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Core Leadership Team Agenda

9 -14-15
We are a team that believes in growth mind set. We believe all schools, teams and
individuals can and will shine!

1. Year at a glance - Beth

1. Focus on Core teams - once a month
2. Focus on PLCs
3. District continuous improvement team
4. Tier 3 - all hands on deck, case studies,
5. Literacy Labs - VMSS, WV literacy lab
b. Reading Recovery update - Teresa and Sally
c. LLI - Training and ordering of kits
d. Benchmark
e. SpEd - Tier 3

Scheduling the Principal, Tier 3 & MTSS coach meetings during principals meeting on
Wednesdays. ( Core Teams in Individual buildings)
Experiential learning cycle: (circle graphic).
Experience - publish - process - generalize - apply Beginning with generalize and live that cycle. We are experiencing at two layers or twice with
core team first.
We are really focusing on PLC work where an individual brings back the learning to their
stakeholders. We havent quite done that yet.
Tier 3 is meeting 2x/month on Monday mornings. At this point in the year, Tier 3 is supporting
All Hands on Deck in kindergarten with other members of the building. It might be helpful for
us to go out into buildings this week to see what All Hands on Deck is looking like in buildings.
Report back anecdotal data. What did we notice?
Case Studies: All Tier 3, MTSS leads will have case studies. Sarah Papineau will be leading
that off with Tier 3 this year. Tier 2 Lead teachers may lead their buildings in case studies which
could kick off Day 6. RR small table presentations of case study or child shifted. Could be
done on the day that team gathers to write reports.
School Observations:
Teresa Douglas: OR, PW
Mary Kreger: EP, CP
Sally Soliday: DW,
Sarah Papineau: NV, RE
Jenny Leroux: GL, SP
Jen McCarty: HL,
Janet Fimmen: TL, WV

Andrea Engstrom: SV, WL

Melissa Griffin: RP, DP
Beth Swenson: GH,
Megan Pershica: PV,

RR: 195 students in Master Pool and 176 in Borderline Pool. 7 teachers that moved and one
teacher moving. PV has had 4 teachers in years past and this year they only have 2! OR went
up and added another teacher for this year. RE and SV went up quite a bit. This year SV is
going to have 3 teachers and in years past they have had 1. RP had 3 teachers in years past
and last year
Phoneme into Grapheme needs to get going as soon as we can, and not just with tier
3...building capacity in others.

Special Ed Meeting: 7 Action Research Schools (RP, PV, GH, EP, DW, OR, WV). What is
the action research question? What will you be collecting data on? What will you be
monitoring? Eventually pushing eval. team. back in the building. Figuring out roles. Glanced at
initial evals in buildings...8-10 to take on as an added. They are servicing students but not case
managing. We will be doing collegial meetings throughout the year. Pairing Tier 3 to facilitate
using the Continuum, writing flexible IEPs etc... What can we do moving forward around initial
evaluations? Sarah and Melissa may join meetings when needed. Bring people together.
Is there an opportunity for EL Tier 3 such as Jenna when ELs are part of an initial eval.
SAT process was also discussed quite a bit. How much progress? At what rate of progress?
We are shifting mindsets.when they are making process, they are capable of learning.
EVAL team...stop seeing it as a process but rather to the unique individual/learner. They are
wondering what is going to happen to the team. The lens from the Psychs is a bit of a barrier at
times. Good next step, this is our year of growing.
Tier 3 and the load, not case managing, doing the FTE.we have some resource teachers that
are case managing 11 students. Purpose reallocation, is to touch more learners. We have an
amount of resources, how do we use them most efficiently helping as many kids as we can.
13/18 chose to reallocate to some extent. OR has a resource teacher assigned to each grade
level. Thats how PV did it last year and their data shows that success.

Gold System ordered through SPED. Waiting on a quote. Any order of $50,000 we dont pay
shipping. If we have other things to purchase through would all be shipping
free. You can use different codes, so additional orders can be placed. By Friday (9/18/15),
additional orders submitted. Proposal to come together on Wed. to talk MS North Star data and

Another training in November. Listserve of the new teachers will receive an email in addition to
the principals.
Keep Certified who came and who did not come. We will need to provide training
(contractually) for those who did not attend.

There are H.S. teachers that are not necessarily invested in the assessment during
trainingtuned out and turned off. How do we best support teachers. Is there some pre
work that Jen York may be able to support them with prior to the training.

List of Discussion items for next meeting: OCT. 12th 7:30-9:00

1. Supporting Tier 3 in Literacy Lessons or supporting schools...less time to support Tier 3 in
their buildings.
2. Sharing out Tier 3 data.all hands on deck data. What did we notice and collect?
3. Where are we at with Literacy Lab expectation for staff and rolling that out to principals?
4. Deleting access to northstar
5. Universal Compact
6. Conversation around classroom teachers understanding of push-in, room arrangement,
and teaming with interventionists (building capacity)
7. Who is getting subs for 4th grade labs? (Sped ?, EL?)