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DM Improv Toolkit

DM Improv Toolkit


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An Excel 2007 spreadsheet created as a tool for GMs and DMs of fantasy RPGs. Designed to spark inspiration by randomly generating vivid characters, intriguing plot hooks and epic locations for your next adventure.

DM Improv Toolkit features:

* Excel spreadsheet format is convenient and portable
* Easy to customize for your own campaign
* Generates quality names for NPCs of all shapes and sizes
* Random encounter generation from lists of 4e encounter groups
* Adds spice to your travel descriptions with benign encounter generators
* Suggests locations of interest for players to explore
* Doles out rewards (or punishments!) for inquisitive dungeoneers
* And more!
An Excel 2007 spreadsheet created as a tool for GMs and DMs of fantasy RPGs. Designed to spark inspiration by randomly generating vivid characters, intriguing plot hooks and epic locations for your next adventure.

DM Improv Toolkit features:

* Excel spreadsheet format is convenient and portable
* Easy to customize for your own campaign
* Generates quality names for NPCs of all shapes and sizes
* Random encounter generation from lists of 4e encounter groups
* Adds spice to your travel descriptions with benign encounter generators
* Suggests locations of interest for players to explore
* Doles out rewards (or punishments!) for inquisitive dungeoneers
* And more!

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Published by: braun5091 on May 04, 2010
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Random Peasant Fergus the Grim afraid of animals; filthy Random Profession Mabon the Chambermaid wears thick


Random Evil Overlord Vithraclya and his minions Grimetongue and Plug Tail Underworld Denizen Margery Lugnut Shady Dealer Scar Joe

Random Adventure Hook


Random Encounter Groups

1 fell taint pulsar, 1 fell taint thought eater, 3 phantom warriors (Level 3, 750 XP) 1 human pirate captain, 3 human pirates, 1 human slaver (Level 9, 2050 XP) 2 banshrae dartswarmers, 1 banshrae warrior, 1 ettin spirit-talker, 1 earth gorgon (Level 12, 3900 XP) 1 bone naga, 3 shadow snakes (Level 16, 7000 XP) 2 frost titans, 2 ice archon frostshapers, 1 ice archon rimehammer (Level 21, 19200 XP) 1 efreet karadjin, 1 efreet pyreslinger, 1 glabrezu, 2 dragonborn champions, 2 great flameskulls (Level 27, 603 Instructions: Press F9 to generate new ideas. These random characters, locations, encounters and plot hooks are intended to be evocative and help DMs find inspiration for coming up with content on the fly. This spreadsheet was developed with help and inspiration from various freely available random generators. The idea for the spreadsheet itself was inspired by this Role Playing Tips article(http://www.roleplayingtips.com/readissue.php?number=459#tips). This file is the work of Thomas Braun, 2010. Contact: braun@dontbeafraid.net


As you pass through the city, you encounter… A group of onlookers who strike up a cheer for your party Two members of the City Watch, who follow you for [1d6] blocks An old ring sticking out of the dirt As you travel through the wilderness, you encounter… A ray of light illuminates a patch of scrubby bushes A dark storm cloud approaching rapidly A disheveled shrine, half-covered by creeping vines You survey a faded map of this perilous land: Before the great slave market lies The Village of Liars The Shrine of the Nameless God lies in the middle of the scorching valley Behind a restless sea of storms and behind well-cultivated fields lies The Forbidden Temple Behind the broken bridge lies The Village of Forgetting of Hyrum

ue and Plug Tail Shady Dealer Scar Joe

3, 750 XP) 050 XP) (Level 12, 3900 XP)

A successful search reveals something odd. The player bends closer and discovers… 1, 19200 XP) eskulls (Level 27, 60300 XP) a blue-egg like pendant with "To Melina" carved on the back. It doesn't appear to be worth anything. ons, encounters ming up with If cells on this page have REF # errors or the color styles appear in hot pink, m various freely your spreadsheet viewer may not fully support this file format. It is y this Role Playing recommended that you download the legacy version. his file is the work

cheer for your party you for [1d6] blocks cking out of the dirt

h of scrubby bushes approaching rapidly d by creeping vines

The Village of Liars he scorching valley vated fields lies The Forbidden Temple orgetting of Hyrum

s closer and

k. It doesn't appear be worth anything.

ear in hot pink, t. It is

Generic Fantasy Names Elsme Snorri Fergus Siash Worom Tankal Neirnal Wilhelm Radulph Talfryn Tomos Samik Edger Rothinn Meuric Orenis Tristan Nalent Essalea Ves'ad Rilq Isy Madar Hugh Grimbald Osbert Dyneck Lorash Randulf Nyr Dod Kigha Kaldryn Belara Isold Idris Kozix Milecent Dar'ryn Rataunno Quaton Mabon Salynn Lavole Isach

Surnames the Pale the Lame Gaunt the Fool Copperwood the Tall the Grim Clubfoot Foxhunter Greatheart Hook the Zealot Greenthorn Badeye the Short the Mouse Cloverleaf the Mouth Pathfinder the Old the Lucky Goodbody the Blunt the Red the Arrow Ratcatcher Ringwood Lockesberry the Black the Beekeeper Tinsword Blackcloud Oldwood the Fair the Young Coppermark the Dog Stonesfield the Wayfarer Fairlight the Club Wildwick the Orphan Wayfeather Undermark

Complex Evil Names Hyrum Maethlinn Calilmandel Tar-Elrador Nebrimir Na-Fyrion Eärebrimbor Rindir Caliondir Tar-Péril Legil-Galdur Anyndil Glilmalas Riorion Lómadrien Carambor Uradriel Ar-Várion Amalith Isindel Unithral Symbor Ar-Vadriendel Calénduil Belil-Gandil Vorfimbor Malith Gil-Garion Belondel Lómarandel Thilmalad Delyrion Sadrien Nil-Gal Nilmaril Vóldur Beleng Vulad Tar-Anilmalad Molith Ithramir Tar-Amarambor Mylith Glarfung Glararion

Simple Evil Names Split One Eye Dog-Ear Switch Pugwash Mutt Spine Rot Gut Wormy Krill Left Ear Grimetongue Squeaker Grip Smash Eight Fingers Knuckles Ratshank Dirk Nub-Nose Scratch Twitch Pinchface Ragjaw Brutus Squirm Stump Fist Lugnut Shame Sparky Plug Tail Runt Slapjaw Scorch Two-Fry Crookfang Whippet Nutter Sly Eyes Spots Blood-Eye Fritz Lumpy Break Beak Jacknoose

Meredentar Enthormald Osmund Finbar Rodar Fenlock Barreda Orandello Reed Magus Agnes Toby Margery Brandra Aline Essalnor Beatrix Darandira Danna Zaewynne Krindir Ninna Sinyal Owain Gillian Amorielle Lubbert Sennarra Ibre Eaman Lirandri Bone Talobaberiel Tiatrix Faetani Lynadi Aldwulf Kilian Omel Sil Trask Leniver Jabrylla Brond Bric Lanus Torsten

the Proud the Silent Greatleaf Whitewood the Weasel the Hermit Mossfoot Redbranch Grayling the Crow the Hare the Keeper the Watchful Gladhand Greenrunner Dreadful Sweetwater the Stone the Hand the Outlander Hogherder Greenwater Leafshanks the Scholar Redthorn the Healer the Gentle the Widow Quickfingers the Messenger the Liar the Thrifty the Bald the Fox Greenling Blackleaf the Boar Shakeleaf Quickwit the Urchin the Crone Stoneloaf Witherfield the Blind the Wise the Just the Ugly

Anebrimbor Ar-Vithramir Vil-Faldur Urynd Tar-Elvyldur Belilmarith Thrylindë Vithraclya Rilmanduil Anebrindel Ar-Amuriand Maralad Vithrariand Anithrambor Périon Dammalyntar Isithranduil Tar-Uriondel Car-Githrar Ur-Beláng Unumbor Delaraldor Ar-Eärebrindir Calilmamir Sil-Gamir Radrielas Tor-Gandir Nebrilas Sinduil Throldur Belaralith Elrar Feldor Isil-Gar Amylas Maraldur Legyndel Nyu-Elvung Legán Lómilmariand Thrawyn Legiorion Rynduil Tar-Vólad Tinitharion Vorfindel Thrálas

Clobberstomp Flatjaw Black-Lip Snitch Razor-Back Gobfoot Grubmouth Switchtail Scabby Trap-Jack Flip Mud-Eye Lumpjack Rip-Lip Blue-Nose Blunt Skinner Glitch Spitwhistle Slipshank Bloodgut Filch Three-Claw Jitter-Bite Split-Tooth Burrfoot Wheezy Fatjug Brickface Stumper Lynch Flinch Flintskin Grabber Looger Gobspitter Half-jug Jumper Clobbershanks Bug-Breath Rat Eye Ripper Scar Scabwit Rag-Ear Spatter-Face Grab-Rat

Farin Vanechka Motya Padrig Wynn Florian Fearghal Marzell Alwyn

the Tinker Whitefeather Watchwick the Gossip Hammerstone Fairlocke the Blessed Redchurch Gloamfield

Madrielith Golith Galithraldur Nil-Gandel Sénduil Isilmawyn Anuldur Váng Til-Galithrariand

Rutskin Scab-Tail Crooknose Twist Bone-Scar Nub Twistleg Jabber Gobblesnout Whipwhistle Snaptrap Shutter Drippy Skink Jugwart Bump-Spine Clap Jaw Greezy Rot-Stump Three-Spots Crab Nut Split-Lip Half Eye Double Knot Grip Axe Handle Inky Raspy Burn-Snout

There are numerous name generators on the net and I compiled the list of 'Generic Fantasy Names' from many of them. Be sure to check out the name generators at www.seventhsanctum.com. You can also find useful name generators at www.rinkworks.com/namegen, http://nine.frenchboys.net/fanname.php, http://www.dragonsmark.com/names.php and http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~pound/sfng.html. The 'Complex Evil Names' come almost exclusively from a Tolkien Male Elf name generator which sadly now appears to be down. The surnames and the simple evil names are my own creations. Random Orc/Goblin Name Grip the Tall Random Elf Name Isil-Gar the Club Random Major Character Name Tiatrix Anyndil Random Underworld Denizen Name Lavole Raspy Random Shady Dealer Name Rag-Ear Joe

Physical Characteristics impulsive hunchback whistles eye-patch suspicious wild mane of hair timid wears a lot of bling touchy filthy sulky brawny overly friendly foul-smelling rude swears loudly extremely polite expensive jewelry acid tongued no teeth fashionable wears an obvious wig fawning completely bald flirtatious pregnant constantly yawning arm in a sling flowery speech walking stick feeling poorly big muddy boots anxious large belt buckle fishy flower in hair talkative covered in scars intense tall and slender large vocabulary bushy beard in a huff potbelly awkward perfumed clumsy keeps a pet lizard mournful dressed in black nearly deaf crooked nose joking black eye over-dramatic braided beard paranoid hair down to waist loud barefoot bossy clubfoot know-it-all white hair kleptomaniac missing a finger very relaxed multi-colored nails sarcastic plays with large knife bored hat with feather impatient wooden leg oily/insinuating limps schizophrenic bad cough xenophobic mouth full of bad teeth daydreaming coin flipper single-minded cracks knuckles dislikes children incessant tapping afraid of animals ogles females sunny outlook eating an onion Personality Traits

Profession Blacksmith Tanner Merchant Mayor Midwife Councillor Butcher Innkeeper Healer Cooper Town Watchman Silversmith Soldier Armorer Herbalist Boatwright Ferrier Tax Collector Bartender Cartwright Glass-blower Vintner Scholar Sheriff Tinker Carpenter Fruitseller Priest Farmer Knight Moneylender Hunter Woodsman Bard Sailor Charcoal Burner Horse Trainer Fisherman Teacher Lawyer Tailor Judge Witch Scribe Fishmonger

Some NPC generators and t (http://www.pbegames.com (http://www.roleplayingtips (http://www.d20zines.com/v from or inspired by these p

bitter sweet smelling Moonshiner drunk picks teeth with knife Town Crier very religious smokes a pipe Shepherd overly familiar sneezes frequently Baker distracted blood-stained Housewife monosyllabic sweaty Chambermaid suggestive squeaky voice skeptical speaks in whispers delusional slurred speech morbid stooped posture arrogant stutters shady mumbles trickster bony absent-minded scarred OCD large earrings mood swings long moustache gossips speaks slowly well-bred short cropped hair ditzy avoids eye contact tasteless heavy accent excited long beard haughty short and round spirited massive girth diplomatic missing front tooth passive-aggressive has a twin vivid dreams has a screaming baby always hungry has no legs large ego has a pet hawk fearless spits frequently sharp-eyed mouth is always full gambler wears bedraggled finery philosopher wears rusty armor narcoleptic perpetually out of breath killed a man once wears thick makeup traumatized wears animal hides just wants a drink blackened nails curmudgeonly shivering and cold hypochondriac under-dressed extreme pessimistwears bright colors mysterious has a loud toddler misunderstanding dressed for wedding patronizing has elaborate tattoo suck-up covered in bruises child-like mind pug ugly bad memory movie-star looks one-upmanship prominent nose jaded toothy grin

ex-con piercing eyes no sense of humorwears broken shackles godless wears a huge ring gallant nose in a book dominating wears silk gloves nicknamer many piercings compulsive liar tiny hungover muscle-bound owes money extremely hairy

Some NPC generators and traits and quirks lists can be found here (http://www.pbegames.com/npctrait/), here (http://www.roleplayingtips.com/readissue.php?number=40#tips) and here (http://www.d20zines.com/v7/node/1703). Many traits and characteristics were taken from or inspired by these pages. The rest belong to the author.

