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Visiting Featherdale Wildlife Park

I am going to Featherdale Wildlife Park.

This is the entrance.

I might have to wait in line for a ticket.

The person at the desk will give me a passport this is a

map of the park.

Inside there are lots of animals to see.

Some of them are behind fences.

Some are in special tanks indoors.

Some animals are just walking freely around the park like

I can buy ice-cream cones filled with hay to feed the


They love it!

If I get hungry, there are several places to sit and eat.

There is a caf with drinks and food.

There are sinks where I can wash my hands if I have been

patting an animal.

There are signs everywhere so I will not get lost.

There are also signs telling me about the animals.

I can collect stamps of the animals I see.

If I need time out I can sit quietly on a seat.

There are bathrooms if I need to use the toilet.

There is a shop where I can buy souvenirs.

I am going to have a great day!

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