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Complete with on or in:
1. I watched that movie _____ television.
2. Hurry up! Henry is _____ the phone.
3. I read that article ____ a magazine.
4. Its _____ the book.
5. Did you listen the new music ____ the radio?
6. She wrote a comment ____ the newspaper.
7. They are searching a house _____ the Internet.
8. We published an ad _____ our website.
9. He posted a photo _____ his blog.


Complete with on , in or at:
1. I am _____ my work.
2. My cousin is _____ prison.
3. The shop is _____ the right.
4. They had an accident so they are _____ the hospital.
5. Tomorrow I will be _____ home.
6. There are many bad people _____ the world.
7. The kids are still _____ bed.
8. My son is ____ school.
9. There are many stars _____ the sky.
10.The passengers are _____ the airport.

Complete with on or in :
1. She sometimes comes to work _____ her car.
2. I saw Jane _____ a car the other day.
3. They prefer going _____ a bus as the bus stop is just opposite the school.
4. I have never heard of anyone who comes to school _____ his own bus.
5. Last time we were _____ a plane, we had a very frightening experience.
6. We were late so we came to school _____ a taxi.
7. The detective I hired followed him _____ his car.
8. When we moved to our new house we had to carry all our belongings _____
a car.
9. She was excited as it was her first time _____ a tram.
10. Last time we were _____ a ferry, the storm broke out and we did not enjoy
the voyage.
11. Many of my classmates come to school _____ their personal scooter.
12. We had to pay extra $20 as we were late and came _____ a taxi.
13. He goes everywhere _____ his car.
14. Children came to school _____ a bus.
15. I usually have a nap while _____ a train.
16. My sister on the other hand does not like going _____ a taxi.
17. They spent unforgettable two weeks _____ a ferry.