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Advanced Rig Moving & Achoring Techniques

Including Jack-Ups
20 - 24 January 2014, Istanbul
10 - 14 February 2014, Singapore

About Your Trainer
Paul Allen has over 30 years’ experience in Marine & Engineering expertise. He is a licensed master
mariner (oceans) and Offshore Installation Manager (OIM, Unrestricted),holds a B.S. in Marine
Engineering & Transportation, US Merchant Marine Academy; MBA in General Management, Rice
University; and PhD research in Change Management, University of Wales, Cardiff. He is Chairman/
CEO of the Project Executive Group, a Houston-based organization of professionals providing project
advisory, execution and training services. Prior to forming the Project Executive Group, he served
as Group Director – Ports, Harbors and Terminals Group, and Project Director in the Production,
Pipelines and Marine Systems Operating Company in the Fluor Corporation. As adjunct full professor
of management at Rice, he taught project-related courses in the MBA and executive education programs.
He is co-founder/board member of the Rice Global Forum for Engineering & Construction; co-founder
of the PMI Risk Management SIG; co-founder and Chair of the PMI Automa-tion Systems Community of Practice; co-founder/
codirector of the PMI Houston Process Industry Focus Group – Energy Corridor, and regarded as a Project Management
Institute leader.

About The Organizer
T.U.N International was formed with the objective of truly understanding the needs of each individual organization’s training
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Who Should Attend • Field Managers & Superintendents • Marine Operations Managers. Masters and Marine Officers • Surveyors and Positioning Chiefs • HSE Management and Staff • Safety Officers • Emergency Response Teams & Medics • Derrik Crane Operators.TUN. checklists and essential communication skills • APPLY the latest techniques on marine operations. rigging. Coupled with case studies and relevant examples to the maritime industry. towing procedures and the pre-arrival planning of the rig • UNDERSTAND soil mechanics. vessels.SG ONLINE: WWW. Marine Supervisors & Marine Engineers • Barge Superintendents & Deck Foremen • Captains. delegates will be able to bring back to their organisations a bird’s eye view of the anchor handling skills and rig moving processes.Advanced Rig Moving & Achoring Techniques Including Jack-Ups Key Benefits of Attending The Workshop • ACQUIRE best practices in rig move preparation. Winch Engineers & Supervisors • AHTS Deck Leaders and Deck Crew • Barge or Rig Winch Operators TEL: +65 9743 4606 FAX: +65 6271 9029 EMAIL: LINDA@TUN. tidal and wind conditions and how they affect the rig move process • OVERCOME dif culties in maneuvering by adopting optimized rig move techniques • IMPROVE the compliance and safety of operation procedures onsite.SG . chaser and positioning system • MASTER anchor handling. Rig moving and anchor handling operations are among the most complex and dangerous operations done by offshore vessels. Marine Superintendents. • ENHANCE overall rig moving ef ciency by equipping personnel with loading and unloading skills Why you should attend The Maritime sector is an increasingly important part of our global economy. After many fatal accidents the ship owners and oil companies now look for a best practice to improve safety under these operations. The number of oil rigs and their ultilization rates has been increasing in the past few years worldwide. anchor handling dif culties and troubleshooting • IDENTIFY the types and behavior of anchor lines.

Open New Location Pre-loading and Associated Operations Punch Through.SG .TUN.jack-ups Warranty Surveyors – Roles and Duties Motion Limits – Diagrams and Use Guidelines for Moving in Series of Field Moves Matt Supported Units Positioning – Systems in Operation TEL: +65 9743 4606 FAX: +65 6271 9029 EMAIL: LINDA@TUN.Advanced Rig Moving & Achoring Techniques Including Jack-Ups Course Outline Day 1 Day 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction Equipment Layout and Functions Rigging for Anchor Handling Running and Retrieving Anchors Laybarge Anchor Work Fishing and Grappling Operations Handling Chain Support Mooring Operations Safety Procedures Maintenance of Equipment Boat/Barge Cooperation Check Lists Boat Handling/Avoiding Danger Anchor Positioning Equipment Tables. Unknown Bottom – Testing Site Investigation – Hazards and Evaluation Elevated Operations – Checking Leg Reactions Recommending Corrective Actions Day 5 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Guidelines for Corrective Action Locating Alongside Platforms – Gen’l Procedures Locating onto Jackets – Post Hole Problems Correction of Misalignment – Elevated Opns Locating onto Sub-sea Templates/Well Heads Working in Areas of Large Tidal Ranges Jacking Machinery Rig Movers Equipment Notes for Rig Mover / Tow Master . Pulling Legs & Getting Afloat Transit and Towing . Formulas and Data Day 2 • • • • • • • • Anchor Theory and Practice Mooring Equipment Anchor Patterns Planning Mooring Operations Specialized Anchor Work Mooring Problems Pipelaying Barge Mooring Work Heavy Lift Barge Operations Day 3 • • • • • • • • Operational Safety Positioning Systems Boat Selection and Capability Mooring System Management Anchor Winch Operations Anchor Line Inspection Anchor Handling Reports Adverse Weather and Working Limits Data General Comments on Moving Jack-ups Checklists Jacking Down.SG ONLINE: WWW.Daily Transit Operations Afloat Leg Wedges and Rack Chocks Criteria for Field and Inter Field Moves Decision-Making Criteria in Situations Underway Weather Criteria Arrival at New Location.

