
you will see the seductive potential in selective generosity. Of course you must keep your
generosity under control. Giving too much can be a sign of desperation, as if you were trying
to buy someone.
The Bumbler. Bumblers are self-conscious, and their self-consciousness heightens your own.
At first you may think they are thinking about you, and so much so that it makes them
awkward. In fact they are only thinking of themselves—worrying about how they look, or
about the consequences for them of their attempt to seduce you. Their worry is usually
contagious: soon you are worrying too, about yourself. Bumblers rarely reach the final stages
of a seduction, but if they get that far, they bungle that too. In seduction, the key weapon is
boldness, refusing the target the time to stop and think. Bumblers have no sense of timing.
You might find it amusing to try to train or educate them, but if they are still Bumblers past a
certain age, the case is probably hopeless—they are incapable of getting outside themselves.


The Windbag. The most effective seductions are driven by looks, indirect actions, physical
lures. Words have a place, but too much talk will generally break the spell, heightening
surface differences and weighing things down. People who talk a lot most often talk about
themselves. They have never acquired that inner voice that wonders, Am I boring you? To be
a Windbag is to have a deep-rooted selfishness. Never interrupt or argue with these types—
that only fuels their windbaggery. At all costs learn to control your own tongue.
The Reactor. Reactors are far too sensitive, not to you but to their own egos. They comb your
every word and action for signs of a slight to their vanity. If you strategically back off, as you
sometimes must in seduction, they will brood and lash out at you. They are prone to whining
and complaining, two very anti-seductive traits. Test them by telling a gentle joke or story at
their expense: we should all be able to laugh at ourselves a little, but the Reactor cannot. You
can read the resentment in their eyes. Erase any reactive qualities in your own character—they
unconsciously repel people.
The Vulgarian. Vulgarians are inattentive to the details that are so important in seduction.
You can see this in their personal appearance—their clothes are tasteless by any standard—
and in their actions: they do not know that it is sometimes better to control oneself and refuse
to give in to one’s impulses. Vulgarians will blab, saying anything in public. They have no
sense of timing and are rarely in harmony with your tastes. Indiscretion is a sure sign of the
Vulgarian (talking to others of your affair, for example); it may seem impulsive, but its real
source is their radical selfishness, their inability to see themselves as others see them. More
than just avoiding Vulgarians, you must make yourself their opposite—tact, style, and
attention to detail are all basic requirements of a seducer.
Symbol: The Crab. In a harsh world, the crab survives by its hardened shell, by the threat of
its pincers, and by burrowing into the sand. No one dares get too close. But the Crab cannot
surprise its enemy and has little mobility. Its defensive strength is its supreme limitation.
Uses of Anti-Seduction
The best way to avoid entanglements with Anti-Seducers is to recognize them right away and
give them a wide berth, but they often deceive us. Involvements with these types are painful,
and are hard to disengage from, because the more emotional response you show, the more
engaged you seem to be.


Do not get angry—that may only encourage them or exacerbate their anti-seductive
tendencies. Instead, act distant and indifferent, pay no attention to them, make them feel how
little they matter to you. The best antidote to an Anti-Seducer is often to be anti-seductive
Cleopatra had a devastating effect on every man who crossed her path. Octavius—the future
Emperor Augustus, and the man who would defeat and destroy Cleopatra’s lover Mark
Antony—was well aware of her power, and defended himself against it by being always
extremely amiable with her, courteous to the extreme, but never showing the slightest
emotion, whether of interest or dislike. In other words, he treated her as if she were any other
woman. Facing this front, she could not sink her hooks into him. Octavius made antiseduction his defense against the most irresistible woman in history. Remember: seduction is
a game of attention, of slowly filling the other person’s mind with your presence. Distance
and inattention will create the opposite effect, and can be used as a tactic when the need
Finally, if you really want to « anti-seduce, » simply feign the qualities listed at the beginning
of the chapter. Nag; talk a lot, particularly about yourself; dress against the other person’s
tastes; pay no attention to detail; suffocate, and so on. A word of warning: with the arguing
type, the Windbag, never talk back too much. Words will only fan the flames. Adopt the
Queen Victoria strategy: nod, seem to agree, then find an excuse to cut the conversation short.
This is the only defense.


Can seduction be taught?
The problem
I assume that most people have no idea how to deal with the other sex. They are unable to
understand each other. So I tell myself that it could be a good thing to explain seduction.
However, claiming to 100% control the workings of seduction and to transmit this knowledge
seems to me boastful, disconnected from reality and unhealthy for the guru as for the student.
I speak of guru in this case because I think there are several schools that claim they get the
knowledge and that competitors are zero … but the truth is that each holds part of the truth.
Mystery, Ross Jeffries, Cajun, DeAngelo, etc. : OK. There is truth in what they say. But
there’s also the commercial crap. And every time is claimed to be able to seduce THE women
(and not SOME women) this is wrong. Even worse when they pretend that if it does not work
it is because the student has done something that he should not (it may be true but it could
have screwed up even if he had ollowed the method to the letter). Otherwise explain me why
these alleged universal seducers do not make out with beautiful women important, rich,
famous, etc. instead of merely cute waitresses.
Indeed, we must have the humility to realize that:
– What works for the coach may not work for all students;
– What worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future;
– The stories past, present and future of the protagonists will influence the interaction;
– All girls are similar and different;
– According to the moment, the same girl will suck you or will reject you;
– As you are constantly changing, your level is not regular from one day to the next one;
– Because there are so many things we do know nor control down here now it might be time
to recognize it. BUT THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM.
– Because we do not bathe twice in the same river …
The thing is that a small variation in the experimental protocol can dramatically change the
result of the interaction. One drop too much in the potion (or one less drop) can turn you into
ogre or dwarf when it was supposed to turn you into a prince charming. Do you understand
the metaphor?


With humans it is even more difficult than physics and chemistry: situations, contexts,
attitudes of people are never the same. 1 electron = 1 electron. But in seduction: one woman is
not equal to another. The equation changes every time, not just the unknown. It is therefore a
drama to pretend extrapolating our experiences across all women or all situations, etc.
Especially since we ourselves have studied on small experimental sample (human-sized).
However, I agree that there are fundamental things that really work to make you stay ahead in
the context. The first thing you must understand is that seduction is statistics, this is what I
explain well in The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations. So if you think filling yourself
with theory before going on the field will guarantee you invincibility or confer a degree
allowing you to give lessons to others: you are sinking your index finger in the eye up to your
For the money (or because they really believe in it but then they are stupid), « how to seduce
ALL THE women » is what want to teach you most of my colleagues. They will supposedly
teach you how to seduce THIS girl. All that is bullshit for suckers. So no, I do not teach
seduction! I’m not God, and I do not think one single person on this planet can boast to have
found the magic potion allowing to fuck any girl, anywhere, anytime.
Anyway, I think that seduction cannot be considered indiscriminately as a collective sport.
There’s some coaches that really do it for the love of art. Most do it to take your money. They
have no interest in really teaching you how to pickup chicks or there would be less women for
them. What I mean is that we must think carefully who listening the advice from in the
seduction community. The women have understood that better than us, and they realistically
rely more on their friends to extract them from the clutches of a weirdo than to conquer a stud.
The solution
Now that we have laid the foundations of the problems, we must recognize that some guys are
doing well with the game. What background do they have? It is those who are open and
adaptable. Indeed, when one is stuck in a failure scenario or on a stereotyped behavior … he
does not open enough in terms of empathy, creativity and authenticity.
My role is to show you that I am rejected too, but I totally changed my mind over this. And
with a good state of mind: I forget the failures, the field of possibilities opens up and I can
score goals in any position like Jean-Pierre Papin.


So you have to unlearn the crap that some put in your head and learn from your real life
experiences on the field. Otherwise, you will all your life seek advice from so-called
« experts » on seduction forums (who actually are virgin geeks full of theory and who love
giving lessons but who do not do much on the field). There is always a way to get something
concrete from your experiences, I mean, something more than « it works » or « it does not
work. » This is what I want to teach you.
My role is to help apprentices PUA to unlearn their misconceptions and break some bad
habits. I have to remove the stones that fell in the middle of the road. Crappy stuff like « I am
worth nothing », « it is impossible to kiss a girl tonight because XXX », « others are better or
have more rights than me », « I cannot hit on this hottie because XXX « , »it is not correct to
approach her like that « etc. Freed from this glass prison and from the fear of what other
procrastinators think (and women who do not always right), my Padawans can enjoy the
delights of the action and originality. And succeed!
Although I love cum kicks in anthills, I must remind you that like all good learning: the
seduction / pickup / the game (call it what you want) is something you learn on the long term.
It is not enough to read a math manual for the level of a doctoral student. But you can cook
well by following a cake recipe to the letter, though that does not make you a pastry.
I hope with this blog make you want to venture out of your comfort zone. Make you wonder
more often « and why not in fact? » and then acting accordingly. Please beware of comfort,
routine and lack of initiative. Inaction is your biggest enemy in seduction.
What I currently observe
The men are on their side in herds, empting pints of beer. The women wonder if a guy will
have big balls enough the balls to come and approach them before the bar closed. When a guy
does, it is often that he drank enough to dare, but the chicks do not necessarily like alcoholics
who are crap. They are wary and there’s a tense between the two sexes.
In the everyday life, flirting and sexual tension are present in all our interactions … but are
not socially accepted. We live among a mass of coward hypocrites. One might say that if
women observe that men dare not approach, they could help us in one way or another to take
the plunge. But no. On the contrary: when a guy clumsily dare they look at him as a UFO and
cut him any desire to make his balls regrow.


But this attitude, despite what one might think, does not make them happy so far: in front of
the wilderness of their emotional life, they wonder if they have become ugly. And watch TV
at home alone. Or take a cat.
People have difficulty admitting that everything depends on chance, and statistics. That’s why
some are offended when approached in the street: « It could very well be another you would
have approached instead of me », they say to me sometimes. I’m sorry but even those who
seek a soul mate: you choose from a panel in your immediate environment. So if instead of
studying in Aix you had studied in Lyon, the panel and the environment would have been
different. Your soul mate would have probably been too. QED. « Yes but it is you I
approached … is it fate? »
I know quite a few people who eventually resign themselves to a default relationship. It’s sad.
I hope you’ll avoid that.
Many women admit they would like to enjoy their celibacy/youth and dare to live steamy
nights with beautiful strangers. But they do not take the plunge because their conditioning and
their previous experiences have left their bad memories tinged with guilt and shame. During
their old times, they realize that it was the good time and that it was stupid to do so.
And then women claim seeking for spontaneity and authenticity in men. We, the PUA, we are
willing to offer them as our learning taught us: but that’s not why people who are offered this
gift can recognize and accept it. Everyone is suspicious of everyone now. I find it sad but I
cannot prove them wrong.
Gender equality is a good thing, I think, in general. But in seduction, that creates confusion.
Each sex should have its role in seduction… but how to explain it to men and women heard
on loope since they are young that woman = man! In practice, men are more likely to take
risks and better tolerate rejection. While women have more empathy and understand body
language better than men. From this, it’s up to us!
Feminists have also done a good job in cutting our balls. There’s even guys who look at you
like it is wrong when you APPROACH girls… and then they return with their boyfriends.
They make fun of you when you APPROACH but do not have the balls to do it!


With some advice from a good coach and a small makeover, any not ugly girl could learn to
get her hands on one or more interesting men. Just by playing her cards better than others. By
judiciously sending approach invitations for example. A large majority of men can not in fact
refuse the advances of a not ugly woman because sexual diversity is less dangerous for a man
than for a woman. And because they are substantially all sex-starved. From this observation,
it’s up to you, ladies!
Some tell me « I would rather want to be loved for what I am rather than for my physical
appearance / cash. « I often reply « I dunno : when you fall from a ladder, this is the law of
gravity that rules. Well, when you pickup you must accept to follow the laws of sexual
attraction. » It’s as simple as that. Then, I’m not saying you will have to pay stuff for bitches,
but rather you will learn how to seduce these girls (who are beautiful enough to make out with
footballers) through your alpha personality and your originality.
I really have a lot of female readers, almost more than male readers … so I’m happy. I have
the impression of building a bridge, in my scale, between men and women. And, between
people and themselves. It’s very rewarding.
I think that despite what you might think when you see a girl being approached 30 times in a
club: they also are in difficulty. So we have a chance. A chance to get out all together.
Beautiful women are not nymphs who master all the keys of seduction. They’re just human as
we are. From this, game is on!
I would certainly have been talking about a lot of other stuff but if I write too long texts that
discourages some illiterate readers so I will stop here. :p


Good pickup scene in Girls
Girls is an American TV show that tells the lives in New York of a group of friends who are
in their twenties. Their main perspective is the economic and moral crisis of the Western
world. They are living in a time that is both hard and free (sexuality, friendship, inability to
succeed in life). We follow their sentimental, sexual, at work and in family galleys. It’s like
Sex & The City but younger. The first episode even talks about it, that is to say!
This is typically a « series for chicks. » The kind that I watch sometimes (when it’s not too
namby-pamby) to better understand women.
The four main characters are (a team of little-known but credible actresses):
– Hannah Horvath, a young writer in her twenties who trainee and living in Greenpoint,
Brooklyn, whose parents have pulled the plug. She is a little ill at ease.
– Marnie Michaels, the roommate and best friend of Hannah. She is serious and responsible.
To don’t say tight-ass… but sexy, bitchy and ambitious.
– Jessa Johansson, English cousin and roommate of Shoshanna. Bohemian and unpredictable
adventurer. She’s a little hippie and former drug addict.
– Shoshanna Shapiro, naive and bubbly cousin of Jessa.
Personally, I like Marnie and Jessa. That’s my kind of chicks. Shoshanna is kinda hot but her
eyes are weird, they make me uncomfortable. And Hannah’s too damn fat: even if she is
friendly, it does not compensate.
In terms of guys I like two :
– Adam Sackler, who has a relationship with Hannah. He is a completely crazy actor.
– Jonathan Booth, a kind of sex maniac and full of himself artist.
Girls has a raw side, both in tone and in aesthetics. Forget the sex scenes that give you the
impression that the actors have smooth skin like latex: the beads are not erased, the dialogues
seem to come straight out of your most embarrassing memories, the sound environment is
respected; in short, it is rather realist than glamor.


Discussed themes are also quite realistic (and it helps to have the point of views of chicks on
these subjects) : fuckfriend-who-is-not-totally-just-a-fuckfriend who treat you like a sex toy a
little boring, sexual compatibility problems, lifestyle choices disputed by relatives, looking for
work, abortion, or the « late » virginity…
The least realistic thing for me in this series is that the exhibitionist fat and too talkative
Hannah fucks handsome guys. Tall guys, hot guys, etc.
The first season is quite refreshing and funny (the next ones I less liked them). I managed to
identify with many situations, it was fun. And I like when the main character is a writer.
It must be said that there are not many American series that address my age group (26 years),
they prefer to stage teens or young thirties. There, the actresses are done with college, and like
many of their peers are midwater, single but not really, in search of a stable job, freshly
abandoned – financially – by mom and dad … a youth that « tries to become what it is » hit
hard by the crisis but still able to dream.
I leave you now with a very alpha scene from episode 3 of season 1 in which one can really
smell the sexual tension. The guy (Jonathan Booth) has a good body language, does it
straightforward style as I like with an incredible confidence (well it’s coming to him because
he is an artist but who cares). He reminds me of Chuck Bass: he very well knows how to
manage the sexual tension.
Moreover, Marnie is so excited after meeting with Booth that she runs in the bathroom of the
party to masturbate.
It makes me think of chicks that we have cold-approached with a very direct game in bars and
who resisted « for the principle » : maybe they came back home and masturbated,
remembering the party. What is unfortunate is that we could have done it for them for real.


If you decide to watch the season one, know that I like Adam too. He is so casual I just see
myself in him. But he is totally fucked up and way weirder than me anyway. This is not to say
that he is a PUA or anything of this nature, but he’s still exciting for women thanks to his side
“I don’t give a shit” and “I am obsessed by sex” and he is daily uninhibited. With him, you
can never be at the heart of inaction.
Frankly, we could make a TV show like that in France, that would be cool. I am willing to
write the script.


How to show to a woman her own contradictions
Patricia offers you the possibility of chatting with her. Do not hesitate to send a message to try
to fill her shopping basket!
Patricia says: Unfortunately I think you have wasted one of your rare charms (I am flattered
btw ;)) because it seems I am one of those girl stereotype, who takes relations upside down
according to you and am tight-ass … Certainly because I fell only on bad lovers :)!
Fab answers: it’s your choice, but do not forget that by doing what you’ve always done …
you will get the results you have always gotten.
Patricia says: What I always get me probably suits me ;)! But I cannot prevent myself to
approach men like you thinking that I’m special enough to make them see things differently.
But I would have to realize that I am not special;)
Fab answers : Yeah that’s it! It suits you so well that you give moral lessons on Adopt… so
approach guys like me, as you say, and you will have lots of orgasms. Otherwise, every
woman is special in one way or another… don’t worry!
Patricia says : I am not giving you lessons of moral :)! People are as they are and it is useless
to invest energy to try to change them! Then if you’re happy that’s the most important !!! I
would not waste my time to make you a lesson, you assume what you are and that’s what
counts. I accept people as they are, I just know if they can bring me something good or not! If
I condemned your way of life I would not have accepted your charm and praised the effort put
in your description :)!
Fab answers : Welcomes therefore the effort I’ll put in licking your pussy now.
Patricia says: Haha I do not think so! But I don’t want to question your qualities as a lover :)
Fab answers: I HOPE SO, YEAH! ;) Otherwise explain me why a girl like you is going to
refuse free orgasms without judgment and with a guy who turns her on a minimum… is it a
principle or there’s something else? Because it seems so stupid that I cannot conceive it so
you would be nice to explain.


Patricia says: Let me clarify that I find you a little pretentious (I find it fun and at the same
time I don’t know if I most want to see if you say the truth or to shut you up ;)). As you stated
in your description, I’m locked in my principles;)! I believe that sex is important but the
couple must already be a couple for that. And to be a couple we must have a minimum of
connection before the act. With that said, I appreciate the idea that you do not prevent
yourself from living something nice if it comes to you. Many men do not want to expose
themselves to a normal relationship with a woman. I may also be very stupid :) but I do not
like this idea!
Fab answers: So, you have not been able to give me arguments and you are contradicting
yourself in your paragraph. PS = of course that you want to check, deeply.
Patricia says: I have no argument except that I am what I am;).
Fab answers: So you transform a win-win scenario in a lose-lose scenario and you’re proud
in addition? OK, you consider sex as important but to be a couple before. So why do a lot of
couples break up because sex is bad? They go on dates during several weeks and then sleep
together and it sucks then they will not meet up again. Wanting the guy to commit before
sleeping with him reveals a lack of confidence in your ability to keep him after sex. This is
not very encouraging…
Patricia says : I will not calculate the number of dates before sex, I’m not such a stereotype
than that, thank you;)! It depends on the connections with the person. You are certainly right,
I am not really confident even though I’m wonderful haha! But it’s because we fall on guys
who make us believe things while they just want to undress our firm buttocks;)
Fab answers: Yeah and then you’re mad at them because they lied. But as you can see that
the franchise does not work with you…
Patricia says: I am suspicious, that’s all! You pay the piper for your fellow, I cannot deny
that and I do not hide it!
Fab answers: If you knew how I could repair a part of your mess, you might not give me the
same speech. What could you lose by trying, by the way?


Patricia says : I don’t like to be taken for an idiot, if not be taken for a ham. It hurts my ego
too badly, I have a minimum of pride! And then it makes me lose my confidence… what a
vicious circle!
Fab answers: Yeah I understand that but the question is: What do you have to lose by coming
enjoying with me? I’m not a stupid asshole : If you’re talking to me for an hour and
everything it’s because you’re tempted a minimum…
Patricia says: This is not compatible with me.
Fab answers: You watch too many TV shows, you. It makes you answer stupidly.
Patricia says : Guilty !!!
Fab answers: Yeah, maybe you come to live in real life just one day. I wish you to fall on a
dude who will make you discover another aspect of your own sexuality one day. But do not
forget that you are in a competitive environment so the pain in the ass like you who contradict
themselves and are full of rigid principles are bypassed by babes a little more flexible in their
head who 1/know where is their interest and 2/dare to take the plunge. See ya
For more informations about how to handle this damned women’s logic : here.


