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Bad News Son

Bad News Son

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Published by GoodMenProject
Excerpt from The Good Men Project Anthology by Steve Almond
Excerpt from The Good Men Project Anthology by Steve Almond

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Published by: GoodMenProject on May 04, 2010
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I’m in the library of a small college in Salt Lake City when my cell phone rings.

It’s my wife calling from our home in Boston. She’s just visited her ob-gyn. We’ve been waiting for the results of vaioius prenatal tests. I walk to the bathroom, lock the door, and flip the phone open. My wife sound’s happy, a little out of breath. “Everything went great. No problesms” She pauses. “They did another ultrasound.” But this she means I know the gender fo the child. This is a touchy subject because both of us have been forthright ourt our desire for female offspring. When my wife told me, two years ago, that our first child ws a daughter, I flushed with joy. “Do you want to know?’ my wife asks. She’s in such a buoyant mood. We must be having another girl. “Sure,” I say. “It’s a boy,” she says. I close my eyes. My forehead thuds softly agains the mirror over the sink. It’s my job now to say something, rather quickly, about how great this is, how excited I am to be having a son, a bouncing baby boy, an heir to carry on our silly family name. But when I open my eyes, the light inside the bathroom is a sickly yellow and my chest is hammering with panic.
“Here’s the Bad News, Son” by Steve Almond. From The Good Men Project. On sale here.

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