Tile Project Checklist So you’ve decided to do your own tiling project—brave!

Tiling isn’t too complica ted, but it can only get easier if you make sure to gather all of your necessary tools before you begin. Once you pick your tile—regarded by many as the most difficult part—you can get started. I would start by talking to the people who sold you your tile, particul arly about the best adhesive to use with it. Heavier tiles will require stronger adhesive than lighter ones. You’ll need a drill with a mixing attachment to mix the adhesive and grout you choose, as well as a rubber grout float, notched tro wel and sponge to smooth out the adhesives and make sure they stay within the li nes. It is very important that you make sure the surface you plan to tile is smooth—t his may require a kind of backer board (plywood or cement board both work well) to smooth out the surface. You can screw the backer board directly to your surfa ce, put alkali-resistant tape over the creases between boards, and then smooth t he adhesive directly on top. Lay out all of your tile without any adhesive—this is called a “dry run”—and mar k where the tiles lay with pencil. To fit your tile to the space you have set aside for it, you’ll need to rent a t ile saw (also called a “wet saw”). You should also get some tile nippers for thi s purpose. In order to space the tiles properly, you’ll need a tile spacer, pencil, tape me asure, and carpenter’s square. Depending on how much space you want to make betw een tiles, choose sanded or unsanded grout—sanded grout is typically used for wi der spaces because it is tougher, and can stand up to more wear and tear. Once you lay the tile in the adhesive, you’ll need a rubber mallet to tap them d own. The ‘rubber’ part is very important—you don’t want to break the tile you ju st glued to your surface! Double-check this step with a level. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to have goggles and gloves avail able for the entire process. The chemicals in the grout and adhesive do not reac t well with skin or eyes—and those are the most important tools of all!

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