Is seduction something innate ?
On seduction forums, we can often read these vague politically correct advice that invite
people to be more natural, « do it simple », « mostly be natural », « it just happens between a
man and a woman », « c’mon it’s easy to flirt »and worst of all « just be yourself ». For me, it
makes no sense to say that. BE YOURSELF: OK … but the real yourself!
Too much theory kills theory … (but the opposite is true!)
For me, take these tips as invitations to approach the game in a less stressful way (and
therefore more effective because stress is our enemy in seduction – some make a mountain of
that). It is important to don’t use those advices as excuses to do nothing (« I am myself so I do
not approach » … no in this case it is the stress that speaks it’s not you). And it is especially
necessary to understand what really means this famous « be yourself »: basically you’re a man
with sexual desires so: be yourself and assume them! It is important to don’t misinterpret the
message !!!
If one takes away your inhibitions and your bad faith, you already know almost everything,
basically! I’m sure ! You probably would be able to fuck a girl per week. I remember friends I
introduced to the game who were able to take a phone number or kiss a girl during their first
approach. We can say that it’s beginner’s luck or think that this skill is innate somewhere in
us. (Anyway this beginner’s luck motivates to continue … I do not know if my friends would
be where they are if they did not begin with some success before being rejected a lot). But the
problem it’s when the guys start thinking too much about the game…
For example, learning how to recognize indicators of interest… it’s not obvious at first.
However, we instinctively have this faculty in us. It’s a question of survival of the species!
But it is currently covered by a layer of education and experience that block us (we do not
believe in it). Unless you have Asperger’s or spend 10 hours a day on World of Warcraft, you
should be able to suspect something when a girl likes you. But when a guy switches into
analytical mode and need a comprehensive list of IOI to check before taking initiatives, it
unfortunately means that he is not focused enough or enough IN his pickup. He should
perhaps start by being in the present moment instead of trying to further analyze the thing.


This is not the theory itself I’m criticizing (theory is necessary), but rather the mode of
intellectualization some adopt that seems causing too much frustration. In other words,
intellectual masturbation will not drain your nuts!
Incidentally, my eyes still hurt a bit when I read on forums that guy is « a beginner in
seduction. » Indeed, he may be a young inexperienced player but talking about beginner in
seduction seems to me inappropriate … like if the guy was at level 1 of a video game with
Mimie Mathy to be gamed to go to level 2 and Eva Green the boss at the end. It’s not
appropriate to think that the physical appearance of a bitch will influence the ease with which
she spreads the legs or her IQ. These parameters aren’t really related, in practice there’s more
ugly girls that are pains in the ass than beautiful chicks (among others because the ugly chicks
often dislike their bodies therefore do not like to get naked)!
Sorry but picking up chicks, this is not rocket science unlike creating computers. However,
some geeks among my readers master very complicated stuff about the computers but not
how to approach a woman. We can complicate the thing with formulas like Mystery for
reassurance (or sell) and eventually actually make it difficult … but it is not so difficult in
fact. You must demystify seduction! This effectively becomes difficult when you are not
confident and when you imagine that it is. Otherwise, how our grandfathers would have
seduced our grandmothers knowing that the game did not exist before 1990? This is just a
science created to understand a phenomenon like physics studies the world, but what is not
explained yet exists.
What approach is the most appropriate for learning?
You cannot pretend you are zero : we (almost) all have naturally a number of social skills.
Indeed, unless you have been abandoned at birth and raised in the jungle by Baloo, you
already know about communicating normally and you have some human qualities. The real
challenge is to identify, strengthen them and make the most of it. This well-known by
consultants and coaches approach can be effectively applied to seduction.


The opposite approach is to identify what’s wrong to try to fix it… it’s too long, tedious and
unrealistic when applied to humans. How can we believe that we will fully reconstruct
someone? Besides this type of method can have destructive effects in terms of self-esteem and
guilt. This wrong approach is also the reason why many guys are still blocking for years on
seduction forums without getting any concrete results. Even that sometimes they are so
watered by theory that they get used to give lessons to others !!!
How do inner game works?
The inner game is what happens in the mind of the player. Its main obstacles are: doubt and
anxiety. An optimal inner game is to do not let this crap too much hinder the path to
success… so we can fully express our innate potential. Fear, disbelief, nervousness, jealousy,
embarrassment, perplexity, hesitation and lack of attention are driving down our confidence
and ability to penetrate fully in the exchange in a relevant and empathetic way with respect to
the objective which is all the same for a PUA to bang hot babes girls. Not to have dates, not
take numbers … to fuck! For an optimal game, switch off this damn ego that gives the orders
(« you MUST use this as opener, playing the cube game, negging her » if you have not you’re
a noob, etc.) rather switch on and let express your natural ability. Basically, bombarding
someone with orders and advice is counter-productive. Do not do it to your friends when you
want to initiate them to the game !!! But let’s o back to you…
If you give yourself the order to stop giving you orders, it is the homosexual snake biting its
tail. Your self-talk will just amplify and contradictions will make you implode. We instead
want to concentrate to only keep the aspects of a situation that is necessary for its optimal
performance. It’s like when you talk to a girl: all that matters is that the message is heard in a
clear and genuinely way to create in her an emotion that works for you. When you watch your
game it’s the same: do it in the most neutral way possible and without emitting negative value
judgment (that was bad, sad, zero, etc.)
No bad value judgment!
This is fundamental in the learning process which has four steps:
– Observation without judgment of what is to be improved
– Imagining the desired result
– Self-confidence (routines and techniques are just contingency plans)


– Observation without judgment of the changes and results until you’re proud of having
achieved your goal
Such an approach necessarily strengthens your belief in your innate qualities and therefore
your self-esteem. Notice that we erased here the stage in which we yell at ourselves every
time it does not go as well as we would like. It is relaxing to deal with yourself in a so kind
way. Especially since it’s not because we have a bad game that we necessarily miss our life…
Wanting to learn…
To learn, sometimes a good question well put is better than one hundred tips to make people
move on in their head.
« What have you observed when you’ve approached? »
« Why did you ask her phone number at this moment? »
« What happened when you took her hand to make her dance? »
The apprentice PUA thus realizes things we could simply tell him directly … but he discovers
for himself. This learning is much deeper and less interference generator. It is better to teach
him how to learn, to stir his curiosity, knowing where to find the answers and thus develop his
adaptive intelligence by reducing the interferences of the ego and contradictory injunctions.
The autonomy is fundamental in seduction! Initiatives too! Nerves even more !
The problem is that when it comes to love and sexuality, social control and influence over the
people by the religious authorities / government / parents / media / etc. are so powerful that
we all are at some degree puppets submitted to social pressure (even if you feel that’s you’re
free). Unlearning all that crap to achieve a simpler, more empathetic and sincere
communication (with yourself and with others) remains in my opinion the quickest and most
enjoyable way to seduce women you like. Because seduction is more a question of
communication… even if it is multidisciplinary.
Let’s be ourselves! But do we really know who we are?


Top 10 of tips to make out with sexy chicks
#1 Be zen, relax
The game begins when you’re coming in. We must therefore watch your body language to be
a center of attention (that’s why the servers are so successful in bars in addition of social
proof). Stand straight, open up, make sure and slow movements. You must display a zen aura,
one must think that you are relaxed (although this is not the case).
Remember to smile, but not too much. Instead, make little smiles : the kind we do when we
get a private joke that others have not understood.
#2 The eye contact : do not be afraid of women
Too many men are afraid of women and it can be read in their eyes. Make her look down the
first one by maintaining the eye contact.
Then, when the interaction has started: look at her in the eyes 90% of the time when you talk
and 10% of the time when she talks … in order not to look like a psychopath.
#3 Talk to her like if you already know her, be a player and fun
If you start to get uncomfortable or too tight-ass, she will feel it and the bad emotions are
contagious. Instead, consider flirting as a game.
So have fun, use funny and daring lines. Make her have fun, show you nerves. Over-play your
confidence and show that you do not take yourself seriously.
Break the ice, be fun, playful and relaxed… like if you were with an old friend (so touch her
that way) and see if she agrees to discuss with this dynamic (or frame). If this is the case, it’s
all good and be take more initiatives. If this is not the case … next!
#4 Have ready-to-use lines to help you when you don’t know what to say nor how to


Too many guys keep silent because they do not know what to say. So, prepare some
« openers » to avoid being always silent. There are plenty of examples on my blog and in this
These same guys, when they finally speak with a girl switch in an interview Mode « how old
are you, what do you do in life, what’s your name, do you suck dicks? » : This is not original
(it bothers women and thus makes them want to go away) … but a good pick-up artist should
be the exception to the rule.
By the same logic, do not stare at any ass in the street like a hungry sex-starved loser!
#5 Do not give her too much before you saw her naked
You talk to a girl: you needed some courage and effort to get there. But you should not give it
too much importance just because she has a pussy into which you would feel warm.
Too many guys cling to girls who are OK to talk to them because they do not want to have to
make the effort to approach another one… so they attach themselves and invest in them too
much ( and often disproportionately so it scares women away). Don’t pay for a restaurant
during a first date, for example.
Rather, YOU must be, the price in the interaction: you must reverse the balance of power
(first of all in your head so that it is materialized in real life). It is way easier to fuck a girl
when we know we will be the best lover of her life and that if she does not want and would
rather want to fuck losers… well, that’s too bad for her if she is an idiot who does not
understand anything. This is called a positive belief, it is not necessarily true nor false, it’s
subjective but it helps to get ahead in life.
Once you’ve slept with her, if you still want to be her boyfriend you can behave as such. But
still do not become too sticky and needy. And do not confuse love and sexual desire.
#6 Do you ever get discouraged
Me too, there’s nights when it does not work. Nights when they all are « sorry I have a
boyfriend » or « sorry I am lesbian » (or other fake shitty excuses that are sometimes only
virility test but hey it sucks anyway). But you should never give up. It’s part of the game!


You should have enough inner strength to do not be affected by the wickedness of some girls
who no longer feel sooo powerful when we approach them. The nerves and perseverance pay
(not only in pickup).
Be careful, the game can be dangerous for your nerves …
#7 Instead of bragging, make her talk
Do not boast, it is not an alpha male attitude, but rather of guy seeking for approbation. Now,
a sexy guy is not trying to prove things. « A rich doesn’t need to say he is rich. »
So instead of trying to qualify yourself by talking, make her talk about her about things she is
interested in. People love it (we’re all a bit self-centered), even the women, and in addition it
will rest you. Make active listening: she will find you much friendlier.
#8 Go too fast rather than too slow, dare
As she speaks, feel free to touch her or make innuendos. You will see how she reacts. Know
that women are followers of the implied consent (because of social pressure, she is not going
to jump on you because she’s too scared to be thought of as a whore).
For your own comfort, please go rather too quickly, too direct, than too slowly or too indirect,
it will avoid ambiguities and thus friendzone. In addition, she expects you to be manly and
that you want to sleep with her: you do not want her to take you for a gay anyway? You must
desecrate women, you must know that they are not so pure nor innocent as some believe. Do
not judge them for that. Do not call them whores. Enjoy it instead: yes, they love sex,
especially when it’s done right, and that’s good for you too.
« It is better to ask forgiveness than permission. »
#9 Do not let her play with you
Lambdas men, guided by their pecker, yet only very rarely sleep with chicks (of few girls).
So, women can get away with playing with them, boss them around, make them do what they
want like paying drinks and everything.


Do not go into this system because, except in cases she would want to marry, they are not
turned on by the « pigeons ». Paradoxically, all these efforts and attention are fun but they
lose their respect for you when you submit to everything. Learn how to say no. To make her
pay drinks for spending time with you. It’s like the cat with toys: as long as it moves the cat
plays but when it falls between its legs … the cat loses interest.
#10 Be everywhere, approach a lot, get used to talking to strangers
You can multiply your chances of success by picking up on the Internet, in clubs and why not
in the street. More option you have and the better it is. You should play on numbers.
Must also work on the technique: the trick is to get used to talking to unknown(s). The more
you practice, the less it will cost you and you will be less dependent on the women you
approach. They feel it and your attitude becomes more « I don’t give a shit I’m sexy »
towards them seduce them (they usually love this attitude).
Last tip: approach quickly, something like three seconds after spotting a girl you like.
Otherwise, she will take you for a psychopath or a guy without balls who need an hour before
finding the courage to dare and she will lose respect for you (and you lose some value in her
eyes just like those who use false excuses like « do you have a light? » and then try to pick
them up it’s a shame). Or you will ask 36 000 questions and be put under stress then get cold
feet at the time of spending a speed or then approaching her but perspiring malaise and
And you, what advice would you give?


Top 10 of sexy butts
# 1 The too fat ass
With this, if you are able to get hard, you’re a boss. It can be a challenge to take it doggy

# 2 The big ass
I know that there are guys who like fat chicks like that. Destroying an ass a little fat and soft,
it can be enjoyable. And especially to make it turn red by hitting and spanking on it.


# 3 The nice but fat ass
Here starts the real competition of the ass. The girl is wide but somewhat muscular. The nice
fat ass must often be accompanied by a pretty face and cute boobs otherwise it ruins

Also available in blonde. Even better if it belongs to your boss who is pissing you off all day

# 4 Ass looking like a heart
It is the ass of love: round and massive. It is not for the small pink cocks of skinny
metrosexuals! And if the girl gets quilts, you can even use it as convenient handles for doggy
style. Well dimpled, if you take a run-up, you can jump on it like on a trampoline.


# 5 The anorexic ass
Unlike previous ass, the ass here pale, scrawny and tasteless. Advised to repressed pedophiles
who love children and so, the girls without forms. Built by these fags who dictate women’s
fashion in Paris and then go get fucked in gay bars. Precautions: be careful to do not penetrate
the bones of her hips in your lower abdomen, it hurts. Also be careful to don’t break her legs.

# 6 The flat ass
Flat yes, but can be successful like a joke by Norman. Indeed, an ass like that can be as good
as a horny porn with Clara. Especially if you love fucking Asians who have never seen a big
dick in their lives. Hoping to be able to get it in without too much hurting her.


Also available in French model to please Montebourg. Even better if it’s a bit tanned and
wearing a smock.

# 7 The Eastern bitch’s ass
A perfectly proportioned and horny ass. Easy access to Western men when traveling in the
countries of the east. I’ve not seen anything so excitant since my last orgy with DSK in a
luxury hotel. In addition, they were not very expensive (€ 50 per doggy style).


# 8 South American’s ass
It loves to stir on Brazilian music. Warm, welcoming and breast, perfect for unresolved
Oedipus complex. It allows to start a family with confidence. And after bearing children, you
can even enjoy an effect « melancholy ass » due to excessive stretch marks and cellulite.
Attention, you must love brunettes and hairs.


# 9 The black ass
It was designed for big black cocks and is known to be one of the finest asses in the world.
Global benchmark, to be tested at least once in your life! It is not too hard: the carrier of these
ridges seems to be hypersexual. Even more exciting if they are dressed as maids to please the
macho (it also works with the Eastern girl).

# 10 The little well-rounded butt
The sportive ass. Great as it is young and goes to the gym. Generally it ages badly (it breaks
the myth) so it is interesting to renew your girlfriend regularly.

Bonus: the perfect ass
So there is a bit of a personal choice. That ass never pooped, just like Megan Fox. Just
designed for sex.


Thanks to Topito for allowing me to make this ranking ass (I had a lot of fun) because
otherwise it would not really have had a place on my blog. Unfortunately, at the time of
publishing they backtracked so I publish it here.
And you, which ass do you like the most ?


Top 10 improbable lines with whom I picked up
chicks (true stories)
# 1 « Are you straight?
– Yes.
– So would you like to kiss me?
– Why not » Kiss.!
# 2 « You have a nice butt my mare, I want to ride you to win the Irish sweepstakes..
– (She and her friends laugh)
– Relax, it was just a joke …
– Yes I guessed !
– What do we do now ? We kiss?
– (Laughs again) OK let’s go, because I liked your approach » Kiss !
# 3 « When you’ll get tired of being with your girl-friends, come see me.
– That’s it I’m tired » Kiss !
# 4 « Hi, are you a good kisser?
– Yes » and she damn put her tongue into my mouth and then « do you have got fags?
– No I’m not a smoker.
– Okay good night, it was nice anyway… »
# 5 “Hi, we kiss?
– What for ?” And there without answering I turned her head and KISS.
# 6 “Did you wash your teeth?
– Yes.
– Then we can kiss?
– (No answer)” kiss.
# 7 « Is there still girls that I have not kissed in this club?
– There’s me.
– OK. Do you want to kiss me?


– perhaps…
– Go, let’s give it a try » kiss.
# 8 « Wesh chick, wazup? We make pimp bombs?
– What is your trip?
– If I tell you that it’s a gamble, does it ruins everything ? » One got up and kissed me.
# 9 « Didn’t we already kissed in a club?
– no I don’t think so.
– Well, then we sould do it » Kiss!
# 10 « Do you have vomited tonight?
– no.
– You can kiss then …
– I don’t know, not now.
– Are you not enough drunk or you don’t find me handsome enough?
– I do not know, both.
– Go, I bet you’re gonna the first one to crack.
– Not a chance »I approached her, close, without kissing her. We talked for about ten minutes
and sexual tension drove her crazy… She cracked the first one…
Bonus: Do not forget to move on to sleep with them! For example: a girl in the line of a club.
« Would you like to kiss me?
– Yes » kiss « second question, have you already made love today?
– no…
– Are you interested?
– Yes … but right now I must join my girlfriends.
– OK, take my number and call me later, plus I just adopted a kitten, you’ll be able to see it.
– Okay, I take your number ».
For more concrete examples of funny and uninhibited pickup, read this ebook.
» You too have the fantasy of the unknown? »
» You too fall only on bad legs? »
» Have you already made a threesome? »
“How long since your last orgasm?”
“Do you like doggy style with spanking ?”
And you, what lines do you use?



The 3 categories of cocksuckers
In my career, I have been able to distinguish three types of cocksuckers.
0 / But first, what is a cocksucker?
Blowjob is the human sexual behavior which is stimulating the penis of the partner with the
mouth, lips and tongue. It can be performed either as a preliminary or to lead the man to
Fellatio is an oral sex, it is the symmetric of performing a cunnilingus on a women for a
man… but for a woman.
This practice is referred to by many expressions or colloquial terms, my favorite, « suck my
dick bitch ».
Oral sex was also observed in some animals with a conflict management purpose (with
bonobos, for example) or with a sexual purpose (in some bat species). A study on the bat
shows that when the female of this species practice fellatio on her spouse, each additional
second of this activity increases the coupling length of six seconds (it is quite the opposite
with most men but well when your cock is soft it can help). Blowjob could therefore
encourage reproduction. In addition, the saliva with antifungal and antibacterial properties of
the female would prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
Since the beginning of sexology and until the sexual revolution, oral sex was considered as
pathology. Fellatio was a perversion of the sexual instinct, « instinct » which « normally »
would produce only sexual activities for reproduction. In 1952, oral sex with masturbation
and oral sex were part of the pathological behavior described in the first edition of the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. When I told you that we all are
1/ The dream seller
This is the one who sucks you at the beginning of the relationship, to make you addicted and
then it is not anymore worth it in her opinion.