All hooks and secrets are my own, although some were inspired by the Blue Rose Adventure Hook Generator (http://bluerose.greenronin.com/blue_rose_adventure_hooks.php). Secrets the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the returned husband of a local woman is in fact an imposter famous prophet has lost the divine power that brought him fame beautiful lady of the keep drinks dubious brews and potions to stay young mysteriously ailing daughter pretends to be sick for the attention village idiot was once the village hero old hermit is a retired assassin blacksmith plans to rob the richest man in town mayor is a former highwayman local healer is poisoning her sick mother chief archivist is sacrificing his interns to dark gods friendly priest is a 900-year-old mage beautiful lady of the manor is a shapeshifter mayor's daughter wears a wig bard has a cursed left hand wealthy widow is being blackmailed by a neighbor shepherd is a retired hired hitman who is will kill to protect the family secret handsome blacksmith is a half-orc precocious child knows the location of a lost magic artifact young dancing star is a trained assassin king thinks his wife is cheating on him with his chief knight mute orphan girl is the offspring of a legendary dragon infautated lord is obsessed with the butcher's daughter to the point of murder beautiful young wife's brother is a lycanthrope living in a cave outside town famous knight has discovered an enchanted sword and now does its bidding ditzy noblewoman keeps meticulous records on her husband's competitors old gossip keeps a notebook with notes on every person in the village wealthy merchant pretends to come from a respectable family, but does not chief priestess knows that she will die soon farmer's wife knows that the neighbors' missing child is dead messenger is reading the royal messages bereaved knight has struck a deal with the devil captain of the guard is a royal bastard grizzled sergeant deserted before the great battle captain of the watch used to be a horse thief herbalist's daughter poisoned the village well mage's daughter is dead, and the players have met a clockwork copy innkeeper's daughter is a member of the cult of a dead god local hero has no memory of his part in the great battle kindly priest is afraid he'll be recognized as the notrious criminal he once was prince's adopted son has an evil twin legendary rogue has a drinking problem

the good housewife killed her neighbors' noisy dog the beautiful young noblewoman has a woman's spirit trapped in her mirror the innkeeper believes that someone they wronged is going to murder them the cackling old man is a gnome the wealthy noblewoman is stalking her old lover the poor shepherd has buried a sack of gold under the floor of their cottage the wise lord inherited the family curse the popular blacksmith provides weapons and equipment to bandits the old miner is a fey disciple and spy the doting young wife hates her children the dashing huntsman keeps a displacer beast as a pet in his basement the reclusive old man is the guardian of an ancient artifact the drunken old man is magically imprisoned the in village by an old enemy the lord of the keep is haunted nightly by the ghost of his dead brother the tavern maid knows that her older sister is really her mother the bardess is married to the beggar on the edge of town the farmer is blackmailing his lord the village scribe pretends to be able to read but cannot the merchant is also a slaver the handsome young suitor is a vampire the blacksmith caused the 'accident' the councilman hunts the wolf that killed his father each night in the forest the seer is hiding the fact that his son has turned to evil that the two orphaned siblings are glad their father died the inkeeper's daughter practices black magic the wealthy landowner hates the king and wishes to see him overthrown the legendary knight dreams own death every night the hero of the war is digging a secret passage in his basement the cleric is a spy the duke is a lycanthrope the young princess is planning to run away the traveling healer's father is the notorious traitor to the crown the mayor's wife has midnight trysts in the woods with her secret lover the town drunk was once a noble heir, but he gambled his lands away the bumbling scribe is a kleptomaniac the duchess is covering a strange body odor with her strong perfume the lord's youngest son is a pyromaniac the wealthy farmer fought for the wrong side the eligible bachelor keeps his crazy first wife chained up in the basement the dashing young knight is the younger sibling of a infamous villain the cleric's apprentice is a grave-robber the hunter spends his time in the forest desperately searching an ancient ruin the mute child can speak to and understand animals the confident adventurer is in contact with denizens of the Far Realm the stableboy keeps a lock of the queen's hair in a pendant the huntsman's daughter thinks everyone hates her for surviving the accident the prince is in love with his step sister

the prince's betrothed is a former slave the cake is a lie the lady of the keep wears fake jewelry after being forced to pawn the real stuff the chamberlain fences stolen valuables that the councilman has a portal to the Feywild in his home the injured soldier's missing hand is now seeking him out the cleric was once duped into serving a blood cult the grand duke is completely broke the noble heir aspires to be a great villain like his infamous father the bubbly fiance sent an illegitimate child to live in the country the trader is married to different women in different towns the apprentice has startlingly accurate visions the independent bardess is secretly married to the ne're-do-well laborer


The village lake begins to drain away. When it is dry, a mysterious crevice in the middle is revealed. The local lord's family has barricaded themselves into their manor, and shoots at anyone who comes The thieves guild has been hitting the house of every wealthy family. It is as if they are looking for so People are going down to work in the local mine and coming back… changed. At night people see strange lights coming from the abbey. The abbot claims that he's seen nothing a A feud between local lords goes too far when one kidnaps the other's daughter. An invisible, impenetrable wall prevents anyone from leaving a local village. Outside, exotic predator A decrepit keep has magically risen out of muddy bog. Nobody knows whose it is or what it means. A dangerous prisoner has gone missing from the sheriff's dungeon. No one knows how he escaped or Each morning a prominent citizen is found hung from a dead tree outside of town. No one has seen th On an unforgiving mountain peak, an ancient temple to evil has been rebuilt. The countryside lives in A village of mercenaries is fending off nightly attacks. Is someone out for revenge? All the children in the village have developed formidable magic powers. The PCs must find out why b A wealthy eccentric loves building automatons, but townspeople fear that they are behind the recent A young cleric has begun predicting assasinations of prominent nobles. Soon after, each noble is kille A dragon attacks the keep nightly. He claims to be the princess's lover. A mountain pass frequented by merchants is blocked by a wyvern that demands people answer a ridd Several villages are found completely wiped out by a plague. The priests at the nearby temple are in The ancient archive has become haunted by a powerful spirit. The secret to stopping it may be amon The mage's tower has disappeared completely, leaving only its foundation, on which a strange portal The gate of a city is blocked by a powerful sphinx. Only if its strange riddle is solved will it leave. In t A man in fine clothes and armor on a warhorse is wandering on the road. He has no memory of who h A student is missing from the local arcane academy. His parents are powerful nobles, and the school A tower collapses, killing the son of a powerful mage. Now he is threatening revenge on the whole to Werewolves are attacking travellers on the road with great boldness, encouraged by a mysterious mo Each night the people of the keep dream of doing battle in the shadowfell. When they wake, some ar Each night ghostly armies reenact a bloody battle in the farmer's fields. The farmer lives in fear that A group of mages has been run out of town by a priest stirring up commoners against arcane practitio Refugees from some mysterious disaster are arriving en masse and camping outside the city. The fea A sorcerous plague is turning citizens into mindless slaves who are building a strange structure on the The lost prince returns unexpectedly after ten years. But he has no memory of where he has been or The favor of the gods has been withdrawn from the land. Crops are dying and monsters are invading. A vortex of energy appears in the sky and swallows a merchant caravan whole right in front of the PC The forest is encroaching on the keep, magically aging it hundreds of years in a day. Will the duke be A joyous wedding between young lovers is interrupted when forest creatures attack and carry the brid A young lord travelled to a masked ball and has not returned after several days. The PCs discover tha An upstart peasant claims to have been chosen by the gods to be the next king. Extraordinary divine A devout widow receives her husband back from the dead. But he now exhibits strange powers. And When a powerful artifact goes missing, its ancient guardians go on a rampage throughout the country The trees in an ancient forest are transforming into crystal. The fey there are troubled, and the strang A vengeful mage sets up camp in the heart of a forbidden swamp. But his magic may have awakened

A strange, magical village has long existed in two planes. But now the balance is shifting, and the vill The PCs discover a wagon smuggling half-elves out of the city. A new faction is preaching against hal A town seems peaceful and prosperous, and its lord noble and generous. But each night the PCs have A mineshaft has collapsed, trapping hundreds inside. The local dwarf clan is using this as leverage to A sacred pool of prophecy has become polluted. It is whispered that the only cause could be evil amo A traveling bard cursed a town after a bad time there. Now the curse has become real and the PCs m During the Great Plague, the infected districts were walled off. Now the city elders who ordered the w Deep within the deadly wastelands, a portal to the abyss has opened. Somebody must make the dan Someone has reopened the necromancer's lab and released some kind of experimental creation. But Mysterious fires have broken out in the temple, the royal records and the arcane library and burned d

n old enemy

n the forest


n ancient ruin

g the accident

wn the real stuff

it, and what it means.

the killers… or the cleric.

is starving. trying to kill him. ly… and discretely.

re having dreams. his family.

disaster investigated.

wers have vanished. e ruin of his home?

nted ball is ongoing. f disciples back his claim. e temple at midnight? d and return the artifact. owards inhabited lands. h lays dormant there.

slipping. d is turning violent. erate cries for help. m the duke.

nce him to reverse it. m a mysterious illness.

n it be stopped? someone after the books?

