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E-portfolio assessment criteria 2014-15.

Audience awareness, focus
Appropriateness to task

Use of media/technology to
enhance reader’s engagement
Effective use of e-portfolio page for
conveying the learning process

Analysis & Reflection
(Why?, So what? Now what?)

student has clearly selected relevant
materials for the purpose of
assessment, shows understanding
of criteria. Page has a suitable tone,
student has articulated and
evidenced their language learning
persona. Assessment view presents
a coherent narrative of the learner’s
good use of mahara, some
creativity, enhanced with good use
of range of media. Highly authentic,
personal, engaging and thought
provoking, gives the right amount of
detail, assessor can see student’s
personal engagement with language
learning process and efforts made
to address difficulties.

1 2.1 2.2 3 F
(81/74 65 55 45 30)

extensive reflection and critical
analysis, develops a clear personal
narrative, shows understanding of
experiences and gives plans for
future language learning.

1 2.1 2.2 3 F
(81/74 65 55 45 30)

1 2.1 2.2 3 F
(81/74 65 55 45 30)

Little/no evidence of selection, poor
understanding of the purpose of
page created for assessment, page
does not have suitable tone for task,
no real insights into student’s
language learning persona.
Assessment view does not present a
coherent narrative of the learner’s
Minimal use of technical
possibilities, evidence and
presentation do not enhance the
narrative, difficult for assessor to
follow, seems contrived/ superficial.
Not very interesting and has little
impact, story rambles and seems
too long/too short or disjointed. No
evidence of the application of
learning strategies
Little analysis and reflection, mostly
descriptive, lacks explicit personal
awareness to apply to future
language learning.

The fail mark of 30 ensures that a student would have to fail in more than one of the criteria in order to fail the e-portfolio. (45+45+30 = average
Next year we will review the possibility of formally penalising late submission.