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OMT255 Database

Jun 2012- Oct 2012

Microsoft Access Database Assignment
During last semester break, you have been done a part time job in a hair salon in your
hometown. Mr. Eric, an owner of the salon had asked you to create a simple database
to store information about his customer. You need to design a database which consists
of a (1) TABLE, a (1) FORM, three (3) QUERIES.
The Task
Mr. Eric would need a customer list (containing all the necessary contact details and
other personal information such as last name, first name, address, contact information,
gender, hair type, eye color, date of the appointments made by the customer,
hairdresser, total expenses, etc.). Assign one field to be a primary key for the table. Enter
at least 15 customer records using the form that have been created specifically for this
database. Print the table in design view, datasheet view and the form.
Create queries to generate information below:
1. A list of customers sorted by name and showing just their name, address and
occupation (Save as Query1).
2. A total of amount spent by your customers showing the customer name and just
a total of amount spent. Sort the query in descending order of amount spent
(Save as Query2).
3. A date of appointment, hairdresser, and together with customer name and
contact number (Save as Query3).
Create three reports based on the queries that have been produced and print out the

All required database objects should be submitted in hard copy on ____________.

nea/Jun 2012


Form (10m) 3. address and occupation) Query 2 (customer name and total – descending) Query 3 (date of appointment.Oct 2012 Rubrics Rubrics for Database Assignment Database objects 1.OMT255 Database Jun 2012. customer name and contact number) TOTAL Allocation 3m 10m 2m 45m 10m 10m 10m 10m 100m nea/Jun 2012 2 . Table (60m) Primary key Design view (at least 10 fields x 1m) Table name Datasheet view-(15records x 3m) 2. Queries (30m) Query 1 (name-sorted. hairdresser.