In general, these girls do not really like sucking but they make an effort in the beginning… to
impress! You, on the other hand, are supposed to lick all the time…
She can sometimes suck again punctually, eg. for your birthday!
2/ The good surprise
It is the one who does not suck at the beginning of the relationship, she is discreet. Then she
begins to show you her naughty side, over time.
These girls try to make you faithful, they believe that the dangling of blowjob is everything,
it’s her reward for you.
But if you’re not a good lover, you, they may never suck you and not even continue to be your
girlfriend… and you could find it normal. It has become a privilege in your eyes.
3/ The regular
It is the one who sucks from the beginning to the end of the relationship. She gives back, no
dirty trick!
Carpe Diem !
The problem is that she gives you good habits and if one day she is too tired and too eager and
what to do the starfish: you will be very disappointed!
4/ Those who do not suck you, dirty boy
There are of course those who do not suck (never). But it does not count as a sucking
category, by definition.
Often because it disgusts them (yuck), because they don’t trust their sucking skills (shame) or
because it does not fit with the image of « good girl » they try to give you (social pressure).
Then, there’s also those who suck any guy at a party … but not a guy with who she wants a
serious relationship! Boo, what a trap! Her purpose is that the boyfriend does not see her as a
« slut », it’s always the same. If you are used to serious relationships and that you only fall on
chicks like that, you’re not lucky!


Fortunately there’s those who do not suck any dude but who only suck when they are in a
relationship (cf. 2) but hey sometimes when I lick one of them in a so good way, they suck me
anyway ! You give so much that they feel compelled to give more, to stay in the competition.
You take control of her sexuality, this way…
We should be able to create lots of other categories : those who suck by you shaking at the
same time or not, those who only suck with the lips or those who rub you the glans with the
tongue too, those with a small mouth so their teeth scrape against your glans and those who
are pure mouths made for blowjob it is really comfortable. Those who swallow or not, those
who suck at the beginning of the report or at the end, those who suck with the condom or
without, those who lick your balls, those who put a finger in your ass, those who suck on her
knees or lied down on the bed…
Finally here, I just wanted to have fun writing this little article like an asshole. I let off steam
because I broke a tooth! The next one will be more serious!
And you, which one is your favorite sucker? And it is forbidden to answer « your mother »!


The amorous exclusivity and the different types of
Far from me the pretenses of taking an imperious tone in this article because we will address
the issue of amorous exclusivity.
After all, everyone does what he/she wants. But to do as you want, it is still necessary to know
what choices are really available to us. Otherwise, it’s not a choice.
Note that I do not know what you think but for me, a relationship that works is simply a
relationship that contributes to the welfare of the two protagonists.
Recent social changes
Let’s start by making an inventory of recent social developments in the loving commitment.
I just want to shake here and some preconceived ideas so that everyone can live either love as
an exclusive assumed choice and not a default choice, or love as an assumed uninhibited and
honest foraging. I’m not here to judge but to think and make people think.
The Basics: If one takes the point of view of evolution, men and women are similar and
complementary 45/46 sexual similar chromosomes. However, sexual behaviors have
differences that are necessary for the survival of the species.
More recently: There are still a few decades, it was unthinkable for our ancestors that women
are elected at the head of companies or governments … but progress in gender equality have
changed that. Now one of the criteria for choosing a wife may be her ambition, her future
career, salary, intelligence, etc. What before rather was a criterion for women to choose a
Men have thus lost a part of their identity, their authority, and women are sometimes in search
of virile men (although men are also lacking in women because many girls adopt more
masculine attitudes).


Note: It is common knowledge that some women who have important positions behave in an
authoritarian manner with their underlings but need to go out with a man who will take the
initiative, dominate her a little, challenge her, and make her enjoy in the bed.
Currently: Men and women are a little bit lost in seduction. What they want consciously and
what their instinct wants is not really in tune.
Therefore, in forty years, the number of single people has more than doubled (INSEE figures).
More than 15 million in France… for an average of 18% in the European Union.
Women are slightly more concerned with celibacy than men (53% against 43%).
Many singles have previously been married and/or have dependent children, making difficult
the organization of a new couple.
Over 50% of the singles would be single for more than three years.
40% of them, assume very well the fact of living alone.
The number of sexual partners reported by women is increasing, while it remained stable for
Changing attitudes about sex is a factor in the rise of Internet pornography.
The couples have a little more sex than before.
Different types of love
There is physical love: physical attraction first. The problem is that everything is based on
There is playful love: love is a game, the meetings multiply. The problem is the shallowness
of the relationship and the possible fear of commitment behind it.
There’s the friendly love, it’s when friendship turns into love. Love without fever or madness.


The passionate love, it is the mixture between playful love and physical love. It is people with
low self-esteem who imagine a future marriage at the first meeting. They al the time need
proofs of love.
The pragmatic love is the mix between playful love and friendly. It is a relationship a little
down-to-earth, but if it works, the results will be waiting for you: it works with a logic of
meetings based on profitability costs/benefits.
Disinterested love is the mix between physical love and friendly love. Here love takes a
spiritual dimension: one sacrifices for the other one!
What does not work
The narcissistic love, those who idealize their partner, mutual adoration… it cannot function
because to love others you must love yourself. A dose of narcissism is essential.
The virtual love, geographic separation … it’s dangerous because when they meet, the
fantastical dimension tends to disappear.
The unrequited love, the more the other is out of reach, the more we want him/her. « I would
be happy if… » We suffer here and most of the time eventually derail…
The triangular relationship, such as with a woman for the breast side and a mistress for the
sexual side. Or we go out with a man and like his brother in secret. The third person is often
sacrificed after damaging the basic relationship.
Forbidden love … like a teacher with a student. Here, we love the danger as much as the
person. But if we remove barriers, love often disappears. Don’t fool yourself!
Solutions that are available to us :
– Monogamy: fidelity is associated with exclusivity. The benefits are emotional stability and
management of jealousy. Moreover, it is easy to find someone looking for this type of
relationship, since it is the most common. However, in practice, there are often sprains to the


– The debauchery: it is when we add others to the couple’s love games. But the feeling of love
is for one person and parallel relationships are not accepted. However, in reality, it is still
possible to desire someone else …
– The open relationship: here extramarital adventures are allowed. The love contract is not
based on exclusivity, allowing to experience many things. The problem here is to confront
« the standard » and to manage jealousy.
– Poly-love: the principle is that we can be in love with several people at the same time. It
could be funny to live with two women to sleep with them, and that they sleep together. More
wages, more children, etc.
Knowing that ideally, we would live without conditioning and each couple would be unique
and happy.
And you, what is your choice?
– The sexfriends ;
– The lovers ;
– The wedding ;
– PACS (a kind of strange wedding (but not exactly) in France) ;
– The open relationship;
– The punctual libertinism;
– Regular libertinism;
– Banging an ex or a married man;
– Etc.


Banging a girl who has a boyfriend…?
Many times I was asked if a PUA could fuck the chick of another guy? And if yes, is it
First of all, from an ethical point of view, everything is possible. Social realities are
constructions that are more dependent on our individual perceptions than on the rules in force
in our spacetime. In addition, it would be hard for me to lecture you.
Then, from a technical point of view, this is also possible. Beyond the “do not do to others
what you would not like them to do to you » (there’s always been fucked and fuckers), the
chick may not be satisfied or seeking for taking revenge on her boyfriend so a woman always
can cheat. In addition, it is reasonable to think that if she is not cheating on him with you, she
will cheat with another man.
But I want to share with you some cases you may encounter on the field and to what you
expose yourself by banging chicks who are in a relationship :
1 / The pretty girl who says « I have a boyfriend. »
It’s either true or it is a defense to avoid weirdos. It’s a bit like « I am a lesbian. » In any cases
this is a bad start but I advise you to avoid sinking with the « it’s good I’m not jealous » or
with stuff like « I’m a better lover than your guy who is ugly and has a small dick. »
Maybe her couple is fictitious or in the hot seat, but she would defend it to stay consistent
with what she first said. She would also feel hurt in her ego.
I think it would be better to congratulate her for having found her soul mate, even if it is a bit
ironic. In this case, she may entrust it does not go that well between both of them actually. But
in any case, you score points because you won’t be thought of like a plaintiff or a desperate
For the provocation, you can even ask if her boyfriend would be up for a little football game
with you next weekend.


2 / The guy comes while you’re hitting on his girlfriend.
If you did not say too much bad things about him and showed that you are not fully on his
girlfriend (if it’s rather like I do not care if it’s her it may be another woman), there’s no
reason for problems (unless he is a mentally sick person). You would be well advised to
congratulate him on his taste about women.
But you must know that some are always looking for excuses to fight. Or, helped by alcohol,
who go crazy for nothing. I remember a guy in the street, I had just stared at the ass of his
girlfriend and he had come to me, doing a total scandal, like asking if I wanted to fuck her and
everything. I just said she was a pretty girl, but I had a girlfriend too and I did not want to
disrespect him and her. Although when a guy stares at my girl, it’s more of flattery. But hey,
when you’re insecure, you see everything in black…
3 / If however you bang a girl in couple… watch out!
You may experience the jealousy of a guy that can go from a mouth breaking into proper form
to murder or any trap/revenge. I agree that the chick is as much or more in fault than you. And
what would the guy have done if your girlfriend had offered to fuck him? But… most of
monkeys will rather be mad at the other guy than at their girl. Although this latter “forgot” to
admit that she had a boyfriend at the one who picked her up.
You may even risk worse: never being able to trust your girlfriends because you understand
that women cheat. They have a lot of proposals and that it’s easy for them. This is very toxic,
almost as much as the water side of a Japanese nuclear power plant.
If she falls in love with you and leave her boyfriend for you: you feel guilty so you finish in a
relationship without the knowledge of your own accord. You will also struggle to trust her
because « who has drunk will drink again. »
You will have the word « BASTARD » tattooed for life on the forehead … in the eyes of the
people who know the cuckold.


If her boyfriend guesses and she does not have the courage to admit it to her boyfriend, it will
be easier for her to do not assume: BUT OF COURSE, YOU HAVE FORCED HER … SHE
WAS RAPED! You’ll get in trouble. It happened to some guys before, all this shit, this is why
I mention it.
She can be beaten up or murdered by the jealous boyfriend, enraged because of his hurt ego.
What would be your part of responsibility and guilt in the matter? It’s scenarios that are
common, the passion killings.
The conclusion is that anyone can be tempted, do discrepancies or mistakes. But beyond the
ethical question, we can say that sex with married or in couple girls is more risky than just
doing this sport with the many single hotties out there.
However, sometimes the desire takes precedence over reason. In this case, it is better that
neither one nor the other admit it. Anyway, that’s my advice. And pay attention to erase your
texts/mails… This protects the other from his jealousy perhaps destructive and yourself too.
The only hard thing to deal with is (for some) guilt. If you feel that the chick will reveal
everything to her boyfriend, beware! Avoid cheating on a whim …
Also think about why you did cheat, what’s wrong in your relationship or in your mind? Or
do you just want the cake and butter? And it is possible without too many damages…?


Dare ! Assume your pick-up!
Daring = Having the courage, the audacity to say or to do something. My vision of the PUA is
that this is a guy who dares to dare! Daring can often help you to take shortcuts even if
sometimes it will take time to tame a little the girl, just like the fox.
Daring to approach? Daring sexualization? Daring to kiss her? Daring to ask her to go in a
quieter place? Daring to finger her?
The biggest problem for most guys is to dare. How can I help you to stand back on your
deepest fears ?
For example, in a club, when you look at a girl dancing and you do not approach her about
because « you do not know what to say » … this is an excuse for not approaching. You do not
The problem is that after you have regrets because THEN you stand back and understand you
had nothing to lose.
Or that girl who is in your class. At the beginning of the year, she smiled to you. You could
have asked her out but you did not. Now you are sad because she is making out with another
This is the kind of thing that often happened to me when I was younger and still happens to
me from time to time.
But the game is a sport like any other: so, you must enter on the ball!
Not in five minutes nor tomorrow, BUT NOW! Just after having checked that she is not
married or is not holding the hand of a guy!


It’s a bit the same adrenaline rush than during skydive at first but hey, we made it, and then
we get addicted! Especially that from time to time it pays! And there we are proud not only to
have dared the approach but in addition to have banged a hottie!
Talking and sexualizing with an unknown woman… YOU ARE CRAZY FABRICE! Yeah
probably a little, unless it is all the other guys who spend hours staring at thousands of girl but
never try anything and go back home to jerk off on porn sites every night who are crazy!
For the catchphrase? Well, any contextual bullshit or an opener that you use automatically
when you do not know what to say.
Avoid still crappy stuff like « do you have light […] and by the way I find you cute so will
you give me your number? » It’s not that it cannot work but it’s not very “PUA” because you
do not assume. You like if you were interested in the light then « ohhhh give me your phone
number ». Seriously, you do not fool anymore, coward!
Bad approach > no approach. A good insurance salesman, is a seller who sells a lot or a seller
that sells every time he knocks on a door? Well… seduction is the marketing of yourself. You
try to find high-end buyers!
A funny opener « you’re pretty but are you nice? »
As you see, we do not reinvent the wheel when we approach. But the Game do not stop with
the opener. The advantage of quickly sexualizing are :
– Differentiate from the mass that do not dare to show their interest (but it can scare the most
tight-ass girls);
– Make a quick sorting between those that will have sex with you and those that will piss you
off during several dates for nothing.
The fact that we have to tackle fear is natural. Or rather, cultural.
But those who approach were able to change their belief system. If you fuck some bitches like
that ‘cause you approached while the others were paralyzed, you will realize how stupid they
are! If in addition you give them up by making them cum like crazy, you know that those who
refuse miss something, too bad for them!


Even the greatest PUA in the world sometimes hear « your pickup technique is crap », the
difference is that they know their value and it makes them laugh! And you, how do you
handle rejection ?
You cannot lose this game anymore, you are invincible!
As I said above, approaching is not everything. Then, act in a sexual way with the girl, a bit
like with an old friend with who you were used to flirt. If you react to a female like if you
were in from of a velociraptor in Jurassic Park… it will cause some problems.
The first big challenge of a seduction coach is to make you want to approach all over the
street and have fun like crazy! With or without results, we don’t care in a first time because
everything starts from there! The rest will follow…
When you will feel pleasure during your approaches, there, I’ll be satisfied! And you will be
proud too when you will bring your first telephone numbers or first chicks home!
You have to expand your field of possibilities (beliefs). Because what you believe determines
what is possible or not for you.
Which stop most guys is that they think that a PUA must at least take the number every time
he approaches (wrong beliefs). So they don’t dare because they think that if it doesn’t work
(most probable that’s why we play on the big numbers) they will be ridiculous. But only bad
wingman who understood nothing would make fun of you for that… do we have to
congratulate you when you dare to approach, that’s the right mindset !!! They are a lot of
other criteria for a good pickup than the result ! The most important is the inner game ! Dare
to « disturb » (except of course if she is really busy or pressed) because it is an honor for her
to be approached by a man like you!
The little thrill before going out to pickup is what you must boost you now. Not what should
inhibit you, that’s not true anymore!


However , there is a pitfall to avoid, it is the « it’s a shame to spoil. » Becoming addicted to
flirting and banging chicks who do not deserve you just because « it’s a shame to spoil :
others would enjoy to bang them. » This is the problem that makes that sometimes girls who
are below you in all areas patronize you or lecture you…. HAHAHA! Another pitfall is that
most girls are cold when approached (shaken out of their comfort zone) but it’s not
necessarily because a girl is nice that she wants to unlock her legs! Do not make them regret
to be nice…
And the guys who never dare to approach are fags!
It’s your turn to go on the field, bro!


How to face rejection ?
I watched Ted 2 this weekend. At a given moment in the movie, John tried to pick up a
redhead nurse in a sperm donation clinic (as class as picking up in a AIDS detection center):
he asked her out, and she answered « no I have a boyfriend ». And he replied « too bad,
you’ve missed a nice guy. » It made me want to write an article about rejection.
How to handle rejection? How to react to rakes? And for who is it “too bad” in the end? Him
or her ?
If ever you want to call it rejection. We can also use the word “refusal”. This is less negative.
For me a rake it is when a girl I want to fuck doesn’t want me, not when an unknown I do not
know does not want to fuck me. It makes no sense to take it personally.
There are several types of reactions :
A. The guy takes a rake and is broken. It doesn’t approach anymore for weeks and cry over
his fate. Women have power over him. They have broken him.
B. The guy takes a rake and go on the next one without being affected. He said nothing, he
ignored it and turns away. The girl then realizes that she is not that important.
C. The guy takes a rake and says something to have the last word and then leaves. So the girl
knows what she misses. It shows a certain level of confidence. But, some stupid girls will
think « who does he think he is, this one is a braggart. » But well…
D. The guy takes a rake and nailed the beak to the girl. He explains her what she missed and
why she doesn’t deserve him. It can be funny to see their faces decompose during the
argument but hey, it’s a waste of time. Few, very few are those who will change their minds.
They will rather steer.
E. The guy takes a rake and cannot handle it. He became aggressive with the girl. It is
intolerable because when you play, you have to accept you can lose. Because if we cannot
lose, each victory is an illusion (like at the carnival).
From a profitability perspective, the reaction B is the best one, I guess. But it’s not realistic to
think you can always nervously stick out like this: sometimes it feels good to vent. Especially
when they are nasty with us but we have done nothing else than approaching them. Reactions
C and D may be justified in some cases, but I do not think they help a lot in practice.


The reactions A and E are prohibited. A minimum of inner game is requested please!
Be aware that, sometimes, direct rejections are just a test. We must therefore learn to
differentiate a « no » from a shit-test! For this, there is the reaction F: humility…
Below, a part of what I wrote about rejections in The (Inconvenient) Truth about Gender
Relations (click to read the full text):
You can do exactly the same thing on two girls, one will find you sexy, the other will find you
repulsive. Which one is right? None.
Afraid of what ?
You will try to be sensual and will, of course, sometimes be rejected. For example, you will
maintain eye contact with a woman who will give you back just a look in response making
you understand that she finds you disgusting. Then she will turn and will not deal with you
anymore. Ouch, that hurts. But there is nothing to fear. This is not so different from a verbal
rejection. It is even rather better, in fact. More direct! And keep in mind, that one day or the
other she probably fucked a less handsome guy than you …
I like the quirkiness. I like to put pressure on girls. To see women blushing or becoming
nervous amuses me. I know you are afraid of being labeled as a « weird guy » and that’s why
you do not dare to move faster physically. So you stay in a friendly mode and waste your
Guys have to overcome that fear. Starting conversations with strangers, this is not « weird »,
being tactile and sensual is not « disgusting » and pushing things sexually doesn’t directly
makes you a « perverse ». All this are just beliefs …
If you are sociable and you start conversations, women will test you by saying that it is
strange to do that. Or they will give this stupid skeptical look we all know. All the other guys
do not have enough balls to approach women, but it is not weird that… Phew. And they want
us to believe that it’s better to stay wise … but where is the world going?
When you are sensual, women try to make you feel « dirty ».


When you are sexually aggressive women test you by saying that you are evil (as if it was a
bad thing…) Most guys are afraid of the label « perverse » because it refers to the image of an
old man who masturbates in a sex shop.
But it’s not that at all, and you want to be « perverse » because you do not want to be asexual.
Do not let social pressure having so much power over you that it has on these people stuck in
their conditioning.
Not getting rejected, that does not mean you’re good
Most guys think they were good because they were not rejected… at least, not yet. This is
actually a bad thing. And they are not really good. Being rejected early in the night should be
your goal. Before the first rejection, you will be tense and shy. After, you will be free and
ready to perform feats.
When I’m snub for the first time of the night, it annoys me. It drives me crazy. Anger rises in
me … but this is not anger against women. Hate is there because I just realized that releases
and critics are a big joke, and I cannot believe that I was scared and it stopped me from doing
what I wanted in life until today…
After realizing this, nothing can stop me. Basically, I need the first rake to put me on track
and have a fun night (and we do not make an omelet without breaking eggs; there will always
be waste).
A woman is laughing at you? Makes fun of how she rejected you ? That’s funny. That’s what
you were afraid of? Yet it is nothing … You will know you have improved when you can
laugh at rakes and that you can even shut up the mouths of babes who respond badly.
Remember that for some, going out and playing the bitch, well it’s funny. The best solution is





« thank





funny. »

People who get angry easily and make scandals are trying to manipulate you emotionally.
They want to intimidate you. I’m sure you know people like that. The best strategy is to take
the wrong way. They want you to perceive them as important; you see them just as
entertainment. In addition, this casual attitude seems to piss them off. When girls understand
they are not so important for you (individually speaking, at least), it drives them crazy. Then,
each responds differently (some are less stupid than others).


