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Vocabulary Test
Section A: Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the box below. Each word will be used once.

beauty parlor
wrecking ball





1. Before she went to the homecoming dance, Sally visited the _____________________ to get her hair
2. The caffeine in coffee makes it hard for me to sit still and I feel ____________________.
3. It was a sad day when the demolition crew arrived with their _____________________ to tear down the
old hotel.
4. The medicine my doctor prescribed was making me more sick than I was before, until we realized that I
was taking the wrong __________________.
5. Every girl or boy scout knows that a good first aid kit includes _____________________ to wrap up a
wound or protect a cut.
6. If there had not been a ______________________ in front of the fireplace, the sparks that flew off the
fire would have burned us.
7. The bar specialized in drinks with sweet flavors; my moms favorite one had ___________________ in

Section B: Some of the words we learned this semester are commonly used in multiple forms (as nouns,
adjectives, adverbs, etc). In the paragraph below, fill in the blanks with the words from the box. Each
word will only be used once.




When I spilled the grape juice on the carpet, it wasnt 8.___________________. Yes, I had
9.____________________ been running (that was no accident). But, I thought I could carry the grape juice
carefully. And everything would have been fine if Yesenia hadnt been 10.____________________ so loudly!
She yelled when she saw a bug, and it startled me, which made me spill the juice. Ive told her so many times
that its better to yell Help me! than to 11.____________________ like an eagle. I think something might be
wrong 12.__________________ with her brain, because she cant seem to follow my advice. Maybe Ill study
13.___________________ in college to see if theres a cure for annoying sisters. Until then, maybe she can take
singing lessons to help 14.____________________ her voice, so its more controlled. After she gets her
screaming problem 15.____________________, I can run with grape juice in the house and not worry about
spilling it.

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Section C: Each of the vocabulary words below is followed by a list of either synonyms or antonyms.
Circle the correct response.
16. mesmerize: entrance, hypnotize, spellbound

Synonyms or Antonyms?

17. ricochet: bounce, rebound, deflect

Synonyms or Antonyms?

18. devote: ignore, unfocused, general purpose

Synonyms or Antonyms?

19. abuse: care, watch over, love

Synonyms or Antonyms?

Section D: Respond to the following questions in complete sentences. They are just reflections; there is no
wrong or right answer.
20. Why do you think Jack Gantos wrote this story? Why do you think we chose to read it?

21. What does the story have to say about family? What do you think the authors perspective on family is?

22. Did you like Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key? Why or why not?