Fantastic Geography a vast city of stone the battle plain a yawning chasm in the earth the swinging bridge the bronze-domed city a howling desert the crimson river a strange forest of crystal a high forested ridge the last peak a restless sea of storms a shadowed gully a ruined wizard's tower a forgotten highway an abandoned farmhouse the frozen mire the King's Road a hollow tree the great slave market a swift babbling brook the ancient imperial palace the obsidian monolith the watchful keep an isolated village a silent wood a misty forest of ancient trees a wind-swept pass the bend of a muddy river the drowned village the emerald lake the dry river a fetid swamp bottomless tar pits the rust blight the winter highlands a great inland sea a lush uncharted valley a parking lot the dragon prince's lair a maze of smoking fissures a winding mountain path the lost prince's keep the old watchtower twelve standing stones endless ice fields

Legenday Places


The Spiral Tower A stone's throw from The Endless Stairway Beyond The Temple of the Golden Serpent Before Falcon's Peak Beneath The King's Causeway West of The Haunted Battleground East of The Hidden City North of The Village of Forgetting South of The Tomb of the Last Emperor Over The Necropolis Beside The Fearful Keep Surrounded by The Temple of Ice In the middle of The Blood Swamp Within The Sky Bridge In the shadow of The Sunken Citadel Next to The Archon's Spire Just before The Mad Hermit's Shack Across The Monument to the Despoiler Behind The Poison Orchard The Cursed Wood Deathwater Rapids The Maker's Workshop The Garden of Dreams The Endless Falls Ash Mountain Forge The Phoenix Gate The Leviathan's Ribcage The Clockworks The Dark River The Sorcerer's Spire The Ghost Town The Forbidden Temple The Holy Mountain The Ten Thousand Caves The Thieves Hold The Grim Mire The Mouth of the Stone Giant The Shadow Isles The Hall of Ancestors The Underground Sea Wild Wood Valley The Weeping Tower The Rift The Deep Gate The Pool of Coronation

the twin serpent rivers the great briar fields the lone pine tree a converted mini mall the slave quarries the hangman's hill well-cultivated fields the lava flows the salt mines thundering falls the archmage's apple orchards the mountain clan territory the vale of wolves a ruined stone pier a burnt village withered fields a field of bleached bones a hedge of iron thorns a colossal stone wall an abandoned dragon's lair a forgotten mine the royal fey hunting grounds the uncharted wastes the acid pits a lonely shore a soaring stone tower the copper mines an empty well the carved cliff-face the disputed zone a still lake the lone soldier's grave the scorching valley the mouth of the underground river the king's forest the empty belltower the fire mountain the seven streams the royal hall the old graveyard the broken bridge the arcane library the shepherd's hut the dusty gulch the fallen causeway the red dunes a dried-up lake

The Knight's Citadel Bottomless Lake The Wyrm's Den The Last Inn The Lonely Outpost The Unholy Temple The Thirsting Stones Lord Malfroy's Manse The Mountain Throne The Ring Wall The Sinister Pass The Guarded Valley The Throne of the Lich King The Sage's Circle The Silent Monastary The City of Stars Cold Forge Mountain The Rune Tree The Dead Legion's Vault The Bandits Camp The Rust Men's Catacombs The Labyrinth of Dust The Gryffon's Nest The Sword Bridge The Arcane Academy The Wall of Night The Steel Caves The Village of Liars The Glass City The Wreck of the Grey Lady The Forest Door The Tinkerer's Hut The Hierophant's Chamber The Fallen Stone Kings The Black Cathedral Mount Fang The Pirate Haven The Sepulcher of the Lost Kings The Pool of Lost Prophecy The Hill of the Fallen The Dread Pyramid The Chapel in the Grove The Bridge of Pain The Bonewood Tree The Honeycomb Hideout The Fallen Star The Outcast Colony

the blasted plain Upside-Down Tower formations of twisted rock The Thornwood sheer cliffs The Shrine of the Nameless God a forest of primeval ferns The Ever-Burning Pits the goblin trading post The Seer's Retreat a treacherous winding road The Chasm of Stars a mournful plain The Singing Wood a lazy winding river The Heretic's Crypt the ever-frozen falls The Fortress of Sand the old city the peaks of the broken mountain the windowless tower the thirsty river the quaint village the orphans graveyard the buried city a jagged chasm of unknown depths a far-flung range of tall mountains the last imperial outpost the unsteady floor of the rumbling valley the shattered crystal dome the forbidding peak of a high mountain a gateway of towering stones a mountainside in full bloom a cursed village the city in the cliffs the bitter sea an old forest of mossy trees a massive army fortress

hrow from

All fantastic geography and legendary places were created solely by the author with the exception of 'a vast city of stone', which was inspired by a BT lyric.

Both the Benign Urban and Benign Wilderness were taken almost directly from the Roleplaying Tips s found. The Urban Encounter list is here (http://www.roleplayingtips.com/articles/150-benign-urban-en Encounter list is here (http://www.roleplayingtips.com/readissue.php?number=301#tips). In a few ca and added my own. The 'discoveries' list was born of frequent necessity and I created most of it. How by a principle in the Dungeon Master's Guide 2 which says that when possible give players bonuses th encourage them to forage ahead and take fewer extended rests. Benign Urban Encounter Seeds A distant barking and howling A noble being carried down the street on a sedan chair by slaves A gold piece gleaming in the mud A fine layer of arid dust coating your mouth A visitor stopping to ask for directions to the exotic animal bazaar Gridlock caused by the carcass of a dead ox A group of well-armed adventurers passing by Two lovers quarrelling furiously A drunk who thinks he recognizes you A discarded, tattered cloak A religious leader and his incense burning retinue blocking the street A distracted elderly woman who almost totters into you A discount holy water salesman Loose chickens pecking in the street A strong, young, healthy beggar asking you for coin A silver piece lying unnoticed in the shadow of an alley Two religious processions colliding head-on A building stained with angry grafitti Two prostitutes who approach and make catcalls A shadow partially eclipsing the sun A raven who lands in your path, considers you, and leaves A circus wagon trundling past, filled with animal calls A politician stumping on a soap box who catches your eye for a brief moment An old ring sticking out of the dirt A group of onlookers who strike up a cheer for your party A town watchman walking his beat A hawk diving for a mouse as it flees for the gutter A sudden sandstorm blowing dust in your eyes A sudden total and eerie quiet An overturned cart causing gridlock in the busy streets A roof tile crashing down beside you, barely missing your party A snake slithering across the road A shopkeeper and his customer having a noisy argument A weary knight being mobbed by adoring children A mother scolding her child A man who bumps into you and keeps walking. You check - nothing missing A man shouting angrily at you, then realizing you are someone else A sheet of music blowing by you A criminal in stocks in the public square A diseased old man resting in a chair begging you to help him stand

Guards marching past with a criminal in custody A procession honoring a local deity A chamber pot being emptied, nearly on top of you A mother searching frantically for her child A street cleaner sweeping by An unconscious stranger lying on the side of the road A drunken fist fight A passing cart which splashes a puddle of water on you A pile of feces, which you step in Kids playing a rowdy game of tag A shopping list for potions A powerful lightning storm flickering in the distance An elf walking by with living snakes wrapped around his shoulders The sound of song floating out of a nearby building A rusty old weapon lying in the gutter A man who asks you, "Please watch this cart for me, just for a minute." A pair of amorous teenagers making out A howling gust of wind whipping down the street Smoke rising in the distance [house fire] Street performers juggling swords and breathing fire A swarm of rats scurrying after you A man chasing another man down an alley A minor crime in progress Two members of the City Watch, who follow you for [1d6] blocks Something scurrying away [a rat] The aroma of spicy food wafting across the street A group of emaciated children tugging at your sleeves A well-dressed pimp. He glares at you and snaps, "What you lookin' at?" A copper piece lying in the gutter A dark storm cloud gathering in the distance Street preacher warning of you wrath to come A crow squawking bitterly at you as you draw near Dogs chasing each other down the street A very friendly cat Two people in hoods whispering to each other on a corner Children pestering your party A street vendor hawking useless trinkets and cool drinks Two men arguing loudly in a foreign language A major crime in progress A flicker as someone teleports away A blood-stained mounted scout charging down the street An urchin beggar shaking two pitiful coins in a tin cup A cripple begging for alms Well-armed guards flanking a private entrance Insects swarming around a nest in the eves of a building Urchins taunting a group of pilgrims who have made a vow of silence A fish vendor bending over to vomit; people point and laugh

The stench of feces A very fashionable woman who stumbles into you as her shoe breaks A beggar who plucks a shiny ring out of a drain and offers it to you for sale Three performers in masks who surround your party and begin to dance Clothing tossed out a window onto your head; sounds like a lovers spat A woman who drops a basket of fruit right in front of you [PCs dodge] A crazy man points at you and begins listing your magical equipment A little boy who shoots at you with an imaginary crossbow A fishmonger dumping a cart of rotten fish for scavengers to clean up A young noble passing by, trailed by a pickpocket A messenger who collides suddenly with you; papers blow everywhere The body of an evil wizard tied to a stake, still smoking A chatty bard who accosts you and begins walking alongside A man passed out drunk with writing on his forehead

almost directly from the Roleplaying Tips site where excellent lists of both can be layingtips.com/articles/150-benign-urban-encounters.html) and the Wilderness dissue.php?number=301#tips). In a few cases I have removed some from the list uent necessity and I created most of it. However many of the items are informed s that when possible give players bonuses that last until an extended rest. This will d rests. Benign Wilderness Encounter Seeds Thousands of ants swarming across the ground in front of you A weatherbeaten finger of rock standing alone in a clearing The earth buckling and swaying beneath you. An earthquake! Odd crystalline growths sprouting from the ground A predator baying frantically as it is sucked down into a treacherous bog A large watering hole that has dried to a mere trickle Tremors in the ground, as if from distant drums A broken, rotted wagon wheel The tracks of some large dog… or perhaps a wolf A rusted blade thrust into the earth A single tree that has been completely blackened by fire A huge spider's web strung across your path Several hatched eggs below the large, abandoned nest of some creature A broken-down wagon next to the remains of a campfire A great toppled tree, roots outstretched A forgotten dagger jammed into a stump A sudden oasis of lush greenery A horrifying stench, which proves to be from a rotting horse carcass The skeleton of a humanoid, its skull shattered A ray of light illuminates a patch of scrubby bushes A sound on the breeze that sounds almost like chanting voices A sturdy beaver dam spanning a stream Picked mushrooms drying on a stump A dark figure standing on a far ridge. When you look again, it is gone Vaguely disturbing dolls made from bundles of sticks hanging from the trees A punctured waterskin lying along the side of the path A massive, three-eyed ogre skull lying in a low gully The breeze shifting; a swirling column of air sucks up dust in front of you The wind suddenly whipping up, nearly sweeping you off your feet A burnt stump that you could have sworn you passed five minutes ago A perfectly rendered statue of an elf [flesh to stone] A stack of rocks, piled high The strong smell of feces coming from somewhere nearby A few scattered and broken arrows and bolts which litter the ground A sharp stinging on your leg, and a yellow bee flashes away Some huge stick-like insect retreats into the leafy foliage A wild boar crashing out of the underbrush towards you A whinnying sound, and then a band of wild horses gallop across your path A faded list of herbs to make a potion A single rune that has been carved into the trunk of an ancient tree

A grove of giant mushrooms A flock of bats rising suddenly in the distance A cloud of stinging mosquitos descending on you The remnants of an old campfire Coyotes fighting over a kill A low hill, covered in riotous flowers A sudden breeze that blows stinging sand into your eyes Rocks falling in the distance A pair of small birds squawking angrily and diving at you A large patch of brightly colored mushrooms A tree crashing to the ground in the distance An animal call rising in alarm as you enter a clearing An earsplitting squawk which startles you A cloud of insects swarming across the path A disheveled shrine, half-covered by creeping vines A shallow hole that has been recently excavated An old ring gleaming in the dirt A wide creek which bars your path Distant thunder warning of a gathering storm A path that leads suddenly into a muddy bog A chorus of singing insects which bursts out all around you, nearly deafening you The skeleton of some large beast beside the path A yawning cave set in a low cliff A dark storm cloud approaching rapidly Something stirring beneath the surface of a still pond A tree whose bark has been carved with writing up to about six feet off the ground A howling gust of wind which chills your bones A shadow which passes across the ground A tattered, discarded cloak A stand of trees, every one of them dead The noxious odor of a skunk pervading the area A dead, rotted, burnt, headless troll body The moult of some huge insect A large tree with the image of a face impressed in its bark Something scurrying away [chipmunk] A chill on the breeze Fish bones lying in the dirt of the path An injured woodland creature lying helpless in a stand of bushes A tree that has been completely infested with grubs Large boot tracks in the mud A patch of bushes all bearing brightly-colored berries A crow which squawks repeatedly at your approach A scorpion, stinger held high, which you just avoid stepping on A rusty suit of armor which gleams in the tall grass A very friendly skunk approaching A wide, open area covered by a carpet of spongy moss A tree being strangled by thick vines

A foot-wide hole that descends into the ground to an unknown depth A large animal crashing through the brush nearby A flash of movement as a snake slithers away under a rock A mother bear with two cubs who growls at you Bird droppings splattering down on you An abandoned shack A rocky outcropping that gives you a breathtaking view of the area Birds of prey circling overhead A distant howling A burnt-out area with blackened trees and no bushes Smoke rising in the distance Bear tracks crossing your path A refreshing breeze Eerie quiet

