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Job Title: High School Classroom Teacher

Department: Science
Prepared By: Ashley Howley
Location: Riverview High School
Reports to: School Principal

1. Purpose of Job
a) What is the purpose of the job? Why does the job exist?
The purpose of the job is to educate students from 15-18 in the public school
system and the job exists to meet the needs of the education system. Teachers
follow curriculum issued by the Cape Breton Regional School Board.

2. Major Responsibilities and Essential Functions

a) What are the responsibilities of the job?

Prepare lesson plans

Counseling students on academic situations
Monitor strengths and weaknesses of cognitive abilities and assess the
students education level
Prepare reports and assessments
Correcting assignments
Continuing education
Report child endangerment
Manage student behavior
Crisis prevention
Legal responsibilities

b) How are they done?

The majority of these tasks are performed through paperwork and observation.

c) Percentage of time?

Five hours everyday for class and then an extra hour to make phone calls to parents
and photo copy learning materials and may be required to stay late for parentteacher meetings and tutoring

d) Describe job responsibilities

Lesson plans are used as guidelines to teach the curriculum to the students in
a creative way
The teacher is also required to council students on academics. If the student
is struggling in a particular subject or they are not understanding a particular
concept the teacher can form an action plan to help the student succeed
Assessing the students education level and cognitive abilities is performed
by grading the students on their abilities and helping them understand the
curriculum being taught
Preparing reports and assessments is performed to monitor the students
progress in learning the curriculum and to document any behavioral or
learning issues
The teacher is responsible for correcting the assignments that are given to
students, they must be handed back in a timely fashion and the mark
received recorded in gradebook
The teacher needs to keep up to date on any changes to methods or subjects
and they may be required to attend workshops to update their skills
The teacher must report any suspicion of child abuse to the school social
worker and the principal

Manage student behavior by enforcing rules and procedures in the classroom

Crisis prevention is important so the teacher can recognize a potentially
violent situation, among students, and prevent it before it occurs
Teachers must follow legal requirements, such as, student confidentiality,
refrain from physically and verbally, abusing your students

e) What is the measure of success?


the students are succeeding to their full potential

the students understand a subject they were not doing well in
the students are engaged in learning
students raise their grades

f) What direction of others are involved?

Collaboration from other teachers

The principal of the school
The guidance councillor
The school board

3. Knowledge
a) What techniques and or practices are necessary? Why?

There are modifications to work plans such as, Individual Program Plan(IPP)
for students who have learning disabilities. Not every student learns the
same way and they sometimes need a specialized plan that fits their special
educational needs
There are also adaptations to work plans for students who have physical
disabilities, such as hearing or vision, so there may be special equipment that
the teacher needs to have access to
There are seating plans for student placement in the classroom so the
teacher can keep track of who is sitting where and the teacher can get to
know the students names

b) List Specific education requirements?

Post secondary degree in any field
B.Ed. in Secondary Education
Masters Degree (asset)

c) List experience requirements and number of years required?

The teacher must complete a practicum of 16 weeks in order to gain practical

experience for the workforce.

d) List required licences or certificates?

Provincial Teaching licence

e) What computer programs are you required to use?

Power School for all student information and documents

Grade Book for student grades

4. Problem Solving and decision making

a) List how the job holder solves problems. What are the consequences
if problems are not solved?

The teacher cannot do anything without a schedule provided by the office.

Consult other teachers when problems arise
Contact parents and review student files
Implement techniques that might have worked with other teachers
Attend professional development workshops

The consequences if problems are not solved are, behavioral problems among the
students, lack of structure in the classroom, and the ability of the student to learn
could be affected.

5. Resource Responsibility
a) List annual pay:

40,000-70,000 annual
Masters Degree increases your pay grade
There is a yearly increase until you reach 10 years of service

6. Skills of Persuasion
a) What type of oral and written communication skills are required in
the job?
Teachers need to have excellent interpersonal communication to convey the
curriculum to their students, in a way they will understand and make them
The teacher needs to have great written skills in order to put notes on
assessments and report cards that convey learning problems to students and

b) Who is communicated with and why?

Parents of students: parents need to be aware of how their child is doing in

school, if there are any learning disabilities or behavioral problems and the
steps they need to take to resolve the problems.
Principal: the teacher needs to make the principal aware if there are any
problems in the class room that relate to learning or behavior so the principal
can solve any issues that may arise.
Social Workers: the teacher may need to inform the school social worker if
they suspect a child is being abused, either sexually or physically.
Guidance councillors: the teacher may inform the guidance councillor if they
are having an issue with a particular student, there may be trouble at home
or academic issues, the guidance counsellor can speak with the student and
get to the root of the problem

7. Working Conditions
List the working conditions that affect your job.

Dealing with violent and unpredictable student behavior

Stress management skills due to dealing with students of all personalities and
managing a big workload
Inclement weather often affects whether or not the school is closed for the
day and teachers are expected to make up their work plans for the day
Depending on the age of the school, there could be dirt, dust and fumes
Fluctuating temperatures, most often, schools are not air conditioned so it
can be really warm in the spring and fall and it can be really cold in the
winter, depending on the efficiency of the heating system
Noise levels are really high due to student behavior and chatter
Sitting and standing for long periods of time

Success of the Job Analysis

A) The job Analysis was successful. The interviewee understood the process and
was eager to help. However, they did say that this was the first time they
participated in a job analysis and was shocked at how in depth the process was. I
thought that a job analysis would be important in hiring teachers so I was surprised
when the interviewee said they had never completed a job analysis questionnaire or
even heard of the process.
B) The process was long and time consuming because the questions required a lot
of thought and some of the questions were repetitive. The process needs to take
place in a controlled environment where the employee has no interruptions and the
time to think through the answers and complete the survey.
C) The interviewee understood the job very well and was able to give in depth
knowledge for the job analysis. The job analysis outlined teaching responsibilities
and clarified the most important aspects of the job. It gave a better understanding
of how the job is done and areas that may need improvement.
D) The interviewee was not in a controlled environment for example, her place of
work, so the process may not have been taken as seriously and the answers may
not have been as detailed if the process had taken place at the school. Therefore,
there was some bias involved but I believe a fair impression of the job was captured
in the interview.
E) The process outlined job activities very well. It described the types of behaviors
you may encounter from students and the work aids needed to provide modified
work plans for students with disabilities. Consulting other colleagues when problems
arise is another tool that was outlined in the process. The process also spoke to the
outcomes of performing the job well like, the students succeeding and
understanding course materials. The human resources department was not
mentioned in the process because teachers dont deal directly with human
resources, on a regular basis.