Some are even worse after being rejected. I’m ten times better. I know myself. I need to be
rejected to feel free. Loose. That’s why I quickly need social rejection and physical rejection
before being awesome.
I have a friend who does not approach women. He’s handsome and cool but he hopes that
women come to him like mosquitoes attracted to light. Thus, if they approach him, they have
done all the work and are hopelessly attracted to him because have invested a lot. It’s bogged
him down in long relationships where he is the prize.
The only problem is that it is too passive. He can stay a long time without meeting anyone
even by going out twice a week. It may take months before he finds a new girlfriend.
The other guys are the opposite. They approach everything that moves anyhow hoping for a
positive answer. Even if they have to suffer violent rejections and talk for hours to women
without interest, they stay. This attitude fucks up you confidence in the long term and you can
catch the phobia of starting conversations.
The compromise is to quickly select women but only invest time in those excited that you
contacted them. Those who smile, laugh and feed the conversation. If you do not get a
positive response right away, leave. This is not an excuse to do anyhow, discuss the best way
possible, stack the odds in your favor but you invest only for those who understand how lucky
they are that you approached them.
One way to avoid scandals, preserve your confidence and maximize your results socializing is
to limit the time spent with foolish and wicked stupid bitches. Do not spend with them a
second longer than they deserve. You can only do this if you allow yourself to leave the
conversation on a bad note.
We don’t give a shit, but with class
This means you do not look for the perfect exit. You can go away in the simplest way. Even if
it looks strange. Just as you came, you leave.
I think most guys do not approach enough women because they think that once the
conversation is started, they must stay and make sure that it works with the girl. They feel


It is sure that if you see things like that and suffer the pickup more than you live it,
approaching can quickly become a hassle.
You start a conversation with a sexy woman on the right. She’s cute, but sarcastic and not at
all playful. She makes fun of your pink shirt. Then she contradicts you on a bunch of silly
topics. You clearly do not like her personality so why staying with her? Turn heels and ignore
her, she will not understand what happened. These girls were not enough rejected by guys in
their lives. Or have been too much rejected and take revenge. In any cases, they have a
problem to do so … We can even say that they overcompensate! Their nasty attitude refers to
their own problems.
If someone must be under pressure, do you prefer it is you or the others?
When you go out, and you behave in a sociable way, you do not need to try to save face. You
do not try to have the last word. You don’t care about leaving on a good note.
And better yet, if you’re not afraid of weirdness, you do not even need to go away, let people
get bored and leave… and take their place.
If the girl you’re talking to is a bitch, or if the interaction does not appear well enough started
to be productive, leave without further ado. Have some character, fuck!
Most guys are afraid to push the envelope too far because they are happy with just small
successes. They want to rethink the interaction and keep a good taste in the mouth.
« A handjob would make me very happy but I’m too afraid of being hurt in my ego if I ask
you, and you say no. »
You know very well my views. Make her say no. Press her like a lemon. My credo « Suck me
or insult me, but do not stay in inaction. » The problem is that you are most of the time not
actually looking for being sucked nor insulted. It suits you to be there, to smile and watch her
laugh listening to your jokes. It makes you feel good. You want to go head high so you do not
push the thing up.
It’s enjoyable to hang out with a girl and smile blissfully. Most dudes merely that. They prefer
the sweet, platonic relation with a woman to a rapid physical escalation because it runs the
risk of brutally breaking the interaction.


The same can occur when you caress each other’s hand. The caress of the hands is so
enjoyable that you forget to push things more sexually. But the problem is that this feeling of
well-being does not last. And it does not last because she will break up with you as soon as
she met a guy with whom she has a sexual connection. Now, is what the point? Talking to her
for 10 hours or penetrating her for 30 minutes?
The illusion you can fuck them all
A guy strikes up a conversation with a cute girl in the street. They walk together to a small
bar. They exchange names and flirt a little. It goes well. He would ask her out : to go for
coffee but he freaks out then does nothing. Later in the day he self-flagellates and wonders
what she would have said if he had invited her out. Fuck. The bitch was very hot. However,
despite his regrets, he is still happy, he draws some form of satisfaction. The memory of that
interaction will remain nice: he dealt with her successfully in the street and made a pretty girl
smile… Good.
The truth is that he did not seek for more because he was afraid that the interaction ends
badly. He did not want his last memory to be a deplorable rejection.
« Let’s have a coffee.
– Sorry I have to go somewhere to do something with someone. Bye. »
Now he sees things differently. He has been rejected. The interaction was a failure from the
beginning but he did not get it (it is better to know right away, no?)
Passive interactions often end as follows: she ignores you or your texts or stand you up. Or
you had a strong connection but because you have never pushed things sexually you’re now
mired in a very strange relationship. Sometimes you feel the urge to ignore her or tell her you
do not want to fuck her. This is called FRUSTRATION.
Guys want it to end well, having a little story to tell their friends « how I got the number of a
bitch in the street or simply flirted with but it’s still good. » It’s just a matter of ego. They do
not escalade physically because they are not sure it will be fine.


The light is red
I see guys approached and being outraged when they get a reaction type « red light ». I see
guys be ready to end the interaction when it starts softly with a shy girl and fall in love with a
girl who just tries to be polite in answering briefly in a detached way.
Some will probably treat you like crap. We don’t care, it’s totally NORMAL. If all the girls
were smart, we would know it, and the world would be a better place (this judgment also
applies to the guys). Being rejected is expected and even hoped … It’s the routine … If this
does not happen it means that you do not do things properly. Nobody pleases everyone, and if
that was the case, well it would not even be fun to game (= practicing the game of seduction).
Understand that you will feel anxiety whatever her reaction is. Even if it works like
clockwork, you feel tension because she likes you. If it takes softly, then you feel that tension
called « social anxiety ». If she ignores you or tells you something nasty, you’ll probably be
upset. Whatever her reaction in fact, approaching will make you experience strong emotions.
1. Red: she ignores you or rejects you through body language … without a word;
2. Red: she reacts aggressively or in a very haughty way.
If you get rejected by her body language, it does not give you a lot of material to work and
improve. The only thing you can do in this case is to smile and laugh with / of her. Remember
that women are funny. Any verbal rejection is a trap to get you to break the report. Take the
opposite way by being humble.
– Most girls are not really bitches.
She hopes:
– call me WHORE and leave.
– Laugh with her. Women are funny. Especially when they want to reject guys. Be genuine
« I wanted to meet you. » Give her a second chance to be cool. Otherwise « it was a pleasure
to meet you » and go to the next.


Sociability vs Sexuality
You have crossed the stage of social, now you can do what you want. Have fun. Try new
things. Be rejected. The social part has nothing to do with your seduction potential.
This is not an excuse to act like a clown or a weirdo but do not take the « sociability » part too
seriously. You would become paralyzed with fear.
This will be quite counter-intuitive to discover what works and what does not. As if the
success with women was random. I’m taking about techniques (the craziest can work) and
results. For example, you can have a super hottie in your bed the day before and getting
rejected by a fat ugly woman today. It’s a joke. Seduction and even more pickup are big
Life is an absolute joke…
I award for the night pick up… the medal of the biggest joke in the world. As if the girls did
their best to make us have the most difficult task ever… But then, why do they do surgery,
why do they wear makeup and all this stuff? To have sex, obviously.
This requires more confidence to approach them in person than on the Internet. However, the
same guy they send to hell in the bar in front of their girlfriends, they could agree to meet him
from the Internet just because he would have sent a cocky message.
It does not make sense. I think all the women do not give us bonus points for having the nerve
to approach them. They do not realize… This is why we must not take the night pickup too
seriously. There are too many stupid women who do not understand anything to life.
At night, the defenses are activated: the women go as far as claiming that they do not want to
fuck. All the cockblocks and amogs are out, ready to intervene at the fateful moment. It’s
hilarious. A Belgian joke. If you take seriously a nocturnal rejection then you are a fool. In the
long term, you would become mad. Accept that it’s just a comedy.
Some marketing managers reward salespeople for every NO obtained. Knowing that each NO
moves you closer to a YES, it’s understandable. For us, seducers, it’s the same…


We all know that perseverance is an important part of the seduction game. But in my head, all
perseverance is not always worth it. Your stress level should be linked to what you will
potentially get back.
For example, I will not be too persistent if a band I have just met rejects me. I could make fun
of the a girl who answer like a bitch or I could give a second chance to be part of the
conversation to a nice cute girl. But I will not do it for too long because I have nothing much
to gain.
Oh yeah, for all this work, my only reward would be that she talks to me. I don’t care,


15 movies you must see about seduction
#1 Roger Dodger

I liked this movie. Legendary quote : « sex is everywhere » !
#2 Spread

This movie is cool, full of good lines to improve your game.


#3 Confession d’un dragueur

This film is a bit old but realistic and especially well considered!
#4 Alfie

Some good advice in this movie, but I find the character deserves slaps in the face!


#5 L’homme qui aimait les femmes

How to put romance in pickup! Too bad the atmosphere of the film is a bit old-fashioned!
#6 Hitch

There are good things to learn from this movie (Ross Jeffries was a consultant on the film) …
but it’s really too politically correct for me!


#7 Vicky Christina Barcelona

This movie must be watched for the character played by Javier Bardem : very alpha and good
understanding of women !
#8 Match Point

This movie must be seen for the sexual agressivity of the main character !


#9 Serge Gainsbourg (vie héroïque)

Great movie about an ugly legend of seduction.
#10 Top Gun

To be watched for the body language of Tom Cruise which is THE legendary model of the
seduction community.


#11 Crazy Stupid Love

Another film on the theme of seduction coaches who gives some good advice… but it’s still
too politically correct for my taste.
#12 Magnolia

For the character played by Tom Cruise, it seems he was inspired by Ross Jeffries! Without
much other interest…


#13 We Need To Talk About Kieran

Watch it just for Gambler (a famous PUA) aka Richard La Ruina.
#14 The Mentalist

Only one episode to watch : season 1 episode 14. He explains why and how the game works.


#15 Castle

I like Castle and there, in the episode 11 of the season 4, he investigates the murder of a PUA.


The 2 cunnilinguist categories
In my view, we can divide all cunnilinguists into two categories, but first, let’s have a
look at the issue of cunnilingus!
Cunnilingus is an oral sex act performed by a person on a female’s genitalia (the clitoris, other
parts of the vulva or the vagina). The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive part of the human
female genitalia, and its stimulation may result in female sexual arousal or orgasm.
Cunnilingus can be sexually arousing for participants, and may be performed by a sexual
partner as foreplay to incite sexual arousal before other sexual activities (such as vaginal or
anal intercourse), or as an erotic and physically intimate act on its own. Like most forms of
sexual activity, oral sex can be a risk for contracting sexually transmitted infections
(STIs/STDs). However, the transmission risk for oral sex, especially HIV transmission, is
significantly lower than for vaginal or anal sex.
Oral sex is often regarded as taboo, but most countries do not have laws which ban the
practice. Commonly, heterosexual couples do not regard cunnilingus as affecting the virginity
of either partner, while lesbian couples commonly do regard it as a form of virginity loss.
People may also have negative feelings or sexual inhibitions about giving or receiving
cunnilingus, or may refuse to engage in it.
« Eating pussy » redirects here. If you’re not Chienese, you know what it means…
The term cunnilingus is derived from the Neo-Latin words for the vulva (cunnus) and tongue
(lingua). Additionally, there are numerous slang terms for cunnilingus, including drinking
from the furry cup, carpet munching, and muff-diving. Several common slang terms used are
giving lip, lip service, or tipping the velvet; the latter is an expression that novelist Sarah
Waters argues that she « plucked from the relative obscurity of Victorian porn ». A person
who performs cunnilingus may be referred to as a cunnilinguist.
The women would rather guide her partner in terms of movements, pressures and pace they
According to a 2006 study (CSF survey), 85% of men and women have already experienced


Cunnilinguist categories:
Those who like it and those who do not like it.
Those who know where the clitoris is and those who do not know.
Those who lick the clit and those who lick around.
Those who dismiss the skin that protects clitoris and those who let it there.
Those listening to the reactions of the girl and those who eat it always the same way.
Those who put fingers while they lick and those who do not put fingers inside.
Those who always lick lying on the bed and those who experiment different positions
(standing, front, back).
Those who do not care that there are hairs and those it blocks.
Those that smell bothers and those who know how to position their nose.
Those who eat the girl out after intercourse if the woman did not orgasm and those who don’t
give a shit as long as they ejaculated.
Those who have experienced female ejaculation and those who have never made a woman
Those who know when the woman is faking orgasm because is bored and those who don’t.
Those who recognize symptoms of orgasm and those who don’t.
Those who stop when the girl says “stop” and those who continue to make her orgasm.
Those who stop when she came and those who continue, irritating her.
Those who stop just before she comes so the pleasure is greater and those who don’t know
this trick.
Those who catch cramps: tongue, jaw, etc. and those who are well-trained.


For more information about the oral sex and how to make chicks orgasm like crazy bitches,
read my ebook about that.


Convict vs Casual in seduction
He got a date on the Internet.
Scenario 1: The galley of the pickup
He comes a little early. Stressed, it is obvious: he is impatient. And he apprehends.
However, she comes after the appointed time. She vaguely apologizes « sorry I’m a bit late. »
He is quick to get up to kiss her on the cheek (without the hug) and says “it doesn’t matter”
many times so he makes sure she doesn’t take him for an asshole.
There he sat in front of a pure beauty. He did not think she really would come to the date. He
cannot believe she is even got dressed pretty for the special occasion. Would he have a
She orders a glass of wine and continue « I cannot stay long I have to go to comfort a friend
who had just broken up with her boyfriend. »
He stresses, he says to himself he’ll have to take the high road to impress her and make her
want to meet up again.
His minutes are counted, the phone will ring.
« So what do you do for a living » Fuck, he realizes that it’s a little shit as a question. After
she answered, he continued, « do you love to travel? » Oh yes, that’s good, the travel. He
read it on ADS.
Twenty minutes of winded conversations ensue, then her phone sounds and she smiles. She
offers to pay her drink but he pays for her. She leaves officially to join her friend. « Sorry
– It’s nothing. See you next week?
– Maybe, I tell you »
He never got a second date. He simply lost sight of the essential. He forgot the essential
component of a good game: fun.


He will type on Google “how to make a success of my first date ?” ; “How to have an
interesting conversation?” ; “How to seduce her?” ; “How to make her want me?” ; « How to
see her again after a date? »
He’ll find the answers to his questions about Diary of a French PUA.
Scenario 2: The casual player
He comes five minutes late. Normal, he fucked another girl the day before and he is tired. She
still turns up after him. She apologizes, he replies that he was late too, so it’s okay! She feels
comfortable this way.
He gives her a kiss on the cheek, she turns her head waiting for a second kiss, he teases her
“ah but you want one second kiss” And he kisses her a little closer to the lips. He set arm
around her shoulders to greet her. She appreciates his body language.
He tells her to sit where she wants. She puts herself in front of him, with the thighs that time
from time temp to caress his legs. He asks her what she wants to drink, calls the waiter to
order both drinks.
He makes her talk. He casually give her occasions to sexualize. Then he says she has a dirty
mind. That’s it, it’s fun, she accepts the frame like what it is sexualized between them, he
teases her, it’s fluid. It is comfortable, she speaks.
She is very cute and she do not look stupid. Quite apart and open-minded. That’s why he
gives her some of his time in a bar.
He teases her, she gives him a pat on the shoulder. He asks how she will be forgiven for
having sexual assaulted him, she says she has lots of ideas with stars in her eyes.
Drinks happen. They clink glasses. A spark circulates them at the moment of the contact of
the two glasses. A shiver routes. It is sexual energy. He acknowledged: he likes and knows
how to play with tension. He masters his subject. He is comfortable when other guys would
be uncomfortable. He has a good game.


After a while she strums on her phone. He can see from the corner of his eye she told her
friend, « it’s good he is nice. » He grabs her hand like to see her ring or something and
stroked a little. She sees through his game but pretend to not. It amuses them both to flirt like
He is never short on fun conversation topics and is distributed foolproof. A man with such a
sexy humor makes her feel like she’s dreaming. She believes she is in a TV show.
He goes to the bathroom. Once back, after of course washed and dried his hands, he put one
on her shoulder. She sat turns around, a little surprised. He looks like saying something stupid
to her ear and kissed her. She gets off! He stops the kiss « enough, you’ve enough jumped on
me like that;) »
She giggles of nervousness and says she did not expect it … they speak a little and take
advantage of it to slip into the conversation that he doesn’t live very far from the bar. He has a
cute cat, surely she would love to meet it. He offers to introduce them. She’s OK. They walk
hand in hand to his house. In the hall, there, he pushes her against a wall and warms her like a
master of foreplays.
Then arrived home, she laughs because there is no cat. And he makes fun of her gently to
have truly believed him, saying that it is the most fucked up excuse in the world. He continues
casually to warm her and they fuck. She did not even want to resist because she’s flooded. He
has already put on a condom by giving her a cunnilingus. The best oral sex of her life.
She enjoyed it o much that she recommends him to her friends and they make a threesome the
next week.


My opinion on Mathieu Valbuena’s sextape
I don’t like gossips but I will make an exception.
I just attended to a preview of the dissemination of the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena in Pathé
Plan de Campagne with the entire team of the movie. I brought my little camcorder so I
filmed everything in the room (sorry for the quality). In exclusively, I suggest you to
download the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena………………….. I’m just kidding.
Seriously, I’ll tell you briefly what I think of this case.
I think that’s going a bit too far to be just a promo shot. Benzema will surely be fired from the
soccer team of France. And I don’t see what interest he would have to do that: his
international reputation will take a hit. He can no longer aspire to the same salary
expectations. In the worst case, he will even go to jail.
Seriously, tell me why this guy needed to participate in the blackmail of Mathieu Valbuena?
He does not make enough money already like that or what? That’s the image he wants to give
to all young people who take him as a model?
Personal grudge against Valbuena? Jealousy crap? Pure bullshit? What to create another
Zahia affair? Mathieu has banged Benzema’s girl ? Or the contrary ?
When I lived in Aix, one of my girlfriends made out with Mathieu Valbuena. Well, she slept
with him. She was a waitress in a bar/club at 20-minutes from the city center by walking (for
those who see what I’m describing). He had decided to use his fame and money to bang this
Anyway, she told me that he was not very good in bed. Well then, it is of course subjective,
and then it goes back to a few years but … Nevertheless this is what she had told me.
After sex, she showed me the SMS he sent to her … and I must say that he was quite needy. It
was almost ridiculous. He, a footballer of the team of Marseille, famous yet at the time and
rather fit had problems to bang a waitress? It’s hard. These guys must have all bitches at their


With that said, she did not say anything about the size of his penis. She was respectful. I
forgot to ask her if they did weird things in the bed.
So now, can we say that Valbuena freaks like that because he is scared that all France realizes
that he is not good in bed while watching his sextape? It’s just a theory, but the question is
worth asking.
Seriously, me if I had a sextape, I’d be proud of it. It would make me some free publicity. We
would see how much I’m not bad and even more chicks would contact me via my blog to
orgasm with me.
Besides, she was filmed how and by whom, this sextape? And how did she get into the hands
of Benzema’s friends?
Anyway, don’t worry too much, Mathieu. It’s been years since I want to see the sextape of
Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) and I have not found it yet. So well…
No, seriously, just a review to finish. If the choice is between Benzema and Valbuena for the
French soccer team, I prefer Valbuena. More regular. I hope this story will end well. But I
hope I will understand one day why did he leave Russia so fast ? An orgy that turned badly ?
But in any case, such a grudge in the France team would be too harmful. The balance of a
team is more due to the atmosphere than to individual talents. So if we really come to this
extreme, we will have to do without Benzema. That’s what I think, anyway.
Oh well. And maybe we will get even better.
The good point for him, it will leave him free time to bang Rihanna. I’m sure she makes him
hard since she wrote him a tweet.
Look, I’m also sure that I’m a better lover than him. Sextapes contest when you want, guys!
Rihanna to decide between us.


