ZNZNZ Programming Test – Part 1 1.

The purpose of this programming test is for you to demonstrate your programming abilities and your ability to use various website technologies. Obviously this test will not be comprehensive to show all of your skills, but should allow you to demonstrate some of your skills. 2. Please answer the following PHP questions. 1. What is the difference between a reference and a regular variable? How do you pass by reference & why would you want to? 2. Given a line of text $string, how would you write a regular expression to strip all the HTML tags from it? Write the code. 3. What would the following code print to the browser? Why?
$num = 10; function multiply(){ $num = $num * 10; } multiply(); echo $num;

4. What does === do? What’s an example of something that will give true for ‘==’, but not ‘===’? 5. How do you debug a PHP application?

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