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Good health is a basic human right.

However, in a growing number of countries today, access to

health care depends on socio-economic status. This is discriminatory and should not be the basis for
access to good health. To what extent do you agree with the statement? Write an essay of about 350
words to express your opinion. Give reasons and specific examples to support your answer.
People have long considered good healthcare as an amenity to leading a prolonged life. Although people
have their own rights to be treated equally with others, socio-economic status, as a prohibition from
healthcare systems, is being prevalent in many countries these days. When it comes to the development of
one country, this measure plays a significant role, however, there should be another rethinking about the
Imagine a free-of-charge healthcare systems all around the world, people would be improving quickly on
their health, thanks to the acess to effective treatments and medicines. This, however, may contribute to
creating an inertia in the whole development of national economies. Medicines and therapies are the
products of a service, which has been long named healthcare. As a service, it is to earn incomes for the
countries as to boost the economics situation. Reversing this system may, as a result, stagger the economy
and bring enormous consequences that may mark on our future generations.
In terms of demography, free healthcare is a threat to the whole population of one country. Take the
example of the middle-aged, who are going to reach their retirement soon. At this stage, their health may
be at risk as a result of well-beings deterioration. Having a cure to their problems may be effective in
keeping them alive longer, however creating a trend of older generation. In paricular, the worlds
population in developed countries tend to live longer as their living conditions increased followed by
excellent choices of hospitals. If this trend countinues, it would reduce the number of the young workers,
who is the main source of a nations workforce. Finally, the countrys industry would be harmed as well.
The following arguments may seem valid, but there are shortcomings at some points. It is a mortals
rights to receive a good healthcare system. On top of this, the pharmacuetical industry is a manned
service, thus it should be available to every one. Moreover, the demographic map of some countries are
unstable for various factors. Blaming sole on the socio-econmoic status in this case is irresponsible, and
there should be another criterias.
In conclusion, people deserve to be mentally and physically treated as equals. However, another
consideration about the countrys development should be made, as validate a free healthcare system
would be inimical to the whole service and the population.