Facebook vs Phone
There are plenty of players who refuse to use Facebook. Or to upload their picture on it. For
me, Facebook is yet a good source of fuck-closes. And not being on this market, makes these
guys more marginal than anything else. Warning : of course, use Facebook to your advantage,
because there are many pitfalls! But the game is worth the candle. This is only my opinion.
Anything that can make you get in touch with chicks is good for your game.
Why should you use Facebook?
– To remember the girls that we took contact. By typing their phone number into the search
bar, you can easily find their profile (a lot have given their number to FB). You can take
directly their FB too, which is less intrusive than phone number (they so give it more easily)
but it’s the same in practice as they receive notifications on their mobile. For alcoholics, it can
be used to realize that they actually have kissed a yucky chick last night in a bar and do not
recall her.
– No need to take more than one contact to find and close the whole group to whom we
spoke. Then you can make a batch invitation in an event, something like « big orgy for Fab’s
birthday. » Convenient ! It’s also a good way to be easily invited at private parties!
– It allows to stay in touch with chicks who live far away from you. It prevents their numbers
rot at the bottom of your phone, exceeding the expiration date because the calls abroad are
expensive! In addition, they can meanwhile fantasize about your life and your photos! Then
one day, if they come back in your town, maybe they will send you a message!
– It helps for making a large-scale social proof. I do not suggest you to take your picture
surrounded by bottles of alcohol at 100€ the bottle at the back of a nightclub as some do. But
rather to let ostensibly visible messages of girls on your wall, post holidays pictures that can
make them wet, which will of course be commented by a lot of people!
– It allows you to fill information: I do not suggest you become a cyber stalker! But knowing
who your friends in common with your target or when she goes « single » on FB is always
useful information that helps you to better calibrate!


How to use Facebook?
– Use it as a tool to create an identity. What you want to communicate with chicks! Be your
own community manager! As explained in my ebook about online pickup, the goal is to work
on the marketing of yourself!
– Be active! Post simple and fun stuff (it avoids going creepy). If it goes up in smoke delete it
or leave it sink into the history of your page (in I don’t care mode and I assume I don’t give a
shit about your tight-ass opinion).
– Do not deprive yourself of posting images and videos. Or songs! Interact with people, even
if it is not about you or something you’ve done, it can start conversations!
– Be active on the pages of others and they will be more likely to be active on your page!
– Keep your contacts: just like in an IRL interaction when you expect to be rejected, you do
not eject yourself alone on FB. Here, do not delete your contacts (except the spammers and
other fake profiles) but keep them under wraps. We never know. It happened to me that
chicks talk to me more than a year after I added them. And I ended up making out with … I
would have been a little stupid anyway to delete them! You can intelligently sort your
contacts with the « lists » (Security Settings / more personalized visibility).
How to avoid that Facebook turns against you?
– Do not complain about your boss, your income, your taxes, your other personal concerns…
Also avoid racist, misogynist, messages causing damage to human or animal dignity or
promotion of illegal stuff … Your potential employers can fall over at any moment and even
then it’s not very good for your image.
– Life is no shortage of reasons to depress us. Anyway, try to stay positive and fun on FB.
Otherwise you might scare everyone (except depressed and depressing people). Also avoid
messages that the only point is to draw attention to your spleen, like « how awful what just
happened to me » and when people are worried about you answering « come on private
message my best friend I do not want to tell everybody about it ». Why not talk to her in
private directly to your BFF? Personally, I want to distribute slaps to such people.


– Avoid sham. Avoid clichés pictures with strangers. It’s a bit ridiculous and it only
highlights the fact that you complex and need to prove that you can make out with girls… we
all know that ¾ of the time you don’t make out with these girls, btw.
– Do not become a fan of cyber-babes. Do not like all their photos, not commenting with
“waw what a beauty !” You are not a AFC, fuck! Your likes must have a value. Your
comments even more.
– The chat is a good pickup tool but do not do shit with it. I mean that if you talk two minutes
to chicks in a party and take their FB then once comfortably at your place you start your
game. It’s a bit counterproductive! You will not fuck by interposed computer! Also avoid
sending the same message to two friends … otherwise they could make fun of you, like both
answering the same things or falsely warming you.
– It’s better to ask the FB of chicks instead of adding people who you did not dare to speak in
the party. I mean, you still have to show that you have balls if you have not dared to approach
this party for sure it’s easier on FB but that does not necessarily communicate good things
about you! In case it is a girl with whom nothing links you (like a dummy profile found by
chance in a group on FB), you have nothing to lose by trying … but the odds are low!
– Couples: Avoid sugary crap messages to your girlfriend. And avoid photos that spread your
love to light (especially if she does not do the same). It sucks, and then you would be thought
of a jealous pussy! Do not become paranoid by interpreting all the news on her wall as a
threat to your relationship!
– Please, do not pollute the FB pages of your contacts by posting crap, inviting them to shitty
games, by tagging them on stupid publications … etc. Even if you are a hottie, I could refuse
to fuck you for that.
– Do not make FB become a full time job. It can quickly become addictive and time
consuming! This must remain a communication tool.
– FB is less intrusive than phone calls (just like text messages). Though now there are calls on
FB, it personally pisses me off! In short, I find it’s better to manage your response time than
being pressurized and sounded like Nestor by Captain Haddock when he wants his whiskey!


Personally, it’s just the people lost to come to my place or who have something to tell me
urgently who phone to me… everything else is organized by FB or texts.
Text messages type or prepared message on FB can help to warm chicks and set dates. Being
a supporter of the least effort does not make you a man without balls as some claim on
seduction forums (the anachronistic weirdos)! The calls, me, it pisses me off and in addition it
is often bad news! So I sympathize with chicks and send them an texts or a message on FB.
And I remain alpha because I’m not doing this out by cowardice but because I prefer.
Last warning : take good care of your spelling, if you prefer this option, you too! Unless you
like picking up illiterate bitches.


Conversation-short ?
I have now here in Lyon several Padawans whose biggest problem is the fear of being
conversation-short after two or three minutes of conversation.
Their problem is not even to really be short of it, but they always feel like they will not know
what to say after the opener. Nor how to get her attention.
Their interactions that sometimes start at the speed of Usain Bolt often wind like an asthmatic
in the Olympic games.
And you ? Have you ever felt frustration when an interaction ends because you do not know
what to say? Do you find it embarrassing ?
Below, my advice to fix it. And no I do not limit myself to « if there’s a silence try to kiss
her. » Lol.
1 / The Tortoise and the Hare
Most guys take as much pleasure to approach a girl as when they arrive late in the morning to
work and are lectured in the office of their boss : they are eager to have done with that
disturbing moment.
A natural reaction so : they vomit an opener learned by heart with a rate that could trigger an
epilepsy crisis.
Although at first she answers with a smile, if they continue like that they’ll quickly be out of
fuel. So: rather let the words come to you rather than talking at the speed of a Kalashnikov,
which actually emphasizes your nervousness… certainly normal but communicative.
For example : The singers in the concert talk to the crowd as follows: SLOWLY!
When you kick a girl out of her occupations or her reveries, be intelligible, and do not talk too
fast. Being comfortable is contagious too. Your bullets will so do a bigger impact.


2 / Make short
In reality, when we remember our past, we have no sense of time. Your last vacation at the
beach might as well have lasted one, two or three weeks : you would absolutely keep the same
impression about it.
You will have more benefits and be less likely to be eliminated by making things short and
simple. By going straight to the point. Of course : if that is congruent with your body
3 / Keep it simple
I always liked simplicity. It has many advantages. In particular: you’re less likely to look like
a weird guy like that (a weirdo). But also less likely to make a misstep.
A study conducted by researchers from the Harvard Business School shows that we tend to
look for dissimilarities among our interlocutors after only a few minutes of interaction. And
since we like what we are, it’s better to do not leave her much time to count our
« dissimilarities ». Also, the brains of most people have a certain bad habit to remember more
the negative than the positive.
Women too
Sometimes I approached the girls and I left a silence. Often, those who are interested try to fill
it and there you see all the faults of the AFC. Women are often shy and not used to make
efforts. So even if it’s an IOI and we appreciate the effort, it is sometimes a little ridiculous
when they do that.
Sometimes they criticize our stuff (to do not have sex with us) but they would do worst if they
had to pick up men. What an injustice!
Sometimes after they feel too stupid and send a text message with a little better quality (a little
more daring). AFC !!!
Damn, it’s almost snowing outside here, windy dehorners a cuckold and the night now falls
before the time of going out of work. So you better get right to it than staying in the cold
chatting in the street.


How to become a chicks selector ?
« Would Leonardo Di Caprio chase a girl in the street to pick her up? »
The way the question is formulated is revealing: why comparing our situation to the situation
of a movie star? Why thinking like a preselected selector ? Why, if we are in this case,
making the effort to chase a girl?
What is a selector?
I’m taking about a confident guy who has the luxury of the choice in his love life. His sex life
is rich, varied and fulfilling because women he likes like him in return. Women are seeking
for his company in their life and in their bed.
How did he become a selector?
Perhaps thanks to his profession involving intense media coverage and a cult of personality
like Di Caprio. In this case, many women would love to sleep with him even without having
ever met up before. They want to know vicariously the thrill of a big bank account and
celebrity. It’s not about feeling love.
Or he is a waiter in a famous club. These guys are not even necessarily handsome. But women
may want to sleep with them to prove that they are beautiful (they chose them while they had
a choice) rather than because he is really attractive. That said, by dint of being successful,
these guys necessarily develop an alpha behavior that makes them a little sexy. But their
success is often due to their work or art, so if they were deprived of it one day, I do not know
if they would fuck a lot. Probably not, without this network…
For the others, I mean those who do not get wet underwear in their letter-box in the morning,
we meet the women in our lives through our friends, during our trips or at work. Or on the
The important thing is to seize and create meeting opportunities. We must be active. Thus,
this way we have the choice and the control. Moreover, picking up many girls, it eliminates
the factor « personal taste » and we make out necessarily. This is one of the marketing
concepts. We never sell to everyone, but the point is just to sell enough to be satisfied.


If you want to be the king of oil, I will not lie to you : it is necessary to provide the means. If
you stay at home hoping that a pretty brunette with blue eyes will come in by your window
and join you in your bed waking up with a magic pipe: it is not beforehand won! Do it as your
want but initiate conversations with friendly people, especially pretty girls and make them
want to see you again!
You will become selector as well as you improve your social and sexual abilities, you will one
day or another be unable to find time for all the people who want to see you. You will then
better choose the quality women for quality relationships. Your criteria will be according to
your tastes: physical, intellectual, kindness, culture of the chick etc …
If you decide to remain single (or in an open relationship) to don’t lose your game, you will
spend warm nights with beautiful girls BUT sexy women in the street still arouse your
interest. Or in a bar with your fuckfriends: you will be preselected. With a huge modjo, it will
be easier for you than for another to approach these girls before they disappear forever in a
metro station. Hoping that the girl have more conversation than a handlebar.
Who are the bad selectors?
Those who are afraid of being thought of as “womanizers” (limiting beliefs) and deny their
desire to approach beautiful women (avoidance strategy avoiding them to confront their
Oh yes it is so important to don’t make a bed impression on girls that they do not know and
will probably never see again : they want to give the impression of a guy who is not dog. But
they are even more in heat now!
They thank heaven that no one had seen them taking a rake (nobody cares but well). Then
they feel sad as they realize that every time they want to approach they invent crappy excuses.
Because of stress, of course.
They reassure themselves by saying that the shortlisted men do not chase women. THEY
ARE THE PRICE! They are therefore right to adopt strategies of denial and withdrawal. Not
going for it! It is a bit shit and a full box of condoms reminds them every evening they have
fucked only once this month. Take the critical distance of all that to overcome your bad habits
(if you still have some : I’m talking about inventing shitty excuses).


What I find tasty it’s when politically corrects AFC believe harm me by saying that I sleep
with lots of chicks while they actually make me a huge publicity. It’s a big problem to don’t
understand women like that!
Confront your fears to reality
There’s really no contradiction between having women in your life and picking up chicks.
Chicks often test me “why did you need to pick up if you’re really such a good lover” Shut
up, bitch. I love it, that’s it!
So, would Leo go out in a club with his wingmen to pick up chicks? I’ll ask him when I see
Approach chicks: If you always expect them to do the first step, the woman of your life may
never be on your side. Give yourself the opportunity to have a choice between interested
One should always congratulate a guy who had the balls to approach correctly (I’m not
talking about riffraff). He dared to confront his fears to reality.
Fake it up until you make it?
If you’ve got no chick and want to play the preselected alpha who don’t give a shit : you put
the cart before the horse except they walk backwards.
Change your behavior by being more alpha but do not make your game rest on this device.
There’s super handsome guys and alpha who do not fuck much. They don’t create the
opportunities. Between work, sleep, metro, sports, movies on their computer, etc. There’s also
those that could be hot, like Ian Somerhalder, but do not have the appropriate coaches that
push in their ass. They have the gene but we can see nothing. There’s a lot of guys like that
with great potential who are doubled by opportunists like me. Not that it bothers me but I
want to help! So: MOTIVATION! Work on your personal development to be more alpha and
be active: go out, go for it!


If you start from scratch…?
Try to know yourself, to understand yourself. Change what needs to be changed to adopt ways
of thinking and behavior that will make you live positive experiences.
Do not compare yourself to others. Envy is useless. Change your perspective on jealousy,
don’t be jealous of your friends, you’ll love yourself. Personal development will help you fill
your shortcomings, correct your flaws, and enhance your skills to become THE BEST
YOURSELF POSSIBLE EVER. You will feel good and you’ll open to others. From there:
alea jacta est.
Take pleasure in your life activities and share it with the people you meet.
Be interested sometimes in some chicks for anything other than their pussy or for the
validation of your game. You will understand things that will make you more natural next
time you will pick up.
Stay away from miracle cures and ready-made replicas create for magically fucking chicks.
You need first a certain capacity for socialization and a proper look. Then we will talk of
spontaneity and self-confidence!
You must reveal your personality! Consolidate it! Making out on dancefloor will not give you
the keys of the female psychology nor of happiness. The day you’d be in a couple, you would
pay dearly to have faked everything.
My conclusion : The economy of a personal development work is not desirable!


What is this fucking self-esteem we’re talking about all the time? What is it and on what does
it feed?
For Reasoner W.-R: « Self-esteem is the consciousness of the personal value that can be
recognized in different areas. »
In other words, is to appreciate your true value. And I stress the word TRUE. Not below as
tend to do some of my readers. As to choose, perhaps a little bit superior to reality: it’s good
for your mood.
Self-esteem mainly feeds on :
– Your material success (what you undertake)
– Your social success (recognition, feeling appreciated by others)
Obviously your level of self-confidence is related to your self-esteem. The above-mentioned
elements reinforce the positive beliefs about yourself: they remind and reinforce it inside you.












HOWEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER) : It is dangerous make your stability depend on
external elements.
« Our salvation and loss are in ourselves. » (Epictetus)
« Let’s seek our goods in ourselves, otherwise we will not find them. » (Epictetus)
It is therefore necessary to make a short introspective work to find your freedom and wellbeing. Try to understand how you operate, your qualities, flaws, strengths, weaknesses,
identify your fears in order to overcome them, etc.
The goal is that your confidence will do no more coming-and-going between the moments
when you fuck a girl and when a drunk bitch put a rake and makes fun of you.
This introspective work will allow you to be more authentic with yourself and with others,
especially women. Basically, you will see more clearly in your life.


Recess strategies and comparisons with other guys will no longer be needed. Most of your
limiting beliefs will disappear. You will feel better about yourself…
According to you, what is your real level? Surely higher than what you imagine right now:
you can bang more beautiful women! You can make threesomes too! You will no longer need
to want to prove anything to anyone. Your interactions become more genuine. And that shittest “do you say that to all the girls? / does it usually work with the girls that” will no longer
be needed. Maybe it will even make you smile.
The phase of « comfort » in the Mystery Method is neither more nor less than a phase of
authenticity. It is therefore essential to please and seduce. At least, if you want to establish
real relationships with women, relationships that can lead to healthy and fulfilling
relationships. Why not preferring honesty and exchange to small grooming games?
The purpose of embarking on this little work:
– Developing your confidence with a solid foundation, which will be key to your success with
women and in other areas;
– Enjoying your success because you have won, I mean the real you, and do not depend on
success to feel good.
Why not living better with yourself and with the women who are part of your life? Everyone
will be better off. What so tragic have you to hide, really?
Some struggle against anxiety to approach a woman. If they took a step back on it, they would
realize how ridiculous it is. They would say « I’m going for it, I’m not a weak boy! »
Some have been abused by an ex who took them for idiots. They then multiply the fuckfriends because they do not want to give women the control again. They are obsessed by
jealousy when they see frequently a woman too. These behaviors disappoint themselves. By
identifying them, they will better master them.


Some lie to their partners by having multiple « serious » relationships simultaneously. They
therefore also have a lack of conviction and do not assume what they really want. It might be
time to take stock of their life, it must be stressful to lie to everyone like that with the fear of
being uncloaked.
Some base their pseudo-confidence of the day in alcohol or in a coach but the next day they
become introverted again. They ruin their liver… when others go down to the basement bar
with a strange and penetrating modjo, dark and terribly sensual. A sexual aura around them
accompanies them when they approach women. If they had a history of timid, it is now a
distant memory.
To be continued…


The trap of the comfort phase
At one point or another in your pick-up, you have to create comfort (or rapport) with your
target. This is a must!
You’ll thus have to unveil a bit, to let her see some reassuring elements about you to no
longer be a reckless unknown in her eyes. You will also have to show you’re interested in her,
in her in life, to show that you are not a clown nor a narcissist.
The goal is not to make a phase of attraction where you’re being a mysterious badboy that
makes her wet then switch in « comfort » mode to become as boring as a soap opera on FR3.
No! It is better, of course, to establish proximity with your target without becoming boring.
Staying in the factual, the level zero of the game.
The questioning is the worst approach « What are you doing in life? Where do you come
from? Do you come here often? What kind of music do you like? Do you enjoy double
penetration? » Between tasteless and dangerous intrusive guy, her heart would swing! Be
interested in her emotions rather than facts. For example, « What song would be the
soundtrack of your life today? »
There’s subjects I advise against (but then everyone does as he pleases and then in the
particular context like in a political rally it’s special): politics, money, religion, all this stuff. It
can quickly get out of hand and that doesn’t help sexualization nor to be playful!
This is exciting stuff but you do not want to expound on a topic… you want to go forward in
an interaction with a girl you like! You must choose your priorities in life! Also avoid talking
about what can make you look like a dangerous guy: it makes sense, instead, to create a
climate of confidence. She already has enough reasons to be wary of you! Dirty womanizer! ;)
No, just kidding, but rather talk about things that make you a human being: your dreams, your
ambitions, your desires, your tastes, your fantasies, your memories, your job, etc.
Tell anecdotes, humorous stuff. But do not tell your stories as you would make a statement at
the police station! Give rhythm, have flashbacks, etc. Avoid a maximum to be boring… but
do not be too weird either. Some classical and some originality!


I find it vulgar to brag. And way too common among men! Remember what they say « a rich
doesn’t need to say he is rich. »
Avoid speaking in a monotone tone, do not go flat out. Take the time when you talk, you will
sub-communicate that you’re not afraid she leaves before you have finished your sentence. So
it’s cool …
Assume to make eye contact when you speak!
Do not get lost in the details, in the factual, emphasize emotions. Talk about your mindset
when you lived the anecdote. Make her visualize the story!
Avoid lambda adjectives. Replace them with original synonyms, metaphors, funny images or
surprising comparisons. The stories could be about what you saw that night, crazy people you
have met, or cool people. About the actual situations, about people around, etc. Your passions
like : I love writing, but why?
Exercise 1: 5 identify themes that define you. Try to say why.
Exercise 2: Write in the comments, or in Word, a story telling of an event that marked you
and let us live the scene. What about? What marked you. Life is a movie in fast forward but
sometimes we make pause times, or we often want to see again some things in thoughts. That
is your reserve of inspiration, lively and precise.
When you tell something to a girl, it’s better if she does active listening: her imagination is
running at full speed! She lives the story with you! She wants to know what happened! She is
requesting … that’s the goal.
You can ask questions to get her involved, like « you know what you felt when you put the
float in the pool while your friends doesn’t?
– Ah hahaha yesssss
– Well here, I felt like that. So, I no longer want to go swimming. »
It’s better of course if the storytelling allows her to identify with the situation. Warning: we
do not practice narcissism but the conversation must instead be a moment of sharing. One can,
with care, give her a different light on her own stories…


Bouncing on a story about what she says, finally, allows to find good conversation starter!
Your turn to play !


