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Phil and Mila

Tim, Joy, Mark, Paul


November 2015
January 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

We praise the Lord for graciously providing all we have needed to minister in the U.S. since we
arrived August 6. We have a home from which to travel, family who cares for our sons during
our longer trips, vehicles to use for meetings both far and near, and financial help lessening the
tuition of our two children in college and two children in secondary school. God has protected
us and enabled us to minister to 18 churches in these first 12 weeks. Our objective, as Pauls, is
to strengthen the churches. The Lord has also strengthened our hearts through many godly
believers exemplifying love and perseverance in His will and for His cause.
As we often notice during our trip from Manila to Chicago, we take the mission field with us.
So far, we have been able to witness to five Filipinos, a Muslim Bangladeshi, an Eastern
European, an Orthodox Syrian, and Americans of various ethnic groups. Please pray for these
that heard the gospel. Please pray also for opportunities, clarity, and boldness in witnessing as
well as the Holy Spirits working to break down blindness, willfulness, and strongholds of
unbelief in peoples hearts. Souls need to be saved!
In November, Phil will return to the Philippines for two weeks to help launch second semester
and lead Bob Jones Memorial Bible Colleges 30th anniversary celebration. BJMBCs four-day
anniversary conference is entitled Restoring Biblical Ministry. This theme is a great need
because Filipinos and other Asians have been attracted to pragmatic, carnal, shallow, or
otherwise unbiblical ministry philosophies and practices. Please pray with us that the Lord will
bring 100 pastors to attend this conference and that God would give us both the correction and
revival that we need. During the anniversary, we will also break ground to begin constructing
BJMBCs first self-owned facility. We praise the Lord that now we have 50% of the $800,000
needed to build this 4-story building.
During November-December-January, we have about 20 opportunities to teach or preach, and
the Lord often seems to open more doors as we go along. We do not want to merely fulfill our
responsibility at these times but to be Gods instrument of spiritual, practical change. Please
pray with us. We greatly need God to work both here in the U.S. and in Asia. For the showers
we plead! Please also pray for a large number of students to enroll and grow in BJMBCs second
semester beginning November 3.
Thank you for co-laboring with us!
Phil, Mila, Tim, Joy, Mark, & Paul Kamibayashiyama

Gospel Fellowship Association 1809 Wade Hampton Blvd., Suite 110 Greenville, SC 29609 (864) 609-5500
Home Church: Marquette Manor Baptist Church 333 75th Street Downers Grove, IL 60516 (630) 964-5363