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RECEIVED ® TUIOAPR 30. AM 9: 19 CITY scr ty of Dats BAL ONE TARY HEARING AGENDA PERMIT AND LICENSE APPEAL BOARD THURSDAY, MAY 6, 2010 CITY OF DALLAS CITY HALL 1500 MARILLA, ROOM 6E SOUTH 1. APPEAL HEARING ONE: DALLAS, TEXAS 75201 8:30 A.M. DENIAL OF A SECONDARY METALS RECYCLERS LICENSE ‘Appeal the Denial of a Secondary Metals Recyclers license under Chapter 408: of the Dallas City Sode Hearing Date: Appeliant: Representative: Businoss Name: Location: Notice: Issuing Department: Council District: Date Filed with SEC: 2. APPEAL HEARING TWO: MAY 6, 2010 Beenie Smith Robert C. Wiegand OAK CLIFF METALS (FALCON TRANSIT, Inc.) 528 Pontiac Avenue Business/Location does not have the proper Certificate of Occupancy DPD 2 ‘April 8, 2010 DESIGNATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MANDATORY CRIME REDUCTION PROGRAM Participation in the Mandatory Crime Reduction Program under Article VII, Chapter 27 of the Dallas City Code Hearing Date: ‘Appellant: Representative: Business Name: Location: Notice: Issuing Department: Date Filed with SEC: Council District: MAY 6, 2010 Kourosh Khabazian NIA HATCHER STREET APARTMENTS. 2405 Hatcher Street Violation of the Crime Risk Threshold DPD April 14, 2010 7 (OFPOE OF THECY SECRETARY CITY HALL OALAS TEXAS 7501 TLPHONE 2144703798 PERMIT ANO LICENSE APPEAL BOARD Regular Hearing Agenda May 6, 2010 Page 2of 2 ‘A closed executive session may be held the discussion of any of the absve agenda tems concerns ne: ofthe following 1 Contemplated or pending tigation, or matters were legal advice s requested of the Cy Attorney. ‘Section 551.071 of the Texas Open Meetings Act. 2. ‘The purchase, exchange, lease or value of real propery, ifthe deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the positon of the Clin negotiations with @ third person. Section 551.073 ofthe Teras Open Meetings Ac. 3. a contract for a prospective gt or donation tothe Cty, ifthe deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the postion of the Ci in negotiations wth a thid person, Section 551.073 of the Teras Open Meetings Act. 4. Personnel matters involving the appointment, employment, evauaton, reassignment, duties, scpline or dismissal of a pubic offcer or employee or to hear @ complaint against an office or employee. Section 551.074 ofthe Texas Open Meetings Act. 5. ‘The deployment, or speci occasions for implementation of securty personnel or devices. Section 551.076 ofthe Texas Open Meetings Ac. {6 Deliberation regarding cchnomic fewlapment negotiations. Satin SS1.0R7 of the Texas Open Meetings Ac. (OFFCE OF THE CTY SECRETARY CITY HALL DALLAS TEXA SGD TELPHONE 2165703738