The overspeed pick-up artist
It’s hard. It’s hard to get up on Monday morning to go to work. It’s even harder when we
fucking a lot and that we went out during the weekend. The alarm may sound and sound, the
body of the overspeed PUA is tempted to stay and rest, inert in this cozy bed perfumed with
the love juice of his conquests. « I could make one or two more erotic dream, if I had not this
fucking boss who is pitiless waiting for me to exploit me »!
Sometimes I increasingly too much overstep the mark. I am completely empty. The nights end
at dawn, different fuckfriends want to enjoy, chicks are waiting for their turn to have a date
with me. I also have to take care of my apartment, my dishes, my shopping, do the cooking,
sports, etc. But mostly, this fucking job because of which I work more than 45 hours a week
paid 39.
Damn if every person who read this line gave me € 1 or could buy one of my ebooks, I could
live quietly and go to Australia and write for you awesome field reports after having fucked
surfers with my tanned cock!
The boundaries that should not be crossed to don’t end overspeed are fucking until 2am when
you work the next day, going out late during the week, sacrificing your hobbies because of
work and babes… such as sports. All this stuff is a mistake, is it really worth it after all? Also,
do not always postpone your appointment with your family and friends. How your seduction
life and your work/social/personal life can be combined? It’s very difficult and I have myself
more and more difficult to follow the rhythm.
The best compromise I’ve found is to pick up on the Internet at work. To never date on the
outside but to convince them to come to my place early, around 8pm. Then I fuck them until
midnight and they return home! So I can sleep. I’m only going on the field at Saturday night
(I do not even take public transportation I live next to my workplace) but I confess that fatigue
and envy are rarely here when I go out. I’m missing my student life…


Going out can pose financing problems too. Paying for dates, paying for clubs, it’s damn
expensive! Subscribing on dating sites is nothing compared to that. I advise you to stay of
course in the free places and please do not systematically invite babes in paying dates. Me, I
quickly did the math: Adopt it’s €20 per month and I stay warm during the winter. It does not
really impinge on my free time, since it is like if I was answering text messages on my cell.
And the chicks come to me directly by bringing something to eat or drink. Perfect!
Your state of fatigue inevitably attacks your modjo if you do this mistake : you are more
irritable, you will less responsive and will lack of initiative on the field and at work, etc. And
it will be obvious! And then your learning curve will be reversed! When you’re too tired,
physically or psychologically, it is not a good idea to yell and gesticulate in all the directions
to compensate. Take a break and put some order in your life for a fresh start.
The Feng Shui will tell you: coming home in a clean, airy and pleasant place will help you to
have a better image of yourself! And that makes sense! Also, when you invite a girl at home,
it will be reassuring for you to know that she will not accidentally sit on a piece of stale pizza.
So start from there!
Also note that only 5% of the population may be in good shape with less than 8 hours of
sleep. If you violate this quota, it may expose you to risks of depression and other accidents or
health problems more or less serious. It is also clear that by being in better shape, your times
out will be more productive and you will more enjoy going out.
To be more successful, I logically recommend you to try to have a balanced life, but not too
busy (take care of yourself) … and an interesting one. Continue to learn the art of seduction
and fucking, but keep going out to play sports and see your friends who are not in the
community of the seduction. Also see again the girls you like!
You can make a beautiful encounter at any moment, so do not overlook anything. The best
would be that seduction is part of your life in an integrated way (except at work where it’s
delicate anyway) and not compartmentalized.
Be hungry of pretty girls, it’s cool! But know how to recognize when you’re exhausted and
you stir the air. Reframe yourself before doubting about yourself. The desire and energy are
the main drivers of PUA therefore must be protected.


It is obvious that when I fucked two chicks the day before and the afternoon, I have no envy
when I go in a bar after in order to try to pick up. Do you see what I mean?
Making 20FC per month is not a sign of good mental health. Like in everything, some
moderation is necessary!
It’s not a contest, stop wondering who has the biggest dick (it’s your black friend).
See you later, alligator !


How not looking like a weird guy?
A weird guy, a weirdo in English, is anything but sexy. Well, me personally I’m weird
sometimes but I still fuck a lot of chicks. Why ? This is because there are two types of
« weirdos ». And it is against the bad type that I want to warn you today. Personally, I am
certainly weird you but know my limits: I’m a good guy in fact, even I look very casual “I
don’t give a fuck” and I assume that I want to make love to beautiful women.
Synonym of weirdo: worrying.
Just a few seconds of distraction are enough to be labeled « weirdo »… and then it is almost
impossible to get back. The bad oddity is what scares a woman even before she spoke to a
man. You’re less likely to move away from a woman for the same reasons. Although a really
weird girl, would make me run away even if she is hot. Except if it is to get married, is it
better a weird hottie or a balanced ugly? Again, arbitration and a compromise must be found.
In evolutionary psychology, we think that evolution has endowed women with a faculty to
identify the men who will be a threat for them. To avoid physical, psychological pain and
pregnancies to don’t bear the child of an asshole. It is yet this same trend that makes a woman
having difficulty saying « no » frankly to a man because she is too afraid he would get angry
and hurt her. So they avoid, lie, etc. and it sometimes induces strange behavior in men.
That said, we can be a good guy but being labeled « weird ». Just like, chicks can bang guys
who will beat them while for us it is obvious that they are bastards. It is a subjection notion,
and it is not because she is a woman she’s always right.
What I mean is that you can be polite, clean, BUT shy and being relatively often thought of a
weird guy by chicks. It is not really related. Some are tattooed, have dirty hair and are
unshaven but still fuck four chicks per month while others wear suits, always prim and yet
inspire women a shiver of distrust, disgust and fear.


Introverts men are the main victims of this negative discrimination. They seem disturbing
because they make women feel uncomfortable (especially by being themselves uncomfortable
since it is contagious). And it is only in the movies that women give the benefit of doubt. In
reality, they rather say things like, « yeah’re surely a great guy, you will find a lot of
girlfriends » … but not her, of course, do not dream!
What is weird and what is not, it is still quite objective and we have the right to be a damn
weirdo if we want. After all, who makes the rules? If you are weird and fuck enough, after all,
who cares ? However, for your information, here’s weird behaviors (non-exhaustive list):
– A fascination with violence, blood, weapons;
– A passion for hurting animals;
– Video games (especially violent);
– Heroic fantasy (except Game of Thrones) and other big geek stuff;
– Waiting fifteen minutes while staring at a chick before daring to approach her with an
indirect excuse;
– Being needy, calling her or talking to her all the time on the Facebook chat, especially if she
does not answer;
– Behaving like a guy in a couple when you just saw her a few times;
– Not knowing the line between persistence-that-can-pay and sociopathic behavior;
– Asking too many personal questions to the point she will wonder if you’ll sell that
information to a hacker;
– An excessive and unhealthy politeness, apologizing all the time, hide too much your
– Etc.
A guy REALLY becomes alarming:
– When he seems trying to hide shameful thoughts and intentions ;
– When he so insistent that we do not even know if he speaks French and understands the
word « no. »
So this is why girls avoid being alone with this kind of characters. They are too afraid of
being raped, sequester and cut into pieces. Although, again, this is not necessarily the guys
who look the weirdest who are in fact.


So rather let’s see how to create a positive atmosphere of trust:
– Having friends of both sexes;
– Making social activities;
– Facing the person to whom we speak;
– Looking enough in the eyes (without thinking we are the snake in The Jungle Book;
– Being honest by assuming our intentions, but not TOO directly;
– Not take yourself seriously nor taking life in general too seriously;
– Having a little humor, second degree;
– Knowing how to smile;
– Learning self-talk (we more trust people who reveal A LITLE BIT about them);
– Asking questions, being interested in the other, but not in an « interview » mode;
– Letting the girls live, respecting their personal space, do not stifle them;
– Never harass a girl;
– Do not wear too badly, have a nice haircut ;
– Talk A LITTLE about your emotions (in a non-violent communication mode);
– Etc.
The woman should be in a climate of relative confidence to feel in a sexual mood. I believe
that hard as rock. Like a 10 year old child believes in Santa.


Approach procrastination : fear or motivation ?
Most players would like to be able to approach the pretty girls in the street. Or in stores… in
short, everywhere in daily life. But it’s harder than it seems. So they sometimes think that
they’re lacking of motivation. I think, myself, that motivation is there but that fear paralyzes
The fear of social rejection is normal and, peak of the roof, it activates the same neurological
mechanisms than physical pain. Who would voluntarily want to be hurt? So it is much easier
to avoid it: in order to avoid potentially negative social judgments, we regularly develop
avoidance strategies.
It’s a widespread phenomenon, this damned approach anxiety: but it is only by exposing to it
regularly that you can tame it. It’s like a phobia, we can control and contain it, but I never
managed to make it disappear.
The difference between the players who are motivated and the other is that the motivated
players are actively seeking to fix this issue. The motivations: the desire for sex, to have a
girlfriend, to know what is love, to have a better self-esteem, to brag in front of the friends,
Social => Alert Rejection (possibility of a pain similar to physical pain) => avoidance
strategies (lame excuses) => procrastination.
To keep some internal consistency, players often develop false excuses for not going to the
front. Typical:
– she is not hot enough;
– I’m not in the mood ;
– I will go after my exams, there, I’m too busy;
– There are too many people around;
– I do not feel very good there;
– I’ll go later;
– I have not yet the level to be successful so why should I try? ;
– I’m not out for that;


– This is not the right place;
– Etc.
When you come out with your LAIR or with a coach, and the other guys approach: we will
more easily dare to approach. « The others do it so I have to do it too »: it is a kind of
demonstration effect. Within this group, the norm is to approach (unlike lambda people) so I
go for it… in these circumstances! We thus feel more legitimate and social pressure is
reversed. Moreover, there is less fear of social rejection because we are already part of a
group. A group of people who understand us and will not judge us if we take a rake (= are
rejected). Rather we will laugh together and it will be fun. If I approach alone, who are my
It’s not bad to approach with a group but the ultimate goal is still to reach the « autonomous »
phase. So, reaching the point when you’re able to make the move despite stress.
Three rules for this purpose:
– Go there just to see (« the game rather than the stake ») to make her smile, maybe it will
result in a nice and spontaneous exchange of bodily fluids;
– Do not try to make perfect approaches (who cares ? therefore, it puts too much pressure on
you, and then who can judge?);
– Make it simple: one idea per sentence, do not try to be TOO original, pay more attention on
your BL than on anything else.
Indeed, there is not really any GOOD opener (nor bad – depending on the context). Take
ideas where you want/can and recycle them. Work is already ready for you by the way: I
made a collection for this purpose. Try to do not hesitate when you approach, do not show
you’re too afraid of the pretty girl (intimidated), and talk to her like if you were talking to a
longtime friend (girl). You will have already done the heavy lifting. There are girls who are
afraid of mice, these little beasts. And well, most guys are afraid of girls, the little beasts
because they have power over them! We thus understand how ridiculous it is: people have a
power on you only if you give them.


You probably know it already: we subcommunicate more than we communicate with our
words. So: your posture, the way you move and your tone of voice is more important than the
opener you will choose. Try to be relaxed or at least to seem relax. And know that she may
criticize your opener, but it would be a « logical » response to an « emotional » feeling: she
will try to verbalize her feelings. I have already approached with « hello are you the one who
farted? » and “I love you” !!!
Momentum: When we approached many times, we are warm, and then we approach more
easily. The most difficult, are the first ones. I call them « warming up ».
Pretty girls have their ass stared at all the time. Sometimes it turns them on, sometimes it
repels. In the case of a sex-starved dude who has no female friends and has not touched a
woman for several months, she will not like it : so never communicate that you are in mode
« sex-starved ». In no way. Even if this is the case. ESPECIALLY if that is the case. An alpha
has the choice of women, so he is not hungry. Do you want her to take you seriously or not?
In two words: step your foot into action first, the brain will follow and activate when you’ll
open your mouth. These are often last-minute interference that come and block approaches.
So introduce yourself in the set, for example, and you will see after what will happen. Why
Staying mobile or waiting until they pass in front of you?
– In a club, in a crossing such as the bar or in a corridor, you can approach the girls passing
before you. Assembly line. It saves your energy (not moving). It’s like when you’re waiting
for your suitcase at the airport.
– You can also approach when you walk through the crowd to go to the toilet or elsewhere. In
movement, we are by definition less needy. Then fuck her in the toilet ;)
– On the dancefloor, I rather recommend an approach based on the body language, take her
hand or dance with her. Anyway, I’m not really a « dancer », especially when I’m alone. But
dancing with a girl in order to warm her, yeah, why not?


Understand this fucking procrastination
It’s been several weeks that I wanted to write about procrastination. But I always found an
excuse to do something else: I procrastinated like a bastard. This tendency to postpone what
we could do on the spot is one of the most serious obstacles to success.
In other words, whatever you wanna do, your tendency to procrastinate (or not) will help you
succeed (or fail).
However, “wanting to do something” is not enough, there are deeper causes for
procrastination. Lack of confidence is one of them. We often prefer to hope the problem goes
away by itself rather than treating it. However, avoidance strategies always make you still a
vague unease. While saving efforts would help you improve your wellbeing. Otherwise, I
would not piss you off with that.
If you are a beginner player and it pisses you off to never make out with chicks, you know
you should go out and pick up, to train. However, if you do not, you will try to find excuses to
keep internal consistency. The excuses will help you to don’t go for it, with consciousness
more or less quiet.
There are three kinds of excuses:
– The lack of time and other non-renewable resources;
– The lack of money and other renewable resources;
-the lack of personal talent, stuff like « I do not feel good enough to do that. »
Conclusion: « this is not the right time, too bad. » But does exist really a good time to start a
better life? Or that the perfect time is… « now »?
If you think you suffer from a lack of personal talent, know that you’ll improve with practice
and by eating theory. Yes, in socialization and seduction like in other areas! We all have
things to learn and talents to develop! But never be discouraged: you are surely the most
severe judge about yourself… so why not judging yourself able to do what you think is
possible for one another guy? Be patient and sympathize with yourself!


I will now address the problem of the lack of money. I rarely spend more than €2 or €3 when I
go out practicing pickup. Although now I have a job, I enjoy playing « broke » and construct
limited money plans! I find it exhilarating, creative and rebellious. One of our most important
resources in life is our resourcefulness! Survival instinct: ON. Seriously, I would surely fuck
more chicks if I bought bottles, drink or fags. SHIT NOW ! I prefer the old barter: the girl
does something for me and I reward her with lots of orgasms. In any area, offer your services
to those who need it and dare to ask for the help of those who can lend you a hand.
Time is a real constraint, on the other hand. We must use it wisely. Select the most important
things, those that would provide you the best welfare. Finding one hottie (or more) and having
a regular sexual activity, is it important to you? At what point ? Up to you. Tackle what will
make a real difference in your life, and go after things.
Make a decision, let’s say … tonight, not next year.
Anyway BRAVO for reading this article until the end. It proves that you feel that something
is wrong and you want to change it. It is a very noble goal, wanting to move your ass. So
you’re now faced with a choice:
1/ save my blog in your bookmark and take care of your game WHEN THE IDEAL TIME
WILL COME. That is to say, probably never. Or come back in six months with a bitter taste
in the mouth: you lost a lot of time and sex-opportunities. Or worse, you will lose the contact
information of the blog and will try to find me but it will be too late. You will end up on a site
full of politically correct advice that will not significantly help you. Remember the truth will
piss you off at first, but it will also set you free. Why closing your eyes?
2 / NOW, take the decision to DRAMATICALLY change the course of your love life. For
that, I advise you of course my collection of ebooks that is not bad. Give yourself the means
to succeed, if you like my conception of the game!
For my part, I finally wrote this article so I am happy and I feel better (like after ejaculating
when you’ve been hard all day long). And you, where are you with that?


The best time to kiss a girl
« When should I kiss the girl? »… Have you got others shitty questions like that?
A major problem when we want to kiss a girl, but we don’t dare, is that we let our inner
monologue govern us. Do not cut off from your feelings because of doubts and other
questions. Our feeling should be our guide.
Our emotions are indicators of what is happening inside of us BUT ALSO are the keys to
understand the person in front of us. We must let ourselves go a minimum to feel a little
desire (which is contagious). And to do not get eaten by the pressure that we often put on
ourselves unnecessarily.
The challenge should not take precedence over the game … The light and playful aspect of
seduction should not disappear. Never a romantic date should be as dull and tight-ass as a job
interview (and a job interview is not a romantic date so there’s a different behavior to be
It is better to go there with a clear idea of what you expect from the interaction : a good time
with one or more pretty chicks, and don’t forget to create conditions conducive to flirt
intimacy. Everything else will flow from that.
FUNDAMENTAL POINT – Once isolated with a girl: did she made you want to kiss her? It
matters, that, too. You’re not so desperate that kissing any girl is a goal in itself, right?
Kissing, it’s nothing seriously. If you are still counting the number of chicks you have kissed,
then you are far awayyyyyyyyyyyy in your game. (Desecrate the kissclose please). Seriously,
it’s good to go on a date with the idea, the objective to make out with her, but if in the
meantime she shows she doesn’t deserve you it’s better to abandon the mission (if you’re sure
that you’re not inventing false excuses to duck). Just as one begins his day with what pisses
him off the most, you finish your date with what requires the greatest effort.


It is important to communicate with your target on an empathic mode too. Do not only
communicate on the explicit mode (meaning of words) but also a lot on the implicit mode
(gestures, cum facial expressions, posture, tone of voice). Why is it important too? Because
you will unconsciously or consciously both send to each other nonverbal signs of invitation to
carnal pleasure. I refer in particular to prolonged glances, delicious silences, touches, smiles
… so focus your attention on those little things that tell so much…
Wonder for example :
Are you both in a bubble off of the world? => YES? KISSCLOSE.
Is the tone of her voice soft? Is it becoming even softer? => YES? KISSCLOSE.
How does she react to innuendo? Compliments? => OK? KISSCLOSE.
Instead, does she try to avoid proximity and why? Does she seems distracted or elsewhere?
=> Warning! (but it costs nothing to try anyway, but perhaps it is better calibrate and wait
until later). Do not confuse speed with haste.
If you miss scoring chances, do not cut your veins. We all miss some. We all had a chance to
initiate a first kiss but yet we did not. With or without having invented false excuses, either.
However, let’s not kill ourselves and do not spend our time regretting the past. Let’s rather
and seize the next opportune moment. Unfortunately, we remember more the negative than
the positive, but if she gives a sign of disinterest interest for 10 signs it’s good nonetheless.
It’s worth a try!
Do your eyes fall on the contour of her lips? Do you perceive in her a palpable disorder. A
heat wave travels you. Damn: what is stopping you from taking a step toward her, moving a
hand behind her neck and approaching your own lips? You are not even really listening to
her now. The seconds pass, as long centuries.
If you did not kiss, you can have fun and recreate that magical moment. Or at least, the same
conditions. Like « do you remember, earlier? We talked about […] and I felt […] I stopped
listening to you, I do not know if you felt the same. I couldn’t take my eyes off of your bright
eyes, your pretty lips and I wanted to »………………………… kissclose. Or, « earlier you
perhaps felt I really wanted to do that » ………………………………. kissclose.