Discoveries a note detailing the stats of an upcoming monster. Roll 1d4 to determine the language: 1 = abyssal, a small fissure, through which you can hear enemies plotting a lost trinket, obviously belonging to a small child a cloud of dust which obscures vision, giving everyone in the room a -5 to perception a temporary dimensional rift, which transports the player 1d10 squares randomly an item which explodes [burst 2, level + 3 vs. reflex; 1d10 damage] an injured creature caught in a trap [if freed it will give players a hint about where to go next] a secret compartment containing a treasure parcel a single gold coin. The player feels lucky, and gains a +2 to saving throws for the day a fragment of a note containing a clue to the location of a treasure parcel a jagged shard which cuts your hand. You lose a healing surge a trip-wire. Roll a saving throw to avoid tripping it. It sounds a gong that alerts nearby enemies a crystal vial of foul-smelling liquid. It shatters, covering you in stench. Enemies target you first until a secret room containing a quiet shrine. It restores one healing surge to the entire party a secret room containing the coffin of an ancient king. It grants one action point to the entire party a snake which sinks its fangs into you. You lose a healing surge a cursed werewolf tooth. You prick your finger on it and are exposed to Moon Frenzy Fever a roll of blank parchment. An arcana check reveals invisible writing detailing an upcoming monster a tiny music box. When the crank is turned, the player hears music no one else can hear a cursed pendant. Attack level + 5 vs. will and affected player cannot drop it from right hand for the a tarnished ring. Roll a 1d4 to detemine its value. 1 = worthless, 2 = 5 gp, 3 = 100 gp, 4 = 1000 gp a large mushroom which bursts and releases a toxic gas. Entire party loses a healing surge a leather satchel containing two unused sunrods a mirror. A difficult arcana check reveals that it can show the last person to pass through the room a cachet of dead fish. The player feels unlucky, and gains a -2 to saving throws for the next encounte a strange glowing root. Touching it turns one player insubstantial for the first 1d4 turns of the next en a marble that looks like an eye. A difficult arcana check reveals that as long as player carries it is imp a scroll which describes an upcoming trap or encounter. Roll 1d4 to determine language: 1=deeptong a finely wrought miniature dagger. The player who finds it receives +2 regen until end of day a vent that blasts scalding steam in your face. Lose a healing surge and the area becomes dangerous a collection of seeds and leaves. A nature check reveals that when ingested they restore one healing a slab containing arcane runes. A history check reveals that they describe an upcoming encounter ar a small statue. A history check reveals that it is of a forgotten hero. Player gains resist 5 fire for the d an abandoned well that has been covered. Athletics check to get down unharmed, parcel at the botto a tarnished necklace. Roll 1d4 to determine value: 1 = worthless, 2 = 10 gp, 3 = 200 gp, 4 = 4000 gp the end of a pipe which spews sewage in your face. -5 initiative on next encounter a blue-egg like pendant with "To Melina" carved on the back. It doesn't appear to be worth anything a sack. Inside is a beautiful rolled-up tapestry displaying heroic scenes. The whole party gains an act a complete adventuring kit. Someone must have dropped it the corpse of an upcoming monster. +2 to initiative for the entire party for the day

a crystal orb that bursts open and fills the room with sleeping gas. -5 initiative to party for next encou Some moldy rags. Roll 1d4 to determine what you find in them: 1 = -2 to saving throws for next enco a silver whistle. Playing it [history check] causes a haunting melody to fill the room. Party gains a he a vial of liquid. Arcana or nature check reveals poison. +1 to damage for this player for the day a green silk slipper a spider that jumps out at you. Attack level + 4 vs. Reflex. Lose healing surge. If it misses player sq the corpse of a monster impaled on a spike. +1 to Reflex for the entire party for the day a carved stone head It's mouth opens and begins speaking to you. +3 to arcana checks for the day a strange symbol. A religion check reveals it is blessed by a god. +1 to Will for party for the day a trapdoor. The player falls 20 ft, makes a falling check, and finds a treasure parcel an axe covered in arcane runes. A successful arcana check grants a +1 attack to the party for the da

ly deafening you

eet off the ground

e, 3 = dwarven, 4 = elven

ise enemies =dwarven, 4=elven

coin, 3 = gem, 4 = baby

An extremely useful resource for this was Greywulf's Lair (http://greywulf.net/2008/11/4e-monstermanual-encounter-table/), where somebody had already built an encounter group spreadsheet for MM1 monsters. I have added the monsters from the MM2 and taken the liberty of dividing them by level - 1-5, 6-10, and so on.

2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 4 2 3 2 2 3 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 1 2 2 1 1

Encounter Groups Levels 1-5 fire beetles, 1 kobold slinger, 2 kobold skirmishers (Level 1, 500 XP) goblin warriors, 2 fire beetles, 1 goblin blackblade (Level 1, 500 XP) kobold skirmishers, 2 fire beetles, 1 stirge (Level 1, 500 XP) kobold slingers, 8 kobold minions, 1 stormclaw scorpion (Level 1, 500 XP) stormclaw scorpions, 2 kobold skirmishers, 1 kobold slinger (Level 1, 500 XP) hive soldier, 2 hive warriors, 4 hive workers (Level 1, 500 XP) bloodthorn vine, 2 bullywug croakers, 2 bullywug muckers, 1 bullywug twitcher (Level 1, 524 XP) fell taint thought eater, 1 fell taint pulsar, 3 fell taint lashers (Level 1, 525 XP) goblin acolyte of Maglubiyet, 3 goblin warriors, 1 Lolthbound goblin (Level 1, 550 XP) guard drakes, 2 elf archers, 1 elf scout (Level 2, 625 XP) elf archers, 1 elf scout, 2 gray wolves (Level 2, 625 XP) halfling scouts, 1 halfling thief, 2 guard drakes, 1 needlefang drake swarm (Level 2, 625 XP) kobold slingers, 4 kobold minions, 2 dire rats, 1 rat swarm (Level 2, 625 XP) bloodthorn vines, 3 stirges (Level 2, 675 XP) halfling slingers, 2 halfling thieves, 2 guard drakes (Level 2, 700 XP) bloodseeker drakes, 2 kenku warriors, 1 pseudodragon (Level 2, 700 XP) blood hawks, 1 bloodseeker drake, 2 elf archers (Level 2, 725 XP) shadowhunter bats, 1 goblin hexer, 2 goblin skullcleavers (Level 3, 750 XP) imp, 1 goblin hexer, 1 goblin skullcleaver, 2 goblin warriors, 4 goblin cutters (Level 3, 750 XP) gnome arcanists, 2 iron defenders, 1 pseudodragon (Level 3, 750 XP) goblin sharpshooters, 4 goblin warriors, 4 goblin cutters (Level 3, 750 XP) kobold wyrmpriest, 2 kobold skirmishers, 6 kobold minions, 2 needlefang drake swarms (Level 3, 75 kobold wyrmpriest, 2 kobold skirmishers, 1 spitting drake, 6 kobold minions, 4 fire beetles (Level 3, ochre jelly, 3 orc raiders (Level 3, 750 XP) kobold slingers, 2 rat swarms, 3 dire rats (Level 3, 750 XP) hobgoblin warcaster, 2 hobgoblin guards, 2 skeletons (Level 3, 750 XP) bloodseeker drakes, 2 poisonscale magi lizardfolk, 1 poisonscale collector lizardfolk (Level 3, 750 XP fell taint pulsar, 1 fell taint thought eater, 3 phantom warriors (Level 3, 750 XP) stonefist defenders, 1 arbalester, 1 dwarf hammerer (Level 3, 750 XP) kruthik adult, 3 kruthik young, 8 kruthik hatchlings (Level 3, 767 XP) doppelganger sneak, 3 human guards, 1 human mage (Level 3, 775 XP) human berserker, 2 human guards, 2 spitting drakes (Level 3, 775 XP) deathlock wight, 3 zombies, 6 zombie rotters (Level 3, 778 XP) kenku ringleader, 8 kenku ruffians, 2 kenku warriors (Level 3, 779 XP) blood hawks, 4 kenku ruffians, 1 kenku sneak, 3 spiretop drakes (Level 3, 824 XP) gray wolves, 2 hobgoblin archers, 1 hobgoblin warcaster (Level 3, 825 XP) barghest savager, 2 goblin sharpshooters, 4 goblin warriors (Level 3, 825 XP) cockatrices, 1 poisonscale collector, 2 poisonscale myrmidons (Level 3, 850 XP) dimensional marauders, marauders (level 4 lurker), 1 gnome arcanist (Level 3, 850 XP) greenscale darter, 2 greenscale hunters, 2 poisonscale collectors (Level 3, 850 XP) deathjump spider, 2 myconid guards, 1 myconid rotpriest, 1 myconid sovereign (Level 3, 850 XP)

1 1 4 1 3 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 3 4 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 3 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 8 3 2 2 3 2 1

ankheg, 2 bloodthorn vines, 2 centipede swarms (Level 4, 800 XP) pseudodragon, 1 human mage, 2 human guards, 2 human bandits (Level 4, 875 XP) phantom warriors, 1 specter (Level 4, 875 XP) kobold skyblade, 4 kobold dragonshields (Level 4, 875 XP) kruthik adults, 2 corruption corpse zomies (Level 4, 875 XP) warforged captain, 1 warforged soldier, 3 human guards (Level 4, 875 XP) clay scouts, 3 dust devils, 1 human mage (Level 4, 875 XP) arbalesters, 1 green slime, 2 myconid guards (Level 4, 875 XP) wererats, 4 dire rats, 6 human rabble (Level 4, 886 XP) human mage, 2 human bandits, 2 gravehounds, 3 zombie rotters (Level 4, 889 XP) visejaw crocodile, 3 greenscale hunters, 1 greenscale darter (Level 4, 900 XP) ettercap webspinner, 2 ettercap fang guards, 2 deathjump spiders (Level 4, 900 XP) warhorses, 3 human guards (Level 4, 900 XP) hyenas, 2 gnoll huntmasters (Level 4, 900 XP) greenscale hunters, 2 visejaw crocodiles, 1 vine horror (Level 4, 900 XP) orc raiders, 2 orc berserkers, 1 dire boar (Level 4, 900 XP) ankheg, 2 green slimes, 2 gray oozes (Level 4, 900 XP) duergar guards, 1 duergar scout, 1 duergar theurge, 4 ore drudges (Level 4, 901 XP) human berserker, 1 kenku ringleader, 6 kenku ruffians, 2 kenku sneaks (Level 4, 922 XP) dwarf hammerers, 2 dwarf bolters, 1 cavern choker (Level 4, 925 XP) fell taint pulsars, 1 fell taint thought eater, 2 ochre jellies (Level 4, 925 XP) deathpledged gnolls, 1 corruption corpse, 1 gnoll demonic scourge (Level 4, 925 XP) cavern chokers, 3 hobgoblin soldiers, 1 hobgoblin warcaster (Level 4, 950 XP) young white dragon, 1 dragonborn soldier (Level 4, 950 XP) gnoll huntmaster, 6 hyenas (Level 4, 950 XP) ankhegs, 6 ankheg broodlings, 1 rage drake (Level 4, 950 XP) zombies, 4 zombie rotters, 4 kruthik hatchlings, 2 wererats (Level 4, 951 XP) dark creepers, 2 shadowhunter bats, 1 deathlock wight (Level 5, 1000 XP) rage drake, 1 greenscale marsh mystic, 1 greenscale darter, 2 greenscale hunters (Level 5, 1000 XP ghouls, 2 boneshard skeletons, 1 wraith (Level 5, 1000 XP) goblin hexer, 2 goblin skullcleavers, 2 goblin sharpshooters, 12 goblin cutters (Level 5, 1000 XP) bugbear warrior, 2 hobgoblin archers, 3 goblin warriors, 2 goblin blackblades (Level 5, 1000 XP) hobgoblin commander, 3 bugbear warriors, 1 dire wolf (Level 5, 1000 XP) specter, 1 deathlock wight, 2 rotwing zombies, 2 skeletons (Level 5, 1000 XP) kruthik hive lord, 2 kruthik adults, 5 kruthik hatchlings (Level 5, 1005 XP) deathlock wight, 3 skeletal steeds, 2 wights (Level 5, 1025 XP) human mages, 6 human lackeys, 1 evistro demon (Level 5, 1050 XP) deathrattle vipers, 1 greenscale marsh mystic, 2 greenscale darters (Level 5, 1050 XP) centipede scuttlers, 1 gnoll huntmaster, 2 gnoll marauders (Level 5, 1050 XP) ettercap fang guards, 2 fey panthers, 2 umbral sprite swarms (Level 5, 1050 XP) infernal armor animuses, 2 spined devils, 1 tiefling heretic (Level 5, 1054 XP) hippogriffs, 1 human mage, 2 human guards (Level 5, 1075 XP) magma claws, 2 magma hurlers, 2 firebats (Level 5, 1100 XP) blazing skeletons, 2 boneshard skeletons, 1 tiefling darkblade (Level 5, 1100 XP) dire wolves, 2 longtooth hunters (Level 5, 1100 XP) wraiths, 4 dark creepers (Level 5, 1100 XP) beholder gauth, 2 barghest savagers, 1 goblin underboss (Level 5, 1100 XP)

