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Dr. Who - The Eighth Doctor 48 - Dark Progeny

Dr. Who - The Eighth Doctor 48 - Dark Progeny

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Published by: ninguls on May 05, 2010
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Many many thanks go to a few people this time:

Friends at the BBC –

Justin, for trust and confidence in me. And, once again, for suggestions and
nudges that helped create a better book. Jac, for all the twiddly bits that go
into getting a book like this finally on to the shelves.

Friends in the wider world –
Dave Tulley for the past XX years of Who, bacon butties, and general mutual
baiting. Susan O’Neill for feedback and encouragement on the DP first draft.

Friends at home –

My most major thanks this time to Whirl for amazing support way above and
beyond during the writing of Dark Progeny. Special note of thanks to Angie
Towler, for Gibran and general thought provocation. And thanks to Ben, just
for being so damned wonderful and inspiring.

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