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Events Search/ Elastic Search DB [Data Model 1

1. App Data
a. Code
b. Name
c. Platform
d. Version
e. Update Log
f. Logo
g. URLs
2. User Data
a. Id
b. Platform_unique_id (such as email for gsheet)
c. Platform (mobile, tablet, laptop/desktop)
3. Sheet Data
a. User id
b. URL
c. Name
d. Platform_unique_id
4. Usage
a. Appcode
b. UserId
c. sheetID
d. Events JSONs for computed data, columnar information, views and
Mix Panel [Data Model 2]
1. Appcode
2. SheedID
3. UserID
4. Events
5. Ip-loc
6. Browser
7. Platform
8. Others
Ideally we want to pull in as much data as possible from the elastics search db into
mix panel so we only use
DataStore [Data Model 3]
[“a”, “A”, “aa”]:
datatype_counts:{“string”:xx, “number”:xx, “boolean”: xx, “timeofday” : xx, “date” :
xx, “datetime” : xx}
sub_type: “latitutde…
correlated_column_names : [“a”, “b”, “c”],

6.0.5. max.-0. mean.2 tags } .correlated_column_r:[0. etc is_approved official_name description domain category (functional) subcat 1.9] metrics: formula interpretation unit direction min.

Fix DataModel 4. Get MixPanel dashboard up and running Data Model 3 Tasks 1. Write all events we can capture from app and mixpanel on an excel 2. Setup Elastic Search on Data model 3 5. Setup Elastic Search 5. Google Analytics App -> connect MixPanel and DataModel 1 7. Structure APIs/ scripts for pulling customer data and send to dataStore??? 3. Expose APIs 6. Go through datamodel 1 and see how it can be combine into mixpanel so we only need to look at mixpanel to study user metrics 3. Ronak -> ActiveMeta . Write what can we extract from column names in user data (PowerBI + googleSheet) 2. Data model 1 4.To Dos for Ankit 1. Expose APIs 6.