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Rachel Troutman

Philosophy of Education
When I examine my goals as a teacher, I consider the multicultural society in which I will
teach. I am also aware of The Common Core Standards that are implemented now in the public
school system. Through observing different classroom settings and student teaching, I have
noticed different ways in which to communicate with my students as well as their parents. Many
of the topics that are discussed are unique to the early childhood classroom.
The multicultural society that is present in most public schools today showcases many
different nationalities, languages, and traditions. One of the multicultural activities that I will
utilize in my classroom is exploring multicultural literature. Reading about other cultures will
provide each student with the knowledge to accept and include other cultures.
In South Carolina, several of the Common Core standards were adopted in 2010and now
they are being used in the public school system along with South Carolina standards. Because of
this I have studied the methods, especially those in the grades that I intend to teach, so that I will
be sufficient in teaching the students.
The ability to communicate with students in a structured way is critical in the classroom.
Communication is definitely important when managing the classroom. I have found that the best
way to make sure that students are behaving is to utilize positive and negative reinforcements.
The classroom environment is better when students know when desirable behavior is expected,
supported, and reinforced.

Through my observations in the classroom, I have noticed that teachers have several
different ways in communicating with students parents. I intend to have an understanding with
the parents in which we have the ability to discuss their child at the appropriate time. I want the
parent to feel comfortable with their child in my classroom, and if they have any concerns, they
are comfortable with contacting me.
In the early childhood classroom, it is critical to be knowledgeable of what the students
are required to know and to teach them in a way that they will recall the material. The
information that a student learns in the early years of their education is the foundation for
everything else they will learn in their lives, and that information will stay with them forever.
Therefore, I take my job as a teacher very seriously because I know that I am not just teaching,
but I am helping my students build a foundation of knowledge that they will use continually.