1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1

geonid, 2 myconid rotpriests, 2 rust monsters (Level 5, 1100 XP) deathpledged gnolls, 3 krenshars, 1 krenshar blood slayer (Level 5, 1125 XP) dire boar, 1 orc eye of Gruumsh, 4 orc berserkers (Level 5, 1150 XP) goblin underboss, 2 goblin skullcleavers, 5 goblin warriors (Level 5, 1150 XP) hippogriff dreadnought, 1 warforged captain, 3 warforged soldiers (Level 5, 1150 XP) evistros, 1 human hexer, 2 runespiral demons (Level 5, 1200 XP) half-elf bandit captain, 2 human berserkers, 1 kenku assassin, 1 kenku wing mage (Level 5, 1200 XP young black dragon, 2 dark creepers (Level 5, 1225 XP)

1 2 2 2 2 3 4 2 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 2 1 2 2 4 4 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 1 1 2 1 4 1

Encounter Groups Levels 6-10 bugbear strangler, 2 goblin skullcleavers, 1 hobgoblin warcaster, 1 cave bear (Level 6, 1200 XP) griffons, 2 eladrin fey knights (Level 6, 1200 XP) bugbear wardancers, 2 bugbear warriors, 1 barghest battle lord (Level 6, 1200 XP) half-ore hunters, 1 human hexer, 2 wereboars (Level 6, 1200 XP) cave bears, 1 bugbear strangler (Level 6, 1250 XP) evistro demons, 2 gnoll claw fighters (Level 6, 1250 XP) evistro demons, 1 harpy (Level 6, 1250 XP) spined devils, 1 greenscale marsh mystic, 2 blackscale bruisers (Level 6, 1250 XP) gnoll marauders, 2 evistro demons (Level 6, 1250 XP) harpies, 2 spined devils (Level 6, 1250 XP) kobold dragonshields, 1 young black dragon (Level 6, 1250 XP) shadar-kai chainfighters, 2 shadar-kai gloomblades, 1 mad wraith (Level 6, 1250 XP) longtooth hunters, 1 werewolf, 2 dire wolves (Level 6, 1250 XP) mad wraith, 4 evistro demons (Level 6, 1250 XP) bullywug mud lord, 3 bullywug twitchers, 3 ettercap fang guards, 1 ettercap webspinner (Level 6, 12 gnoll demonic scourge, 1 gnoll fang of Yeenoghu, 3 gnaw demons (Level 6, 1250 XP) black pudding, 1 evistro, 6 rupture demons (Level 6, 1250 XP) blackscale bruiser lizardfolk, 1 greenscale marsh mystic lizardfolk, 2 rust monsters (Level 6, 1250 X dragonborn soldiers, 1 tiefling darkblade, 1 rage drake, 5 human lackeys (Level 6, 1275 XP) dust devils. 2 flamespikers, 1 geonid, 1 mud lasher (Level 6, 1275 XP) shadow hounds, 2 shadar-kai gloomblades, 1 shadar-kai witch (Level 6, 1300 XP) greenscale marsh mystic, 2 blackscale bruisers, 1 greenscale darter, 2 greenscale hunters (Level 6, troglodyte maulers, 2 troglodyte impalers, 1 rage drake (Level 6, 1300 XP) deathpledged gnolls, 1 gnoll huntmaster, 4 witherlings (Level 6, 1300 XP) legion devil grunts, 2 tiefling heretics, 2 tiefling darkblades (Level 6, 1350 XP) halfling prowlers, 2 human berserkers (Level 6, 1350 XP) orc eye of Gruumsh, 2 orc berserkers, 4 orc warriors, 2 dire wolves (Level 6, 1350 XP) barghest battle lord, 2 barghest savagers, 2 bugbear stranglers, 1 hobgoblin commander (Level 6, 1 hobgoblin fleshcarver, 3 hobgoblin soldiers, 2 dire wolves (Level 6, 1350 XP) half-ore hunters, 8 human lackeys, 1 human slaver (Level 6, 1350 XP) darkmantle envelopers, 2 duergar shock troopers, 1 duergar theurge (Level 6, 1400 XP) half-ore hunters, 1 human hexer, 4 human berserkers (Level 6, 1400 XP) frost hawks, 1 ore bloodrager, 1 ore eye of Gruumsh (Level 6, 1400 XP) human javelin dancers, 1 human slaver, 3 krenshar blood slayers (Level 6, 1450 XP) bonecrusher skeletons, 1 ore eye of Gruumsh, 1 zombie hulk (Level 6, 1450 XP) macetail behemoth, 1 troglodyte curse chanter, 2 troglodyte maulers, 1 troglodyte impaler (Level 7 otyugh, 2 troglodyte maulers, 1 troglodyte curse chanter, 1 troglodyte impaler (Level 7, 1450 XP) carrion crawlers, 3 otyughs (Level 7, 1500 XP) young green dragon, 2 kobold skyblades, 1 kobold wyrmpriest (Level 7, 1500 XP) bugbear warriors, 1 oni night haunter (Level 7, 1500 XP) hobgoblin commander, 1 hobgoblin warcaster, 5 hobgoblin soldiers, 1 worg (Level 7, 1500 XP)

2 2 2 2 1 2 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 2 1 1 2 2 1 3 2 1 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 4 3 2 2 2 1 3 1 1 2

otyughs, 3 carrion crawlers (Level 7, 1500 XP) dire stirges, 2 bonecrusher skeletons, 1 bloodweb spider swarm (Level 7, 1500 XP) troglodyte impalers, 3 gricks (Level 7, 1500 XP) death shards, 1 bloodseep demon, 2 evistros (Level 7, 1500 XP) abyssal marauder, 1 berserker prelate of Demogorgon, 2 shrieking cultists of Demogorgon, 1 tiefling barlguras, 1 bloodseep demon, 2 evistros (Level 7, 1500 XP) flamespikers, 1 imp, 2 magma hurlers, 1 tiefling heretic (Level 7, 1500 XP) half-elf bandit captain, 2 halfling prowlers, 6 human bandits (Level 7, 1500 XP) cacklefiend hyena, 1 human hexer, 1 human knife fighter, 4 human lackeys (Level 7, 1500 XP) macetail behemoth, 2 ogre savages, 2 tigers (Level 7, 1500 XP) warforged anvilpriest, 1 warforged resounder, 3 warforged savages (Level 7, 1500 XP) gnoll demonic scourge, 2 gnoll claw fighters, 2 gnoll huntmasters, 1 cacklefiend hyena (Level 7, 155 sahuagin priest, 4 sahuagin raiders, 5 vampire spawn (Level 7, 1600 XP) dwarf hammerers, 1 young iron dragon (Level 7, 1600 XP) fang ofYeenoghu, 3 gnoll gorgers, 1 beholder gauth (Level 7, 1600 XP) horned drakes, 1 troglodyte impaler, 3 troglodyte thrashers (Level 7, 1600 XP) owlbear, 2 satyr rakes, 1 satyr piper (Level 7, 1650 XP) doom flayer, 2 troglodyte thrashers, 2 abyssal marauders, 1 gnaw demon (Level 7, 1650 XP) barlguras, 2 neldrazus, 1 tiefling heretic (Level 7, 1650 XP) eladrin fey knights, 3 phase spiders (Level 7, 1650 XP) bloodseep demon, 8 dretches, 2 gnaw demons (Level 7, 1700 XP) human cavaliers, 1 human noble, 4 warhorses (Level 7, 1700 XP) oni devourers, 1 oni night haunter, 1 troll (Level 7, 1700 XP) satyr piper, 3 satyr rakes, 1 displacer beast (Level 8, 1650 XP) tiefling heretic, 1 tiefling darkblade, 2 cambion hellswords, 1 succubus (Level 8, 1650 XP) angels of valor, 1 shadar-kai warrior, 1 doppelganger assassin, 1 shadar-kai witch (Level 8, 1700 XP troglodyte maulers, 2 troglodyte impalers, 1 troglodyte curse chanter (Level 8, 1700 XP) flameskull, 2 mummy guardians, 1 oni night haunter (Level 8, 1750 XP) trap haunts, 2 flameskulls, 1 flame jet trap (Level 8, 1750 XP) bloodfire harpy, 3 gnoll marauders, 2 cacklefiend hyenas (Level 8, 1750 XP) mummy guardians, 2 rot scarab swarms, 1 flameskull (Level 8, 1750 XP) oni night haunter, 3 ogre savages (Level 8, 1750 XP) shadar-kair witch, 1 shadar-kai warrior, 2 rot scarab swarm, 1 spectral panther (Level 8, 1750 XP) crushgrip constrictor, 1 snaketongue assassin, 2 snaketongue warriors, 4 snaketongue initiates (Lev zombie hulks, 2 rot scarab swarms, 1 oni night haunter (Level 8, 1750 XP) black puddings, 1 darkmantle enveloper (Level 8, 1750 XP) dweomer eater, 1 spriggan witherer, 2 young rust monster swarms (Level 8, 1750 XP) cambion hellswords, 1 succubus (Level 8, 1800 XP) genasi skyspies, 3 hippogriff dreadmounts, 1 shardstorm vortex (Level 8, 1800 XP) cambion hellswords, 1 fang ofYeenoghu, 8 witherling rabble (Level 8, 1800 XP) dryads, 1 vine horror spellfiend, 2 wood woads (Level 8, 1800 XP) harpies, 1 sahuagin priest, 3 sahuagin raiders (Level 8, 1850 XP) ogre savage, 1 orc eye of Gruumsh, 8 orc warriors, 2 dire boars (Level 8, 1850 XP) hippogriffs, 1 young copper dragon (Level 8, 1850 XP) gnome entropist, 2 gnome wolverines, 2 spriggan giantsouls (Level 8, 1850 XP) grick alpha, 3 gricks, 2 dire stirges (Level 8, 1900 XP) vine horror spellfiends, 1 bog hag, 2 trolls (Level 8, 1900 XP)

