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Braden Kropp


Building the World Together
Undesirable Group Behaviors: 1) Lack of understanding, 2) Not wanting to work with each other,
3) Infighting
Desirable Group Behaviors: The 3 C’s 1) Communication: share & listen to ideas, 2) Cooperation:
work as a team, 3) Confliction: reduce the struggles
Types of Positive Reinforcement:
60 things to discover: 10 Sub-Biomes with 5 features each (2 animals, 2 plants, 1special feature)
Immediate R+: Receive a Feature When a student displays one of the 3 C’s they will to start to
build the different ecosystems of the planet. They will randomly choose a feature of an ecosystem to
display on the Biosphere for their class.
Ongoing R+: Display the Feature Students that display the 3 C’s will continue to fill up the
different Sub-Biomes on the Biosphere to gain a better understanding of how these ecosystems relate
to one another.
Overall R+: Building Teamwork Once the Biosphere is filled then students will go to the different
stations to learn more about the ecosystems. For instance, there will be closed ecosystems on display
(like terrariums) and lab activities (layers of the tropical rainforest) that relate to the environment.
Easily Administrated all R+: The student that displays the 3 C’s will add a feature to a ecosystem
to fill up the Sub-Biome and later on the whole Biosphere to build the world.
Activity: §112.20. Science, Grade 8 (b) 11: Organisms & Environments Under this section
students will learn more about the different ecosystems and organisms to learn how they work
together to form a functional environment. The activity show different ecosystems and activities that
allow students a more hands on experience.
Teaching the Desirable Behaviors: The closed environment will explain the different interactions
among the organisms for students to see the 3 C’s in action.
Approach to the Plan: I will explain the closed environment and breakdown how these organisms
and ecosystems thrive in life. Afterwards I will explain the correlations between the features they
discover on the Biosphere (this word will be reveled to them) and thus begin the process of building
the world together.
1) Teamwork in other classes
2) Teamwork outside the classroom