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Hmc151 Manual Uk

Hmc151 Manual Uk

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Published by Vico Ughetto
Panasonic manual for the HMC151 video camera.
Panasonic manual for the HMC151 video camera.

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Published by: Vico Ughetto on May 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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1 Set the camera’s power switch to OFF.
(Page 22)

Check that the mode lamp is off.

2 Tilt the viewfinder upwards, and open the SD
Memory Card slot cover by sliding it to the left.
3 Fully insert an SD Memory Card into the
card slot.
4 Close the SD Memory Card slot cover.

Ensure that the cover firmly clicks into place.


Insert the connector
part in the direction
shown here, and push
until the card clicks
firmly into place.


Lock release




Do not perform any of the following operations
while the SD Memory Card access lamp is flashing.

Performing these operations may damage the
SD Memory Card or its contents, or cause the
camera to fail to operate correctly.
Opening the card door and removing the SD
Memory Card
Switching off the power
Connecting or disconnecting the USB
connection cable
Shaking or striking the camera
Always format SD Memory Cards that have
been used in other devices when first using
them with this camera. (Page 32)

If the system frequency of the camera
is changed, the SD Memory Card will no
longer be able to be used. Such cards may
be used again by formatting them with the
current SYSTEM FREQ settings.
When an SD Memory Card is formatted, all
data recorded on the card will be erased
and will not be restorable.
Save all important data to your computer.

If “CHECK CARD” is displayed on the
viewfinder or the LCD monitor, please remove
the SD Memory Card and insert it again.




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