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death shard, 3 flux slaads, 2 slaad tadpoles (Level 8, 1950 XP) shambling mound, 1 vine horror spellfiend, 2 vine horrors, 2 dryads (Level 9, 1900 XP) destrachans, 2 foulspawn berserkers, 1 foulspawn grue (Level 9, 1950 XP) dryad, 1 eladrin twilight encanter, 4 eladrin fey knights (Level 9, 1950 XP) iron cobras, 2 snaketongue warriors, 1 snaketongue assassin (Level 9, 1950 XP) bulette, 3 trolls (Level 9, 2000 XP) barluga demon, 2 gnoll claw fighters, 3 gnoll marauders, 2 gnoll huntmasters (Level 9, 2000 XP) succubus, 2 snaketongue assassins, 2 crushgrip constrictors (Level 9, 2000 XP) howling hags, 2 gnoll demonic scourges, 2 barlgura demons (Level 9, 2000 XP) oni night haunter, 4 orc berserkers, 6 orc warriors (Level 9, 2000 XP) shadow panthers, 1 dark stalker, 2 shadar-kai warriors (Level 9, 2000 XP) trolls, 2 destrachans (Level 9, 2000 XP) snaketongue celebrant, 1 snaketongue warrior, 9 snaketongue initiates, 1 flame snake (Level 9, 202 hobgoblin hand of Bane, 12 hobgoblin warriors, 1 macetail behemoth (Level 9, 2050 XP) human pirate captain, 3 human pirates, 1 human slaver (Level 9, 2050 XP) cacklefiend hyena, 1 gnoll demonic scourge, 3 gnoll claw fighters, 1 needle demon (Level 9, 2100 X shardstorm vortices, 4 shardstorm vortex funnelclouds, 1 windstriker (Level 9, 2100 XP) galeb duhr rockcaller, 3 goliath guardians, 1 goliath sunspeaker (Level 9, 2100 XP) half-ore scarthanes, 1 orc chieftain, 1 ore eye of Gruumsh (Level 9, 2100 XP) spriggan powries, 2 spriggan thorns, 2 will-o'-wisps (Level 9, 2100 XP) orc chieftain, 5 orc warriors, 1 dire boar, 2 ogre skirmishers (Level 9, 2150 XP) quickling runners, 1 eladrin twilight encanter, 1 feymire crocodile (Level 9, 2150 XP) flame snakes, 1 troglodyte curse chanter, 2 troglodyte mauler, 1 magma strider (Level 9, 2150 XP) eladrin twilight incanter, 1 shambling mound, 2 spriggan giantsouls, 2 spriggan witherers (Level 9, 2 gnome entropist, 1 satyr piper, 1 shambling mound, 3 wood woads (Level 9, 2150 XP) werewolves, 4 dire wolves (Level 9, 2200 XP) sahuagin baron, 2 sahuagin priests, 8 sahuagin guards (Level 9, 2200 XP) greenvise vines, 1 spectral panther, 3 quickling runners (Level 9, 2200 XP) dire tigers, 1 weretiger (Level 9, 2250 XP) gargoyles, 1 gibbering mouther, 2 galeb duhr earthbreakers (Level 9, 2400 XP) deathpriest of Orcus, 4 crimson acolytes, 2 battle wights (Level 9, 2400 XP) grick alphas, 1 gibbering mouther, 2 foulspawn berserkers, 1 foulspawn mangler (Level 9, 2450 XP) eladrin twilight incanters, 1 young silver dragon (Level 10, 2100 XP) duergar fleshtearer, 4 duergar shock troopers, 2 xorns (Level 10, 2400 XP) chuuls, 1 feymire crocodile, 1 bog hag (Level 10, 2500 XP) skull lords, 3 skeletal tomb guardians (Level 10, 2500 XP) worgs, 2 razorclaw stalkers, 1 oni night haunter (Level 10, 2500 XP) wyverns, 1 venom-eye basilisk, 1 ettin marauder (Level 10, 2500 XP) behir bolter whelp, 3 bugbear wardancers (Level 10, 2500 XP) ettin marauder, 1 venom-eye basilisk, 3 barlgura demons (Level 10, 2550 XP) bog hag, 1 vemon-eye basilisk, 2 shambling mounds, 2 trolls (Level 10, 2600 XP) ogre warhulk, 2 ogre savages, 2 ogre skirmishers (Level 10, 2600 XP) gnome entropists, 2 phase spiders, 1 satyr piper, 1 will-o'-wisp (Level 10, 2600 XP) orc bloodragers, 1 bloodspike behemoth, 1 ogre skirmisher, 1 oni night haunter (Level 10, 2650 XP) eladrin bladesingers, 1 eladrin twilight incanter, 1 will-o'-wisp (Level 10, 2650 XP) troglodyte curse chanter, 2 troglodyte deepscourges, 3 scytheclaw drakes (Level 10, 2650 XP) oni mage, 4 ogre thugs, 2 ogre skirmishers, 1 troll (Level 10, 2700 XP)

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angels of valor, 1 young gold dragon (Level 10, 2700 XP) genasi fireblades, 2 genasi stoneshields, 1 magma strider (Level 10, 2700 XP) fleshtearer sharks, 1 sahuagin baron, 2 sahuagin priests (Level 10, 2700 XP) ice trolls, 1 manticore, 2 worg (Level 10, 2800 XP) gibbering mouthers, 1 foulspawn seer, 2 foulspawn berserkers, 1 chuul (Level 10, 2900 XP) battle wight commander, 4 battle wights, 1 shadar-kai witch, 2 shadar-kai chainfighters (Level 10, 2 wailing ghost, 4 bloodbat swarms (Level 10, 3500 XP)

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Encounter Groups Levels 11-15 galeb duhr rockcaller, 4 gargoyles, 1 bulette (Level 11, 3000 XP) manticore, 1 galeb duhr rockcaller, 4 ogre savages (Level 11, 3000 XP) spirit devourer, 1 vampire lord, 5 vampire spawn bloodhunters (Level 11, 3025 XP) dire bear, 1 ettin spirit-talker, 3 ogre thugs (Level 11, 3050 XP) foulspawn seer, 2 foulspawn berserkers, 3 foulspawn grues, 1 grell (Level 11, 3050 XP) medusa archer, 1 venom-eye basilisk, 5 snaketongue zealots, 2 snaketongue warriors (Level 11, 30 chain devils, 4 legion devil hellguards, 1 snaketongue celebrant, 4 snaketongue zealots (Level 11, 3 grell philosopher, 2 grells, 4 troglodyte warriors (Level 11, 3100 XP) yuan-ti abomination, 1 yuan-ti malison sharp-eye, 4 snaketongue zealots, 1 snaketongue assassin (L balhannoth, 2 troglodyte temple champions, 4 troglodyte warriors (Level 11, 3100 XP) angel of valor cohorts, 2 stone-eye basilisks, 1 snaketongue celebrant, 6 snaketongue zealots (Leve barluga demons, 2 minotaur warriors, 1 minotaur cabalist (Level 11, 3200 XP) mezzodemons, 2 drow warriors, 1 drown arachnomancer (Level 11, 3200 XP) adult white dragon, 1 galeb duhr rockcaller, 2 galeb duhr earthbreakers (Level 11, 3200 XP) eidolon, 4 githzerai cenobites (Level 11, 3200 XP) blade spiders, 2 bloodweb spider swarms, 1 drow blademaster (Level 11, 3200 XP) troglodyte warriors, 3 drow warriors (Level 11, 3200 XP) crimson acolytes, 1 deathpriest of Orcus, 1 tomb spider, 2 battle wights (Level 11, 3300 XP) venom-eye basilisks, 4 mezzodemons (Level 11, 3400 XP) duergar blasphemer, 2 duergar fleshtearers, 1 slaughterstone slicer (Level 11, 3400 XP) firelasher elemental, 1 snaketongue celebrant, 4 snaketongue zealots, 2 snaketongue assassins, 2 f drow arachnomancer, 3 mezzodemons, 1 needle demon (Level 12, 3300 XP) berbalang, 1 gibbering mouther, 1 skeletal tomb guardian (Level 12, 3500 XP) redspawn firebelcher, 4 githyanki warriors (Level 12, 3500 XP) githyanki warriors, 2 redspawn firebelchers (Level 12, 3500 XP) kuo-toa marauders, 1 foulspawn hulk (Level 12, 3500 XP) guardian naga, 2 fire archon emberguards, 1 stone-eye basilisk (Level 12, 3500 XP) stirge swarms, 2 flesh golems (Level 12, 3500 XP) dusk unicorn, 3 banshrae warriors (Level 12, 3500 XP) human pirate captain, 2 windfiend furies, 2 water archon shoal reavers (Level 12, 3500 XP) eladrin bladesinger, 2 weretigers, 1 will-o'-wisp (Level 12, 3500 XP) skull lord, 2 zombie hulks, 1 vampire lord, 9 vampire spawn bloodhunters (Level 12, 3525 XP) erinyes, 2 chain devils, 5 legion devil hellguards (Level 12, 3550 XP) fire archon emberguards, 1 beholder eye of flame, 1 firelasher elemental (Level 12, 3600 XP) drider fanglord, 1 drow arachnomancer, 3 drow warriors (Level 12, 3600 XP) lamia, 2 mezzodemons, 4 cyclops guards (Level 12, 3600 XP) stone-eye basilisks, 1 feygrove choker, 1 briar witch dryad (Level 12, 3700 XP) rockfist smashers, 2 stormstone furies, 1 windfiend fury (Level 12, 3700 XP) briar witch dryad, 1 phoelarch warrior, 4 snaketongue zealots (Level 12, 3700 XP) troglodyte curse chanter, 2 troglodyte deepscourges, 4 troglodyte thrashers, 8 troglodyte warriors ( cyclops guards, 2 drow warriors, 1 drow blademaster (Level 12, 3800 XP)

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gorechain devils, 1 skeleton tomb guardian, 1 skull lord (Level 12, 3800 XP) bladerager trolls, 1 duergar blasphemer, 1 duergar hellcaller (Level 12, 3800 XP) vampire lord, 1 battle wight commander, 3 battle wights, 6 vampire spawn bloodhunters (Level 12, banshrae dartswarmers, 1 banshrae warrior, 1 ettin spirit-talker, 1 earth gorgon (Level 12, 3900 XP) githzerai cenobites, 1 guardian naga, 1 firelasher elemental (Level 12, 3900 XP) oni overlord, 3 minotaur warriors, 2 scytheclaw drakes (Level 12, 3900 XP) minotaur cabalist, 3 minotaur warriors, 2 vrock demons (Level 13, 3900 XP) nightmare, 1 battle wight commander, 6 battle wights (Level 13, 3900 XP) balhannoth, 3 grimlock berserkers (Level 13, 4000 XP) beholder eye of flame, 3 hill giants (Level 13, 4000 XP) vrock demons, 1 briar witch dryad, 1 hill giant (Level 13, 4000 XP) bearded devils, 2 yuan-ti malison sharp-eyes (Level 13, 4000 XP) viscera devourers, 1 drow arachnomancer, 3 drow warriors (Level 13, 4000 XP) displacer beast packlord, 2 displacer beasts, 1 dryad briar witch (Level 13, 4000 XP) eidolon, 2 grimlock berserkers, 1 medusa warrior (Level 13, 4000 XP) hill giants, 1 displacer beast packlord (Level 13, 4000 XP) hook horrors, 1 balhannoth (Level 13, 4000 XP) hook horror, 2 grimlock berserkers, 1 beholder eye of flame (Level 13, 4000 XP) magma brutes, 1 beholder eye of flame (Level 13, 4000 XP) hellstinger scorpions, 2 chain devils, 8 legion devil hellguards (Level 13, 4000 XP) umber hulks, 2 drow warriors (Level 13, 4000 XP) beholder eye of frost, 1 oni mage, 2 wyverns (Level 13, 4000 XP) bearded devils, 4 legion devil hellguards, 1 withering devil, 1 yuan-ti malison sharp-eyes (Level 13, adult iron dragon, 2 minotaur warriors (Level 13, 4000 XP) Lolthbound goblin slaves, 1 drow priest, 2 blade spiders, 2 drow warriors (Level 13, 4100 XP) balhannoth, 2 kuo-toa marauders, 2 kuo-toa harpooners (Level 13, 4200 XP) flesh golems, 1 lamia (Level 13, 4200 XP) grimlock berserkers, 2 hook horrors, 1 mind flayer infiltrator (Level 13, 4200 XP) manticores, 2 hill giants, 4 ogre thugs (Level 13, 4200 XP) nightmares, 1 medusa warrior, 1 medusa archer (Level 13, 4200 XP) cyclops crushers, 2 eladrin bladesingers, 1 firbolg moon seer (Level 13, 4200 XP) battle wight commanders, 1 beholder eye of flame, 1 herald of Hadar (Level 13, 4200 XP) werewolf pack lord, 3 werewolves, 4 worgs (Level 13, 4250 XP) adult black dragon, 2 trolls, 1 bog hag (Level 13, 4300 XP) dragonborn raiders, 1 redspawn firebelchers, 1 ogre warhulk (Level 13, 4300 XP) centaur hunters, 2 firbolg hounders, 1 firbolg hunter, 1 firbolg moon seer (Level 13, 4300 XP) githyanki warriors, 2 githyanki mindslicers (Level 13, 4400 XP) bodak skulk, 2 shadar-kai dawnkillers, 1 shadar-kai painbearer (Level 13, 4600 XP) erinyes, 5 legion devil hellguards, 2 misfortune devils (Level 13, 4750 XP) neogi slavers, 1 neogi spawn swarm, 2 umber hulks (Level 13, 4800 XP) hook horrors, 1 maw of Acamar, 2 mind flayer infiltrators (Level 13, 4800 XP) drow arachnomancer, 2 drow warriors, 1 mezzodemon, 5 grimlock minions, 2 blade spiders (Level 1 adult green dragon, 2 banshrae warriors (Level 13, 4900 XP) abyssal eviscerators, 1 arctide runespiral demon, 1 immolith (Level 13, 4900 XP) mind flayer infiltrator, 1 drider fanglord, 1 drow blademaster, 2 drow warriors (Level 14, 4800 XP) roc, 2 hill giants, 2 galeb duhr rockcallers (Level 14, 4800 XP) salamander firetails, 3 fire archon emberguards, 1 redspawn firebelcher (Level 14, 4800 XP)