07Singapore 159308 • Bank Transfer Account Name : T. T.U.U. 169075 Singapore Tel : 6733 0188 http://www.14 February I would like to purchase the course documentation at sgd 500 per set.U. Payment Policy Full date will late payment of course fee to be received by the stipulated of training. If you cannot send a substitute or otherwise need to cancel your class registration. In the event T.U. #03.BIZ REGISTRATION NO 53128089J . To take advantage of this special rate. OCBC Centre. Program Change Policy T. kindly photocopy this to add on Company Details Company Name:____________________Invoicing Person : ____________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________ Tel: __________________Fax: _________________Email:_____________________ Payment Methods • Cheque/Bank Draft Made Payable To: T. failing which T.U.N INTERNATIONAL Redhill Forum.N INTERNATIONAL .aspx Holiday Inn at Atrium 317 Outram Road Singapore .N INTERNATIONAL seven (7) days or more prior to the course start date will receive full credit for use in another future course with no time limit.599 ( Save $500 ) SGD 7.N INTERNATIONAL exercise the right to refuse entry to the delegate. Packages .holidayinn.24 January 2014. Istanbul • 10 . Singapore 159308 Fax: +65 6271 9029 Fax Email : linda@tun. Upon registration.24 January 2014.4 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Phone : +65 9743 4606 Redhill Forum. please process the hotel room reservation form provided upon confirmation of your attendance.N INTERNATIONAL Bank Name : OCBC Bank Account No : 569-034796-001 Bank No : 7339 Branch Code : 569 Swift Code : OCBCSGSG Bank Address : 65 Chulia Street. A reduced corporate room rate has been arranged at the hotel for attendees at this conference. Cancellation requests received by T. Credit is not available for cancellation requests received by T. please provide written notice to us via e-mail at admin@tun. No: 7 Taksim Istanbul. Delegate 1 Mr/Ms/Mrs: ________________ Name:_____________________ Job Title:___________________ Tel: _______________________ Email:_____________________ Delegate 2 Mr/Ms/Mrs: ________________ Name:_____________________ Job Title:___________________ Tel: _______________________ Email:_____________________ Delegate 3 Mr/Ms/Mrs: ________________ Name:_____________________ Job Title:___________________ Tel: _______________________ Email:_____________________ Delegate 4 Mr/Ms/Mrs: ________________ Name:_____________________ Job Title:___________________ Tel: _______________________ Email:_____________________ For Group of more than 4 10% OFF GROUP OF 7 OR MORE 7% OFF GROUP OF 5 OR MORE : +65 6271 9029 RESERVE A SPACE NOW! Yes! I/We Will attend Advanced Rig Moving & Achoring Techniques Including Jack-Ups on 20 .5% processing fee will be imposed by Paypal for any credit card payment Any late payment will be subjected to a 5% late payment fee if the full payment is not received before the commencement date of the course. Istanbul 10 .sg EARLY BIRD TEAM DISCOUNT!!! 5% OFF GROUP OF 3 OR MORE Online : www.istanbulottomanpalace.N INTERNATIONAL seven (7) or fewer days before the course start If you are unable to attend the training course for which you have registered. the registrant acknowledges that T. you may send a substitute free of charge.N INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to replace or modify the advertised speakers/topics should there be circumstances beyond the control of the organizers before the event.N INTERNATIONAL cancel a course due to inclement weather. Singapore VENUE & ACCOMODATION Istanbul Ottoman Palace Hotel Sıraselviler cad.U.U.U. Any changes will be updated on our website as soon as possible.FEE PER DELEGATE (Please tick accordingly) FEE PER DELEGATE EARLY BIRD Cancellations STANDARD RATE ( Register and pay by 9 December 2013) Advanced Rig Moving & Achoring Techniques Including JackUps • 20 .14 February 2014.N INTERNATIONAL will not be held liable for any charges or fees incurred due to the cancellation of travel or accommodation reservations. T. Singapore 049513 *Please Quote Ref RMAT and Invoice No.tun. Singapore • • • • SGD 6.U. Turkey http://www. lunches & course materials 3.N INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to alter or change any part of the course. the fees will be credited to a future seminar of the registrants choice. 16 Jalan Kilang Timor #03-07. 16 Jalan Kilang Timor. or other events beyond our control. Hotel accommodation & travel costs are not included in the registration fee.099 Above fees exclude any withholding taxes Above fee includes refreshments. Any payment will be subjected to a 5% late payment fee.U.