Speak slowly and maintain her eye contact while doing that. Normally, if she wanted you 5
minutes before, she still wants. I say NORMALLY because they are people who are blocked
by those guys « who did not have the balls to try ». But hey, in Top Gun, Tom Cruise
purposely gets close of his target without trying to kiss her just to bring up sexual tension, and
it works well, but he did it with a a playful and confident face. So never let her think you’re
not in control nor confident.
BUT WHAT IF she refuses my kiss? The fear of embarrassment that would follow a refusal
petrifies most men. It is the phobia to end up helpless without knowing where to hide or what
to do nor say to regain capacity and credibility that often prevents men from giving it a try.
The guys start by thinking about consequences, fuck who saw us? And to who will she tell it,
this whore? They will laugh at me (or other paranoid delusions).
Detach yourself from it, guys. It happens to everyone… at least to those who have the balls to
really more exhilarating than having tried nothing and coming back home with regrets in the
Why not just smiling at rejection, after all? Why not asking her if it had already happened to
her and why? Most girls would like to kiss the first one but are scared to get rejected. So: they
say that it is the role of the man to do so. So why not challenging her, « Listen if you want
later, it will be your turn to try to kiss me, and maybe you’ll see how you feel when you try to
kiss someone who likes it… you feel like high ! It gives you a crazy energy! »
(Take of course the ideas but change the words, I typed it as it came.)
The reaction to the rejection is paramount. Any PUA will tell you that. I speak well about it in
The inconvenient truth about gender relations : for some women, rejecting you once is a test,
and they will accept later if you do not get cold feet nor insult her, don’t call her “bitch”.


I think flirting is an act of cooperation. I do not like the girls who play the « man » and like
confrontation. I prefer it to be played by the two of us and that we go together until the
orgasm, each one making an effort. I understand the shit-tests and tolerate them if they are not
excessive but after it pisses me off and I have the impression that the girl is trying to find
excuses to avoid spending a good time. I think of the bitches who are waiting for me to do all
the work or who play it like a princess while they are not Kate Middleton… they do not
deserve me. I love the girls who have will and strength of character.
In a nutshell: let’s not forget to be present in the moment in order to pay attention to the little
signs that reveal an invitation. Then, only remains to pick the ripe fruit (I speak of course of
her apricot).
Let’s trust ourselves. Let’s abandon ourselves to our feelings rather than construct disasterscenarios. I like kissing chicks anytime too, even when they expect it the least. I find it funny
(game rather than issue). And there are people who cannot show their interest or are too
shy/tight-ass to do so. I would say: the best time to kiss a girl is when you feel like it.
A good kiss with sexual tension can even make you hard. Especially if you fiddle her at the
same time. If you’re hard, it’s okay, I think she will be flattered! I talk about how to kiss in
the manual of the good lover, and in this article too.
Go now, and do not forget to tease her: that tough love.


Better understanding our emotions
« A real man doesn’t cry. » Have you ever heard this phrase? What do you think about it?
Some say a too sensitive man is not really a man. It is a cliché to say this, but this image dies
hard. Take the example of our dear friend James Bond: some think that a real man must do
like him and not feeling (or showing) emotions.
This is wrong, of course. Emotions have an important role in the lives of women and men.
Trying to turn off your feelings would generate many problems. Although the idea seems
attractive, it is not necessarily a good one. And crying, except cleaning the eyes, it is also
useful to set yourself free from negative emotions buried in you : some are liberating tears.
What are emotions?
The emotions we feel have an impact on our physiology. Emotions are, simply put, related to
the levels of certain hormones. An emotion alone can speed up your heart beat even if the rest
of your body doesn’t move! Via adrenaline, for example. Another example: breathing speed
up under stress, some even hyper-breakdown in case of huge stress. Some even have dizziness
or even vanish due to a strong emotion. More positive: pupils dilate when feels interest or
pleasure, etc. These signals help us to survive. Fear, for example, puts us in a state of flight or
fight. Emotions allow our bodies to get in condition to react to a given situation.
The big problem is that sometimes, just imagining, thinking again about, or dreaming of a
situation is enough to trigger the corresponding emotions and sometimes the physiological
responses. For example: my anxiety attacks. It’s mostly in preconscious I imagine a
catastrophic situation. I start feeling bad without really understanding why, then I say to
myself that I have a health problem, and here we go : anxiety attack.
Emotions also help making not obvious (or easy) decisions. E.g. they make you feel
smothered in a toxic relationship. Even if you do not manage to put the words on why you
« feel » there’s probably still something wrong. If you act against your values or your
happiness, emotions sound in one way or another, like an alarm to tell you that it’s time to
redress the balance.


Whether we wanted it or not, verbally or not, we express things. You cannot not
communicate. We communicate through our emotions. That’s why it is so difficult to bluff
when we play poker. There are too many muscles on the face, some of them very difficult to
control (you do not even know that most of them exist), which only serve to transcribe our
emotional state. There are dozens of micro-expressions as, for example, those that The
Mentalist tries to recognize to see if someone is lying or not (yet need to know what to look
We are all equipped with unaware sensors that allow us to understand if our partner is angry,
happy, sad, scared, excited, etc. Sometimes even we react without consciously saying to
ourselves « hey, he is scared him »… but we still adapt. We just adapt our behavior in the
most profitable way to our interests. The communication of emotions is two-way, the control
is very delicate, and we all react to emotions that are communicated. Where from the principle
of contagion of emotions: being sexually aroused, being relaxed and confident, or simply
being happy: it is unconsciously on your face. And it influences the chicks reactions ( more
often positively).
How to manage our emotions?
Some emotions are repressed by the socio-cultural environment, or the fixed ideas of our
parents or friends. It is often difficult, but it is most of the time useful to put into words our
feelings to be able to act in the best way to feel good. Why keeping buried in us something
that eats us from the inside? But on the other hand, how to get rid? Sometimes it’s repressed;
too, we do not even know why it is like that. Sometimes we reproduce a diagram. Well, I am
not a psychotherapist so I cannot tell you more about how to heal emotions that hurt us.
Instead, I will tell you about how to use them constructively in your game.
I prefer using the « emotional contagion » to motivate, charm, excite, help and even make
shameless people around me. When I give a fuck about people, I try to pay attention to the
signals they send me and to my feelings during interactions. Exchange is always more
beneficial to both parts. In addition, it is better calibrated and more sincere.


I remember when I started to conclude at most of my dates, I had a simple technique. I did not
try to talk about me. Nor to sell myself. I was just trying to get them talking about them, get
them talking about light stuff, without fuss. I was trying to avoid the nervous movements and
all the stuff that breaks sexual tension. From time to time, I handed a sexual perch to see how
they react. If it did not work, I told them they had a dirty mind. If it took, I did it again a little
later to put their minds salacious ideas and dirty desires! They often reproached me for not
talking enough about me, then: they asked me a question, just listened to the answer and
started again talking about themselves. And in the end, they said they felt very comfortable
with me and wanted to sleep with me.
Can we always feel « good »?
Well, finally, I’m going to destroy a myth (one more). Would you like to be happy every day?
Know that this is impossible. And it would not be a good thing, anyway. We NEED negative
emotions (of course not excessively but wisely). We need them because they warn us, warn us
of danger and keep us alive as prepare us to react. People who do not feel pain, for example,
can burn their hand without even noticing it. Those who do not experience fear (eg if the
amygdala is removed) less enjoy security and will be tempted to take unnecessary risks. Thus,
their life expectancy is shorter.
Imagine if you were watching the weather and they say that it will be fine tomorrow, when in
fact there will be a hurricane: it would not be very useful. And even worse it does not allow
you to prepare yourself. You might even be surprised and hurt by the storm.
What is true, on the other hand, is that it is interesting to shield a bit if we are very sensitive.
Or working on your empathy if you have a heart of stone. It is important to have a balance.
Not being too cold but not too weak either. I have always been a sensitive boy, even VERY
sensitive. Like: I love animals, I even save ants in the pool, etc. I have also a lot of empathy, I
sometimes suffer with the people for things that hardly affect me. At first the girls have
continually disappointed me, hurt me, etc. But with time and experience, I shielded, and now
it is them who often get addicted before me. Finally, I am far from being a rock either, a small
heart beats under my PUA shield. And it’s not always easy, but I’m proud of it. Proud of
keeping this human side, this romantic side, this fragile side. I guess that I will never become
arrogant nor contemptuous jerk (some people think I am) I hope someone I’ll stay simple and


All this to say that yes, it helps to shield a little, when one is too sensitive, it helps to regain
control. But using the game (or any power) to make people suffer ways means a lot : people
who do that are to be pitied because they feel pains and subconsciously want you to suffer and
feel as bad as them. Or they are psychopaths. I react differently to my pain and I hope I’ll
inspire some : why not rather doing our best making so that others have a little joy? Especially
if it does not cost much to us. And then, who knows …? Karma you may pay you back.


How to positively handle the AMOG
The AMOG, what is it?
This term refers to “alpha male other guy”. So, he is by definition an alpha male. If you
consider all the guys on Earth as credible AMOG, you will bit your nails all your life!
Well, sometimes it is really a serious contender for the pickup. But you’re far less likely to
meet one than to fall on an AFC. Keep that in mind before ejecting yourself whenever a guy
tries to hit on your target! (This is for shy guys).
Most of the time, I let him crash, I observe him even encourages him, then I resume to where
I was and I’m thought of as a fairplay guy by the girl. I even often seize this opportunity to
tease the girl « well then, you didn’t like him? »
Amog or friend? Cooperation or confrontation?
In the case of a true AMOG, there’s a number of possible configurations. Basically, is he
hateful or not ? If he is hateful to you, he’s likely to lost points in the eyes of his/your target.
You just have to push him to fault! Only biatches like hate and violent rude assholes.
On the other hand, if the guy is friendly AND alpha: why not make an ally to pickup chicks?
I’m serious. Being two alphas together, your value increases. You will be chick’s magnets!
Imagine you’re hitting on a girl at a bar then a guy shows up, he knows her, and kisses her on
the cheek. Why sulking and immediately constructing a strategy to get rid of the intruder? It
just would communicate some insecurity…
Why not shaking his hand warmly instead? If he’s a cool guy, you’re maybe going to make a
friend. Then maybe fucking your target + her girlfriend in a foursome with this guy !!! It’s
maybe a little like swearing in a church but it’s to make you understand that it can be a winwin scenario! Warning: I’m not saying that this is possible every time, far from it.
Maybe, he’s a guy of the community who has a great social network and who’s looking for a
wingman. Why not starting a conversation on women, pickup, parties, etc. You will perhaps
mutually boost your modjos !!!


In addition, by being focused on the guy, you will make the girls think. I remember once in
party of I showed disinterest to an American and so she started to shake her ass in front of me
to get my attention back. It was pretty fun when you think about it. I had kissed her but the
fact is that after I had kissed another girl on her bed and she was a little angry. Well, this is
another story.
My conclusion: making friends with guys can bring you more chicks than crossing swords
with all the dudes just to try to get a particular girl. I’m here talking about a rational approach
rather than an emotional one (the instinct of the not educated and sex-starved man is rather
often to « defend his territory » even if he has not yet planted seeds in the fertile soil).
My motto: I love women and some pay me off well.
The disturbing AMOG
There are basically three types of AMOG who can piss you off well:
– The drunk idiot;
– The cocky player;
– The sociable handsome and funny guy.
My advice :
– Stay close to the girl, implying that you are close, it will dissuade more than one;
– Kino : it creates attraction and the comfort;
– Push him but not aggressively rather like an alpha eg a little tap on the shoulder;
– If he starts to speak directly to the girl ignoring you, you can answer like « you have
beautiful eyes you know (to the girl)
– Thank you (you answer). »
– Isolate the target « it was a pleasure talking to you see you soon bro » and take her by the
hand. Otherwise the conversation may become boring, the girl may be pissed off and leave
both of you together.
– It’s a bit naughty to use your body language, turning back and placing yourself between him
and the girl, but hey, sometimes you have to.
– If he does as if you did not exist “honestly guy I respect you for having the balls to
approach her but she is with me so … good night!” A little bit rude, but hey if he is… works
rather he is weird or if the girl is attracted to you.


Do not fight for a girl, seriously. Fight only if he does something stupid against you or her.
If the guy who AMOG is a friend of you (jealous type) or a (bad) wingman, here is the best
solution: dominate the conversation and extract the target at the right time. According to the
rules of the wingman : normally the one who open is the one who has priority to try his luck.
After if the girl doesn’t like him, the other can go… In any case, never attempt to discredit or
whatever one of your wingmen. Ethics, damn it!


Problems with the TOO direct game
The good side of the direct game
I like using sexualization early in the interaction. I find it really fun and honest. And,
strangely, that reassure some because it confirms them that they are about to be picked up. By
a guy who assumes in addition, characteristic quite rare.
Indeed, people whose intentions are not clear often inspire fear. And there are a lot of guys
who do not assume they are trying to pick up : they want to be regarded as « good guys » or I
do not know what… in order to fuck the girl. I’m sorry but you can fuck chicks, enjoy it, and
yet being a good guy.
Other interesting features of the direct game is, in my opinion, its powerful and surprising
aspects … sometimes destabilizing. It can hit the mark and differentiate us from the masses!
Thus, when we approach, for a greater impact we do not often say hello and directly go
straight to the opener.
It can excite the chicks, but sometimes precisely: the fact to remove this ambiguity can cool
those who do not assume they want to orgasm. So they apprehend (being naked in front of
you, not being up to you the bed, feeling dirty after, what do I know …)
That’s why it works especially on adventurous girls, those who have strength of will, those
that are not really lobotomized, those who are hot (no complex), those with experience in the
bed or who assume the fact of not having experience and want to learn from you.
The direct game removes a lot of headaches from the game. I do not know many guys who
practiced with me and who made a step back after. It’s quite liberating, it pays, and it allows
to have fun. In addition, it highlights the weaknesses of some women, so we can laugh when
we understand that if she did not sleep with us it is not necessarily that we have done
something wrong or are not handsome enough for her. It is very comfortable to fuck hotties,
most of the time without headache, sometimes even without leaving home …


The dangerous side of the direct game
The direct game, it has the reputation of being somewhat the « old-school » pickup. The one
with the big balls. However, when we like it, we (me included) sometimes skip steps yet
crucial to a clean game. And we eat a lot of rakes and flakes.
Let’s make no mistake: there are plenty of chicks that this particularly virile pushy pickup,
turn on. But they are so conditioned that it intimidates them, and some would feel « dirty »
« give up so easily, » even if they want it in fact. Where from an internal conflict, and some
will even be mad at you for not having stayed in your soft dick role.
Basically, this kind of approach or man, it’s been the dream in movies but in reality they are
not going to try their luck. Some will say that they do not assume their sexuality. Further they
are well conditioned to a boring life. The gossips say they are frustrated and pain in the ass. I
do not think we are here to judge, too bad for them, after all. Me, the only things that annoy
me is when they warm us, but after get cold feet and then blame it on us like, « you’re not
enough this or that / finally I have no more desire. » This way, they streamline their own
cowardice (me, I always do what I say and say what I do I call it respect). They are afraid of
leaving their comfort zone (where the magic happens), but will not admit it (they are maybe
not even conscious of this). This is normal, it would call into question their belief system. Go
on and tell a jihadist it is impossible that there are70 virgins waiting for him after his death, or
that if it’s a woman or a guy who kill you it’s the same thing : you’ll see his reaction.
Sometimes, by texts, they will use shitty excuses just one hour before the date like « finally I
cannot come over I’ll go get vaccinated. » The most hypocritical even say stuff they do not
measure the scope « I’m not a girl like that me but in the party you will find easily »: it’s like
“look, all the girls are sluts but not me” . What a ridiculous vilification … « Me I can resist
my urges, but it’s hard, so I’m sure others cannot do so !!! I am sooo proud! » When in fact,
these are all the chicks in the mold who use crap like that and I can tell you that those who
think for themselves have a different speech. It does not take me long to recognize them!
Beautiful women use more sexual avoidance strategies than men because they need to make
less effort to get fucking opportunities.
Sorry but all the chicks are not worth investing time and energy in them (much less money or
sperm). When they start bullshitting me, I see them as chicks that have failed the test.


It is true, I admit, I am not very tolerant, I ask them a lot and make fewer concessions but…
we both lose. Her, orgasms, and me a hot girl. All that complemented by a memorable
adventure that will be remembered (because of the adrenaline that is precisely what prevents
many from taking action – it pisses me off because of my anxiety attacks I had to learn how to
manage imaginary fears so much that now I laugh when I see what stresses some girls and I
really wonder how they would have done if they had gone through what I went through).
Anyway, back to the point: if we really want to increase our chances, it is advisable to put an
intro before the pushy direct game. When I say an intro, I speak of a rapid exchange or a
story-telling including DHV.
The temerity of the direct game too often dessert even if it allows banging hot babes, without
many complications. But you have to be strong in your head because sometimes the flames
back hurts a lot. Some bitches want to put you back in place, we do not know why, it looks
like it is their mission on Earth to spoil the joy of others. Some you’ll fuck them, but only
once, they will be too good for you, and you’ll think of them your whole life being jealous of
the guy who married them (OI).
There’s chicks who believe we use very direct game because we are afraid of a
conversation… or we cannot handle a conversation! That we are so anxious, we prefer
jumping into the water, closing our eyes. It is true that it is logical if we see evil everywhere.
However, for me, it is rather a test, the proof: a girl who laughs to my cocky-funny opener, I
would be happy to have a conversation with her after. More willingly than a frustrated bitch
who rebelled because you have not offered her a drink. I prefer to break the ice like that, I
cannot help it…
Sometimes I abuse. I’m not focused. For example: « Hi, would you like to kiss me? » Here, I
zap a little the comfort phase by practicing like that. I play double or quits. The opener is also
VERY generic. Chicks (like us) like feeling a bit special. Some do not take us seriously, think
that we are making fun of them. It does not mean that it doesn’t work sometimes… but it’s
nice to add a little calibration. With that said, this kind of approach is very funny when we see
the face of the girls when they hear this: they often do not believe their ears.
Moreover, it helps to desensitize, because when we approached like that, we can do soft
approaches more easily after!


Ashamed of anything now, we are free… you can do it in a huge scale : and playing on the
number, it pays. It is statistically better to make 20 generic cold approaches than two highly
targeted approaches. Especially, if it is to learn after 2 hours of conversation that the girl is
sleeping with her friend or has a boyfriend to whom she will remain faithful… well thank you
but no thank you! You can have more targets with this kind of game !
By making pushy direct game, be ready to sometimes suffer from strong returns. So a
beginner who is still seeking his self-confidence may be destroyed with this little game. They
can be very arrogant and hurtful ESPECIALLY if they are people around (cf. social pressure,
feels uncomfortable because believe you just call whore since that is her biggest fears seen
how she is sexy dressed, is in trouble because torn between temptation and education). I know
that this logic is quite disconcerting because besides that they will say that a confident guy
who knows what he wants excites them. Finding a balance is delicate. But do not forget the
saying « a good fisherman must learn how to think like a fish. »
My conclusion
An alpha guy who has the choice of women likes to know in what he sailed before spending
two hours with a green plant. Where from the point of the test before taking her seriously and
investing in her. Well, in my opinion. Be ready to date any girl is a kind of DLV. It’s a good
thing that she proves her value before. That she makes efforts. It shows that she is a bit more
clever than average. But the cute girls are not really used to it, usually 15 guys flock to them
as soon as they walk into a bar. Inevitably, it distort men/women relationships and makes
them lose touch with reality. And since you do not do like others, he average stupid girl is
going to think you’re the idiot.
Finally, note that sometimes there’s times when the most daring game will work and times
when whatever you do it’s not working. I guess that there are cycles then I do not know where
it comes from if it’s the moon, the seasons, or our state of mind … Well, I have often noticed
that phenomenon. There are times when all my buddies FuckClose and others when we all
feel bad because luck does not smile us. In this case, my advice is to apply a basic game to
return to success and so making a fresh start.
I like putting my foot in it!


