Thelma Atwater

He called eternal elements and shaped them with His hand Then placed her spirit gently to inhabit all the land He clothed her soul with beauty Touched her surface with His love And we look at her in wonder Giving praise to God above A heart of burning fire A coat of rainbow hue But dwelling here like parasites Her spirit we'd subdue Yet she shares with us probation Knows trials, grief and pain Endures the greatest torment And feels the greatest shame For they took her great Creator and hung Him on a tree And as he gave up His life, she moaned in agony She felt His new birth from the grave Now waits for her reward When He returns, no more to leave Her Creator and her Lord But we pollute her special places Live in violence and reap dispair The earth cries forth in anger In pain she cannot bear Then she waits in silent anguish For the healing day of Grace She holds His promise in her heart And longs for His embrace The sky will burn The clouds will roll Her glory He'll restore He'll rule on here a thousand years And bring Peace for evermore

See Moses 7: 48Pearl of Great Price

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