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Parts of the Formal


The Heading and Dateline

This is the writers complete address and
the date.
Money Pakyaw Corporation
50 Pacman Avenue
Ayala Center, Gen. Santos City 9900
March 12, 2016

The Inside Address

Sometimes referred to as the
complimentary address.
It gives the name and complete address
of the person to whom the letter is written.
Mr. Bradley Mayweather, President
Tough Rank Enterprises
1409 Magandang Lahi Street
Malate, Manila 1100

The Salutation
The complimentary
greeting .
Standard salutation forms:
My dear Sir:
My dear Madam:
Dear Sir:
Dear Miss Minchin:
Dear Mr. Pakyaw:

The plural forms of salutations are:


When the writer wishes the letter to reach a

particular individual in a company, he writes
an Attention line (two spaces below the
inside address)
Black Gulaman Company, Inc.
97th Floor, Bear Brand Tower
Mandaue City, Cebu 5001
Attention: Mr. Luis Alaska

The body of letter

The body of the message
proper should begin two
spaces below the salutation.

The Complimentary Close

Typical Complimentary Close
Yours truly,


Very truly yours,

Respectfully yours,

Sincerely yours,


The Signature
Using the block form, the writers
typewritten name usually appears
four spaces below the complimentary
close leaving three spaces for his
Very truly yours,

Malou Ang
Director of Operations

Letter Layouts
1. The Full Block Form
2. The Indented Form

Full Block Form

All parts of the letter, from the heading to the
last line of the letter including the signature and
stenographic references start at the left margin.
(Please see page 183 of the workbook.)

Indented Format
The lines of the letter units and
the beginning of the paragraphs
are indented.
(Please refer to page 184 of the

This is a quiz.
Write a formal letter with the
following set of details. Use the full
block format.
Re-arrange then rewrite the letter on
a one whole sheet of paper. Observe
proper margin.

1. Ultraman Soap Corporation

4. Ms. Ericka Ong-Bak
June 12, 2016
69 Calle Mabuti
Quezon City, Metro Manila 1166
Libis, quezon city 1188
44 Halimuyak Street
Zurf, Tyde and Arnel
2. richard Manalastas
Director of marketing
Sincerely yours:

5. My everdearest Miss Ong-

3. Greetings? Please send us information about the new

detergent bar products
of your company!!!!
we would like to know all the products that are currently
available so that we can decide which brand to order. this is
in reference to
your letter of invitation received by our
company on Decembre 28 2015.