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azer footsoldiers, 2 salamander lancers, 1 salamander firetail (Level 14, 5000 XP) boneclaws, 1 lich, 1 shield guardian (Level 14, 5000 XP) drider fanglords, 1 drider shadowspinner, 1 demonweb terror (Level 14, 5000 XP) githzerai mindmage, 1 githzerai zerth, 4 githzerai cenobites (Level 14, 5000 XP) helmed horrors, 1 mummy lord, 3 firelashers (Level 14, 5000 XP) fen hydra, 3 bog hags (Level 14, 5000 XP) medusa warrior, 2 grimlock berserkers, 4 grimlock minions, 2 gargoyles (Level 14, 5000 XP) winterclaw owlbear, 3 cyclops ramblers (Level 14, 5000 XP) roper, 1 mind flayer infiltrator, 2 war trolls (Level 14, 5000 XP) beholder eye of frost, 1 chillfire destroyer, 2 winter wolves (Level 14, 5000 XP) horde ghouls, 3 bloodbat swarms, 1 lich (Level 14, 5100 XP) angels of protection, 1 runecarved eidolon, 3 dragonborn raiders (Level 14, 5200 XP) shield guardian, 1 githzerai mindmage, 4 gray slaads (Level 14, 5200 XP) roper, 1 drow arachnomancer, 4 drow warriors (Level 14, 5200 XP) earth archon ground rager, 1 earth archon seismic striker, 2 fire archon emberguards, 1 ice archon aboleth slime mage, 3 water archon shoal reavers, 1 water archon waveshaper (Level 14, 5200 XP) bristle spider, 1 drow blademaster, 1 drow priest (Level 14, 5200 XP) warthorn battlebriar, 2 cyclops ramblers, 3 hill giants (Level 14, 5400 XP) mind flayer infiltrator, 2 nothic cacklers, 2 war trolls (Level 14, 5400 XP) shadar-kai blacksoul, 2 shadar-kai gloom lords, 2 shadar-kai painbearers (Level 14, 5400 XP) couatl star serpent, 3 deva knights-errant, 1 phoelarch warrior (Level 14, 5600 XP) adult copper dragon, 2 dragonborn raiders (Level 14, 5600 XP) immolith demon, 2 vrock demons, 4 mezzomemons, 6 horde ghouls (Level 14, 5800 XP) drakkoth rager, 2 drakkoth venomshots, 1 viscera devourer (Level 14, 5900 XP) salamander noble, 1 salamander firetail, 3 azer ragers (Level 15, 5800 XP) angel of battle, 2 angels of protection, 8 angel of valor veterans (Level 15, 6000 XP) chimeras, 2 hill giants (Level 15, 6000 XP) drow priestess, 1 drow blademaster, 1 umber hulk, 3 drow warriors (Level 15, 6000 XP) salamander lancers, 1 beholder eye of flame, 6 azer warriors (Level 15, 6000 XP) shadow snakes, 1 yuan-ti malison incanter, 2 yuan-ti abominations (Level 15, 6000 XP) sphinx, 1 battle guardian, 2 helmed horrors (Level 15, 6000 XP) ghost legionnaires, 1 human lich wizard (Level 15, 6000 XP) azer warriors, 2 azer ragers, 1 immolith demon (Level 15, 6050 XP) mummy lord, 3 yuan-ti malison sharp-eye, 1 yuan-ti abomination, 6 snaketongue zealots (Level 15, githyanki warriors, 1 githyanki mindslicer, 1 githyanki gish, 1 nightmare (Level 15, 6100 XP) kuo-toa guards, 2 kuo-toa harpooners, 1 neogi great old master, 2 neogi slavers (Level 15, 6150 XP) destrachan far voice, 2 drider fanglords, 1 drow priestess, 3 drow warriors (Level 15, 6200 XP) demonweb terror, 1 drow arachnomancer, 2 drider fanglords, 3 drow warriors (Level 15, 6200 XP) destrachan far voice, 1 troll vinespeaker, 4 war trolls (Level 15, 6200 XP) chimera, 1 azer taskmaster, 6 azer warriors (Level 15, 6400 XP) adult blue dragon, 3 dragonborn raiders (Level 15, 6400 XP) rakshasa archers, 2 rakshasa warriors, 2 hellstinger scorpions (Level 15, 6400 XP) gray slaads, 2 red slaads, 2 destrachan far voices (Level 15, 6400 XP) adult adamantine dragon, 2 banshrae warriors (Level 15, 6400 XP) chillfire destroyers, 1 tempest wisp, 1 beholder eye of flame, 4 salamander firetails (Level 15, 6400 stone giants, 1 stone giant runecarver, 1 nabassu gargoyle (Level 15, 6400 XP) shadow snake, 3 yuan-ti abominations, 1 yuan-ti malison incanter, 1 withering devil (Level 15, 6600

1 drow arachnomancer, 1 drow blademaster, 1 fomorian ghost shaman, 8 Lolthbound goblin slaves (L 2 salamander archers, 2 azer foot soldiers, 1 chimera (Level 15, 6800 XP)

0, 2900 XP) fighters (Level 10, 2900 XP)

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Encounter Groups Levels 16-20 yuan-ti malison disciple of Zehir, 2 yuan-ti malison incanters, 2 shadow snakes (Level 16, 6800 XP) blackspawn gloomweb, 4 kuo-toa guards, 4 kuo-toa monitors, 1 kuo-toa whip (Level 16, 7000 XP) bone naga, 3 shadow snakes (Level 16, 7000 XP) bone devil, 1 misfortune devil, 3 shocktroop devils (Level 16, 7000 XP) war trolls, 1 drow priest, 1 drow blademaster, 1 night hag, 5 grimlock minions (Level 16, 7050 XP) immolith, 1 pod demon, 4 podspawn, 2 red slaads (Level 16, 7200 XP) drakkoth ambushers, 2 drakkoth venomshots, 1 roc (Level 16, 7200 XP) abyssal ghouls, 1 death knight (Level 16, 7400 XP) human death knight, 2 abyssal ghouls, 2 sword wraiths (Level 16, 7600 XP) bone devil, 5 bearded devils, 1 cambion hellfire magus (Level 16, 7600 XP) drow arachnomancers, 1 drow blademaster, 1 drow priest, 2 yochlol tempters (Level 16, 7600 XP) nothic cacklers, 2 savage minotaurs, 1 sphinx mystery (Level 16, 7600 XP) minotaur cabalist, 1 razor hydra (Level 16, 7800 XP) rakshasa assassin, 1 yuan-ti malison disciple of Zehir, 2 yuan-ti malison incanters, 2 yuan-ti abomin rakshasa noble, 1 rakshasa assassin, 3 rakshasa warriors (Level 17, 7600 XP) sword wraiths, 1 immolith demon (Level 17, 7600 XP) earth titan, 2 hill giants, 2 war trolls, 4 ogre bludgeoneers (Level 17, 7800 XP) azer taskmaster, 1 azer beastlord, 8 azer warriors, 1 firebred hell hound (Level 17, 8000 XP) cyclops battleweavers, 2 thunderfury boars, 1 fomorian warrior (Level 17, 8000 XP) cyclops storm shaman, 2 cyclops battleweavers, 1 chimera (Level 17, 8000 XP) firebred hell hounds, 2 azer beastlords, 1 azer taskmaster (Level 17, 8000 XP) adult silver dragon, 2 deva zealots (Level 17, 8000 XP) behir, 1 medusa shroud of zehir, 1 yuan-ti malison incanter (Level 17, 8200 XP) prismatic shard, 3 blue slaads, 1 green slaad (Level 17, 8200 XP) salamander nobles, 1 adult red dragon (Level 17, 8400 XP) guulvorgs, 2 cyclops hewers (Level 17, 8400 XP) blue slaads, 1 green slaad, 8 slaad spawns (Level 17, 8400 XP) medusa shrouds of Zehir, 1 yuan-ti malison disciple of Zehir3 yuan-ti abominations (Level 17, 8600 fire giants, 1 fire giant forgecaller, 1 azer beastlord, 2 firebred hell hounds (Level 17, 9200 XP) frost giants, 2 Nyfellar mammoths, 1 rimefire griffon (Level 17, 9200 XP) cyclops hewer, 2 cyclops impalers, 1 fomorian painbringer (Level 17, 9600 XP) ambush vine, 1 lingerer fell incanter, 1 lingerer knight (Level 17, 9600 XP) aboleth slime mage, 2 aboleth lashers, 9 kuo-toa guards (Level 17, 9750 XP) mummy lords, 2 rakshasa warriors, 1 sphinx (Level 18, 8400 XP) rakshasa noble, 2 rakshasa warriors, 2 cambion hellfire magi, 2 shadow snakes (Level 18, 9600 XP) purple worm, 2 savage minotaurs (Level 18, 9800 XP) bodak reavers, 1 cambion hellfire magus, 2 slaughter wights (Level 18, 10000 XP) adult red dragon, 1 githyanki gish, 2 githyanki mindslicers (Level 18, 10000 XP) rockfire dreadnought, 2 fire giants, 1 mind flayer mastermind (Level 18, 10000 XP) savage minotaurs, 1 rakshasa noble, 3 rakshasa assassins (Level 18, 10000 XP) aboleth lashers, 1 death hag, 2 nothic mindblights (Level 18, 10000 XP)

