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Patricia Westerdale

# 28

Let’s Go On a Continental Ride
Grade: 2nd - Model - a map of the oceans and continents
Undesirable Behavior Targeted: During transition, students tend to walk around in the
class which in turn leaves little time for warm up. This behavior interferes with learning
because it delays of upcoming lessons, reducing instructional time.
Expected Behavior Targeted:
At the beginning of every activity: Students will be in their seats, warm up activity will be
complete at the beginning of activity, and they will be ready to learn with all needed
materials out (paper, pencils, and workbooks) within 7 minutes of me chanting 1, 2, 3, eyes
on me.
Positive Reinforcements
1. Immediate R A strip of ribbon will be added to the bar graph when each small group
performs the desired behavior.
2. Ongoing R+ (bar graph) Selected continent will be placed in the appropriate missing spot
on the map and a fact about that continent will be learned. Every time spot is filled, a
specific continent will be discussed.
3. Overall R+ - Once all 7 continents are placed in their missing spots they will have a
4. The continents and ribbons will be cut out and ready to go by the board. After my chant,
if every student is in their seats and ready to go then a continent will be placed on the
Interactive Learning Activity
For continental day, they will learn about geography and different facts about the continent.
Students will make their own map with a blue paper plate as the globe. They will cut out
continents to glue on to plate and label the oceans. As a group activity, they will be given a
specific continent and construct flip book with their own drawings and one fun fact of the
continent. Also, there will be a piñata center in which they will create their own piñata as a
group and decorate it with tissue paper and glue their favorite continent on it. We will talk
specifically about South America and in this continent there is a place called Mexico. We will
discuss culture and traditions; tying the piñata into this discuss. As an afterthought, there
could also be a center for each continent and its culture as well.
113.13. Social Studies (6) (A) Identify major landforms and bodies of water, including each
of the continents and each of the oceans, on maps and globes. 
Teaching the Desired Behaviors:
Read Listen and Learn by Cheri J. Meiner. This book explains why we listen and how to listen
in the classroom. After this, I will model and practice the behaviors listed above. First I will
start with the chant: 1, 2, 3, eyes on me and gather my supplies to begin my lesson modeling
the behavior and then I will have the students model it back
Teaching the Plan:
When the expected behavior is shown, the students will receive a practice piece of the
continent. This will show the students how to earn the piece when the correct behavior is
A different board would also be displayed in Spanish to show the progress (since I will be
teaching Bilingual). A flip chart could also be an option for students that need a closer visual
option (visually impaired, learning disability) for easier comprehension.
Demonstrate all Necessary items
Continent cut outs, board, tape, ribbon. A globe piñata with candies, book coupons,
homework coupons and small toys. A stick.