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Plan Title: Raise For Five

Name: Jade Jennings

ID# 17

Behavior Contingency Plan (BCP):
Raise For Five
Undesirable Behavior Targeted:
Students in the classroom are talking without permission disrupting the class and stopping the class from
learning effectively.
 Talking without permission.
 Shouting out answers.
Desirable (expected) Behavior Targeted:
Students will wait for their turn to talk by raising their hand, they will be prepared when called upon and
actively participate in class.
 Raise your hand to talk.
 Be prepared to discuss.
 Sit calm in your chair.
 Listen to the speaker.
 Wait patiently for your turn to talk.
Types of positive reinforcements:
 Immediate R+ When student waits to talk and raises their hand they are given an apple sticker.
 Ongoing R+ When a student gets a sticker they are allowed to put it on the classroom tree to reach
a class goal of 100 stickers.
 Overall R+ - Once the goal is met the students will receive fresh apples and divide them into
halves, thirds, fourths, and eighths using fresh apples.
 I will administer this by handing stickers to the student(s) at the end of a lesson when I have seen
someone raise their hand and wait their turn to discuss. They will place their sticker on the tree
Interactive Learning Activity
Once goal is met students will do an activity using fraction flash cards and have an apple to cut as I give
them fractions to use. I will explain this as a math fraction lesson. After the lesson the students can eat
their apples.
(3) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to represent and
explain fractional units. The student is expected to:
(A) Represent fractions greater than zero and less than or equal to one with denominators of 2, 3, 4,
6, & 8 using concrete objects and pictorial models, including strip diagrams and number lines.
Teach Desired Behaviors:
I will teach this by modeling behavior and bringing awareness to when it is appropriate for students to
interact with their peers and when the situation requires them to raise their hands and wait patiently for
their turn to talk. We will role play situations to demonstrate appropriate behavior
Teach the Plan:
I will teach the plan by utilizing the apple tree bulletin board so the students can visually understand the
classroom goal and incentives. I will explain how to earn apple stickers, when class is raising their hand
and waiting their turn to talk appropriately. I will also demonstrate fractions and how to cut apples to
show a fraction model.
Provide options
I would use this plan for another behavior by having a new behavior to follow using the same tree with
new stickers. I would also use this plan for motivation and socialization skills to encourage an inclusive
Demonstrate all Necessary Items
-Apple stickers
-Fresh apples
-Plastic knife
-Fraction cards