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Lord of the Flies Allegory

Lord of the Flies Allegory

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Published by: brendantmoran on May 04, 2010
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Moran Lit and Comp

Name: ________________________________

In an allegorical work of fiction, the story is set up to make sense on a literal level and also on a second, abstract level. So the literal elements of the story will have corresponding abstract meanings that combine to tell a story about ideas. In the right hand column, identify the abstract, allegorical meanings of the literal elements in the left hand column, and explain the reasoning behind this identification. For the last several spaces in the table, work through the rest of chapter one, finding the literal elements, and identifying and explaining their allegorical significance. Literal Element in L.o.t.F Fair hair (7, et al.) Scar in the jungle (7, et al.) Creepers (7, et al.) Spectacles (7, et al.) Island (7, et al.) Reef (8, et al.)) Asthma (9, et al.) Lagoon (10, et al) Clothes (10, et al.) Beach pool (12, et al.) The ability to swim (13, et al.) The conch shell (15, et al.) Allegorical Significance & Explanation

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