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To: Presidential Economic Advisors

From: Enrique Valenzuela Rivero
Date: 10/7/15
Subject: A proposal to end class/wealth gap

This memorandum is being written to propose a solution to the class/wealth gap. A
common factor on why class/wealth gap is a significant issue is because of the uneven
distribution of money going on between the high income and low income families. This is a
problem because, the unfair distribution of money is leading the middle class to extinction.

The class/Wealth gap is a major problem in the United States. According to the articles,
"America's Middle Class Really Is Further Behind Than Ever" by Sam Becker, "America's
Wealth Gap Between Middle-Income and Upper Income Families Is Widest On Record" by
Richard Fry and Rakesh Kochhar, and "Wealth Gap Between Middle Class and Rich Widest
Ever" by Tami Luhby, the idea of class/wealth gap started popping up thirty years ago, along
with the theory of the disappearance of the middle class. The problem here is what is happening
to low-income families because they barely receive any fair money, the middle class is hanging
on a thread, and there are a lot of people who won't even admit and believe there is a class/wealth
gap because those people are trying to deny the unfair distribution of money and if there is no
middle class, there will just be people living in poverty, while the top one percent keep most of
the money being distributed.

The class/wealth gap is a problem, but like most problems it has a solution, and not just
one solution, it has various solutions. Ways to end class/wealth gap are breaking down the social
barriers by connecting people from different classes together, unifying schools by bringing
together students from different social statuses, raise minimum wage to a 1960's level, which
was, tax the rich at a reasonable rate, which is taxing them like how they are taxing the middle
class, that way everyone pays the same amount of taxes, and give workers a voice in their
companies, like giving the workers opportunities to voice their opinions on how their companies
could run better and put those suggestions to work. Those solutions were presented by, now if one website can spoon feed solutions to solve class/wealth gap, then it is the
duty of the people to take action on those solutions because no change will happen, if the people
don't make a change happen. The pan here is too obviously raise awareness of this issue, that is
obviously going to take a serious toll in the future, and start an actual change, such as unifying
schools and taxing the rich like taxing the middle class so the wealth gap can come to close.

This memorandum is being written to propose class/wealth gap is a huge problem in the
United States. The people in this situation can benefit from the solutions that CNN gave, but if
the people don't take action on those solutions, like just keeping things the way they are now,
then no change will happen. This problem will get better, but only if the people decide to take
charge and make it better.

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