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Undesirable Behavior Targeted:
Disturbing the class by being noisy; speaking without raising hand, talking to each other off topic, and having
cellphones go off.
Desirable (expected) Behavior Targeted:
Staying on task with no side conversations or other noisy distractions that disturb other students.
Types of positive reinforcements - Reinforced – when & how?
1. Immediate R+ (generally BSPS with a tangible (i.e., tally mark, token, etc.)
Each group is individually rewarded by collecting an “arrow” to eliminate walkers for their learning activity, if
the group can get through the class without disruptions.
2. Ongoing R+ (tangible that accumulate as a class to show progression toward goal)
There will be a tally to keep track of how many “arrows” each group has earned over the course of a unit.
3. Overall R+ - Name the Novel Interactive Learning Activity for whole class when goal is met.
Survive and eliminate the walkers.
4. Explain how you will quickly & easily administer all R+ (both immediate R+ & ongoing R+) without
interrupting teaching.
The positive reinforcement will go along with your classroom expectations. It may take a few corrections at first
but other than that it should not affect teaching. Competition between each group will allow individual groups
to self-correct each other to acquire more arrows for the learning activity.
Interactive Learning Activity
The arrows collected are used to shoot at the board using a suction cup bow and arrow to answer math questions
from the unit. The closer to the center the easier the question, the farther from the center the harder the
questions. The questions will be based on the unit you just covered and the activity itself can be used as a
review to summarize everything they should have learned. Answering the question correctly is a hit, answering
incorrectly is a miss. Each group continues until they run out of arrows or answer incorrectly equal to the
number of members in their group.
Explain HOW you will teach the Desired Behaviors:
You will be a reiteration of the classroom expectations. You will help students determine what are distractions
and how to appropriately put them away and only have necessary learning tools on their desks. If you have built
a strong community classroom you can encourage students to share the responsibility of correcting other
students in their groups to stay on task.
Explain HOW you will teach the Plan:
After explaining your expected behaviors you will explain how these behaviors will allow them to earn arrows
after each class period and how the arrows will be used for their learning activity. You can then demonstrate
how the learning activity will be played and the rules on how to win.
Provide options
The plan is The Walking Dead themed and in the show the quite survive, so that would be the theme across all
the classes. You could also have the different class periods compete on who eliminates the most walkers and
give an extra prize to the winners.
Attendance - you could have “survivors” for all the students who arrive on time, more survivors more arrows.
Studying outside of class – Students can do extra assignments and “scavenge” for more arrows.
Demonstrate all Necessary Items
A nerf bow and arrow. Target (could be drawn on board), Subject questions.