1 gibbering abomination, 2 nabassu gargoyles, 1 aboleth lasher, 7 kuo-toa guards (Level 18, 10050 X 1 mind flayer mastermind, 1 mind flayer infiltrator, 3 grimlock followers, 2 war trolls (Level 18, 10114 1 aboleth overseer, 1 nabassu gargoyle, 1 savage minotaur, 8 aboleth servitors (Level 18, 10200 XP) 2 slaughter wights, 3 abyssal ghouls, 1 nabassu gargoyle (Level 18, 10200 XP) 1 aboleth lasher, 4 aboleth servitors, 1 aboleth slime mage, 2 kazriths (Level 18, 10200 XP) 2 cambion hellfire magi, 1 rakshasa noble, 2 rockfire dreadnoughts (Level 18, 10400 XP) 1 cambion hellfire magus, 1 earth archon ground rager, 3 earth archon seismic strikers, 2 earth archo 2 storm archon squallshields, 2 storm archon lightning walkers, 1 storm archon tempest weaver (Leve 2 eldritch giants, 1 nothic mindblight, 2 slaughterstone eviscerators (Level 18, 10400 XP) 3 eldritch giants, 1 prismatic chaos shard, 2 blue slaads (Level 18, 10600 XP) 2 ice archon hailscourges, 1 elder white dragon (Level 18, 10800 XP) 2 kuo-toa monitors, 4 kuo-toa guards, 1 aboleth overseer, 8 aboleth servitors (Level 18, 11000 XP) 2 stone titans, 1 azer taskmaster, 4 azer warriors (Level 18, 11200 XP) 1 frost giant, 1 remorhaz, 1 rime hound (Level 18, 11200 XP) 2 fire archon blazesteels, 1 ice archon frostshaper, 2 storm archon lightning walkers (Level 18, 11600 2 lingerer knights, 1 lingerer fell incanter, 1 bralani of autumn winds (Level 18, 11600 XP) 1 goristro demon, 2 savage minotaurs, 3 abyssal ghouls (Level 18, 11800 XP) 1 bodak skulk, 1 gray render, 2 guulvorg worgs (Level 18, 11800 XP) 1 mordant hydra, 1 gibbering abomination (Level 19, 12000 XP) 1 black slaad, 2 rockfire dreadnoughts, 1 fire giant forgecaller, 2 firebred hell hounds (Level 19, 12000 1 blackroot treant, 2 slaughter wights, 2 sword wraiths (Level 19, 12000 XP) 1 fell troll, 2 enormous carrion crawlers (Level 19, 12000 XP) 1 fang titan drake, 2 fire giants, 2 fire giant forgecallers (Level 19, 12000 XP) 2 frost giants, 1 frost giant ice shaper, 1 remorhaz (Level 19, 12000 XP) 1 adult gold dragon, 3 savage minotaurs (Level 19, 12200 XP) 10 abolethic skums, 2 aboleth lashers, 1 aboleth overseer (Level 19, 12200 XP) 1 phoenix, 2 fire archon bladesteels, 1 fire archon ash disciple (Level 19, 12400 XP) 1 cambion hellfire magus, 1 steel predator, 1 warforged titan (Level 19, 12400 XP) 2 genasi elemental dervishes, 1 storm archon squallshield, 1 storm archon tempest weaver (Level 19, 1 ice archon frostshaper, 2 ice archon rimehammer, 2 rimefire gryphons (Level 19, 13200 XP) 1 goristro, 2 human diabolists, 1 human mystagogue (Level 19, 13200 XP) 2 angels of vengeance, 5 angel of valor legionnaires (Level 19, 13600 XP) 2 ice devils, 2 cambion hellfire magi, 2 nabassu gargoyles (Level 19, 13600 XP) 1 fomorian warrior, 1 fomorian painbringer, 1 cyclops battleweaver, 3 cyclops hewers (Level 19, 1380 1 nightwalker, 4 bodak reavers (Level 20, 13600 XP) 1 bebilith, 3 drider shadowspinners, 1 drow priest (Level 20, 14200 XP) 1 dracolich, 2 yuan-ti malison incanters, 2 yuan-ti abominations (Level 20, 14400 XP) 1 dire bulette, 1 gray render, 3 nabassu gargoyles (Level 20, 14800 XP) 4 wild hunt hounds, 1 bralani of autumn winds (Level 20, 15200 XP) 2 couatl cloud serpents, 2 marut executioners, 1 marut prosecutor (Level 20, 15500 XP) 1 rimefire griffons, 1 ghaele of winter, 2 fire archon blazesteels, 2 ice archon rimehammers (Level 20, el 13, 4850 XP)

on hailscourge (Level 14, 5200 XP)

15, 6050 XP)

(Level 15, 6600 XP)

1 1 3 8 1 3 1 5 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 3 1

Encounter Groups Levels 21-25 ghaele of winter, 4 wild hunt hounds (Level 21, 16000 XP) larva mage, 4 slaughter wights, 1 sword wraith (Level 21, 16000 XP) giant mummies, 1 dark naga (Level 21, 16000 XP) legion devil legionnaires, 2 ice devils, 1 war devil (Level 21, 16150 XP) fomorian butcher, 1 fomorian cackler, 1 fomorian painbringer (Level 21, 16300 XP) bodak reavers, 1 dark naga, 1 nothic eye of Vecna (Level 21, 16550 XP) half-elf baleful thaumaturge, 1 human dread assassin, 1 human insane noble (Level 21, 16650 XP) abyssal ghoul myrmidons, 1 larva mage, 1 death giant (Level 21, 16925 XP) ice archon frostshapers, 1 efreet flamestriders, 1 fire titan (Level 21, 17100 XP) goristro, 3 nycademons, 1 rot harbinger (Level 21, 17250 XP) djinn vizier, 2 marut castigators, 2 marut executioners (Level 21, 17500 XP) steel predators, 2 marut castigators (Level 21, 17600 XP) rot harbingers, 1 deathpriest heirophant, 3 slaughterwights (Level 21, 18000 XP) frost titans, 2 ice archon frostshapers, 1 ice archon rimehammer (Level 21, 19200 XP) war devil, 1 ice devil, 2 bone devils, 12 legion devil legionnaires (Level 21, 19750 XP) chain golem, 1 dark naga, 1 iron golem (Level 21, 20300 XP) rot harbingers, 2 rot slingers, 1 voidsoul specter (Level 22, 19000 XP) yuan-ti anathema, 2 dark nagas (Level 22, 19200 XP) storm archon tempest weavers, 1 storm giant, 1 thunderhawk (Level 22, 20750 XP) death giants, 3 oni thunderers (Level 22, 20750 XP) fire titans, 2 fire giants, 2 fire archon ash disciples, 1 phoenix (Level 22, 20800 XP) hezrou demons, 1 deathpriest heirophant, 5 abyssal ghoul myrmidons (Level 22, 21075 XP) larva mage, 3 rot harbingers, 5 abyssal ghoul myrmidons (Level 22, 21175 XP) tormenting ghosts, 1 larva mage, 3 rot harbingers (Level 22, 21200 XP) nightwalker, 1 tormenting ghost, 3 death giants (Level 22, 21250 XP) astral stalker, 2 war devils, 6 legion devil legionnaries (Level 22, 21400 XP) thunderhawks, 2 bralanis of the autumn winds (Level 22, 21400 XP) angel of authority, 2 angels of vengeance, 6 angels of light (Level 22, 21400 XP) djinn stormsword, 2 djinn thunderers, 1 djinn windbow, 2 rimefire griffons (Level 22, 21400 XP) deathpriest heirophant, 5 abyssal ghoul myrmidons, 2 rot harbingers, 1 rot slinger (Level 22, 22525 bluespawn godslayers, 1 storm giant (Level 22, 22650 XP) firbolg bloodbear, 2 firbolg ghostravens, 1 firbolg master of the Wild Hunt, 2 Wild Hunt hounds (Leve assassin devils, 1 human diabolist, 2 war devils (Level 22, 23200 XP) fomorian blinder, 2 fomorian totemists, 3 fomorian warriors (Level 22, 23200 XP) efreet fireblades, 1 efreet flamestrider, 1 glabrezu demon (Level 22, 23600 XP) angel of supremacy, 8 angels oflight, 1 marut concordant (Level 22, 24550 XP) larva mages, 2 rockfire dreadnoughts, 8 grimlock followers (Level 22, 25100 XP) angel of retrieval, 2 angels of supremacy, 12 angel of valor legionnaires (Level 23, 21400 XP) marut concordant, 2 marut blademasters, 1 war devil, 8 legion devil legionnaires (Level 23, 25250 X blood fiends, 1 efreet cinderlords, 1 efreet flamestrider (Level 23, 25500 XP) chuul juggernaut, 3 blood fiends (Level 23, 25500 XP)

1 glabrezu demon, 1 earthwind ravager, 2 blood fiends (Level 23, 25500 XP) 1 centaur campaigner, 2 fell wyverns, 2 eladrin ghaeles of winter (Level 23, 25500 XP) 2 eldritch titans, 2 nothic eyes of Vecna, 1 phoenix (Level 23, 25900 XP) 1 efreet cinderlord, 3 blood fiends, 1 fire titan (Level 23, 26800 XP) 2 marut castigators, 1 marut prosecutor, 3 rakshasa dread knights (Level 23, 27750 XP) 1 marilith demon, 4 hezrou demons (Level 23, 28700 XP) 1 elder red dragon, 2 fire archon ash disciples, 2 fire giants (Level 24, 30350 XP) 3 angels of supremacy, 1 deva fallen star, 1 tormenting ghost (Level 24, 30350 XP) 1 elder blue dragon, 2 thunderhawks (Level 24, 30600 XP) 1 abyssal rotfiend, 1 glabrezu, 1 marilith (Level 24, 31300 XP) 1 primordial colossus, 3 blood fiends, 1 voidsoul specter (Level 24, 32500 XP) 2 rakshasa dread knights, 2 fell wyverns, 1 war devil (Level 24, 32500 XP) 1 dragonborn death knight, 1 fell wyvern, 1 flameskull vizier, 6 abyssal ghoul myrmidons (Level 24, 33 1 death titan, 2 death giants, 1 voidsoul specter, 1 deathpriest heirophant (Level 24, 33800 XP) 1 deathpriest heirophant, 3 blood fiends, 1 aspect of Orcus (Level 24, 33800 XP) 1 iron golem juggernaut, 1 storm gorgon, 1 djinn skylord (Level 24, 34000 XP) 1 aspect of Demogorgon, 2 glabrezus (Level 24, 34400 XP) 1 beholder eye of chaos, 1 chaos hydra (Level 24, 34750 XP) 3 dread wraiths, 1 death titan (Level 25, 35000 XP) Thrarak, 1 abyssal rotfiend, 2 nycademons (Level 25, 35300 XP) 1 lich, 2 great flameskulls, 2 soulspike devourers (Level 25, 35400 XP) 4 swordwings, 1 crownwing (Level 25, 37000 XP) 1 efreet pyreslinger, 1 flameskull vizier, 1 marilith, 2 fire titans (Level 25, 37950 XP) 1 eladrin lich wizard, 2 half-elf baleful thaumaturges, 2 slaughterstone hammerers (Level 25, 38200 X 1 beholder eye of chaos, 1 oni thunderer, 3 slaughterstone hammerers (Level 25, 39150 XP) 1 pit feind, 2 war devils, 2 astral stalkers, 1 marut concordant (Level 25, 42900 XP)

Encounter Groups Levels 261 abyssal rotfiend, 1 marilith, 2 retrievers (Level 26, 43100 XP) 1 primordial hydra, 2 earthwind ravagers (Level 26, 45100 XP) 1 primordial colossus, 2 great flameskulls, 1 slaughterstone hammerer (Level 26, 45100 XP) 1 phane, 2 sorrowspawn soulrippers, 2 dread wraiths (Level 26, 46000 XP) 6 lich vestiges, Doresain the Ghoul King, 2 dread wraiths (Level 26, 49500 XP) 2 soulrippers, 2 shadowraven swarms, 1 death knight (Level 26, 50000 XP) 1 balor demon, 1 thunderblast cyclone, 2 efreet pyresingers (Level 26, 54000 XP) 1 djinn skylord, 1 djinn thunderer, 3 djinn stormswords, 3 storm gorgons (Level 26, 54950 XP) 3 sorrowsworn reapers, 3 fell wyverns (Level 27, 55150 XP) 1 storm titan, 1 thunderblast cyclone, 2 storm gorgons (Level 27, 58000 XP) 2 storm gorgons, 1 storm titan, 2 dragonborn champions (Level 27, 58000 XP) 2 deva fallen stars, 2 efreet karadjins, 2 efreet pyresingers (Level 27, 58000 XP) 1 kazuul, 1 marilith, 1 balor (Level 27, 60100 XP) 1 efreet karadjin, 1 efreet pyreslinger, 1 glabrezu, 2 dragonborn champions, 2 great flameskulls (Leve 1 primordial colossus, 1 primordial naga (Level 27, 61000 XP) Doresain the Ghoul King, 1 dread wraith, 2 liches, 10 abyssal ghoul myrmidons (Level 28, 65950 XP) 1 godforged colossus, 4 dragonborn champions (Level 28, 66000 XP) 1 atropal, 2 sorrowspawn reapers, 2 shadowraven swarms (Level 28, 70000 XP) 3 swordwings, 1 gibbering orb (Level 29, 76000 XP) 1 godforged colossus, 3 sorrowsworn reapers, 2 shadowraven swarms (Level 29, 85000 XP) 1 beholder ultimate tyrant, 2 slaughterstone hammerers (Level 29, 89000 XP) Orcus, 2 atropals, 8 lich vestiges (Level 34, 225000 XP) 2 balors, Demogorgon (Level 35, 239000 XP)

2, 22700 XP)

27, 60300 XP)

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