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If you were as observant as I am about the surroundings, you would also realize

the small changes that are happening around us: hotter days, heavier rainfall,
flooding, stronger hurricanes and more severe droughts. To those who just
realized these facts, might wonder what is actually happening to our mother
Earth? Yes, global climate change is what is happening. This has caused some
changes to the landscape of our world, which are affecting every living thing on
this planet. In this column, I would like to express my views on the climate
change where we are getting much more hot days than usual. Based on the
Climate Communication organisation, they said that the world has been
experiencing some extreme weather, with increases in extreme heat, intense
precipitation and drought. They also mention that all weather events are now
influenced by climate change because all weather now developed in a new
different environment than before. For example, the new number of new record
high temperatures recorded in the United States was roughly equal to the
number of new record of lows 60 years ago. Now, the number of new record
highs is twice the number of new record lows, which is a sign of a warming
Besides that, the usage of refrigerators globally has increased within the span of
10 years.