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Scandinavian Starfish Unconference

Helsinki, 15-16th May, 2010
Hello, my name is Wolfgang Simson. I want to invite you to a special meeting in Helsinki. God is doing something fresh and very exciting in our days, that, to quote the prophet Habakuk, „many will not believe even if they were told.“ It has to do with the global re-discovery of the Kingdom – and the principles of the Kingdom in the areas of money, sex, power and church. The traditional Church-as-we-know-it has forgotten or ignored the main Kingdom message of Jesus so much so, that the New Thing God is doing today has to start often completely outside of the traditional church. Amongst folks like you who say „God yes, church no.“ If you are • a passionate follower of Jesus, but a very bad church-goer • an inventor, a pioneer or an entrepeneur in any one of these six areas: church, family, education, culture (for example arts, media, technology, nutrition), business & finance and finally, politics, this meeting is for you. You will meet other members of a spiritual avantgarde like yourself; together, we will plan staging a spiritual, but very hands-on revolution that is long overdue. We will have time for open space interaction, so come prepared to contribute. If you are, however, content and happy with the status quo and with church-as-we-know-it, then this Starfish meeting is definitely not for you. Why? Because we will simply not win the world of tomorrow with the church - and the spiritual technology - of yesterday. But if you are out there and think about yourself: „Either I am crazy, or everyone else is crazy!“, then simply don`t miss this meeting. And bring somebody that you know needs to be there as well.
Details: @ Laajasalo Christian Institute, Kuukiventie 6, Helsinki, Finland. Starts 9 AM – 6 PM Language: English, interpretation into Finnish. Price: 50 Euros, includes catering Registration: either by email to or or tel +358 9 6219 000 Organised by Simplechurch reg.ass. and Laajasalo Christian Institute, Helsinki

It would be good if you have read „The Starfish Manifesto“ or at least „The Starfish Vision“, both downloadable on *Wikipedia: An unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven conference centered on a theme or purpose.