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I am going to the Australian Museum.

It is where they keep interesting things from all over the world.

This is the entrance.

I might have to wait in line to buy a ticket.

The staff at the front desk will give me a receipt or a paper

bracelet to wear on my arm.

Inside there are many different things to see.

There are signs on the wall to tell me where everything is.

Some exhibits have videos that tell us more about the display.

Some videos are very realistic.

Some exhibits are interactive. We are allowed to touch them.

There is even a room in which we are encouraged to touch


Sometimes school groups visit the museum too. It might get

crowded or noisy.

If I need some time out there are many places to sit quietly and

There is a caf where I can have something to eat and drink.

There are bathrooms on every floor and signs telling me how to find

There is also a shop where I can buy souvenirs.

There are lifts and ramps if I get tired or have trouble walking.

The museum is constantly changing.

Some exhibits are always there

and some extra special ones are only there for a short time.

There is always something amazing to see at the museum!

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