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Date: September 29, 2003

To: Outfall Diffuser Design Consultants

From: Michael Duer, P.E., Red Valve Company

Wide-Bill Tideflex® Diffuser Check Valve

Red Valve company is proud to announce a new of the wide-bill TFD is greater than the 110mm fixed-
development in Tideflex® Diffuser (TFD) Check Valve diameter port upstream of it. The result is less velocity head
Technology - the Wide Bill TFD that opens to and beyond being dissipated (exit loss). Therefore, the headloss of the
100% of the nominal diameter. combined port (fixed-diameter port + TFD) IS LESS than
the 110mm fixed-diameter port alone! Since the TFD is still
For those of you that have designed multi-port diffusers with a variable orifice, the jet velocity enhancement at lower
TFDs in the past, special considerations had to be taken on flows are still realized.
sizing the valves. Conventional TFDs opened between 50-
85% of nominal pipe diameter depending on flow rate and These valves will allow the direct retrofit of existing diffusers
relative stiffness of the valves. So, for example, 6’’ (150mm) without having to install oversized TFDs to have the same
or 8’’ (200mm) TFDs had to be installed on 4’’ (100mm) ports headloss at peak flow. For new diffusers, the ports/risers
to have the same headloss at peak flow. will not have to be increased to match the size of the
conventional TFDs.

Michael Duer, P.E.
Sr. Design Engineer

For more information on the Tideflex Check Valves please


With advances in fabrication and vulcanization equipment,

Red Valve Company has designed and fabricated TFDs that
open to and beyond 100% nominal pipe diameter. There is
no longer a need to use oversized TFDs.

Independent hydraulic testing was completed at the

Manly Hydraulics laboratory in Sydney, Australia, on two
100mm TFDs. At higher flow rates, the effective diameter

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