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Prepared by

Muhamad Fadhli Othman
Anith Nabilah binti Mustafa
Husna Mohamad Afifi
Dr. Fadzil Mat Yassin


What is Green Technology Application Products Equipment Systems Conserve • environment • resources Reduces The Negative Impact • human activities (Source: National Green Technology Policy. Green Technology and Water) . Ministry of Energy.

promotes the use of renewable resources minimises the perdition of the nature Save energy and natural resources zero or low impact on green house gas (GHG) emission safe for use and promotes healthy .

.National Green Technology Pillars Energy • Energy independence • promote efficient utilisation Environment • Conserve and minimize the impact on the environment Economy • Enhance the national economic development Social • Improve the quality of life for all.

F. J. (2004). The Philosophy of Sustainable Design Renewable sources .Services to comply with new principles Philosophy of Definition Designing impact to the environment SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Criteria Connect people to natural environment (Sources: McLennan.

Sustainable principles three elements necessary for a welldesigned building Accessi bilitypermea bilityDelight Land-use + spatial design Energyefficient Commodity Humanenviron ment engage ment Reducereuserecycle Quality Sustainable Building that perfectly fit human consumption and respond positively to environment Firmness -Vitruvius- .