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a | Edition Cre SLAYER wm HELL AWAITS eM HELL AWAITS Management: Rick Sales, Manager and Susan Ferris, Assistant for P. Grant. Ine.. Los Angeles. CA, Edited by Kerry O° Brien, Steve Gorenberg and Mark Phillips Music Engraving by W.R. Music Production Manager: Danie! Rosenbaum Ant Director: Kerstin Fairhend Director Of Musie: Mark Phillips ISBN: 089524-720-8 Copyright © 1992 Chery Lane Music Company onal Copyright Sscursd_ All Rights Reserved TABLATURE EXPLANATION ‘TABLATURE: A six-line staff that graphically represents the guitar fin- gerboard, with the top line indicating the highest sounding string (high E). By placing a number on the appropriate line, the string and fret of any ‘note can be indicated. The number 0 represents an open string. Ee Iatwiog some Caron ars zen ah es oe eS a [ee Sitsee te Segre ‘Sine gen he et Bin 3h ome Oo + s0 J