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Apuntes Grado 3 - Preguntas Trinity

Remember to knock at the door and ask ‘May I come in?’ at the
beginning of the exam.
Saying ‘Good Morning’ or telling your name and asking ‘How are you?’
to the examiner are also very important things to do.
Here you have some questions you should remember:
-May I come in?
- My name is…
-How are you? I’m fine thanks
-Where do you live? I live in... (name of the city)
-What day is it today? Today is…. (Monday 2 nd June 2015)
-What day was it yesterday? Yesterday was... (Sunday 1 st June 2015)
-When is your best friend’s birthday? My best friend’s birthday is on
the... (23 rd of February)
-What is your daily routine? What do you do every day? I wake up, I
get dressed, I have breakfast, I clean my teeth, I go to school, I study,
I play in the playground, I have lunch, I go home to do my homework, I
have dinner, I have a shower, I go to bed.
-What time do you get up? I get up at... (half past eight.)
-What time do your homework? I do my homework at... (a quarter past
-What is your favourite subject? My favourite subject is... (Maths.)
-Which subjects do you study at school? I study... (Maths, English,
History, Science, Geography, Language, Religion, Music, Art and
Physical Education.)
-What do you do in your free time? In my free time I... (watch tv, I
climb, I skate, I go to the cinema, I go to a restaurant with my family, I
play tennis…etc.)
-Can you swim? Can you speak Chinese? (Yes I Can / No I Can’t)
-What sports do you usually practice? I usually practice…

It’s hot. rainy. -Do you live in a house or in a flat? I live in….. (the dentist. pilot.. doctor. detective.) -Where were you yesterday in the morning? Yesterday in the morning I was at (school. (first. cold…etc -Where were you yesterday at 4 o’clock? Yesterday at 4 o’clock I was at. I have got dark/blonde/red hair. second. It’s foggy. fourth…) floor. It’s rainy.-What languages can you speak? I can speak… -What food can you cook? I can cook… -What is your mother’s job? My mother is a teacher.. I slept.) -What did you do yesterday? I played.. I went to… etc.. It’s cloudy. -What was the weather like yesterday? Yesterday It was sunny. chef.. architect. I am happy/sad. (eat at a restaurant... police officer. I am beautiful/ugly. I ate. actor. . It’s warm.. third. I like… I don’t like. lawyer. I want to eat an ice cream… etc... sleep in my grandma’s house.Which floor is your bedroom on? My bedroom is on the. vet..) -Have you ever visited London? Yes I have / No I haven’t -Have you ever slept on the sofa? Yes I have/ No I haven’t -Have you got any brothers or sisters? Yes I have (one brother and one sister) -Describe yourself: I am tall/short. It’s snowy. It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s frozen. . I am going to. mechanic. -What are you going to do tomorrow? Tomorrow I am going to. artist. I studied. hairdresser…etc. -What do you want to do? I want to climb a mountain.. -What can you see from your window? I can see… -What’s the weather like today? It’s sunny.

Examiner: ‘Do you have any question for me?’ REMEMBER!!! You must ask at least ONE question to the trinity examiner. GOOD LUCK!!! .