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Hmc151 Manual Uk

Hmc151 Manual Uk

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Published by Vico Ughetto
Panasonic manual for the HMC151 video camera.
Panasonic manual for the HMC151 video camera.

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Published by: Vico Ughetto on May 04, 2010
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This refers to a class 4 speed standard (SD speed class) for the continuous writing of data between SD-
compatible devices and SD Memory Cards, as designated by the SD standards.
When the use of an SD speed class 4 card is recommended for SD-compatible products, this indicates
that stable recording operation can be achieved when using SD Memory Cards of class 4 and above.

Cautions for usage

Do not allow dirt, water, or other substances to come into contact with the connector part on the
reverse of the card.
Do not leave the card in the following places:
– In direct sunlight or in places of high humidity, e.g. close to heating equipment
– In highly humid or dusty locations
– In locations with high variations in temperature (condensation may appear on card)
– In places subject to static electricity or electromagnetic waves
Store cards in bags or cases after use.

Please read before use (continued)

Before use


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