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B 19/200 Abdullah City Banglows
Main Naseem Nagar Choke
Qasimabad Hyderabad
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Flat No. A-11, 1st Floor Rabia Square
Hyder Choke Hyderabad

We here by confirm that Ms. Rabia Jalil D/o Mr. Abdul Jalil Bhurgri has been working with us from June
01, 2012 till August 1, 2014 as Supervisor. During this period she has performed various consultancy
engagement of our firm’s clients. Her responsibility included:
Taxation and Corporate Consultancy
She has been engaged in overall planning, execution, supervision and completion of engagement. She has
specifically worked on analysis of financial statement and verification of company’s financial records
related to different financial statement heads, stock taking / cash and cash equivalents physical
verification etc. He has been supervising and guiding the junior audit trainees.
Internal Control and Best Practices
During different assurance assignments he has worked on the understanding and revision of the system
of the internal controls as designed by client and identifying and communicating the internal control
weaknesses and best suggestion of redesigning to those controls so that strong internal control systems
are implemented.
IT and Related Skills
As a part of assignments he has developed excellent understanding of Oracle, MS Office, and accounting
software including Quick Books, Peach Tree.
Leadership and Project Management
She has been heading and supervising teams in various engagements which involved direct reporting to
Partners. He has completed assignments and engagements within assigned deadlines.
Communication and People Management
As a part of engagement she has learnt to effectively communicate, contribute and consult Partners, and
Top level Management of various clients within the group and developed interpersonal relationship with
client. Further, She conducted and attended various in house seminars and workshops
During the period of his service with us diligent, conscientious, adaptable and loyal.

Syed Mansoor Ali Shah
Partner (Certified Tax Specialist)
4 5 2 0 5 - 4 4 4 9 5 6 2 - 5
B-41 Indus Gas Colony Qasimabad Hyderabad
Phone # 022-2653307 Cell # 0347-3115876
Date: February 12, 2015