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Chemicals Engineering

Darryl Davis
Ms. Jones
English IV, 7B

Chemical Engineering
Job Description
(“What do Chemical engineer do?”)
A chemical engineer designs and develops some form of process
to make different types of products
Which they focuses on changing the chemical, biochemical, and
physical state of a substance
Can turn many substance to another state or form

(“What to wear?”)

Chemical Engineering
Job Description

A chemical engineer might wear a lab coat and protective glasses
A civil engineer that studied chemical engineering in college might need a hard hat and steeltoed boots
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who deals with chemicals might even wear level B
hazmat suits
Process engineer who draws up chemical engineers work might wear suit and tie and a

Chemical Engineering
(“What are their responsibilities?”)

Responsibilities of chemical engineer are very different and depend
on the role and the sector in which you work
Monitoring process, chemists, and control engineers to ensure the process plant is setup to
withstand maximum output levels and running of the production to make show nothing major
Others design plants and equipment configuration
Sets up scale-up and scale-down processes
Assessing options for plant expansion by testing simulation models

Chemical Engineering

Skills and High School Preparation

Making chemical equipment and processes
to a optimizing standard or performance
Gets the research to develop new and improved
chemical manufacturing
Design and plan layout of equipment.
(“What should be good at?”)
Develop processes to separate components of liquids or gases or generate
electrical currents using controlled chemical processes.
High School Preparation:
Study in math and science courses
Get use to programing

Chemical Engineering
Degrees & Years of Study Required
Chemical engineers will need a bachelor's
degree from college to get entry into the profession
A Bachelor’s Degree requires about 4 or 5 years of study
Engineers must pass two exams to become licensed

(“What form of education?”)

Engineering students near graduation may sit for the Fundamentals of Engineering
(FE) exam.
Students who pass the FE exam must work for four years before they can sit for the
Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam the final step in becoming licensed
A Master’s Degree requires an additional 2 or 3 years of study


(“How do we need to get in top schools?”)
Chemical Engineering
Entrance Requirements for Top Schools

Standard GPA of at least a 3.0 from core
At least 19 units of college preparatory
Minimum of SAT score (critical reading
and math) of 1030
Minimum composite ACT score of at
least 22

(“What are top colleges?”)

Chemical Engineer
Top State & National Colleges
Top Chemical Engineering Schools in 2015
The top chemical engineering college in the state of Louisiana is LSU
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. University of California—Berkeley
3. Stanford University

(“How much will we need?”)

Louisiana State University Costs



Tuition & Fees (12 hours per semester)




Housing (average price of all 2-student



Meal Plan (15 meals per week)



Books & Supplies




Living Expenses (12 months)


Books, Supplies & Health Insurance




(“Whats going up whats not?”)

Chemical Engineering
Job market
Quick Facts: Chemical Engineers
2012 Median Pay
$94,350 per year
$45.36 per hour
Entry-Level Education
Bachelor’s degree
Work Experience in a Related Occupation None
On-the-job Training None
Number of Jobs, 2012
Job Outlook, 2012-22
4.5% (grow over average)
Employment Change, 2012-22 1,500

Chemical Engineer Salary
(“How we’ll make ?”)

The top 10% of Chemical Engineers in United States earn: $156,980 per year
The top 25% of Chemical Engineers in United States earn: $123,300 per year
The middle 50% of Chemical Engineers in United States earn: $96,940 per year
The bottom 25% of Chemical Engineers in United States earn: $75,440 per year
The bottom 10% of Chemical Engineers in United States earn: $59,480 per year

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