How to guess if she has a hairy pussy?
I was talking with a friend the other day: we were looking for a girl for a threesome, so I
showed her my conquests so she chooses one. She guessed almost every time which ones
were shaved/shaven and which ones had hair between their legs. I was impressed! She
explained her technique. I will teach it to you in my turn.
It’s a bit of a mentalist trick. In fact, it is based on the fact that she is a girl… and therefore
she understands the other chicks.
It is based on the makeup of the girl. If she wears very few makeup, botched or old-fashion,
she must have the tuft. If, however, she is very feminine, dolled, well made up, (scented,) then
chances are she has a hairless pubis.
Basically, there are 6 possible configurations:
– Either she has the tuft, so hairs that even protrude from her swimsuit.
– Either she tamed the tuft, so she it is not visible in her underwear.
– Either she has a metro ticket more or less thick : this is the part that hurts the most to pull
– Either she is completely shaved.
– Either she is completely waxed, which removes entirely the hair opposed to shaving.
– Either she is shaved or waxed but it has grown back. I call it the carpet.
There even are girls who don’t want to have sex if they are not perfectly waxed, in this case
it’s too bad, because we prefer a woman who has sex than a women perfectly waxed but
who’s a pain in the ass. Just my opinion, btw.
When I talked about it to my mother, she told me that it was a shame to not have hair, that
only sluts and other porn actresses have no hair… like a little girl. In her time, maybe, this
might be the case. But the truth is that for aesthetic reasons, the coquettish Greek and Roman
women already waxed. In Aristophanes’ comedy Thesmophoriazusae, played in Athens in
411 BC, a group of women proposed to remove the intimate hair of a guy disguised as a girl
to teach him how to become a true Greek woman. « No waxing, no hair removal! » he cried
once. It must be said that at the time they practiced it with burning ashes…


Today, most chicks below 25 years are shaved or depilated with wax (8000 hair on average
that’s too much for the tweezers). Maybe not those who have not yet begun their sexual lives
but others generally are. Nearing thirty, I’ve seen more girls with the metro ticket on their
pussies. Is it already composted? This is the question.
As notorious fucker, as a libertine who is not fucking libertine chicks, I must say that I took a
liking to any all clean, hairless pussy. Sometimes it’s funny: she has got no hair on her pussy,
but has on her ass. Well, sweetie are you kidding me ?! In this case, the best idea is definitely
fuck from the front! ;)
The hairs on the body just like the pubis serve to limit areas of friction. Pubic hair is useful
especially during sex because they create an interface between the skin and promote a shift to
a different skin.
A study showed higher scores of sexual satisfaction for fans of completely naked pubis,
without the possibility of saying if the women who feel the more comfortable with their
bodies and their private parts revealed are the ones who likes showing them or if the pubic
deprivation promotes sexual fulfillment.
Social pressure and fashion phenomena also influence the girls about their intimate hygiene
(although some hairs, it’s not dirty).
The full shaving is more common than full hair waxing. Certainly for practical or pain
For men, shaving or clipping the hair makes the penis look bigger. In any case, it’s better to
avoid the Amazon forest at this place if you like blowjobs.


When sexual desire fades…
My father visited me last weekend in Lyon. We, as often, had philosophical talks about sex.
Among them: « when we age, are we still warm? »
He was warm, my dad, in his time. I also still surprise him from time to time, starting at the
ass of sexy chicks in the street. It’s only natural! It makes me laugh!
According to his testimony, one thinks less about sex for sex after 60, and more about the
beauty of women. Where from the interest of having pretty wife (you must see how aged her
mother) and daughter. (I’m not talking for Playboy’s boss).
It’s a bit the answer to the question I often get: « will you be a player all your life? » I hope
not, honestly. I am already tired. I always said I would stop soon to start a strong family and
have balanced children.
Sex for sex with hot babes we like, it’s awesome at the beginning. So I do it now in order to
don’t feel the desire to cheat on my wife during a fucking midlife crisis.
But above all, I learn many things through the Game. About me, about communication, about
how to be respected and how to use my charm on women. Among others.
I do a lot of experience that I would have regretted having not made, I think, if I had a youth
of tight-ass. I do not like living in frustration or in ignorance. This is especially why I love the
game : I am more motivated by the understanding of how seduction works than sex-addict
(sex is not only useful to pie).
However, it’s not because fucking chicks in a mess (and not all the women I want) thanks to
psychological communication tools has become a second skin that I can never get rid of it. I
am not Neil Strauss!
Indeed, in his book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, Neil tells the
crisis which followed his life of Pickup Artist. He wrote what happens when a guy wants a
LTR but cannot control his superpower of seducer (or when he fails to properly lock his
Efficience belt).


I recognize myself in him a little, when he speaks of his mother, in this book. He said she was
a little stuffy. Like mine (and my father too). He had a rather boring childhood, without
realizing it at the time, just like me.
After his life of PUA, he went in sexual detox (or rehab). They identified him emotional
incest. Seriously, I hope it’s not my case.
In my fantasies, I want to live with two women who would love each other as they would love
me and who would bear my children. But this is just a dream and I will content myself with a
pretty, healthy, slim, sweet, intelligent, courageous, not too much a pain in the ass girl.
I want a healthy relationship. I want to be really transparent and honest with my wife and my
children. I do not necessarily want them to be players, what I want is that they are good in
communication to understand the world, protect themselves, dominate others and succeed in
To the question: would I enjoy an open relationship until my penis is no longer able to get
hard? On one side, I like the moment between the opener and penetration: I love the Game for
the game. On the other hand, it would piss me off, I guess, that someone else fucks MY
WIFE. The fantasy of purity and all that shit, when it applies to your wife, is not necessarily
the same thing that when it applies to a fuckfriend. With that said, if I’m the only one with
who she fucks without a condom, it may be enough… maybe. To be tested ! What I want is to
have special privileges.
That said, I do not know if it would be very healthy for my children that their parents are
In his book, Neil discusses the delicate issue « once I’m in a serious relationships, how can I
make it work? »
It’s a good question. So far, almost every relationship I’ve built fell apart. In The Truth, the
author wonders whether we would not be the victim of a former trauma, maybe we repeat the
same things again and again? It’s a bit like what plays in our mind when we always want to
get our ex we idealize back or when repeated endlessly the same patterns that leads to nothing
good and we are emotionally desperate!


I do not want to be, in my turn, an ignoring or stuffy a parent. I do not want my children to
suffer, to devalue constantly, to feel depressed, anxious, etc. I do not want that, like me, my
children need affection, but quickly feel stifling and therefore never attach themselves to
people for too long.
The conclusion of the book is that the marriage of love is not what corresponds to our wild
bodies! Wedding is a cultural thing, we must make sacrifices for it to work. The greatest
biologists and psychologists agree to tell so. Our body says “why looking for our soul sister ?
I don’t like incest.”
« Do not trade long-term happiness for short-term pleasure. » Rick Rubin
« Masturbate once and you will feel better! » Fabrice Julien


Why denigrating online pickup?
I do often read crap like these:
* « Real pickup is much better (street, work, sport, college etc.) than on the Internet … »
* « If there are so many people on the applications/dating sites it’s because they do not have
the motivation/balls/skills to go SPU/NPU and meet people. »
* « This is for the guys who do not have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and
confront reality. »
* « In terms of results and personal satisfaction, the OD and the NPU/SPU have nothing to
do. »
* « It requires less balls, and it is less euphoric. »
* « Seduce is a SOCIAL and HUMAN skill that is learned by confronting to the REALITY of
gender relationships. »
* « When you pickup online, you cannot say you know the entire seduction process, so you
cannot claim you’re a real seducer. »
* « The OD brings me much disillusionment and reinforce my behavior of supporter of the
least effort, the more time passes the less I am good IRL. »
* « The virtual is a waste of time. »
* « Girls are easier online »; « There’s online ugly chicks online. »
* « These companies are capitalizing on the desperation of people shamelessly, and it disgusts
me. So I refuse to give them my money and my time and contribute to make them live, just a
question of ethic… »
* « I would not look for a serious relationship there. But for a FC if the 2 are OK… »
SPU = street pickup
NPU = night pickup
OD = online dating
IRL = in real life
FC = fuckclose (sleeping for the first time with a chick)
There’s a little intellectually limited guys who think the chicks they are fucking thanks to
online dating are not real in real life. If I meet a girl on a dating site, she also meets me on a
dating site. Now, I have a full life next door so she does too. QED.


There’s guys who think the online pickup is a brake on the development of the seducer. I do
not agree. Indeed, a dating site removes a lot of barriers and allows direct access to the first
date (but you still have to get it). But precisely, it helps to learn to be good on the first dates.
Moreover, if we fuck the chicks after, it enable you to become more confident and thus to
shine more in all other types of pickup. Finally, the first date or the sex are IRL therefore we
must also like each other: BL and communication aspects come into play. These are not date
in which we throw each one on the other when we meet: it happened to me a few times and it
was not the coolest dates of my life.
Dating sites are only a tool to put two people in touch. Just like the nightclubs. But, a month
on a dating site is often as expensive as only ONE good night in a club. We can criticize
companies that capitalize on singles but we can also criticize the mafia of the night that does
exactly the same thing. The trick is to don’t fall in commercial drifts like offering virtual
flowers to babes for the modest sum of $ 5, pff (they don’t care about virtual gifts lol)…
We have taken a number in the street, in a bar or on a dating site : then, phone game. Then we
get, if all goes well, a first date. And finally, the rest happens IRL. Period. We also confronts
the reality if we pickup on the internet, keep it in mind.
Why online dating would require less effort? To make a profile, etc. Granted: it’s easier to
click on a mouse than to find HB in a particular place at a precise moment. However, isn’t it a
return on time and effort? And is it not therefore a form of intelligence? “Pragmatism”.
I also grant you that there are many girls (and guys) who are very unattractive, on dating sites,
but neither more nor less than IRL. For those who are just looking for a sexfriend, and found a
partner on the same wave length: this is perfect and the net can sometimes allow to be frank
where there might be some misunderstandings IRL and therefore a heart broken in the end.
For those looking for something else, a girl to carry their child, people with conversation,
there is also stuff in stock. I have not only met chicks for a one night stand online.


The danger of online, it is losing touch with reality. Congratulations to those who draw their
game with the online pickup but I give a yellow card to those who do only it by default. My
opinion is you should include it to your whole game: we will always need a sms/chat game,
but we must not forget reality because it inevitably comes back… and a few rakes in a bar
allow to keep your feet on the ground. It must be used in addition to the real pickup! But
« real » = ? The only not real pickup, it’s the fake FC, right ?
But it is no different from SPU, or NPU, in the sense that if a player practices only it, he has
not a complete game. It is not miraculous either, the OD, if you just come up and say « do you
want to fuck? » You will not go far.
Picking up on the Internet, it is neither an act of cowardice or weakness, or even ease. This is
the opinion of those who are not in and observe from afar those for who it works. The girls
are not easier, but some of assume more online than in front of a stranger in the street. Why a
solution nof ease? Because it generally works better than SPU? This is common sense,
especially seen the climate with the attacks, terrorists and everything. Why weakness, because
the legend says that girls are fat, ugly, full of problems? Stereotype, idea received, a red card.
Then, never believe the legends (my blog can be confusing): the net does not allow to get laid
as soon as a girl visits our profile. There’s not on one side chicks of the bars/clubs and on the
other side chicks who are registered on a dating site.
Seriously, can’t I smell a slight whiff of jealousy ? Those who succeed online and fuck a lot
are just efficient. At one time, I read « yeah but in the night it’s easy it is cheating, the SPU is
the only real thing. » This was already the exact same problem. These people do not assume
so denigrate. It’s always a little bit a shame to be on a dating site, but a PUA must be better
than that and assume.
Let’s keep in mind that the point of the pickup is still to meet and fuck beautiful women. Not
to stir the air for the sake of art. However, the time invested for dates got from the OD cannot
be carried over the SPU/NPU and if in addition we fuck the chicks: envy when we go out on
the field has inevitably diminished.
There’s also people for whom it is a matter of common sense to practice on the Internet:
– Those who have a job and no time (or a good schedule) to do SPU nor too much NPU
except on Saturday night;


– They can pickup at the same time they do something else on the computer or on their phone;
– They like to write, it is their strong point;
– To screw the married women;
– If they are suffering from school phobia or agoraphobia (this was my case);
– Etc.
There’s plenty of chicks that will connect online because do not like bars/clubs (do not drink
alcohol/do not use drugs) are practicing chicks sports, studies where there are only girls and
gays, have a taking work. So, remains the street and the internet to fuck them… what is the
probability to cross them in the street? Low. But are they worse than women met IRL ? No.
Clearly not.
Furthermore, I see no reason why the percentage of fuckable chicks would be higher in the
street or the subway than on the Internet? I observed around me the other day and my
conclusion is: there’s not much fuckable woman if you take away the old, ugly, fat, chicks in
a relationship and faithful, etc. I like to venture outside the circle (which I always find too
small) but between fucking a 6 met in the subway and a 9 met on the Internet, the choice is
quickly made!
Communicating by networks, virtual message and conveying emotions, communicating in
writing, it is a part of the social dynamics that is playing an increasingly important role in
today’s society. It would be stupid to don’t use it. It’s easier to develop an idea by writing
than to repeat it all the time if you want to use it in a big scale. Additional argument: all times,
humanity has written kinky letters. Although this written communication is different from the
rest of the game and still a minority, do not denigrate it because it basically communicates the
same messages than the other Game schools. Rather denigrate those who took refuge in a
particular segment of these dynamics but who claim to know everything (which is right of
course for the online, but also for the NPU and SPU).
I know here in Lyon people who practice only SPU (you do not know why they do not even
come to NPU). They have no job and do that all day. The guy I know has done it since
September and has just got 1FC (in 4 months). Yeah, he’s good in the street… so what?
During this time they are out of breath in the street, I have FC 18 girls and have been good at


I’d say these guys criticize opportunistic guy like me because they are jealous (just like the
guy who says a HB8 is a 6 if she doesn’t want him but is she wants him she is a 10 it is bad
faith). They want to play and the cocky men but they do alone a dick contest: I’m the
strongest even if I fuck less because I approach « for real » (because me, of course, I approach
“for wrong”). That’s their problem if they want to find shitty excuses for their failure.
There’s chicks that make a profile on the Internet only to feel desired. OK, but they are people
in the street that will take your number with kindness too. And you’ll never meet them again!
There’s not only fakes and sluts. There’s it’s true a lot of sites where there are hostesses (fake
profiles) but hey need to sort before registering, it’s like when you go to a bar where there’s
only balls.
This should be beneficial to the moaners who practice in the street because they have less
« competitors » on the field. So I do not see where is the problem for them …? Must explain
to me … that’s where we understand that their reaction is irrational, like hatred is in general.
They may be afraid that we fuck the chicks online and then in the street they don’t want them
anymore? Must move with the times, too. I know guys who pride themselves to have no
phone. It is ridiculous too.
It’s a bit like those who make their living on the net. Why criticizing? Good for them (they
earn €, I fuck HB7/8/9/I never give 10). They may be smarter than us, we, the idiots employed
by an asshole.
Snipe in the interview I recorded, talks about online dating. So if one of the best PUA of
France says it’s good, it’s not lambda guys on a well known forum that will have the last word
and that will make me change my mind. Cajun and David de Angelo agree too. Personally,
I’ve until 6 FC in a month online, it’s good. Call me liar, if you want, we will good laugh
during my third diary when I will publish the evidence! Meanwhile, here are my tips and
routines to get laid online!


The bottom line. Denigrating the online pickup is in my view the same level of false beliefs
than « ugly girls are easier to fuck than beautiful ones. » It would be logical but wrong
because when you say so you think like if we could remove everything that is fear,
complexes, principle of coherence, etc. Online, theoretically, we should be able to fuck more
than we do but the fact is they are ashamed to be on a dating site too, they are afraid, etc. You
need a high level of persuasion to bring a chick directly are your place. In terms of quality,
you have to learn too, first of all the rule of the 10kg (always at least 10kg of difference
between her size and weight – 1m70 60kg okay, 1m70 55kg she is very hot, 1m70 70kg
noooooooo), several photos are needed too or try to find her FB.


I went to the Eroticism Show in Lyon
Last weekend, I went to the Eroticism Show in Lyon.
I was aghast: first of all in this stuff, they make you pay the entrance. But you pay for what?
They make you pay to access the stands where you can buy things (sextoys, fluorescent
condoms, accessories, clothing, and lingerie).
Frankly, isn’t it a big joke? Anyway, whatever, I’m not a sucker. Basically, I went there (not
by curiosity as would say a girl who does not assume) but to approach libertine girls. There
were actually not much to approach: only couples and men. There were all the same two or
three groups of girls that I have approached but they were lesbians.
Then there were free shows : strippers dancing, playing with fire, undressing. Downside: most
are smashing but not handsome. By the way, strippers are still often prettier than porn
actresses anyway. That’s what I noticed.
There was a guy stripper too, who made his show, he wanted to warm the ladies: a guy, a
fucking bodybuilder (too muscular for an ordinary mortal). Not beautiful, not tall, just very
muscular. He pretended to undress but we never saw his cock. It’s a little bit ridiculous, I
think. Does he have a small cock or what? In any case, to warm a woman through photos on
Snapchat or anything: you have understood, never show your gun unless you can use it. This
is how the professionals do. For the girls who want to strip, it is based on slow and
anticipation. Like, before removing their string, they make a break then take it down
For the modest sum of € 10, you could attend a filming of a porn movie scene. So I was pretty
“curious” to see that. There was the actress Kelly Pix (apparently she is famous in the world
of porn but I know no one except Jacquie and Michel). At least she has not fake boobs, that’s
In this show: she arrives on stage disguised as a policewoman and begins to touch roughly her
pussy with her baton. Then comes a prisoner, Tony Caliano. She made him sit down and
abruptly pulls out his big cock (something huge it’s really excessive) and begins to suck it
greedily (he was hard yet does it take drugs?).


Then he fucks her (still without hug, kiss, nothing) in several positions and she cums (not
him). Frankly boring. Zero. A waste of time. Purely mechanical sex. Not what I like! It was
impersonal. I have not even felt the beginning of an erection, rather a vague sense of unease.
The funniest was the leader: a real cartoon of a guy who works in porn (porn producer). A guy
with no hair, short, fat, vulgar loudmouth. His punchline « ass, it is not only useful to sit
down. » Lol! I was wondering if these guys really fuck the hotties from the world of the X
(like in the cliché) or not.
In the alleys, I have been approached several times by girls. In fact, the concept is that fucking
sex-bombs smile you. They do like sluts. And if you smile back, they approach you « do you
want a lapdance?
– Fuck yeah, what’s the price?
– €60 for two dances ie 7mn, €100 for a sextoy show. »
Damn !!! She must be very hot so it worth it. I’m talking about the sexy dancing, because the
show with dildos, it’s not my cup of tea. Chicks try to make you feel guilty when you say no,
« I am not to your taste, right? » Frankly, they all are not beautiful. And when you propose
them to meet up outside or give to give you their number « it’s forbidden by my boss. »
I toured all the stands, sometimes it was the pimp who approached me « you seem timid
– Yes very.
– Do you want a young novice in the world of porn? a future star? for €80 she gives you a
show and then because you’re young and not aggressive who knows what can happen… »
Seriously! The guy hopes I’ll believe that. Like if the girl was going to shake you and suck
you. He sells dreams. There’s not written pigeon on my forehead! I’m not a guy missing in
lack of sex led by the end of his dick!
The guys who bought a strip then waited that the girl is done with her previous customers. I
remember the usual prices of prostitutes: €30 a blowjob, € 50 sex. So, for that matter, I’d
rather buy a pure hottie prostitute at the Spanish border for fun.
Finally, there was a Jacquie et Michel stand that had put an ad like what they were looking for
actors/actresses. I asked how much it was paid €200 for guys and €300 for women for a scene
which lasts on average between 1 and 2 hours.


But, they take only single women or couples … how surprising. Bis repetita, I wonder if these
guys do fuck the hottie we can see in the movies while they are old and ugly.
A thought for the girl of the body painting who, since she tasted the joys of striptease in
Australia, continues to practice in Paris. Despite her psychology degree… she has a strong
character! At least, thanks to her, I can say that I banged a stripper.


Recording of a cunnilingus
Orgasm @ 7:30 ;)
Do not hesitate to share it, it’s funny and not politically correct ;)
Link :
I can’t wait to read the comments of all the tight-ass people.

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