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Reilly Gordon

EDC 354
Unit: Clay
Beginning stages of Clay
Ages 6-12 grade
Goal: We will learn the basic stages and ways to begin using clay to create and
design 3-D object. We will learn the uses of Pinch pots, coils, and slabs. As well as
how to glue and put together strong bonds to hold your piece together with the
use of slip and score.
Anticipatory set: Our next unit will be with clay. Clay is a very versatile and fun
medium to create many differences forms in in three dimensional space.
Materials: Clay, water, fork or some tool to scrap with, shaping tools, clay board,
knife, rolling pin, rulers exc.
Pinch pots: take a lump of clay, roll it in your palms and or on the table, into a ball.
Then take your thumb and make a whole in the center. With your other hand cup
and hold the ball while pinching and turning you clay. Make sure your pinches are
even in pressure and that the beginning walls of your pinch pot are even with eat
other. Then after you have make you walls, flatten the bottom. Your pinch pot
should stand on its own. And the walls should not fall in on its self.
Coil pots: Roll out your lump of clay into an even coil, (worm or snake). Start to coil
your pot together buy going in a spiral motion. Where ever the coil meets another
score both sides and then add slip/water. This will act as the glue that hold your coil
pot together. You can use a tool or your fingers to smooth out the coils so that you
cannot see the definition between layers. This gives it a stronger bond, if you want
to see the coils, do the smoothing out on the inside of you pot to give it some
Slabs: (for in class) Cut of your piece of clay from the block, take two rulers, a rolling
pin and a clay board. Place the rulers on each side of your clay, evenly roll out your
clay so that it is even with the rulers.
Closer: We will be using these techniques in class on our final project you can use all
three, one or two. We will be practicing these skills by first making a cup, mug or
bowl. The later we will do a larger more sculptural project.

Slip and score