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Photogrammetry is the art, science, and technology of obtaining

reliable information about physical objects and the environment through processes
of recording, measuring, and interpreting images and patterns of recorded radiant
.electromagnetic energy

field of view defines how much it sees and is a function of the focal length of the
lens and the siz of digital sensora larger format sensor has a larger field of view

Making precise measurements from photos and other sources to determine relative
location …..Three basic application
)Aerial -Terrestrial Extra-Terrstrial (space))
Recognizing and identifying objects and judging their significance through careful
and systematic analysis Two main applications:
Photographic interpretation- Remote sensing
Taken with ground-based cameras Position and orientation often measured

Analog stereo plotter: performs the transformation of central projection to orthogonal projection in an analog fashion B) . A comparator: is a precise measuring instrument which lets you measure points on a diapositive (photo coordinates). e. Softcopy Workstation: deals with digital imagery rather than photographs and establishes the transformation computationally D) . Analytical stereo plotter: establishes the transformation computationally.A) . It is mainly used in aerial triangulation is a very successful application of photogrammetry. Analytical photogrammetry has begun with the advent of the computer C) . in a ground control coordinate system.. Transverse Mercator coordinate system . measured on photographs.g. It delivers 3-D positions of points.

. a) What is the photo scale at point a if the elevation of point A on the ground is ( 750 m above datum b) For this photo. if the average terrain is 1200 m above datum. what is the ( average photo scale .